Photo editor window takes a long time to load

when i try to open a JPEG photo in photo editor in safari 2.0.4 with Java 1.4.2.
During the first try, the photo editor didnt load. Just the blank window got displayed.
After a system restart, the photo editor displays the Java screen, but takes a long time to load(more than an hour and it is still loading) and while it is loading, user is unable to use safari browser
  Mac OS X (10.4.7)   Java 1.3.1 and Java 1.4.2 is installed in the Mac OS X machine.

Hi arunarun,
What site are you visiting for the photo editor?

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    That is a problem with an AVG extension or toolbar (tavgp)
    Start Firefox in <u>[[Safe Mode]]</u> to check if one of the extensions is causing the problem (switch to the DEFAULT theme: Firefox (Tools) > Add-ons > Appearance/Themes).
    * Don't make any changes on the Safe mode start window.

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    my mac air died, after i reinstall from dvd drive, when i boot up again, i saw a prohibit sign showing up on the screen, then get to my logon screen.  After logon, it takes very long time to load any application.  pls help

    OK. If you believe that.
    When the disk is starting to die it can be bad for a moment and then be good for a while. If there was no problem while you were checking it of course it shows up good.
    I tell you those are the signs of a disk that is about to die.

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    Settings > General > Reset > Reset network settings

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    Alright, it's getting to the point where I can barely use FireFox anymore. It's getting worse by the day, I don't understand. Web pages take a LONG time to load, but sometimes they don''s hit or miss. But when they do take a long time, they take a long time.
    It's getting very bad. I don't know much about computers, safe mode, and all that. It would really help if someone could walk me through what to do, like they would a 10-year old... actually a 10-year old probably knows more than me. Well you get the idea.
    I really want to keep using this browser, but if I don't get it fixed I will have to stop. Like I said in the initial post, I've done all the things those two links suggested. It got better at first, but now it seems like it's gotten worse.

  • Firefox takes a long time to load, even with add-ons and auto-update disabled

    When opening firefox it takes a long time (1 minute +) to load. The computer does not display any indication that firefox is loading (often leading to 2, 3 or 4 instances of Firefox trying to start due to my impatience).
    My OS is Windows Vista 32 bit
    Firefox is v4.0.1

    Can you check your Windows Firewall settings? It's possible that it's routing Firefox requests differently. At least one other Firefox user has reported that his Windows Firewall was set to block Firefox 3.6.

  • Takes a long time to load library

    recently when I click on itunes to takes a very long time to load library. Never used to do this. Any advice on how to correct this.

    I have 192Gb of 999Gb left
    That should suffice.
    I have now disabled FACES, XML and previews. I'll test this shortly to see if it helps. I'm not sure what difference this will make to other apps.
    That will be important, when you want access the APerture library from other applications using te Media Browser or when you want to sync your images to your deviced usin iTunes. For images, that you want to use in the Media Browser you will need previews, or for browsing your aperture library in quick Preview mode. You can craete previews indivudally, if you do need them only for selected images. If you want to use the Media Browser with third party applications, however, you will also need the XML. See:
      Aperture 3.5: Set "Share XML with other applications" to "Never" for better performance and faster quit times
    Okay. I've closed Aperture and reopened it 4 times. It appears to go through this 'IMPORTING FROM iCloud November 2013' every time.
    Either it takes a very long time, or there is an image or a video in your Photo Stream that cannot be imported, because it is incompatible or corrupted.
    For iPhoto libraries it used to help, to remove the current "Importing" or "Auto Import" folder  from the library package. Try, if this will help for your Aperture library.
    See this post by LarryHN how to do it: 
    TS3745 Re: iphoto library error message???
    If you cannot get the import to stop this way, post back, Then you have to delete the photos from your Photo Stream or reset the Photo Stream.

  • Takes a long time to load mlb website...and then slow to change from one place to another in the site...much quicker w. ie...any ideas on how to speed up? thanks drew

    i know it has lots going on w/ videos etc but still is painstaking slow w/ firefox

    Hi AquilaXXIII,
    What server edition you are using? If you are using 2012r2 as cluster node, please install Recommended hotfixes and updates for Windows Server 2012 R2-based failover clusters
    update first,
    Recommended hotfixes and updates for Windows Server 2012 R2-based failover clusters
    Before you install the new shared storage please first validation this storage first, you can refer the following KB to validation the new LUN.
    Understanding Cluster Validation Tests: Storage
    I’m glad to be of help to you!
    are trying to better understand customer views on social support experience, so your participation in this
    interview project would be greatly appreciated if you have time.
    Thanks for helping make community forums a great place.

  • Why when I click on an app it takes a long time to load, like eBay or Pinterest.

    When I click on my apps, like Pinterest or eBay, it takes an extremely long time to load. This has just recently started happening and to my knowledge nothing has changed. Safari still appears to be running normally. Can anyone help me?

    1. Close all apps in the Task Bar. Double-click the Home button and hold apps down for a second or two. Tap the minus sign to close app.
    2. Hold the Sleep and Home button down until you see the Apple Logo.

  • Qt development tools take a long time to load

    Hello everyone! Since the latest qt update I have noticed that all the qt development tools (creator, designer, assistant, etc) take a really long time to load up and their behavior is sluggish at best (for instance menus take a while to show up). When I start designer from the command line I get this error
    Qt at-spi: error getting the accessibility dbus address:
    "Did not receive a reply. Possible causes include: the remote application did not send a reply,
    the message bus security policy blocked the reply, the reply timeout expired, or the network connection was broken."
    Accessibility DBus not found. Falling back to session bus.
    After this the application needs a solid minute or two to show up. Does anyone have an idea what the problem might be? Have you experienced similar behavior?
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    Same issue here after update to Qt5.
    QtCreator with Qt5 starts a lot slower than before with Qt4.
    Also i have notice another issue.
    All commands that requires mouse double click such as:
    > open a closed project's source/header/ui file
    > browse files to add in resources
    > select/edit resource item
    > browse source files to add to project.
    now all these commands activated by single click.
    I solved that problem by recompile QtCreator against Qt4, and this strange behavour became past.
    [EDIT] Also with recompiled QtCreator, the problem with slow startup solved too. [/EDIT]
    Anyone have this problem too ?
    Is this an issue related to Qt5 ?
    Last edited by locrian (2013-04-03 08:36:09)

  • PDF documents take a long time to load on T520

    I bought my T520 this past summer and I have been happy with it, except it can take a long time to open PDF docs, between 5 and 30 seconds.  Whats up?  How can I fix this?
    My system:
    Core i7
    4GB RAM
    Thanks for 

    Either adjust some settings or uninstall it. The issue is probably you have turned on some 'features' unknowingly. Some of the slow down are OCR, User Readibility (for the impaired eyes) etc, Adobe is trying to convert words into text to be read out?
    The other possibility is that you are opening a PDF file that has a large gigantic pictures (vector based) or that the fonts are 'special'. These take up lots of calculations. To test this, download a small PDF file and see if the slowdown still occurs. If it does, something is wrong with the internal structure of your PDF file
    My suggestion is to download the latest Adobe reader X and install this version, it's faster than the default Adobe 8 or 9 that comes with the lenovo.

  • Why does some websites take a long time to load?

    so far i have found two websites that takes a very long time to load.
    and once they get there very little of the links or anything does not work
    they both work on IE but i hate that program and i would like to fix firefox but i do not know where to start

    After another restart, firefox has begun throwing errors when starting from terminal. the error reported is:
    /opt/kde/bin/skim: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
    This is printed 5 times, then gives up and firefox loads quickly after. So this appears to be an issue with skim and libpng similar to other problems being reported.
    Some research uncovered that skim is no longer supported and is part of my kdemod3 install, however until this update it was working fine under kdemod4.

  • Photo galleries take a LONG time to load...

    hello. i've noticed that when i make a photo page, with say 80+ photos in it, it takes a really long time for the page to load in a browser. If i do the same thing from iphoto, and make a mobile me gallery page, it loads much faster. Any suggestions on what i can do?
    id love to be able to link to the mobile me gallery from iweb, but then there's no way to get from the mobile me gallery BACK to the iweb pages. (right?)

    To add to Roddy's suggestions you can embed an iPhoto MobileMe gallery in an iWeb page with iFrame code in an HTML snippet. This demo page has an example of that:MobileMe Galleries and Quicktime Movies
    If you want visitor to not go to other MMe galleries you might have set the Advanced settings for the gallery to Hide gallery on album page. That will make the gallery a single entity.
    Click to view full size

  • Save As windows takes a long time to come up.

    After selecting File > Save As the Save As window takes about 15 seconds to come up. This is a brand new computer and a new installation of Adobe Acrobat XI v. 11.0.6. Has anyone ran into an issue like this before?

    More information needed for someone to help... please click below and provide the requested information
    -Premiere Pro Video Editing Information FAQ

  • HP Laptop takes a long time to load home screen

    Last Night, I decided to update my laptop because I looked at my updates and I did what I was supposed to. It was taking a long time to restart, so I shut it off and turned it back on. My laptop said it was installing updates, so when it finished updating.  I turned if on, and it went to the Hp screen where it started loading, once that screen went away the laptop went to a black screeen, and it stayed like that for about 5-10 minutes. So I turned it off and turned it back on about five or six times when I decided to press the B and windows keys, so my laptop did a bios test. Once that finished, It went straight to the HP logo, and then it just went to a black screen. I dont know if it did this because I restarted my laptop way too many times last night, or because I decided to update the laptop. Help! 

    Please check your sqlnet.ora.
    Please try this:
    take care that first directory path is set to tnsnames.

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