Out put of subcontracting challan

Hi Gurus
I am facing a problem.
I have configured diff output type for my two plant to print subcontracting challan & same i have assign in CIN setting subcontracting attributes.
For J1IF it is working i am able to print subcontracting challan but i have created same out put type ZJIF & assign to another excise group but it is not working.
Please advise

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    Dear all
    We are Developing Forms for Delivery Challan, GR receipts , GR Tag and GR Issue
    Please reply me what message type is needed for each transactions and how it is attached to specifice movement type.
    Vimlesh Shah

    yes i know various types are available i system
    but which to use and how it is link to specific movement type
    eg  return to vendor ..out put is needed for only selected movement type and which standard form need to maintained
    Vimlesh Shah

  • Subcontracting challan Print Out Perview

    Hello Everybody,
    I want to take print out of subcontracting challan.For that while creating subcontracting challan i am selecting print immediately option. What system is doing while saving this challan system creats spool request automatically. But my requirement is i just want to preview subcontracting challan print out.How can i achieve this.

    Please that for the message output you have requested processing as 4- send immediately and in the communciation you have ticked print immed.

  • Text in Subcontracting Challan Print Out

    Dear Experts,
    We have a problem, when we make subcontracting Challan thru J1IF01, and maintain text in option, subcontracting challan, subcontracting norms, shipping instructions, nature of processing etc. But it is not reflecing in the challan printout (J1IF11).
    Kindly suggest what to do so that the text details will appear on the printout.
    Full points will rewarded on helping answers.
    Thanks in advance.

    The same problem I had faced in the past.
    I had done it on trial & error basis.(I don't remember exactly)
    Goto TEXT tab, check all the options in that tab, any one frm it will work for you.
    Try it.

  • MIGO Error -while refering the subcontracting challan

    Hi all
    1.)We purchsed material from vendor A & send these material to vendor B directly for Job work ( for this we have seperate PO with subcontractor)
    2.) In Material PO we tick SC vendor & give vendor B.
    3.) Then made GR(with only part 1)
    4.) MMBE report shows stock provide to vendor B.
    5.) After that we made subcontracting challan for vendor B with reference to GR number.
    6.)Then capture and post the Excise invoice no
    7.) Now when I am trying to the GRN of subcontracting PO and refering the subcontracting challan , system is throwing an error " Challan material is different from material document "
    Usualy in the normal scenario, while doing the 541 movement type , we use to refer the subcon PO(by making the PO no field mandatory/optional against the movement type 541 in customization ) , as during MIGO, system checks the PO no against  the material issued and PO against the GRN is being done, if it does't matches, then the above error comes.
    But in the above scenario, there is no way to give the reference of giving the subcon PO during 101 "o" . that is why , this error is coming.
    Please suggest the way out , how to deal this scenario.
    Thanks & Regards
    Nitin Chhabra

    hi nitin
    pls refer following link

  • MIGO with reference to Subcontracting challan

    Dear Friends,
    I have a couple of questions which u may be able to solve:-
    1. In a MIGO for a subcontracting PO, i can select the option Refer subcontracting challan in the excise invoice tab. I wanted to know the purpose of this functionality. If i refer the subcontracting challan in the MIGO does it mean I dont have to reconcile the challan after MIGO.
    2. When I refer the subcontracting challan in the GR and enter the challan no and year the system throws an  error which says - Challan material is different from material document. i have checked the material document for the transfer posting made. But the material is the same in all the cases and flows from the PO itself. please help me out with this error.

    for point 2 do this
    In spro --> taxon goods movemnt > indiac> business transaction --> subcontrcating --> maintain movement type grp
    here miantain
    0001 101 O
    0001 122
    0001 541
    0001 544 O
    0002 542
    0002 543 O
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  • Creation of subcontracting challan

    Hi all,
    I have done all the required customization settings,,,
    procedure i followed is:
    1. created two raw materials with material type ROH, - materials R1, R2
        cretated a semifinished material with material type HALB- material S1
    2.created a BOM for semifinished material S1 and assigned materials R1, R2      as components.
    3. Created a PO with item category 'L', material S1, quantity 1, exploded BOM for assigning rawmaterials R1, R2.
    4. Accessed t_code MB1B- movement type 541, with reference to purchase order for providing material to vendor.
    5. Now I run t_code J1IF01 for creating subcontracting challan,,, there i had given material document, year, excise group, service group and executed the t_code,
    and all the required fields in the transaction were filled and saved.
    so finally system giving me this message:
    Document  2007 10 created
    problem is ,,, its not creating a number for subcontracting challan,,,
    i had filled up all the excise data for the material,,,
    someone can me help me out in this issue,urgent.

    Hi Prasanna,
    I had checked these number ranges viz. J_1IINTNUM, J_1IRG23A1,J_1IRG23A2, J_1I57FC all were maintained correctly,
    System creating the subcontracting challan,, but it is not picking up the number range, I have selected the print immediately option and got the print with no subcontracting challan number...
    as soon as I saved the Subcontracting challan, system gives this message
    Document 2007, 50 created,,, here 2007 is the fiscal year, and 50 is the series group.
    checked all the excise registers, excise group, material chapter id combination,,, everythings is ok,, kindly help me out in this issue.
    [email protected]

  • Subcontracting challan issue for end product with scrap.

    Hi All,
    I have one issue let me know how the system act in case of subcontracting challan process,
    In our company we use one component and received two end product( one is final product and other one is scrap product)
    My problem is how to treat this scrap in challan process.
    Pl help me out.

    Hi, Please use the exit to define how you want the system to consider Scrap in the subcontracting process.
    Refer below exit for your problem,
    1084323 USER-EXIT to update challan status if scrap is calculated
    1103537 Correction to note 1084323 for ECC 6.0 Release
    Please note the user exit will be accessed only if you were to write a code for it and you assigned/made 545 O as relevant to subcontracting
    subcontracting scrap will work if the scrap percentage is defined for the component which is sent to the job worker. If you have a completely new material for scrap then this is not going to work as the system will never be able to assign the qty (mismatch of material code between the scrap material & the challan material).

  • Standard O/P Type for Subcontract Challan PO

      For Subcontract Challan print out we have a made a seperate transaction code , but i want to know which is the std. o/p type for Taking the print out of Subcontract challan, like for po NEU is there   , so which is the o/p type is for taing the subcontarct challan print out  can u give the program name and form which is use for it.

    Standard Output type for SUBCONTRACT CHALLAN is J1IF
    You can give the Print for the subcontract challen in J1IF01 transaction, enter the Excise group and series group
    In the next screen you can find print parameters

  • Printout of subcontracting challan

    good morning gurus
                my problem is that how to take print out of subcontracting challan.however i have all the necessary setting in img.

    Try after 5 mins as you look confused with new terminology.No problem,Rest for five minutes and then attack problem.
    Study this, this is detail config of printing subcontracting challan.
    ****Reward points if useful to you.

  • Multiple selection to print subcontracting challan

    Hi Gurus,
    Is is possible to have multiple selection of subcontracting challan for printing it at once similar to what we do in T code MB90 for Material Document printout.

    You do not have multiple option in J1IF11/12 as in MB90 to take multiple print out.You can take only one print at a time for sub con challan.
    But with any custom process you can try it.


    we are using TAXINN in ECC5.0. we are creating subcontracting challan after maintianing assessable value and excise rates 16% BED, 2% ECS and 1% SEC ECS for the chapter id. When we are trying to reverse the subcontracting challan, the duty values are not calculated in the challan. we have also maintained excise indicator  for the vendor and also excise details.
    Can anybody help us out?
    Thanking you in advance

    against which document you are reversing it 541 0r 542 material document check following link
    [Subcontract Challan;
    kailas Ugale

  • O/P type configuration for Subcontracting challan

    As per our requirement we have created a separate print transaction for Subcontracting challan print out but i want to know what is the T. Code for taking print out of subcontrating challan also what is the standard o/p type for subconracing challn print out how to configure it and how to assign it to Plant and default printer.

    Please confgure an output device in transaction OMJ3 for the output type                     
    J1IF. Do not maintain any storage location for the plant, you may leave                      
    the SLOC column blank.                                                                       
    These are the settings you will have to check:                                                                               
    > Check if you have assigned the output type to the Output Determination                                                                               
    > Check if the output type has been assigned in the subcontracting              
    challan attributes. The output type for subcontracting challan is J1IF.                                                                               
    > Maintained the condition records.                                                                               
    > Set the partner function, medium of print etc in Maintain Output              
    > In transaction OMJ3 you have not maintained printer determination             
    for J1IF for plant and storage location. Please maintain one for all            
    the relevant plants & a blank storage location.                                                                               
    Maitain the following data:                                                     
    J1IF > 2100 > Blank > output device > j1if                                      
    I hope this helps
    Vijayesh V V

  • Unable to print Subcontracting challan

    Dear all,
    I have created a subcontracting challan with J1IF01. now when i want to take a print out, i tick on print immediately in J1IF11 and save it no print out is generated. where as same is okay with my other plants. please help

    1.Use Tcode J1IF11 - display subcontracting challan. Header - postinmg tab - flag the check box print immediately & save. You can take print out.
    2. Maintain the Outout type J1IF for the excise group - SPRO - IMG - LOgisitics general - Tax on goods & movements - India - Business transactions - Subcontracting - Maintai subcontracting attributes
    In addition to that
    Maintain printer in the SPRO - IMG - MM - Inventory management - Output determination - printer determination.- printer determination by plant / storage location ( OMJ3). Here for the application area ME, condition type J1IF, assign the printer .
    IN OMJ3, maintain the J1IF sondition type, plant, Printer in output device & flag the check box Immediately & released.
    Print immediately
    Switch for printing immediately. Printing is immediate if this switch is set. Otherwise the output is held in the spool.
    Release after output
    Switch for deleting a print job. If the switch is set, the spool job is deleted immediately after printing. Otherwise it remains in the spool file after printing and can be printed again if required.
    hope this helps

  • Reconcilation of Subcontracting Challans

    Dear Expert,
    We have Created Subcontracting PO ( SFG -100 EA)and Provided raw material ( paint) to Vendor,we have maintain BOM quantity for Paint as 10 kg /EA,thus we have provided Paint of 1000 Kg to vendor ,we have received SFG of 100 Qty against PO but after Stock take it is Observed that Out off 1000 kg Only 900 is Consumed and 100 Kg still remain at Vendor
    Please advice How to do Qty Reconciliation for Subcontracting Challans ? and how to bring back 100 Kg material to our own stock in System
    Please Advice

    Hi Shyam,
    Seems this is more related to MM module and should be posted under MM forum.
    1.     I assume, you have inwarded 100EA against PO by 101 movement.
    2.     The moment you do GR, raw material (entire 1000kg paint in your case) must get automatically consumed at vendoru2019s end by 543 movement and ideally there should not be any material lying at vendoru2019s end.
    3.     Check the material document of GR. It should contain 2 movements, 101 and  543.
    4.     Check for how many quantities 543 movement is done. THEN only conclusion can be drawn.
    5.     May possible that somebody has changed BOM relation in PO before GR.
    Anand Rao

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