Prerequisites for EBS R12

Hi all,
Where can I find a document of prerequisites for installation of Oracle e-business Suite R12 for Linux?

Please refer to this document (for 12.0.x and 12.1 installation steps and pre-req. on Linux 32/64 bit).
Note: 405565.1 - Oracle Applications Release 12 Installation Guidelines
Installation manuals (for 12.0, 12.0.4, 12.1) can be found at:
Applications Releases 11i and 12

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  • Pre-requisite checker script for EBS R12 and R12.1

    is it possible to make a pre-requisite checker script (in perl or shell) for EBS R12 and R12.1 in RHEL5 or sun OS??
    can anyone help / guide me to do so??

    I don't know about EBS R12, but apparently the Oracle Universal Installer can use options to just run the prerequisite checks without having to install the product.
    E.g. /runInstaller -prereqChecker or -executeSysPrereqs
    There is also a specific OTN forum available for installing E-Business suite:
    LCM: 11i Install/Upgrade

  • Hardware requirement for EBS R12 (12.1.3)

    Can any one please let me know what is the hardware requirement for EBS R12 (12.1.3) for 100 users and which going into be TEST instance.
    Thanks in advance.

    Can any one please let me know what is the hardware requirement for EBS R12 (12.1.3) for 100 users and which going into be TEST instance.
    Thanks in advance.This topic was discussed many times in the forum before, please see old threads for details.

  • Recommendation for setting up Data Guard for EBS R12 12.1.3

    Hello Experts,
    I would like to get some experts opinion and recommendation on setting up Data GUARD for EBS R12.1.3 running on Linux based systems.
    Firstly I would wanna let you all know that I am just geek in this subject matter so do excuse me for any mistakes.
    While we are planning on setting up Data Gurad fro R12 what are the best practices to consider ?.
    We have 2 node rac enabled database and would wanna have non-rac based physical standby, based on this I believe that having db tier on remote or standby site is enough ?
    if db node is enough for standby location what are things to be done when a fail over / switch over / role transitioned to standby for the app node from primary site to point db on the
    standby location or do we have to have both apps and db tier @ stand by location
    --However having a apps tier/node at standby will be of no use as we are planing to run db on mounstate meaning not a active data guard setup.
    Please do reply with your recommendation/suggestions/pointers
    Thanks in Advance.

    Service Provider Access resulted in exception 'oracle.apps.fnd.soa.util.SOAException: SystemError: Error while sending message to server.' when attempting to perform 'GENERATE'. Please view Service Provider logs for more details
    Can you find any details about the error in the log?
    I have looked at the following Note as well:
    Error using the Generate WSDL Button in Oracle E-Business Suite Integrated Soa Gateway Release 12.1.1 [ID 1090946.1]Did the doc help?
    Any one know what may be causing this issue? Do we have to do additional setup for SOA gateway after the standard install of the OVM? I tried to follow the steps in the note above but I do not see any entry for "<jdbc_url oa_var="s_apps_jdbc_connect_descriptor"/>" in the file data-sources.xml.
    Anyone have any ideas?Have you reviewed these docs?
    Oracle E-Business Suite Integrated SOA Gateway Troubleshooting Guide, Release 12 [ID 726414.1]
    Oracle E-Business Suite Integrated SOA Gateway 12.1.1 Consolidated One-Off [ID 815196.1]

  • Backup strategy for ebs R12?

    I have a couple of questions regarding to backup strategy for ebs R12.
    Let's say that we have one application server and one database server running, and we would like to have a backup periodically for both servers.
    This means that we want to have the exactly same backup of configurations and other files for the application server and the database server in case of any fatal crashes in the servers.
    I went through some discussion threads and it seems common way is to use RMAN for the data of database and file system copy for application and database servers. But, I would like to know what's the best way or recommended way for the backup strategy for data and server files of Oracle e-business suite.
    Do you guys have any suggestion for this?
    Thanks in advance.

    Hi SH;
    I suggest check first our previous discussion
    backup and recovery startegy for EBS
    Re: Backup System
    Backup Policy for EBS can
    If you make search you can find many other thread which is mention same question
    For your issue basicly what we do
    1. For our prod db, if possible we take weekly cold backup(sunday) and take rman backup also daily(full backup, but it depends system you can prefer to take incremental)
    2. For our system we take file system backup weekly(OS base)
    3. For application we take backup every sunday(for some system 15 days or 30 days period). The most important point here if your system prod, and if you need to apply patch to your system you need to have valid backup and also need backup for after patching
    One other important issue is we run preclone sh before take backup for apps and db tier

  • DBI for EBS r12.1

    Hi all,
    I am new to erp, i wanted to know as to how i can use the daily business intelligence suite for EBS r12.1
    To be specific i wanted to know from where i can download it and steps to configure.

    You'd have to download the Oracle BI Enterprise Edition.
    Thanks, Naveen Gagadam

  • Jdeveloper for EBS R12

    I'm looking for JDeveloper for EBS R12. I tried to download it from Metalink (,p14_docid,p14_show_header,p14_show_help,p14_black_frame,p14_font:NOT,787209.1,1,1,1,helvetica ), but archives there are corrupted. Can anyone help me?
    And one more question: I need only to develop GUI for application. Can I do this on machine with JDeveloper only installed (without EBS, Database, AS etc.) ?

    I cannot really answer that question (it's too vague).
    Let me attempt some guidelines:
    1). If you are trying to modify parts of EBS which were built upon OAF: use OAF.
    2). if you are writing a new page/new function in EBS, and that new page/function fits into a part of EBS that was built using OAF: use OAF.
    3). If you are writing a new application that needs to use data/API's from EBS - you have lots of choices, including ADF/OAF. If the application was separate to EBS, I personally would use ADF instead of OAF, because ADF is more flexible, and I find developing UI's in OAF tedious, but that's just my experience. If you were an OAF wizard, you might feel otherwise.

  • BI applications for EBS R12 release in OBIA 7963 release

    Hi all,
    Can anybody list the BI applications for EBS R12 release which supported in OBIA

    Are you referring to the EBS functional modules? BI Apps has a numbe of product families (Financial Analytics, HR Analytics, CRM Analytics..etc) that can source from EBS as well as other ERP systems (PeopleSoft, Siebel, JDEdwards..etc). If you are looking for the functional areas, I would suggest asking your Oracle rep for the "Product Guides" for the package you need (e.g Financial Analytics, HR Analytics..etc). Also there is a "Content Guide" you can find on metalink that lists the OOTB reports, dashboards, and Metadata content (RPD attributes).
    Here is the list of DAC subject areas under the vanilla EBS may help for now until you have the other docs:
    Employee Expenses
    Enterprise Sales - Backlogs
    Enterprise Sales - Booking Lines & Order Lines
    Enterprise Sales - Booking Lines & Schedule Lines
    Enterprise Sales - Customer Status History
    Enterprise Sales - Cycle Lines
    Enterprise Sales - Invoice Lines
    Enterprise Sales - Order Lines
    Enterprise Sales - Pick Lines
    Enterprise Sales - Schedule Lines
    Financials - Budget
    Financials - Cost of Goods Sold
    Financials - General Ledger
    Financials - General Ledger - US Federal
    Financials - Group Account Number Clean Up
    Financials - Payables
    Financials - Receivables
    Financials - Revenue
    HR - Absence Event
    HR - Flex Prereq
    HR - Generate Flexfield Data
    HR - Learning Management
    HR - Payroll
    HR - Recruitment
    HR - Workforce
    Projects - Finance Integration
    Supply Chain - AP Invoices
    Supply Chain - BOM Items
    Supply Chain - Inventory Balance
    Supply Chain - Inventory Transactions
    Supply Chain - Purchase Cycle Lines
    Supply Chain - Purchase Order
    Supply Chain - Purchase Receipts
    Supply Chain - Purchase Requisitions
    If this was helpful please mark the response as helpful or correct.

  • Oracle Business Accelerators for EBS R12 ---- Platform compatibility

    Can some one please tell me that Can we install Oracle Business Accelerators for EBS R12 on SUN SOLARIS 10  for Intel.

    Refer to [Oracle Certification Matrix|], you should find the answer there.
    Here is an update to this thread ..
    Oracle Business Accelerators for Oracle E-Business Suite are only available on the x86 Linux OS.
    Note: 430777.1 - Oracle Business Accelerator Release 12 Install FAQ
    Edited by: hsawwan on Oct 10, 2008 4:38 PM -- Added Metalink Note: 430777.1

  • Vmware for RAC Installation for EBS R12

    I want to test installing RAC for EBS R12 on vmware. My OS is OEL 5.4
    Can you help me setup vmware please? What the the pre-requisites?
    Thanks a lot,
    Ms K
    Edited by: user_unlimited on Sep 2, 2010 12:22 AM

    Hi Msk;
    Is vmware for linux applicable to unix/AIX too?
    Is there separate version of vmware for AIX? Can you give me links for VMware AIX please...AFAIK for No, i also find this: (No AIX runs on the PowerPC chip set, VMware only virtualised i386 instructions, it is virtualisation not emulation.)
    You can also see details on:

  • What is Minimum database requirement for EBS R12

    What is Minimum database requirement for EBS R12? for example if it works only with enterprise edition or with standard edition also.
    Sandeep V

    Question is very interesting and very important. The link does not answer if "standard edition" can be used. Obviously, Rapid Install installs EE database. But we can move the database to another dedicated database server.
    And the question becomes "Can we move it to a Standard Edition database server"? Huge ramifications on costs. Extremely important. Nowhere I could find positive answer. I wonder if anyone had found an answer?AFAIK, it is not supported.
    My own research shows that VIS database (built at home) has partitioned tables in APPLSYS and APPS schemas. Partitioning is not supported in Standard Edition.Correct.
    I wonder if we can migrate the database and manually move several partitioned tables into non-partitioned Standard Edition. Will EBS R12 break? Will Oracle Support cancel its support?Oracle will not support this -- Please log a SR to confirm this with Oracle Support.

  • Load Balancing for EBS R12

    Hi husssein,
    I have a pc shuttle with test EBS R12 on RHEL4.6.
    I want to practise/test installing "appsTier Load Balancing" because this is one of our client's requirement.
    I have 1 laptop and i can borrow another from my officemate. I will install rhel4.6 both on the 2 laptops.
    Is it possible to simulate testing on "appsTier Load Balancing" using the 2 laptops? and the dbTier resides on the
    shuttle pc?
    Thanks a lot

    Well, from your experience, which is difficult to setup/configure > Load Balancer or RAC?I would not compare, but personally I believe configuring load balancing is more straightforward.
    By the way the term "RAC" is quite misleading. It means "Real Application Cluster" and yet it is used or point to the database Tier, when is should be on tha AppsTier because of the word "Application".
    So why cannot they RAC the AppsTier?As mentioned above, RAC is a database feature which means you will need to have an Oracle database installed (Enterprise Edition) to configure RAC. For the application tier, you will have to use load balancing. Both RAC and Load balancing are forms of Clustering.

  • Packages,patches,RPM required in Oracle Linux 6 for EBS R12 installation.

    I am a not a newbie and i am trying to do a vision installation of Oracle EBS R12 on my laptop.
    I have downloaded Oracle Enterprise Linux release 6 update 3 media pack from and installed Oracle Linux on Vmware workstaion.
    Now i want to know what all patches, packages and RPM's are required as a pre-requisite before proceeding with installation of R12.
    How to check whether they are already present and how to install them.
    I have referred to oracle notes but confused in which points to follow and which to skip.
    Please guide.

    swapnil_yeole wrote:
    I am a not a newbie and i am trying to do a vision installation of Oracle EBS R12 on my laptop.
    I have downloaded Oracle Enterprise Linux release 6 update 3 media pack from and installed Oracle Linux on Vmware workstaion.
    Now i want to know what all patches, packages and RPM's are required as a pre-requisite before proceeding with installation of R12.
    How to check whether they are already present and how to install them.
    I have referred to oracle notes but confused in which points to follow and which to skip.
    Please guide.
    SwapnilAll OS packages and rpms can be found in these docs.
    Oracle E-Business Suite Installation and Upgrade Notes Release 12 (12.1.1) for Linux x86-64 [ID 761566.1]
    Oracle E-Business Suite Installation and Upgrade Notes Release 12 (12.1.1) for Linux x86 [ID 761564.1]
    Use "rpm -qa" command to verify if the package is installed or not.
    To install the packages, please use "yum install" or "rpm -Uvh" command.

  • Upgrading Apex to Apex 4.0.x.0 for EBS R12.1.1

    Hi Friends,
    I'm planning to upgrade the apex version (apex in EBS R12.1.1 to apex 4.0.x.0 the latest
    apex version.Can you please let me know what all the step I need to follow.
    Best regards,

    Once you download the APEX 4 zip file and extract it, you will find docs folder, from my point of view everything is given there, for upgradation & installation.
    you can follow that documentation.
    Jaydip Bosamiya
    +91-76000 23053

  • MAPI for EBS r12

    Hi, I'd like to ask whether EBS r12 supports MAPI (Microsoft Exchange)? If yes, how to set up email accounts for EBS instance? Thanks.

    Hi Brain;
    For workflow please check below and see its helpful:
    Control - Workflow: Setup Doc ID: 113664.1
    Oracle Workflow Best Practices Release 12 and Release 11i [ID 453137.1]
    OWF Diagnostics, Solutions and Information Doc ID:332152.1
    11i/R12 - A guide for troubleshoting Workflow Notification Emails - Inbound and Outbound Doc ID:831982.1

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  • Is web ADI support to show DFF columns

    Hi all, Is webADI supports the Descriptove Flex Field columns to show? Any pointers would be helpful. Thank you.

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