Pismo Sound Problems after Sleep in Tiger

Hi all. New to the forums and returning to Macs after years of cursing Bill Gates. Picked up a Powerbook Pismo from a friend and have been having some fun with it, but I have one problem I can't solve. I replaced the hard drive (saved the old one) and installed Tiger and 1GB of memory on the machine. All seemed well until I noticed that the sound would not work sometimes after sleeping. The sound will usually return with a reboot, but sometimes I'll have to actually turn the machine off, and clear the PRAM to get the sound to come back. Sometimes, the volume and screen controls will both not work at all (pop up doesn't even appear when the keys are pressed), sometimes it's just that the sound doesn't work, but everything looks right on the screen. I've also had the sound and screen buttons not work only to have pop ups suddenly appear and the adjustments happen several minutes after I pressed the keys. So far I've tried:
Clearing the PRAM
Checked the Pram Battery (ok)
Reinstalled Tiger (Still loses sound)
Downgraded to 10.3 (problem persists, and seems worse)
In system information on Tiger it says "there was an error when retrieving that information" when you click on the sound hardware.
The machine is a 500mhz Pismo with a 48gig drive and 1 gig of Memory (133mhz, would that cause this sort of problem?)
I have not tried going back to OS9 to see if the disappearing sound resolves as I don't currently have an OS9 disk.
This sure seems like a software problem, but I'm starting to wonder. I really like this machine and want to get it to work! Help!

Maxstang, welcome to Apple Discussions.
Did you repair permissions after you installed Tiger? Have you updated Tiger to 10.4.11?
Here's the Sound troubleshooting info in the Pismo Service Manual.
No sound from speaker(s)
1. Verify mute mode is not enabled (F6 on the keyboard).
2. Check the volume setting in the Sound control panel.
3. Verify no external speakers or headphones are plugged in.
4. Reset PRAM.
5. Make sure speaker cable is plugged into sound card.
6. Replace sound card.
7. Replace speakers (part of the top case).
8. Replace I/O logic board
Startup sound is heard, then no sound from speaker(s)
1. Remove sound preferences from System Folder, reset PRAM,
then restart.
2. Perform clean installation of system software.
Had the Pismo previously had OS X installed. There's a firmware update (Boot ROM version 4.1.8) that should be installed prior to installing OS X. However, when I got my Pismo with Tiger installed, the firmware was not updated (have since updated). However, I don't think this could be the cause of your problem, since I had no sound problems when the update was not installed.
The PC133 RAM (which runs at 100MHz) should not be the problem. I have PC133 RAM in my Pismo.
Since you replaced the HD, could you have disturbed the connection to the Sound Card. The Sound Card is located to the upper-right of the HD. Here's a helpful laptop site.
Fix It Guides for Mac Laptops & Mini
The guides can be viewed on-line or you can download a PDF file.
 Cheers, Tom

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    Windows 7 / E205 S1904 / Realtek HD Audio Manager/   After sleep about 33% of the time there is no sound. If the laptop is shut down, the sound usually comes back. Have reinstalled the driver from Toshiba site. Any suggestions?
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    Go to Solution.

    This appears to be completely a Realtek Software (Driver) problem, that Toshiba is not getting Realtek to fix even a year after the issue has been brought to public notice.
    No permanent fix can really be made unless Toshiba compel Realtek to fix their driver software.
    As for the work-around shown in an above post, after even further tweaking, it was noticed that the Microphone resetting usually does not need to be done.
    So,to restate:
    When putting the laptop to sleep and waking back up in a different power state than it went to sleep in, sounds stop working.
    Example: Power plugged in, put laptop to sleep, power unplugged, wake up laptop, no sounds (and no microphone).
    A reboot fixes this. This means it is a software (driver) problem & not a hardware problem.
    As can be seen from the suggestion above, putting the laptop to sleep and starting up again in the same power mode that was in effect before the sound was lost, was one solution. However this is random, sometimes it works, more often it doesn't, and it is often inconvenient to put the laptop to sleep again when it is noticed sound is not working.
    The quick fix, more concise  (workaround) that seems to work most all the time is:
    Unplug the power
    Click the Start button, type in the "Search Program and files" box: Sounds
    Select: Change system sounds
    Select the: Playback :tab and right click on: Speakers (Realtek)
    If : Show Disabled Devices : is unticked, Click on: Show Disabled Devices : to ensure it is selected (ticked)
    Right Click again on: Speakers (Realtek)
    If : Show Disconnected Devices : is unticked, Click on: Show Disconnected Devices : to ensure it is selected (ticked)
    Right Click again on: Speakers (Realtek)
    Click on: Disable
    Right Click again on: Speakers (Realtek)
    Click on: Enable
    Plug the power cable back in
    In case this does not work, use the procedure shown in the post further above where the microphone is also disabled and enabled.
    If by chance you do this and you end up not being able to find your Speaker or Microphone icon in the Change sound card settings (Change System Sounds) dialog:
    Click the Start button, type in the "Search Program and files" box: fix sound
    Click on: Find and fix audio playback problems & go through the fix steps.
    Repeat above step for Find and fix audio recording problems
    This usually gets back an audio device that has been disabled and cannot be found in the "Change sound card settings" dialog. (It does not ever fix the "no sound" problem.)
    Again, this is a TEMPORARILY FIX to this VERY IRRITATING LONG PENDING PROBLEM that has been neglected by Toshiba and Realtek.
    Laptop: QOSMIO F60
    O/S : Windows 7-64bit
    All drivers and Windows O/S software up to date.
    One ends up having no choice but to believe that the management of Toshiba does not really care all that much about its customers when they leave a known problem unfixed for years. That is sad, considering Toshiba's slogan is "Leading Innovation." A broken innovation is just that, broken, and a real leader does not leave its products broken.

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    iMac G5   Mac OS X (10.4.10)  

    Hi BettyBlue-
    Greetings and welcome to the Apple boards.
    It sounds like it could be a bad battery on the logicboard. However, in light of the fact that it has been happening since it was repaired why not take it back and insist that it is repaired correctly?
    Make sure to start it up and make sure it works at the service facility before accepting that it is repaired.

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    1. After heavy sleep, when I awaken the computer Safari says that the application has quit.
    2. After a short time away from the computer Safari is unresponsive with a spinning beachball and a lot of disk activity. After 3-5 minutes it seems to return to normal.
    Is this a known or common problem? Are there any fixes? The issue has been going on for many months, but I thought I might see if there's a cure. Resetting Safari and clearing cache don't appear to help out.
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    No, everything else appears to work fine. When there is this beachball activity there's a lot of hard disk activity taking place. I have 1.5GB of RAM, but this happens when I have 2 applications open or 5. It just appears that when I leave the computer unattended for 5 minutes or so some sort off background activity is taking place.

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    is there a way i can load them from there or copy them somewhere else or i don't know what else. 
    thanks for the help though!

  • No 'Line input' option in sound prefs after upgrading from Tiger to Leopard

    I have connected guitars and mics using Garageband 3 without a problem, until upgrading from Tiger to Leopard 10.5.8.
    I'm not getting sound from the guitar apart from feedback when I plug it in to the audio line-in port on my iMac G5.
    I have read many of the questions and comments in the relevant forums all pointing to selecting the line-in option of the input tab in the sound preferences window.
    I only have the 'internal mic' appearing in that window now.
    I've checked that the cables are working correctly on a guitar amp and are fine.
    So not sure why I don't get the 'Line-in' option anymore.
    Are there any patches/updates to cure this problem, or would updating to Garageband 9 cure the problem?

    Yes, checked the 'Audio MIDI Setup' utility and can select Line-in from there.
    All working fine now!
    Thanks very much for your help.

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    Personally I don't let the computer sleep, I set the display to sleep. This has the same net effect and in the 8+ years I have been using OS X I have never had a problem. Set the Computer's sleep setting to Never and set the display sleep to the amount of time you had the computer sleep set at. 
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    Finally i have to kill it and restart, then everything work fine.

    Start up in Safe Mode.

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    I share the same problems as you do with my MacBook Pro Late 2011.
    For me this has happened only since I have upgraded to Mac OS X 10.8
    I must say it has got a little better and does now go online fine after coming out of sleep once I applied the 10.8.2 update the other day.
    I wonder if this is a bug relating to the different account types. I have a few email accounts running and like you these are, POP, IMAP and MS Exchange. Maybe if it had one account it's fine and that is the reason why not many people have complained about it?

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    Hi, since upgrading to new retina macbook pro my mail works although not well, most times it will not connect after sleeping, I need to close mail, sometime it will not close and requires a force close, and sometime not all acounts come back on line and I may need to shut down a second time to achieve this.
    I do run 5 different email accounts, POP, IMAP and exchange and have a large amount of mail.
    Hope someone can help, thank you..

    I share the same problems as you do with my MacBook Pro Late 2011.
    For me this has happened only since I have upgraded to Mac OS X 10.8
    I must say it has got a little better and does now go online fine after coming out of sleep once I applied the 10.8.2 update the other day.
    I wonder if this is a bug relating to the different account types. I have a few email accounts running and like you these are, POP, IMAP and MS Exchange. Maybe if it had one account it's fine and that is the reason why not many people have complained about it?

  • Sound problems after upgrade to OS4

    Good morning,
    Anyone else who has sound problems while phoning after the upgrade to OS4? I have a 3Gs. Sound while phoning has been reduced to absolute minimum.

    Same here as well - I have an iPhone 3GS and noticed this morning, when connected to my in-car bluetooth phone system, if I am running a iOS4 application like TomTom which is multi-tasking in the background, the sound quality is crackly, however if I kill the TomTom apps from the task manager, after a few seconds, sound quality is fine.
    Starting up TomTom again, immediately reduces the sound qulaity back to crackling.
    Not sure if the iOS4 or TomTom to blame.
    If I used a the Speaker option, sound is fine. It appears that only bluetooth is affected.

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