PowerMacG4 won't start without old Cinema Display attached

PowerMacG4 867dp (Mirror Door)
NVidia GeForce4mx w/ADC+DVI
20" Cinema Display w/ power switch, on ADC port
Acer 23" G23HL, on DVI port
    I replaced my failing ADC with a new display (with much-appreciated help from this board!) Works fine as dominant display (currently not mirrored) but I need Cinema Display attached and powered up to run system. The Power Switch on tower lights, but won't shut down system, or start it without ADC attached. (It won't control system at all, only Power Switch on ADC works) Nothing in Preferences seems to apply. Should I just duct-tape new Display over old ADC and move on???       THANKS!

Thanks for your response BD Aqua. I don't have those diagnostics and frankly still wouldn't have a clue if I did. I was hoping I had overlooked some simple Preferance-type step in the change-over, but beyond maybe changing the old battery next, I'll just put one screen in front of the other- fortunately I've got room.  Thanks again for your reply!

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  • How to connect old Cinema Display (plastic frame) to new imac 2012 27"?, How to connect old Cinema Display (plastic frame) to new imac 2012 27"?

    I just got an imac 27 late 2012, and like to connect and old Cinema Display 20" with plastic border( looks like an easel) what adapter do I need?, if this. Is possible at all..., thank you

    Hi Cathy,
    What connector is on that Cinema? ADC, VGA, or DVI?
    Video Card:
    GeForce GTX 675MX
    VRAM Type:
    This model has a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 675MX graphics processor with 1 GB of dedicated GDDR5 memory. At the time of purchase, it can be custom configured with a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680MX with 2 GB of dedicated GDDR5 memory for an extra US$150.
    Standard VRAM:
    1 GB
    Maximum VRAM:
    1 GB*
    Built-in Display:
    27" 16:9 Widescreen
    Native Resolution:
    This model has a 27" LED-backlit 16:9 widescreen TFT active matrix display with IPS technology and a native resolution of 2560x1440. Apple also reports that the "cover glass is fully laminated to the LCD and an anti-reflective coating is applied." Previous Aluminum iMac models have the LCD covered by glass. The company no longer reports viewing angle or contrast ratio, however. Site sponsor Mission Repair offers free diagnosis of iMac hardware problems and a 24-hour repair service for this iMac. Display replacement, keyboard replacement, a hard drive upgrade service, and more are provided.
    2nd Display Support:
    2nd Max. Resolution:
    2560x1600 (x2)
    *This model can simultaneously support two external displays up to 2560x1600 via Thunderbolt.
    http://www.everymac.com/systems/apple/imac/specs/imac-core-i7-3.4-27-inch-alumin um-late-2012-specs.html

  • Connecting new MacBook to old Cinema Display

    I have an old Cinema Display that I want to use with my new MacBook. I just bought the DVI to ADC adapter. I can connect the Cinema Display to the adapter but the manual illustrates that to connect to the MacBook I need to use both the USB port and another port for which there is no equivalent port on my new laptop. Any ideas?

    It sounds like you are looking for an Apple Mini DVI to DVI Adapter available from the Apple Store (including the online Apple Store). You will also need a standard DVI-D cable to go between the adapter and the DVI to ADC adapter.

  • Old cinema displays vs new

    How big is the difference between the old cinema displays (2003) and the new ones? Are the old ones still good compared to entry level LCD's from samsung, dell etc?

    I have just purchased a quicksilver g4 with an apple 20inch cinema display and i have only good comments for it. The color is very accurate, the viewing angle is good and the contrast ratio is very nice. Compared to anything that samsung and dell has to offer, apple is still long ahead.

  • Daisychain my old Cinema Display

    Is it possible to connect my old cinema display to my new Thunderbolt drive and then chain that to my MBP which only has one Thunbderbolt port?
    Currently the Cinema display has a Thunderbolt adaptor and works fine through the Tunderbolt port connected directly to my MBP.

    If you display uses ADC (Apple Display Connector, rounded ends with squeeze clips, no power cord) you will need a DVI to ADC adapter

  • IMac won't start without install disc

    Hi, I'm new to all of this. I tried resetting my admin password using install disc on my iMac as I'd forgotten it. Now iMac won't start without disc. If disc is ejected on restart apple logo flashes between no entry sign and folder with "?" on it. Will start up with install disc in, but then wants me to choose language and install OS. Tried repairing and verifying HD and all seems ok. Tried holding option key and selecting HD on startup, but same outcome - choose language and install OS. How do I get back to normal desk top? Do I have to install OS again? Will I lose data? Please, please help! Thanks.

    It should only take a minute or so at most to boot from the DVD.
    If your sure you have the correct Install Disk for that iMac, I'd start over. Then if it still doesn't work then perhaps a trip to your Local Apple Service Provider with the Disk or Disk and iMac is in order.
    Alternately using the correct Disk as per the following article, see if you can run the Apple Hardware Test? > http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1509

  • Old Cinema Display 22" won't work with DVI-ADC adapter & Mac Pro

    So, I want to use my old 22" ADC Cinema Display with my new Mac Pro with the Radeon x1900 card.
    And I was told to buy the DVI to ADC adapter, which I did.
    But it doesn't work! The adapter powers up my monitor, and it shows up in the Display settings of system prefs, but the monitor remains DARK.
    Anyone hear of this happening? I spent an hour with Apple Care phone support. They have no idea what to do.
    Is the 22" (model #M8149) just not compatible with this adapter? I'd hate to have to buy a whole new monitor!

    Yes, I tried re-setting the PRAM as well. Didn't work.
    I've gone into the Monitor display settings and clicked "Detect Displays"...I've changed the Hz on the VGA monitor that I have plugged in simultaneously (a Gateway FPD1510). Not working.
    As I mentioned, the computer does detect the monitor...it shows up in the Display Arrangement window and I can change its resolution, etc.
    And the power light is on.
    It's just that the screen in black.
    Is this monitor just incompatible with this adapter?
    Sounds like someone else is having this issue too, right?

  • New Mac Pro Won't Work With Old Studio Display

    Just got a new Mac Pro Desktop 8-core only to find out my old Apple Studio Display 17" won't work without a $100 adapter. We're thinking of just buying a new monitor instead. My question is will other brands now work direclty with the new Macs - or would they also need adapters? Is a DVI port the same as a DVI-D port?
    Thanks for any info...

    Thanks so much for the response, Malcolm, I really appreciate it! My old monitor is an LCD, but what we decided to do is since the adapter we found (and HAD to get from Apple directly) was going to cost $99!! We went and bought a brand new Dell monitor instead for $238 - it's fully compatible with the new Mac, and it's 23" (my old one was a 17") - so all's good!
    Thanks again,

  • My laptop won't start without battery mounted

    Hello! I have a Compaq CQ61-200sq laptop and recently my battery just got "old". So for the time untill i will buy a new one a just took it out and try to use the laptop without battery, just with the AC adaptor pluged in. But, just i said it won't start if i don't mount the battery. If i took the battery out while it's on there is no problem.
    So, my question, beside what could be the problem, is if the problem will disapear with a new battery. I don't want to buy a new battery and still have problems.
    Thank you! 

    I updated it about two to three times and would still experience the same problem.
    Why update 3 times?!? If you run an update, and it installs normally, that it - done!
    There's a world of difference between running BatteryUpdate 1.2 and installing a new battery. In fact, if you read the linked page above, it states that the after you run battery update if you experience any of the listed problems you should contact AppleCare. Their first step will be to replace the battery. Could it be a logic board problem? Sure. Is that the first thing they'll do? No. By that reasoning, the first thing to try if your car fails to start on a cold morning is to put in a new engine...
    So, to the OP, contact Apple - or better yet, if it's convenient, go in to an Apple Store. Get a new battery. If the problem persists, go from there. The advantage of taking it into a Store is that they'll test it on the spot.

  • How connect old Cinema Display

    I have one of the first Apple cinema displays. I have been using it with an old G-4 computer. It has a 30 pin plug. Can I connect if to a new Macbook Pro?
    How do I do it?

    No, sorry, maryo2222. They had these a few months ago here, so maybe you will be luckier where you are. The box is about 8" x 10" in case someone offers one to you. White of course. If you don't have any luck with the stores, you might try eBay or something like that. The price was about $150 (calculating from the price here).

  • Power Mac G5 won't start, no video Cinema HD 23"

    Hi everyone!
    One day my PM G5 decided not to boot.
    I tried every keyboard shortcut, I changed the video card - I have the original and another one - and the PRAM battery but no change.
    The first time I started after I changed the PRAM battaery it eventualy turned on and I saw the gray screen with the Apple logo and the spinning weel but after 5 minutes I turned it off because it did not finished the booting.
    After that nothing. I tried to changed and swap the 8gb memory around and the 2 video card also but it didn't even get to the chime sound.
    Than I started without any video card and it sounded the mac was booting and I heard the HDD loading all the fans were OK and so on. I can confirm it without the display.
    If I put any of the video card in and restart I don't even geting the booting sound. After 2 minutes the fans are spinning faster and faster.
    Is it the logic board or something else? Any idea?
    Thanks for your help!

    Have you blown the dust out of it lately, especially the Video card CPUs, & Power Supply?
    Might be time to replace the PRAM Battery, 4 years is close to their lifespan, far less if ever without AC power, & can cause strange startup problems...
    See which one your G5 has...
    If you're sure the RAM is good, try the Hair Dryer trick...
    No power light at all...
    It can show on any G5, and even many other computers & electronic devices of the period.
    And see this last one in particular...
    Heat gun better...

  • Is it possible to connect an old cinema display (ADC) to an Imac (2012)?

    I want to add a second screen to my Imac and I found a Cinema Display (ADC). I went to see the screen and i connect it to my Macbook to test if it works. The guy who sold the screen had an ADC to DVI adapter and I bought an DVI to thunderbolt connector. It didn't work. He also tried to connect it to his Imac and still the screen didn't work. Is it even possible to connect the screen to an Imac?

    Is it the Apple version of the DVI to ADC adapter?  The signals from a Mini DisplayPort (or Thunderbolt) to DVI adapter may be weaker than normal DVI signals.  The Apple DVI to ADC adapter amplifies the DVI signals, so can work with signals that are too weak for non-Apple adapters.
    An ACTIVE Mini DisplayPort to DVI adapter may produce stronger DVI signals.

  • MacBook Pro compatibility with old Cinema display

    This subject has come up in other posts, but I didn't find my problem. We've just purchased a new 15in MacBook Pro 240/4/320, OS 10.6.4. I want to connect it to a circa 1999, 22" Apple Cinema Display, M5662. This has two connectors, a USB and DVI. I have the DVI adapter to Mini Display port. Nothing shows up at all on the Cinema display with this connected. The display works just fine with an older MacBookPro 1,1 (Intel Core Duo) running on OS X 10.5.8; this hook-up has a direct DVI plug. Apple support thinks its an incapability problem and doesn't really offer any else...they don't support them anymore. Any suggestions?

    Hi Larry!
    I know it seems like a silly question, but I believe these older displays had a fancy protocol in the DVI cable that allowed them to power-on automatically when you turned the computer on. This may not be supported through the adaptor. Have you tried touching the small power button area on the front right corner of the display bezel?

  • Need access to Java SE 6 for  use in CS4 in OS 10.8.5. (PS won't start without it)

    Where can I reliably access Java SE 6 for  use in CS4 in OS 10.8.5.   Right now PS won't open without it ( I get a warning message saying to install Java SE 6 runtime.  When I hit install, the result is no fle found.
    Adobe has a dead download for related/similar archivel/vestigal plug-ins. Want a clean download to avoid malware.
    Will it even work if I get a clean version.  It should....I have CS4 running on another iMac with 10.8.5
    If it won't work....what are the alternatives.  I can't  readily or meaningfully deinstall 10.8.5 and go back to 10.6.
    All assistance appreciated.

    Have you tried from Apple? Java for OS X 2014-001

  • Problems when cinema display attached to PowerBook

    I have a new PowerBook G4 (15" stretch) with OS 10.4.5. I also have a new 20" Apple cinema display. When the display is attached to the PowerBook, I've noticed a host of problems, including: HP LaserJet 1022 (new) prints only about 50% of the time--requires restart to get it working; USB mouse and keyboard attached to the display freeze (although I can still move the pointer with the trackpad on the PowerBook)--requires restart to get them working.
    The printer is plugged directly into the PowerBook's USB port. Nothing else besides the keyboard/mouse are plugged into the display's USB ports.
    I've reset the power manager several times; I don't let the computer go to sleep, although I do let the screens go dark after 15 minutes. I've tried all the usual printer fixes short of resetting the print system.
    The PowerBook and printer seem to work fine w/out the display; the printer works fine on another PowerBook.
    PowerBook G4 Mac OS X (10.4.4) RAM = 1.5 GB

    I am experiencing the same problem with a Samsung Aquos 52" connected thorough a Onkyo receiver/amplifier. The connection is DVI to HDMI to Onkyo amplifier and HDMI-HDMI to the TV. The main 23" Cinema Display flashes during turning on an off of both of TV and the amplifier and even when the TV is off and the amplifier is on, unless you restart the computer, it would keep detecting a second display, the only solution so far was to unattach the second display DVI to HDMI cable from the computer. Otherwise, several freezes occur after several flashes of the cinema display and eventually either the dock o the whole screen would freeze...Anyone knows how to avoid this issue? Btw, my id card is NVIDIA GeForce 6600.

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