Printing PDDoc with AFExecuteThisScript() doesn't work after an upgrade from SDK 5 to SDK8

I have made an upgrade of my plug-in which was developed with the Acrobat 5 SDK. I upgrade it to Acrobat 8 SDK and my print function doesn't work anymore.
Actually I print my document using a javascript trusted function instead the function provided by the C++ library for internal reason.
Here below is the code used to print my document :
char szJavaPrint[6000];
"pp = this.getPrintParams(); \r\n"
// fill pp with parameters
"pp.interactive = pp.constants.interactionLevel.silent; \r\n"
"this.trustedPrint(this, pp);"
PDDoc pdDoc = AVDocGetPDDoc(avDoc);
AFExecuteThisScript(pdDoc, szJavaPrint, NULL);
It was working with the Acrobat 5 SDK but the print seems to have no effect using the Acrobat 8 SDK. I know that there is a change between Acrobat 5 and 8 concerning the Character Set (currently I set the Character Set to "Not Set" in the Configuration Properties of the project) but I don't think that my problem comes from the Character Set.
All ideas to resolve this problem are welcome.
Kind regards,

See what happens if you remove the "setting of interactive to silent"...
There is a restriction on silent printing in Acrobat, but I would not have expected that to be passed into this method - but it could have been overlooked and be a bug.
Also, I don't recall a trustedPrint() method in Acrobat JS - check the documentation for the correct name of this function...

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