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Goodday Boffins!
We have implemented Portal for ESS and MSS. In a number of cases, we have experienced problems where a manager who has a manager, cannot access certain items, especially IDP items for development planning. I would appreciate any feedback from whoever has experienced an issue like this or if anyone is well versed in PD profiles and portal access.

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  • Obsolete section in Talent Management Development Plan standard portal view

    Hi all,
    In Talent Management Development Plan standard portal view theres a section called "Obsolete" . In what conditions do development goals fall into that section?
    Thanks for the help.

    Dear Luke,
    Thank you for your reply.
    All those Services were activated already. I just checked once. All fine.
    We dont have any issues with other templates. All are working fine.
    But at the time of saving Development Template in Config Define Process Periods and Groupings,we got an error message as below
    Process DEVP cannot be grouped
    Message no. HRTMC_TM_ASSESSMENT051"
    Despite the error message the Development template still got saved. Is this an issue ?
    Below is the Config screen shot.
    Appreciate your support.
    Kind regards

  • Help required regarding webCenter Portal Development

    Hi Sir ,
    I'm a Student doing Software Engineering and Developing Software Project Portal (automation of Institutional(university Final Year Software Projects Process)
    Previously My university was not allowed me to develop Final Year Degree project on PLATFORM.. so I've tryed to develop it using Java Portlet AAI and other methodologies .. but unfortunately I've fielded to develop that Portal
    now my university has allowed me to develop on WebCenter Portal Development Framework... I've little know ADF ... now I only have 12 day to develop and deliver .I'm following
    Yannick Ongena website www.yonaweb.be/using_multiple_navigation_models_template_webcenter_11g_ps3_0
    and following multiple blogs
    these blogs and website are not very much responsive .. I've very less time .. I need urgent reply for my problems that I'm facing throwout development
    I've Installed
    Xe 11g db
    WebCenter Portal Development Framework
    As I mention I've NOT MORE THAN 12 days, Please respond to My REQUEST .. Also Refer me To a PERSON WHO CAN HELP ME FOR ABOUT 10 days
    share me BLOGS / WEBSITE / REFERENCE MARTIAL .. that will help me
    one of problem is that I think DEV schema is Created when we install RCU , I've Created UCM and PORTAL schema through RCU .. But mistalenly I've Removed the DEV schema as well
    and facing the below problem
    I’ve Created DEV , UCM and PORTAL schema from RCU. and Then try to install UCM ,when schema password screen appear for LOGIN and Create weblogic domain , It tell me INCORRECT PASSWORD, SO , I’ve DROP these 3 schema using RCU , during DROP schema, different errors appeared , and I’ve DELETED the middle ware\rcu_Home folder and Unzip the rcu.rar fresh file to the same directory
    when I RUN rcu.bat and selected CREATE SCHEMA then RCU WOULD NOT ALLOW ME TO CREATE SCHEMA FOR PORTAL , DEV , UCM ..and also they appear in combo box to select
    I think it only droped not DELETED
    tell me the sqlplus commands fro DELETE schema. and also tell if it is DANGEROUS to delete some schema(example DEV schema) as I’m developing portal via WEB CENTER -Jdeveloper(integrated weblogic) , Xe , RCU, UCM )

    @ngsankar @Nasir thanks for Reply
    NO Sir I have to deliver some functionality (basic functionality) on 5 Nov. and then they'll give us 1 more month if our work is satisfactory
    AND I'm not a very Beginner to ADF and WebCenter ..I've Installed the environment and Following Yanic website and parallel implementing my requirement .. It is rapid app dev. I think I cant develop satisfactory app in hours if any I can tell me that HOW TO IMPLEMENT THAT SPECIFIC Requirement AND FEATURE .. its easy I think ..and I will InshaALLAH .. its do or die for me
    Sir in 1 day I can finalize and develop UI ..(JSF pages and this bindings and template )
    for its Content I was Started UCM and then I stuck ,
    I Basically need to provide JSF Pages and portlets for Users (Student groups - Project Supervisors - Project Coordinator )
    I have to create Users and their Pages(Project Coordinator - Project Supervisor and STUDENT Group's)
    1)Project Coordinator is the Head Who Allocated Project Supervisors to the Student Group in response to Messages(sent from the portlet at home page)from the students that desire to make group and want desire supervisor . in response to this message the Supervisor can Reply and ASK FOR MEETING and the the coordinator has the authority to ALLOCATE
    2)Project Coordinator Create PLAN (1 year Plan) in tabular form (for example Project Group Supervisor and Its STUDENT GROUP has to Deliver 20 MILESTONE Deliverable throughout the year(Project group Supervisor can Divide Each MILESTONE into TASK and SUB TASKS...and Student Group has to Upload )
    Supervisor can give the task to student group and student group has to upload /Submit the required Deliverable /(task file ) supervisor within the given period MARK THIS TASK AS AN OK AND GIVE ANOTHER TASK OR ASK FOR METING
    in this way We achieve/provide
    Provide Central Repository for the Whole Software Projects that are Valuable ..
    Workflow management (Task given and submission and meetings and attendance etc)
    This Functionality plus Basic ADF and WebCenter built in Functionality can also improve Collaboration and Productivity and Performance
    I've very less time AND willing to work.... waiting for Help and suggestions

  • J2EE/SAP Enterprise Portal - Developer Position

    Our client is looking for Enterprise Application Developer with strong J2EE and SAP Portal knowledge.
    Please submit your resume to [email protected] for an immediate consideration.
    EDUCATION: B.Sc. Computer Science or equivalent Required Technologies: - Strong J2SE and J2EE experience - APIs knowledge - JSP, Java Serlvet, JMS, EJB (Session and CMP 2.x), JDBC, JNDI, JCA, J2EE Deployment, JAX-RPC, SOAP 1.2 - Web UI development framework such as Struts or SAP WebDynpro - Source Code Version control system such as CVS - Java Ant - Java Security and J2EE Security - Eclipse - LDAP JOB DUITES: - Develop plan and implement SAP EP into a large IT environment. This will include providing the technical expertise required to make this happen in a timely manner. - Work with internal clients to translate the defined business requirements into technical solutions, do feasibility assessments and identify the appropriate technical approach to meet those needs. - Technical architecture and design, and hands-on development of Portal solutions which are based on SAP best practices and J2EE standards. - Execute the software development life cycle, develop and carry out development best practices, and participate stress test and performance test. - Support and enhance existing applications.
    EXPERIENCE: - Competency in the development of customized software and architecture processes - Java Application Server development, delivery and overall system optimization - Solid experience of software development life cycle (requirements, specifications, design & analysis, construction, testing, deployment). - Proven ability to meet deadlines - Demonstrate the ability to prioritize tasks and work effectively with minimal supervision in a collaborative environment -Must be details-oriented and have a strong commitment to client satisfaction - Strong analytical skills and ability to create innovative solutions to complex problems -Strong communication skills Required Experience: -Object Oriented analysis and design -Solid Java application development experience -Solid Web tier development experience -Solid XML and Web Services experience -Web application security such as Single Sign On architecture -Web application profiling -Experience design and document enterprise applications - Solid troubleshooting skills - Experience with source control system -Web application and enterprise application integration - Knowledge and/or exposure in SOA architecture - Relational database experience, knowledge of repository framework -Commercial Portal product experience is a bonus Desired Experience/Technologies: - Hands on experience in SAP Enterprise Portal 6 - Knowledge of SAP HR, R3, BW - Knowledge of ABAP - Hands on experience in webMethods product suite.

    hi aditya,
    u can also refer to this links to feel comfortable with portal.
    New to EP..
    Very new to EP with Little knowledge on JAVA....Help on this
    Beginning EP Development
    Oliver's favorite SDN link collection
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    Installing and configuring the preview edition of EP
    What is EP ??
    About portal
    e-Books on EP
    Beginner to EP
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    Portal Development
    note:reward points if useful

  • Obsolete in Development Plan

    Dear Luke,
    We are on ECC 6, Eph4.
    We configured Development Plan starting from Define Forms for Talent Assessment to Define Process Periods and Groupings. But while executing Talent Information by TMS in Portal encountring the below error. " Obsolete" in Developmental plan. Totally puzzled abt the error.
    Would be great if you can share in your inputs.
    Step 1:
    Step 2:
    While configuring "Development Plan" we performed the following steps
    Config step 1:
    Config step 2:
    Config Step 3:
    Kind regards

    Dear Luke,
    Thank you for your reply.
    All those Services were activated already. I just checked once. All fine.
    We dont have any issues with other templates. All are working fine.
    But at the time of saving Development Template in Config Define Process Periods and Groupings,we got an error message as below
    Process DEVP cannot be grouped
    Message no. HRTMC_TM_ASSESSMENT051"
    Despite the error message the Development template still got saved. Is this an issue ?
    Below is the Config screen shot.
    Appreciate your support.
    Kind regards

  • Development Plan Configuration details for Talent Management

    Hi Gurus,
    I need to know the configuration nodes used for Development Plans in Talent management.I created the development form in Talent Assessment -->Define Forms for Talent Assessment. & assigned a scale to it.
    Now when I log in with the TMS id in portal & create a development form for one of the employees, I can see certain links & fields like : Add Action (link), when i click on Add action a screen pops up & asks for Action Type & Action Status.
    Firstly i need to know where does these values get fetched from.
    Secondly when i click on Add Action button, ideally it should give me 2 options :1. Add actions that can be freely defined and 2. Add training,but currently it just opens a window to create a new action.So how to control the same.

    I know this is a (very) old post but my answer might help someone anyway.
    1. Actually, the dropw-down lists are filled from the table T77TMC_SCA_MAP, status is mapped with scale 8 and type is mapped is scale 9.
    Customizing of this table can be reached trough transaction S_EH4_55000247.
    2. The option is only shown when LSO integration is active.
    Hope it helps.
    Best regards,

  • Development Plan not transporting

    Hi there,
    I'm having a problem when transporting my Development Plan from DEV to QAS.
    It shows in PHAP_CATALOG under TMC Talent Development Plan, but it doesn´t show on the Portal. I checked my IMG config, its all the same but the first step.
    Anyone knows what could be happening?
    Thank You,

    I'm putting it in a Transport Order.
    But know I created one in QAS, it opens but doesn't let me add anything, the congif is just as DEV.
    QAS - Portal
    QAS - R/3

  • Uncaught exception when test the "HRTMC_TA_DEV_PLAN" (Development Plans)

    Dear All,
    We are facing an issue when we test the service "HRTMC_TA_DEV_PLAN" (Development Plans) for ESS/MSS we get the following error. This service is activated in SICF
    The URL http://sapqaserp.ffc.com.pk:8000/sap/bc/webdynpro/sap/hrtmc_ta_dev_plan was not called due to an error.
    The following error text was processed in the system QAS : Invalid parameter combination PLVAR/OTYPE/OBJID
    The error occurred on the application server SAPQASERP_QAS_00 and in the work process 0 .
    The termination type was: RABAX_STATE
    The ABAP call stack was:
    Function: STRUCTURE_BUILD of program SAPLRHAS
    Method: ON_START of program /1BCWDY/BE4YV9AB9Y1MZN3RKC36==CP
    Method: OVERRIDE_EVENT_OIF of program /1BCWDY/BE4YV9AB9Y1MZN3RKC36==CP
    Method: GET_UIBBS_FOR_EVENT of program /1BCWDY/8R131AGT95SAN0HYZNYO==CP
    When i see the in ST22 it shows exception " CX_HRBAS_INVALID_PARAMETER". And I have search the SAP NOTES and found the following sapnotes
    1333240, 1532761, 139078 but they are not relevant as our SAP basis release on level 6 i.e. SAPKB70106 .
    Kindly help in resolving the issue.

    Hello Blamca,
    We are facing the same above error in the Development plan link in ESS, in Qa system , the link is working fine in DEv but in the QA it is rresulting in the error. The service is activated and when tested from there also results in the same error.
    and We have just tested this occurs for specific user and not with everyone who logins inot QA Portal:(
    Please suggest how to resolve this.
    Thanks in advace
    Edited by: Pooja Gupta on Jan 16, 2012 10:11 AM

  • Error while creating a Development plan template

    Hi Gurus,
    I am facing errors  while creating Development Plan Template.
    This is how it goes :
    When i click on Define Forms for Talent Assessment --> a wizard pops up & i select Development Plan :
    In first step, I am giving Title,Integration with SAP Learning Solution (check) & a rating scale.
    Now after clicking next, I am adding 2 development areas :
    1) Training
    2) Mentoring,
    now as soon as I'm clicking on End Configuration, It displays 2 errors & 1 warning message :
    error1 : Element Appraisal Template 'XXXXX' contains errors.Cannot change status.
    error2 : Value type 000000XXX of value class Q does not exists
    Warning 1 : You have maintained a description that is not displayed.
    In PHAP_CATALOG, when I'm trying to manually release the Criterion Group (VB) or Appraisal template (VA), it does not allow me to do it.
    Kindly let me know how to proceed further.

    Even though it gives the error,the new RTF template is uploaded and it is reflected when I query the template again.
    But when I run the Concurent program and see the output,the output still shows me the old template.

  • Development Plans functionality in Talent Management

    We are planning to use the Development Plans functionality in Talent Management.
    But the Development Plan is not opening from MSS. (MSS -> Talent management -> Assessment -> Development Plan).
    I had created the Business partner object for all my test PERNRs and I had created a Development Plan Template (via IMG step in Talent management). I had activated the Business Functions and Services.
    When I open the Development plan in MSS, it is showing the names of employees (i.e. the reports of the manager). But when I click on an employee, it's not opening any development plan. Nothing is happening.
    Please help me,

    Hi Bharti,
    You must first delete the template names from the customizing tables where it is stored (under Talent Assessment node of Talent Management and Talent Development). Then you delete it under PHAP_CATALOG. Unfortunately you have created an databse inconsistency and you might need to see if Basis can delete the values from the table.
    Best regards,

  • Development Plan (EHP4) errors

    Hi all,
    I'm facing some errors on running the standard SAP Development Plan template. For Add Development Goal Using Qualification Catalog, the pop screen appears for selecting Q. In Add Development Plan Step and selecting "Add Custom Development Goal", nothing happens.No pop up screen appears.
    After creating Development Plan, in creating Actions via "Add Action That Can Be Freely Defined" the screen appears but when after pressing OK a error dump appears:
    Error in ABAP/4 statement when processing an internal table.
    Anyone facing these errors before? Any solutions? Did I miss anything? 
    Any help is appreciated.

    Good morning,
    Could you check if you have the note below implemented?
    note 1487598
    Hope this help

  • Development Environment for Portal development with mini was?

    is there a mini web-as java version which can be used for local portal development?

          Are you talking about installation? If so see <a href="https://www.sdn.sap.com/irj/sdn/downloaditem?rid=/library/uuid/cfc19866-0401-0010-35b2-dc8158247fb6">downloads</a> area in SDN.

  • Weblogic Portal Developer position

    I am currently working on this WLP Developer position for a Fortune 200 client in San Ramon CA who has need for someone with strong background described below. Please let me know of your interest by sending me a current resume As Soon As Possible (WORD file as an attachment). Or I appreciate that if you could recommend any potential candidates.
    Sr. Weblogic Portal Developer
    •     Providing development for new projects and O&M support for existing WLP applications.
    •     Analyze, unit test, debug, document, and maintain online applications.
    •     Complies with all design standards, coding standards, and internal controls and processes.
    •     Conduct discussions and/or meetings with management and end users.
    •     Research and prepare system time/cost estimates.
    •     Maintain system documentation, operational procedures, etc.
    •     Provide requirements for changes to system by analyzing current situation and comparing to what is needed.
    •     Responsible for system setup and ongoing administration.
    •     Provide second/third level end user support.
    •     Participates in ensuring that customer requests in the ticketing system are managed to closure.
    •     Develop and manage technical aspects of various sized projects.
    •     Support development of testing scripts, training materials and possibly get involved in training sessions.
    Required Skills:
    •     Solid understanding of web portal framework, esp. Weblogic Portal WLP 8.1x or greater
    •     Strong experience with Java/JDK 1.4.x or greater, J2EE and Object-Oriented web application design, Pageflows, Spring framework, and good understanding of MVC framework
    •     Solid knowledge of JDBC, Scripting, SQL, ANT, JQuery
    •     Must know Struts 1.1 / 2, including modules, tiles & validation framework
    •     Web service experience should include good knowledge of JAX-WS, JAX-RPC SOAP, XML, XML Schema, DTD SOA, WSDL, and XSL
    •     Experience with JavaScript, HTML, CSS in support of Portal application development
    •     Good communication and interpersonal skills.
    With any following knowledge will be a plus, but not required:
    •     Experience using IDEs like Eclipse and WebLogic workshop
    •     Experience with Weblogic Portal 10gR3 / 9.2
    •     Key knowledge of and experience with: iBATIS or Hibernate, JavaMail api, UML, JMS, Junit, Java Security (JAAS), Unix (Linux, AIX or Solaris), Unix Shell Scripting
    Please Let us know if you have any question.
    Molly Schultz
    [email protected]

    What version of WebLogic Portal are you using?

  • Portal Development standard document

    Hi All,
    Could you please let me know Portal Development standards  document where to maintain coding or IView standard of portal during development phase?

    This is more project specific with client based namespace to be followed -
    You can get additional help on the thumb rule from -
    EP Content :
    Web Dynpro :

  • About Portal Development Kit

    Hi, Can I more details like how the Oracle portal development kit(pdk) helps in building porlets .What are the pre-requisites needed so that I can go ahead and use the pdk . Please help asap as i have to take a decision as how to dploy a report(sql query) on web

    See if the following helps answer some of your questions.
    You can also try posting questions the Portal Forum
    Oracle Application Server Portal

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