Payment term & Cash discount relation

Hi Group,
I want to maintain the relation ship between cash discount condition type and payment term. I dont want to use SKTO or SKTV because those are applicable for all the material that are there in the sale order.
My cash discount requirement are like this.
ZCD1- codition type. percentage calculation. value given 2% for material X.
but this condition should become active only when the payment is made in & days.
if i use skto the payment that i define in payment term will automatically apply but it will be for all the material in that sale order that i dont want to do.
Please calrify how to map this.

U can use SKTO with requirement as 9
A company sells many products. Some of the products qualify for a cash discount and others do not.Within the material master, the user indicates which materials are relevant for a cash discount.Within the company code, cash discounts are calculated after tax. The user configures the cash discount condition type (SAP delivered condition type SKTO) after the tax calculation in the pricing procedure and assigns pricing requirement '9' to avoid the access for materials that are not relevant for the discount.

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  • Payment Term - Cash Discount

    I think that I have an easy question, but just wanted claridifcation.. I need to create a new payment term with a simple cash discount - just 2% if paid in full within 30 days and if not, no cash discount. Also, this is just for purchasing vendors. 
    Within configuration with the payment terms, is the following correct for what I need to do:
    Term 1. 2%   30 Days
    Term 2. 0%   30 Days (note, that I would leave the percentage field blank for this second line).
    At first I thought that I only needed the first line for it, but after reviewing other posts on this topic I have seen that I would probably need the two terms. However, I am unsure if I need to do anything with the Fixed Date and / or Additional Months field. Or, if what I have listed above should be correct.
    If you could provide any assitance, it would be much apperciated.

    Okay, thanks!
    But just to clarify - the net due date is actually 30 days, and they offer a discount if we pay it within the 30 days - so basically if we pay it on time, there is a 2% discount!
    So setting it up it would be:
    2%  30Days
    Thanks for your quick reply!

  • Payment Terms- Cash Discount based on Unit

    Dear Friends,
    I am Rajesh Parmar, I have problem in defining the payment terms for Sales and distribution in SPRO,
    In the Standard SAP System, Payment terms has been define with percentage base cash discount for days ( e.g Within 14 days 2 % Cash Discount).
    As per my business requirement, I want to have  payment terms like " Payment within 4 days INR 3 per Unit Cash Discount ", and INR 3 per Unit should shows during incoming payment from the customer, if customer is making payment within 4 days
    Kindly provide the solution for the above problem
    Thanks & Regards,
    Rajesh Parmar

    The documents which are already posted can not be changed. Alternatively reverse the posted document by using mass reversal then you post the new documents with new rules for this old transactions.

  • Payment terms cash discount account in sepreate gl code

    Dear Friends
    customer are paid amount within due date and they allowed for cash discount. system also capture discount but it is not posted seprately as cash discount to the customer account.
    for example:
    customer paid advance :Rs.10000/-
    next day invoice raised for Rs.2000/-
    t.code f-32 knock of the invoice against advance
    new AB document type generated for Rs.8030
    10000-2000=8000 and cash discount of Rs.30
    Customers wants their cash discount sepreatly when they see the satement of accounts f.27
    Advance thanks for your tips.

    If you want it to appear on the customer statement it will have to be a customer open item.
    However this would then post to the recon account and not the P&L account which I expect you want.
    Also discount taken is only posted to when the invoice is cleared.
    Therefore you cant get it in a customer statement, you would need to have the information in the Billing doc.
    Remember you are offering a cash discount for early payment, this does not mean the customer is always due it. However there are config settings to say the customer should always take the discount.
    Hope this helps, if so award points please.

  • Payment Terms and Discount

    Can some one tell how it works the payment terms and discount.
    I have one Payment Term with 30 days, 3% Discount, 60 days 1% discount 90 days not discount.
    When I book and invoice say on 20th-Apr-09 and gives baseline date same as invoice date as 20th-Apr-09. and calculate tax on net amount.
    Say for Example
    Net value is                    : 1000
    Tax @19% in Net Value  :   190
    Total AR is                    :  1190
    So when I give the above payment term and do it enter  it calculate 3% discount immediately and show 5.70 in Bal amount in red color and if I enter 1190 - 5.70 = 1,184.30 then Bal turns in green color which indicates its correct. And when I see the Line item of Tax Cod it shows Base amount as 970 and Tax amount as 184.30.
    I don't know how the discount is calculating at time of invoice. because it has to calculate at the time of Incoming Payment. Because Customer may or may not pay within 30 days.
    So can some one let me know how to correct it.

    Hi kiran,
    Goto TCode: OBY6 and double click your company code.
    Deselect the Check boxes: "Discount Base is net value" and also the check box "Tax base is net value".
    Hope this helps you....

  • Payment terms and discount voor the purchasing invoice

    Hi all,
    In the definitions of the payment terms, you can choose how the Due date should be based on: Document date, Posting date, System date or Closing date..we choose for the Document date. (due date = doc. date + 30 days)
    In the payment terms you can also define a cash discount if we pay the suppliers invoice within certain days, than we can deduct a discount of the total amount to be paid.
    So we define f.e. within 14 days, 2%.
    However the title of this colums says: Days after Posting date and the system also react like this.
    The posting date of the suppliers invoice can ofcourse be different as the document date of this suppl.invoice.
    F.e.: Suppliers Invoice: doc. date 30/9/2008, Posting date: 18/10/2008, Due Date 1/11/2008 ( + 30 days)
    Payment at 25/10/2008 by the payment wizard.
    The wizard still deduct 2 % as the due date of this invoice has not been reached, while the 2% should only be deducted if we pay before 14/10/2008.
    So as we defined the due date based on the Document date, but the cash discount uses the posting date. (column title)
    Is this wrong in the definitions or standard behaviour.
    How can I use the cash discount in the payment terms?
    Please advise.
    Best regards,
    Carl Verhagen

    Hi Peter,
    I'm talking about the A\R invoice.
    The supplier sent his invoice with document date 1/10/2008 and his payment terms is payment within 30 days.
    We receive the invoice at 3/10/2008 and after control etc. we will post the invoice at 7/10/2008.
    If we use the posting date as a base for the due date, the invoice have to be paid at 6/11/2008, but the suppliers due date is 31/10/2008 and that's a difference of 1 nearly week.
    If there are problems (f.e. caused by ourself) and the invoice will be booked at 20/10, we still have time to pay it before the due date 31/10 instead of 19/11/2008)
    I think that the supplier will not be amused if we use the posting date as the base for calculating the due date.
    We can discuss what's right to use, but SAP B1 gives the opportunity to choose between, posting date and system date as a base for calculating the Due date but for cash discount it's automatically the posting date??
    Best regards,
    Carl Verhagen

  • Payment Terms with discount

    FI Gurus,
    I recently created  a new payment terms with a discount of 1 percent if paid within 10 days. Payable net if paid after. Everything has been going fine, up until I had a payment with a invoiced ate of Nov. 2008. I have the configuration to calculate the discount based on docuement date and not posting date. When I entered the invoice I even got a warning message that the discount for this invoice was expired. Which it gave me the confidence that I was on the right track. Then I went into the line item details and saw that the discount did not take place. But then when I went to pay the invoice thru BF system deducted the 1 percent. I then went to the account details and there was a discount showing. Did I missed anything during configuration?
    Your suggestion will be greatly appreciated.

    Maximum cash discount was checked in FBZP

  • Payment term based discount or surcharge

    Client have requirement of Payement term based discount or surcharge. Conditions are like below:
    1. 10% discount to customer if he is paying cash.
    2. 5% discount if he is paying with in 15 days by cash, check or wire transfer.
    3. 5% surcharge on all other Payment terms other than above two mentioned.
    4. There are many payment terms  that's why We do not want to create several conditions record for surcharge.
    Please help & advice how to solve this using Standard SAP (With out writing any ABAP program or new routine).

    Hi Jitender
    Please correct me if I am wrong.Looks like you have better Idea on this!
    why do You think that the issue is more of factoring discount?
    If he maitain 3 condion records for the 3 different payment terms, the system checks the payment terms from the customer master data in the order - Right?
    condtion record  EX:sales org, D.c, payment terms( for cash) - 10%( = $10)
    like that he will maitain 3 condition records for 3 payment terms.
    The moment I enter cystomer(systmem checks from customer master) in the sales order the sytem will picks up the $10 from condition record and it will display as a discount.
    whats wrong in that?
    Please can you clarify me.

  • Payment for Cash Discount posted incorrectly

    Hi Everyone,
    I have a issue and wanted to see if someone came across anything similar.
    The problem is with Cash Discount Posting, the cash discount is calculated correctly in pricing and everything works fine when the invoice is created. However when the invoice is paid and posted in the system it splits the amount of cash discount with freight.
    Example:- Invoice XXXX had a cash discount of $347.64 and the invoice was paid, but when the payment was posted, it posted the cash discount as $347.63 and put the difference of $0.01 to freight.
    I'm not sure what's going on, any idea's or suggestions.
    Also, is there an OSS on this issue?
    Awaiting reply.
    Thanks for your help.

    If you want it to appear on the customer statement it will have to be a customer open item.
    However this would then post to the recon account and not the P&L account which I expect you want.
    Also discount taken is only posted to when the invoice is cleared.
    Therefore you cant get it in a customer statement, you would need to have the information in the Billing doc.
    Remember you are offering a cash discount for early payment, this does not mean the customer is always due it. However there are config settings to say the customer should always take the discount.
    Hope this helps, if so award points please.

  • FB70 - Payment Terms and discount rates

    Dear Friends,
    We have a requirement in transaction FB70, in which we
    wanted to provide 3 different discounts for a given payment term, but the transaction by default provide only
    2 discounts. Is there a way in which we can add a third
    discount for a payment term.
    Thanks & Regards,

    We have a similar requirement to add additional discount rates to the payment rates.  I found OSS Note 641960, which says, it has more options in EBP 3.5, which is CRM application I guess.
    Can anyone reply to this message, and help us, if there is any other solution
    we can implement to add additional discount rates in an R/3 system 4.6c or 4.7?
    Thanks in advance,

  • Purpose of Arrear in S_ALR_87012178 and  Cash discount taken where possible

    Dear friends,
    It is regarding the S_ALR_87012178 i.e. customer open analysis by balance of overdue items
    I will like to know the purpose of,
    1.  Arrears in days in it, (which arrear had been told here)
    2.  (Payment term) Cash discount taken where possible. (I want to know how can we track  the cash discount possibility)
    With regards
    Edited by: Anand 1777 on Mar 17, 2011 3:42 PM
    Edited by: Anand 1777 on Mar 17, 2011 3:51 PM

    KSB1 beiing indirectly called thru tcode  S_ALR_87013611
    The User also has a role with Auth Object
    Activity 27, 28, 29 ( try to remove 28 ) and see whether it works.
    IPls search on google : KSB1 Restrict viewing of salary cost elements

  • To get cash discount for my payment term

    Hi there,
    To get cash discount for my payment term, I make configuration as below
    *Step 1: Create a payment term in Maintain of Payment term
                 On immediate payment 5 % cash discount
    *Step 2: -  Define acount for Cash discount taken
                 -  Define acount for Lost Cash discount
    *Step 3: Assign the payment term to my Vendor
    *Step 4: Post a new invoice
    *Step 5: Clear it with payment immediately
    But I still don't receive cash discount
    Please show me the reason and how to check configuration
    Kind regards

    Follow the path
    Financial accounting ->Account receivables and payables ->vendor account->business transactions->outgoing invoice/credit memos->maintain terms of payment.
    In this  percentage coulumn u can maintain discount rates.
    Pleasa assign points if useful.

  • Vendor Invoice - Outgoing Payment -How to apply cash discount automatically

    Hi Folks,
    My Vendor is 400000 - whose payment terms is : 0002
    I posted a vendor invoice using FB60 :
    where i checked the payment terms is 0002 3% Cash Discount within 14 days
                                                                    2% Cash discount within 30 days
                                                                          Net within 45 dats
    Default for Baseline date : Posting Date.
    My Document Date and Posting date are both same: Invoice Document and posting date : 07/31/2008
    I tried to make a payment using F-53, where the Cash Discount is not applying automatically. It is asking me to manually enter the cah discount @ 3%.
    What should i do to make cash discount apply automatically.
    Thanks and Help will be surely rewarded.

    Hello I just checked in my system it is automatically picking even if I am not taking the discount....check the payment terms....
    ex : I have invoice for 500 with payment terms 1% discount
    When I pay 500 in F-53 the system is showing me the net amount 495.
    When I pay 495 the system is also showing me the net amount of 495
    You might want to have a look at the payment terms.......
    Make sure when you enter the amount in F-53 and press "Process Open Items", you have the discount percent populated automatically in the CashD% field.
    Edited by: Harish R on Aug 1, 2008 3:19 PM

  • Posting Customer Payment Term Discount Separately

    Hello Gurus,
    I have configured the system for the Customer Payment Terms in SAP but I am having hard time showing that correctly in FBL5N.
    For Example:
    Invoice Value $100
    Payment Term 2% Discount
    Customer Pays on time $98
    In FBL5N main display screen, I see the customer account after clearing as follows:
    Invoice Value $100 (Clear)
    Incoming Payment $100- (Clear)
    To see the discount and actual cash posted to the right accounts, I need to drill down in the Incoming Payment Document Entry to see the following information:
    40 Payment Discount $2
    40 Actual Cash Received $98
    15 Customer Invoice $100
    Can I see the above posting on the main screen of FBL5N without using F-32 (Clear Customer) so that I could see the actual payment discount and actual cash paid by the customer?
    Thank You
    Salman Ahmed

    Hi salman
    With the help of ABAPER, Activate BTE 1650 and add a new column named discount in the FBL5N report.
    Give the logic for the same to fetch the amount of discount in the said added column. Also, if the amount of receipt is also required, Column for actual amount received can also be added.
    Through this you can get both the amount received and discount in the FBL5N report.

  • With holding tax base amount for 1099 vendors with discounted payment term

    Hi Friends,
    We have a below situation for 1099 vendors,
    Some of the 1099 vendors are set-up in the system with payment term with discounts i.e. 2% if paid within 10 days
    As per config, system posts with holding tax base amount at the time of posting payment.
    With holding tax rate is 0%,
    Based on modified net amount calculation
    Cash discount calculation before w/tax calculation
    When we have vendor with input tax, system excludes tax amount at the time of payment but for the with holding tax base calculation amount system does not exclude input tax type.
    Which causes difference in 1099 – misc vendors
    Below is the example of how system calculates the amount.
    Invoice $ 1000, payment term 2% if paid within 10 days. Input tax 7.25%
    Payment going out=
    $1000- $ 72.5(tax 7.25%) = $ 927.5 – 18.55 [2% discount] = $ 908.95 (payment amount)
    With holding base calculation =
    $ 1000 – 100 (2% discount) = $ 900
    Difference between payment going out and with holding tax base = 908.98 – 900 = 8.98
    Can some one please tell me how to get rid off this difference?
    Moreover, please tell me if it’s normal to have 1099 vendors with discounted payment term.
    Any thoughts on above situation will be helpful
    Edited by: Shefford William on Jan 28, 2008 11:36 PM

    Dear All
    i am also having the same problem. The example is
    Net invoice Value   = $ 100,000
    Input Tax @ 15%   = $  15,000
    Total Invoice Value = $ 115,000
    Cash Discount = 20% with in 20 days
    On payment the system behavior should be
    Debit  Vendor invoice Value   = $ 115,000
    Debit  Cash Discount @ 20%    = $   20,000   ( 20% of the Net Invoice Value that is 20% of $ 100,000)
    Credit  W/H Tax deduction @ 3.5% = $ 3,325  ( 3.5% of 95,000 the Inv Value - Cash Discount that is $ 115,000 - $20,000)
    Credit Bank Account  = $ 91,675 ( Inv value - Cash Dic - W/H tax that is $ 115,000 - 20,000 - 3325 = 91,675)
    However at the time of payment system is calculating tax as follows
    Debit  Vendor invoice Value   = $ 115,000
    Debit  Cash Discount @ 20%    = $   20,000   ( 20% of the Net Invoice Value that is 20% of $ 100,000)
    Credit  W/H Tax deduction @ 3.5% = $ 3,220  ( 3.5% of 92,000 the Inv Value - Cash Discount that is $ 115,000 - $23,000. This $ 23,000 is only calculated for W/H tax calculation that is 20% of $ 115,000 )
    Credit Bank Account  = $ 91,780 ( Inv value - Cash Dis - W/H tax that is $ 115,000 - 20,000 - 3220 = 91,780)
    this is not the common practice when using the net base value in the system.
    Can any one help me in this regard. I really have been stucked in this problem for many days
    Bilal Athar

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