Post cash discounts to several profit centers (by material)

In ECC6 with new GL, is there an way to break down the cash discount into different line items according to the material's profit center?
I know that this can be solved by activating the document splitting, but is there a non-manual way to do that?

Any ideas?

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  • Bydefault selection of profit centers during material master creation.

    Dear SAP Experts,
    My business wants that when ever they want to create a new material the profit center field should come bydefault after the selection of the plant.
    Each plant has been associated with a profit center.
    Is it possible , If yes then How.
    Please guide me.
    Debjeet Banerjee

    There is no direct link of profit center and plant , the profit center is linked with plant via material master.So you cannot default the profit center when you select the plant while creating the MMR.
    Better try with any custom table were you can make this link and default it while creation of material master.

  • Not able to post vendor payment in case of Cash discount received

    We are on SAP ECC 6.0
    I'm not able to post an outgoing payment through F-53 T code when cash discount is received from vendor due to early payment before due date.
    I get the following error message -
    Tax code V0 for country IN has been deleted or incorrectly changed
    Message no. FS201
    Our tax calculation procedure is TAXINN and we are an indian company in India.
    GL account for cash discount received is already defined in OBXU t code for SKE transaction key tax code wise.
    V0 tax code is defined through FTXP.
    I'm able to display correct cash discount amount and cash discount % when i click on select process open item in F-53 after entering document date; posting date; company code; currency; Bank GL A/c; Amount (Net of discount); value date and Vendor Account.
    What am i missing? Why am i not able to post vendor outgoing payment?
    Is it possible to post cash discount received to the credit of Stock / Inventory Account as quantity received is not consumed or quantity is lying in inventory?

    Hello Chintan
    I have assigned GL A/c in OBXU t code with and without reference to tax code.
    Still, i am not able to post outgoing payment when cash discount is received as i am paying it before due date.
    Cannot i take credit of cash discount received to Inventory / Stock Account?
    Is cash discount received always posted to non-Inventory / non-stock GL Account?

  • Multiple profit centers for F.05

    Dear experts,
    The F.05 is used for post the revaluation for AP AR, and we have configed 3KEH to assigh profit center to revaluation account, but the user want the revaluation account have the same profit center with the reconciliation account which the revaluation is caculated for. So for the reconciliation there should have several profit centers but we can only config one in 3KEH, is there any solution for the request?
    Many Thanks

    Hi Lisa,
    When you go to f.05 screen and give custmer and vendor account ( all accounts ) go to dynamic selection and restrict the profit center and reconciliation accounts. Hope this will solve your problem

  • KE28 - problem with Profit Centers

    Hi Gurus,
    I have segments with several profit centers.
    On one profit center I have costs. On the remaining I have revenues.
    I want to distribute costs from the first profit center to the others by revenues they have.
    Is it possible?

    Hi G
    In your case, Dist Lvl will be PC.
    In selection criteria, if you enter the Source PC and choose Sales revenue as Tracing factor, will that not work??
    Usually, Top Down works when you wanna allocate from a higher level to lower level. In your case, the level is same I.e. Sender and Receiver both are PCs
    If the above suggestion does not work, then you need to identify one more characteristic along with source or target PCs. Say, Dist channel. In this case, choose PC as Dist Lvl and Dist channel in the selection criteria
    Br. Ajay M

  • Profit centers Blocking

    Dear All ,
    I want to block profit centers (Not thru Basis ), so that no posting can happen to these profit centers .
    How to do the same ? pl guide

    You can lock the profit center in the indicators tab.
    You can use the lock indicator to lock a profit center for postings. The lock only applies to the selected time interval. If the profit center is assigned to an object that receives a posting, the system displays an error message and the data is not posted.
    Note: If the lock indicator is set, no consolidation units will be generated for the profit center in question in EC-CS. Assigned company codes are normally decisive for the formation of consolidation units. If the lock indicator is set, however, the profit center is locked for postings in all company codes.

  • Unassigned Profit centers in G/L

    Hi experts,
    I see there are few records with unassigned profit centers in 0FIGL_O02 ODS. In general all transactions in R/3 get posted to G/L with Profit centers. Any of you had the similar issue before? Please suggest.

    Please find Existing objects if their is any attributes
    or else go for datasource enhancement
    Mallikarjuna Reddy

  • About profit centers assignment in Material Master

    Hi Frnds,
    Have a doubt to clarify. As far as assigning the (Cost centers and) Profit  Centers in Material Master (MM01/MM02 ) is concerned, when we look at the costing views, there we have an option only to enter a Profit Center and not a Cost Center. Can anyone suggest to me in this regards.
    My doubt is: When we purchase a Raw material/  Semi finished (in short any material), it is a cost incurred to produce a Finished product, which means this has to hit some cost center, first.
    And above all when a PO etc from MM are made, there the purchasing clerk punches the RELEVANT COST CENTERS, then:
    what is the use of defaulting Profit center in the material master,(without actually defaulting both cost and profit centers in costing views of MM).
    (ii) when a cost object (profit center) is being defaulted, why not cost center?
    Coz, primarily we need to know the cost in purchasing the material, then add up all costs and OH and then arrive at a selling price, thereby arriving at PROFIT which is where profit center is highly useful.
    Plz suggest

    To clarify your doubts see my response below:
    1) Only Costs can be assigned to Cost Centres. i.e.Balance Sheet items cannot be assigned to Cost Centres.
    2) On the other hand Balance Sheet items can be assigned to Profit Centres.
    When you purchase a Raw material or Intermediate it is not a Cost at the point of Purchase but it is only a Cost at the time of Consumption, if the same is going to be inventorised. In this case it cannot be assigned to a Cost Centre as the Inventory Account which is a Balance Sheet Account is debited in FI.
    Only when the Material is issued to the Production line for manufacture of a Finished product, the Cost centre will be manually assigned. Further, you cannot assign a default Cost Centre to a material , as the material can be issued & consumed by any Cost centre and thus the Cost centre will be assigned at the time of issue.
    If you purchase a material and if the same is not going to be inventorised but it is a consumable material, it is assigned to a Cost Centre as the time of purchase and it will be debited to a P&L account in FI. The Cost Centre can be defaulted from the Purchase Requisition or the Purchase Order as the case maybe.
    Profit centres are defaulted in the Material master, as we need to generate Profit Centre wise Financial statements and the Inventories need to be posted to Profit Centres to generate Financial statements.
    Hope this clarifies your doubts.
    Assign points if useful.

  • Cash discount at material master

    can some one explain me in detail on the significance of the CASH DISCOUNT radio button available in the material master(sales org data view). what will happen if this is selected & if this is not selected, will this selection have any impact on discount related condition records.
    Thanks & Regards

    Hi ilango,
    Cash Discount Indicator in Material Master if you activate "Specifies Whether this Material is Qualifies for Cash Discount"
    If we check in Pricing Procedure (RVAA01) and if you activate SKTV and SKTO Condition types
    It says whether Cash Discount can calculate before tax or after tax
    Condition Type- SKTV(Statistical Condition Type)---If you check requirement is "14" which says Discount before Tax( This will calculate from the Filed  Material master "Cash Discount Indicator"  ie "SKTOF"
    Condition Type-SKTO-(Statistical Condition Type)--
    >Requirement "9" Discount After tax - here also it will consider filed "SKTOF" ie "Cash discount indicator in material master.
    Edited by: Raga on Apr 7, 2010 12:18 PM

  • Automatic posting of cash discount - line items in payment document

    SAP Guru's,
    I need your help to find out the reason why the system posting to few lines in some times, one line in some times of the cash discount taken on vendor payment i.e in payment document.. where is the configuration settings.
    Your help would be higly appreciated.

    Thanks Bharathi for the reply..
    Here payment document having the few cash discount lines, one bank line and one vendor line on payment of nearly 100 invoices in one day to one vendor.
    Vendor A/c     Dr    100
      To Bank                    Cr 95
      To cash discount       Cr 02
      To cash discount       Cr 03
    I need to find out on what basis it is creating few line items though payment terms, base line and tax code are same.
    Thank you.

  • Post-Capitalization of Cash Discount for Asset

    We are in ECC 6.0 and have activated Document Splitting.
    Further, have provided asset field in Define post capitalization of cash discount to assets in Document Splitting of SPRO.
    After the both, my expectation is to see the entry as stated by SAP in the scenario of Post-Capitalization of Cash Discount for Asset.
    But unfortunately, the discount amount is not being capitalized on the payment date, but is being posted to cash discount account.
    Kindly let me know what mistake i might have carried for this.
    Thanks and Regards,
    Scenario: Posted invoice for asset purchase using F-90 with payment terms as 2% cash discount if paid within 15 days.
    Assume: Asset purchased on 06.01.2012 and as per the payment term if paid before 20.01.2012 i will get 2% cash discount.
    Have made the payment to vendor using T-code F-53 on 10.01.2012, even though i see a cash discount is being calculated as required, but the account is an cash discount received account. Instead, what i was expecting is the asset account.
    Hope, my question is being clear and i will look forward for a reply.

    Please check your config below.
    IMG->FA->AA->Transactions->Acquistions->Prevent Subsequent Capitalisation of discounts...
    If the indicator is set for your company code, system will not capitalised the subsequent discounts.

  • Payment for Cash Discount posted incorrectly

    Hi Everyone,
    I have a issue and wanted to see if someone came across anything similar.
    The problem is with Cash Discount Posting, the cash discount is calculated correctly in pricing and everything works fine when the invoice is created. However when the invoice is paid and posted in the system it splits the amount of cash discount with freight.
    Example:- Invoice XXXX had a cash discount of $347.64 and the invoice was paid, but when the payment was posted, it posted the cash discount as $347.63 and put the difference of $0.01 to freight.
    I'm not sure what's going on, any idea's or suggestions.
    Also, is there an OSS on this issue?
    Awaiting reply.
    Thanks for your help.

    If you want it to appear on the customer statement it will have to be a customer open item.
    However this would then post to the recon account and not the P&L account which I expect you want.
    Also discount taken is only posted to when the invoice is cleared.
    Therefore you cant get it in a customer statement, you would need to have the information in the Billing doc.
    Remember you are offering a cash discount for early payment, this does not mean the customer is always due it. However there are config settings to say the customer should always take the discount.
    Hope this helps, if so award points please.

  • Incorrect Cash Discount info was called during the Invoice Posting in FB01

    I'm having an issue where when I post the Invoice via FB01 using a non-default payment term for a specific supplier, FB01 seems to be replacing the Cash Discount information base on the supplier default payment term. I have tried to debug and suspect it was due to the FM#  FI_CHANGE_PAYMENT_CONDITIONS.
    It happens whenever there is a payment method insert in the FB01 transaction during  the invoice posting. If the payment method was left blank, there will be no issue on the cash discount.
    I saw that there is a fix from SAP for OSS Note 1314271 - Discount days not adjusted after changing Payment term. This fix added a new statement into the FM# shown as bold at the statement below:
        IF i_newsklin NE i_oldsklin OR i_zbdreq = char_x        
             OR I_OLDZLSCH NE I_ZLSCH.                                "Note1314271
                          CONCATENATE 'S' status INTO status.
    In layman term, below will be the summary of the coding above:
      IF NewCashDiscount NE OldCashDiscount OR TermOfInstallmentPayment = u2018Xu2019        
         OR OldPaymentMethod NE NewPaymentMethod                            
          CONCATENATE 'S' status INTO status. (No idea what is this statement trying to achieve)
    Kindly share with me if you have experienced this before.
    Your advice is very much appreciated.
    Edited by: DAVID LIM on May 20, 2010 4:46 AM

    Hi Shashi
    Cash Discount amount can be modified manually?
    Go to the 'Cash Discount' Tab and type the correct discount. The difference may be a result of rounding differences.
    Hope this is useful!
    Thanks & Regards

  • Cash Discount Amount Can not be posted

    Hi Guru,
    While doing MIRO transaction against work order system is giving error 'Cash Discount Amount can not be posted' no cash discount is posted nor payment term given is having any provision for discount.
    Kindly help me in resolving issue

    Hi shekar,
    May i know the solution for this.
    Sekhar J

  • Profit Centers against AP Invoice Row posts into 1 Profit Center in JE

    Hi Experts,
    I have a problem in SBO 2005A when the user process a AP Invoice with muliple profit centers against the Rows, The system consolidates the row totals into the appropriate accounts accordingly but then posts all the respective entries into 1 profit center, i.e. the one from the first row in the invoice. It does not split them into their respective profit centers
    Has anyone else experienced this? Please help!

    Dear Lebogang,
    as the scenario reported was not really clear for me, what I would suggest is to check some notes available on the SAP Partner Edge Portal. Here are some notes related to profit center: 1094760 and 1093653.
    I hope that these notes can help you to solve the issue.
    Best Regards,
    Wesley Honorato

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