Problem during mass upload

Hi experts ,
                   In MM17 during mass upload while saving I am getting following error :
Messages have been issued: number MASS005658000023
Message no. MK101
During inbound processing for the IDoc, messages have arisen while checking material data.
System Response
The system has filed these messages in the form of an application log with the number MASS005658000023.
View the application log.
Please help

Hi Sir ,
          Thanks , but this link doesnt give any solution . Can you please explain what is to be done , or am I doing something wrong ?
I am using this T code for first time , can you give me right procedure ?
What I am doing is
MM17 . I entered plant , imported materials from notepad and doing change . For some mats it has done .
For remaining materials I am selecting corresponding line and mentioning new value and trying to save and its giving error .

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  • Threading problem during File Upload with Apache faces upload tag

    First I am going to tell you "My Understanding of how JSF Apache Upload works, Correct me if i am wrong".
    1) Restores View (to show Input box and Browse button to facilitate users to select a file for upload)
    2) Translates Request Parameters to Component Values (Creates equivalent components to update them with request values).
    3) Validates Input(Checks to see whether the User has input the correct file)
    4) Updates Backing Bean or Model to reflect the values.
    5) Renders response to user.
    I am uploading huge files of sizes 400MB and above with the help of JSF apache extensions tag
    <h:form id="uploadForm" enctype="multipart/form-data">
    <x:inputFileUpload style="height:20px;" id="upload" value="#{backingbean.fileContents}" storage="file" size="50" />
    In the backing bean
    private UploadedFile fileContents;
         public UploadedFile getFileContents() {
              return fileContents;
         public void setFileContents(UploadedFile fileContents) {
              System.out.println("File being uploaded...");
              this.fileContents = fileContents;
    Since, the file size is so huge, I am using temp folder to use for the apache tag instead of memory.
    In web.xml i am using like this
    <servlet-name>Faces Servlet</servlet-name>
    The upload process is working perfectly fine.
    Now coming to the problem:
    Suppose one user is logging into the application & uploading say 400MB of files.
    Until these files are linked to the model objects as my understanding of step 2, if second user tries to open the application he gets stuck with the loading page.
    The page gets loaded only after the request files are linked to the component values(Step 2 above) and updates the backing bean's values.
    I don't see any error in the logs. User is getting stuck. The user is getting stuck only when uploading the files. The other operations like searching are not blocking any other activities performed by the user.
    Server used: IBM Application Server V6.0. CPU is normal, memory usage is normal.

    Dear friend,
    i am also trying to upload using the common file upload.
    when try to run the file error is coming
    can give some suggestion.
    can i use if concurrent user file upload at a time

  • Facing problem during file upload

    we r designing a portal where it is required to upload files based on individual users who have logged in.
    For this purpose we r using a file field in one page and http upload tag in another page.
    The file uploads successfuly to the database, but the problem is that we r not able to get the value of pReq.getUser() in the page where the httpfileupload tag exists.
    we noted that request.getParameter() and session.getValue() is also not valid in this page.
    we also tried setting the session value to true in provider.xml. Even this didnt work.
    we noted that this problem comes only when the file field is used. can anyone tell me how to solve this??
    Thanks in advance.

    request.getParameter() nor session.getParameter() does not fetch anything. the value is null

  • Problem: An error occured during the uploading process.

    Hello!  I've searched around but I am having difficulty finding a solution to this problem.
    I am trying to upload videos through Adobe Premiere Elements 9 to YouTube, using the preset options in the share tab.  This worked previously without issue, but then one day I continually ran into an error stating "Sorry, an error occured during the uploading process.  Please try again later."  However, it eventually started working.  It is now a few weeks later, and I am having the very same issue.  I am unable to upload to YouTube or any other service through the Share tab.  Even loading the software itself, the opening splash screen is unable to grab my Adobe ID.  It never stops "Gathering User Info..."
    Steps I have tried:
    Going to Edit -> Preferences -> Web Sharing and hitting the refresh button to update settings.
    Checked router settings.
    Enabled DMZ on router and linked it to this specific computer.
    Rebooted PC and router, and tried updating the Web Sharing settings multiple times.
    I honestly do not believe it to be a router issue, especially since it is currently in DMZ mode and I have had absolutely no trouble with any other software.  This has continued to baffle me though, and finding help is difficult.  Searches keep giving me encoding settings for YouTube videos, and few results pertain to this particular issue.
    I am aware I could export the video normally and upload through YouTube that way, but on DSL, my upload speed is pretty terrible for a high quality video.  The YouTube HD setting has been great for me in the past, as files are small but still look great online.  I would really like to get it working again, both for ease and convenience for simple projects.
    If anyone has any ideas as to what could be causing a problem, I would be greatly appreciative of any advice.  In regards to the project itself, there is no real editing being done at this point, as I am trying to eliminate any possibility of error elsewhere. I opened a new project, added a video clip and went directly to upload it, resulting in the error above.
    I don't believe it matters in this situation, but just in case:
    Windows 7
    AMD Phenom II X4 820 - 2.80 GHz
    6 GB RAM
    Radeon HD 5880 1GB
    Connecting through a Netgear WNDR3400 router, standard DSL connection.

    Sorry, not seeing where to edit my original post.
    Just wanted to add, that I am able to visit both the website, as well as YouTube through my browser.  So I am not being blocked somehow to those particular sites.  It only seems to be through the software that I cannot connect to any of the online services to upload videos to.
    Additionally, the only virus software running is Microsoft Security Essentials.  It has never raised a flag before with this software or caused interference in the past.  I do not use Norton or any other service which are known to interfere with programs often.
    Just a quick example as well, pinging through the command prompt shows I am getting through just fine.  As you can see in this image though, it cannot seem to ever connect and grab my user information.

  • Mass upload tab problem in c-folders

    when i am login from my user id in c-folders, it is not showing mass upload tab.
    can u help me , is there any problem in setting or what.
    plz let me know..
    thnaks & regards

    Yes Amit, it is a setting in cFolders
    Go to Settings --> General --> Special Functions
    Check Plug-In checkbox.
    pl appropriate points to all useful answers.

  • Problem during installation of  NW7.0 SR3 on Windows x64

    Hello all,
    I have a problem during the installation of a new central instance.
    During the phase 38 "Install Software units", SAPINST shows that logs :
    Jul 30, 2008 1:41:10 PM  Info: Ending deployment prerequisites. All items are correct.
    Jul 30, 2008 1:41:11 PM  Info: Saved current Engine state.
    Jul 30, 2008 1:41:11 PM  Info: Starting: Initial deployment: Selected development component 'caf/eu/gp/model/eap'/''/'MAIN_APL70VAL_C'/'1497904'/'5' will be deployed.
    Jul 30, 2008 1:41:11 PM  Info: SDA to be deployed: D:\usr\sap\PAD\DVEBMGS00\SDM\root\origin\\caf\eu\gp\model\eap\MAIN_APL70VAL_C\5\1497904\cafeugpmodeleap.sda
    Jul 30, 2008 1:41:11 PM  Info: Software type of SDA: J2EE
    Jul 30, 2008 1:41:11 PM  Info: ***** Begin of SAP J2EE Engine Deployment (J2EE Application) *****
    Jul 30, 2008 1:41:13 PM  Info: Begin of log messages of the target system:
    08/07/30 13:41:11 -  ***********************************************************
    08/07/30 13:41:12 -  Start updating EAR file...
    08/07/30 13:41:12 -  start-up mode is lazy
    08/07/30 13:41:12 -  EAR file updated successfully for 250ms.
    08/07/30 13:41:12 -  Start deploying ...
    08/07/30 13:41:12 -  EAR file uploaded to server for 93ms.
    08/07/30 13:41:13 -  ERROR: NOT deployed. The Deploy Service returned the following error:
                         For detailed information see the log file of the Deploy Service.
                         Exception is:
                Unexpected exception.
                              Nested exception is:
                     Connection reset
                Connection reset
    08/07/30 13:41:13 -  ***********************************************************
    Jul 30, 2008 1:41:13 PM  Info: End of log messages of the target system.
    Jul 30, 2008 1:41:13 PM  Info: ***** End of SAP J2EE Engine Deployment (J2EE Application) *****
    Jul 30, 2008 1:41:13 PM  Error: Aborted: development component 'caf/eu/gp/model/eap'/''/'MAIN_APL70VAL_C'/'1497904'/'5', grouped by software component 'SAP-EU'/''/'MAIN_APL70VAL_C'/'1000.''/'5':
    Caught exception during application deployment from SAP J2EE Engine's deploy API: ERROR: NOT deployed. The Deploy Service returned the following error: Unexpected exception.
         Nested exception is: Connection reset
    Exception is: Unexpected exception.
         Nested exception is: Connection reset Connection reset
    (message ID:
    Jul 30, 2008 1:41:13 PM  Info: Starting to save the repository
    Jul 30, 2008 1:41:13 PM  Info: Finished saving the repository
    What can I do to validate that step ?
    Thanks in advance,
    Edited by: Alexandre Belgrand on Jul 30, 2008 1:48 PM

    I had same problem.i resolved it by reinstalling OS and configuring high Page file.
    Please set the max and min Page file size of same value.
    and also do the java memory tuning as per SAP Notes.
    Sandeep Nayak

  • Error during Mass Maintenance of Material Master

    Dear All SAP guru,
    During mass maintenance of order unit ( PCS) and variable order unit "1" (Active) from T-code MM17, system is giving one error message.
    Error Mess:  30000052280140 : Messages have been issued: number MASS000120000000 and notification No.:
    While system allowing automatically to log through MM90, but after puting the log no.: MASS000120000000, system is not execting.
    Pl suggest conversation factor is also maintained in material master for this.

    HI ,
    check note 487111.
    According to this note
    In the planning data mass maintenance (MPGD_MASS), you select the "Conversion" field (UMREF) and enter the new value e.g. '2,01' and save the change. In the log of the mass maintenance, the system issues error
               ....... : Messages have been issued: number MASS............
    Detailed display of error message:
    Message number BF 020
               Value cannot be interpreted as a floating-point number. Other terms
    Reason and Prerequisites
    The problem is caused by a program error.
    The symptom occurs if during the maintenance of your own user profiles, you defined "Comma" for the decimal notation (Transaction SU3).
    Due to a program error, the system saves the value of the field to be changed program-internally in the exponential display with "Point" as the decimal place (2.01E+00).
    Solution :
    You have implement the solution mentioned in the note .

  • Mass Upload doesn't work

    Hi everybody,
    i am trying to upload user photos via mass upload iview. Therefore i create a folder (c:\photos). In this folder i have two files
    a) with the line: Anton=1011
    b) 1011.jpg
    I use the iView for Massupload from content provided by sap -> collaboration -> demo role -> iviews. I create a task with the following properties:
    Task name:           Mappupload
    Upload from Folder:           c:\photos
    Photo type:           NORMAL
    Apply checked conditions:      (no checked)
    Use Mapping:           (checked)
    After starting the task the photo was not updated and there was nothing in the application log!?
    What could be the problem? I can add the file manually but not through mass upload.
    Has anybody use a mass upload?
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    Pls Use these threads:
    Hope it would be helpfull

  • Has anyone been able to upload an ibooks file with audio only files (m4a) in it? I keep getting the following error message during the upload in iTunes Producer: ERROR ITMS-9000: "Files of type audio/x-m4a are not allowed outside of widgets.

    Has anyone been able to upload an ibooks file with audio only files (m4a) in it? I keep getting the following error message during the upload in iTunes Producer: ERROR ITMS-9000: "Files of type audio/x-m4a are not allowed outside of widgets. then it names the file as an m4p file. Everything works beautifully on the iPad through Preview, and validates through iTunes Producer up until the attempted upload. If you've been able to accomplish this, please let me know how you prepared your audio files. Many thanks.

    Hello Fellow iBook Authors!
    Today I received the same error that you all have been discussing.  I tried selecting the DRM
    and this did not work for me, though I'm glad it did for some.  Here's what I did as a work-around. . .
    Since iBooks Author did not have a problem with Videos, I simply used one of my video programs, ScreenFlow to turn the audio into a video file m4v.  I added an image and extended the length or timing of the image to span the length of the audio file.  Then exported as an .mov.  I then opened QuickTime and opened the file and exported the file to iTunes. 
    You can use iMovie, Camtasia or any other progam that will allow you to export the audio as a movie file.  Does this make sense?  I hope this helps, at least in the short-term.
    Michael Williams

  • Mass Upload - SOLAR01

    To whom it may concern,
    We need to upload information massively using transaction SOLAR01. The LSMW solution is not good since the hierarchy of the left side causes problems. Does anybody can tell us a better option for this issue?
    Thanks in advance.
    Edited by: Fernando Moyano on Feb 24, 2008 11:23 PM

    Hi Friend,
    Please try eCATT tool also....for is easy to create and works fine.
    Alternatively, try ABAP code
    Re: ABAP function to upload document in SOLAR01
    Mass Upload documents to Solution Manager
    Please reward points if it helps.

  • Mass upload of user photos in EP

    Hi All,
    I have to do a mass upload of user photos in EP. I tried it in two ways.
    1.     In a network folder say
    173.XX.XX.XXUserPhotos, I stored the photos and then I used the Mass photo upload iview, which is available inside collaboration demo role.
    2.     I created a new task and given the below parameters,
    1.     Task nameà MyPhotUpload
    2.     Upload from folder à
    3.     Photo Typeà NORMAL
    I clicked on save and then I run the task. I didnu2019t got any errors, at the same time I didnu2019t got any output also.
    Then I tried it this way.
    I created a nework path in System Administration à System Configuration à KM à CMà Global Services à Network Path (really sorry if I am being stupid)
    Here I specified the network path and the login credential required to access this folder and named this network path as u201CMyNetWrkPathu201D
    Now, I came back to mass upload ivew, there I deleted the old task and created a new task with
    a.     Task Name à MyPhotoUpload2
    b.     Upload from folder à MyNetWrkPath
    c.     Photo Typeà NORMAL
    I clicked on Save and then I run the task. Again the same result. No errors no success.
    PS: I already specified the photo type check and photo size check in System Administration à System Configuration à KM à CMà Global Services àUserPhoto
    Somebody please help me.

    it seems the portal doesn't have permissions to read contents from this physical folder.
    Try to import a sample photo with "apply checked conditions" unchecked in mass upload iView.
    If that doesn't help then try to increase the trace level to INFO for this app in Visual Administrator and see what is causing
    the problems.
    The location is .
    Eventuallly try to import files from local folder instead of network share.
    Hope this helps.

  • FB70 mass upload of invoices

    Dear Experts,
    We are migrating to a new system and would like to move our open invoices for AR in to the system.  I know we can use FB70 for single invoices.  Problem is that we have 1800 of them.  Is there any way of uploading the mass invoices outside of the LSMW transaction?  From reading about LSMW I see that this can take a few weeks to get right. 
    Is there a standard Mass Upload for FB70 or a report for that matter?

    Hi Raki, Hi All,
    I believe a properly designed LSMW batch input can do the trick. I had to do the same recently for approximately 800 open customer items - both invoices and credits -  and it worked fine. It definitely does not require weeks... For me it took a few hours to make it.
    Also refer to this thread:
    fb70 using LSMW error No batch input data for screen SAPMF05A 1200

  • Weird problem during synchronization !!!??

    Hi all
    I came accross a weird problem during synchronization. I am into customizing MAM2.5, and in testing phase. I created 600 local measurement documents and tried to sync. Nearly half of the documents got successfully posted at the back end and got deleted from the hand held. Nearly 250 documents were not posted and it stays in the hand held. On multiple synchronization also it is not getting moved but it says "synchronization successfully completed". The state in the upload syncBO (040) shows the state of these documents as "S" that corresponds to synchronized documents.
    any of you had come accross this problem?? any thoughts??

    Hi Raj,
    Now that a new development, If the device was restarted manually please do a client data reset. Settings-> client data reset.
    I know you have tried doing this before but I want you to check the following.
    This will ensure that the data in the client and the middleware are consistent.
    Check the MEREP_MON when you perform the first sync.
    Download requests must be sent from the client to the middleware (They will be in I-Finished status after processing) and the response will be found in O-Waiting. When you perform the sync the second time all the data is sent to the client. Now the data in the client and the server are in-sync. Now if you change any data and sync the data should be sent to the middleware.
    If it still doesnt work your only option is to reinstall MI on the device and start from scratch.
    Let me know.
    Best Regards,

  • Mass upload of data into Custom table

    Hello all,
                I made search in SDN and could not find the best solution to my problem and hence posting .
               What is the best way for Mass upload of data into Custom database table ?
               I think LSMW would not be a viable option as it would take longer time .
               Locking of the table also needs to be taken care.
               PLease let me know if you have a alternative to this and the best way to do this .

    Hi Sibi,
    See Lock objects are required when we enter the data through screen level, or multiple users should not enter the data at same time.
    Create one Lock object in SE11, It automatically creates FM.
    DEQUEUE_EYTEST2                Release lock on object EYTEST2
    ENQUEUE_EYTEST2                Request lock for object EYTEST2
    Call these FM in your program.
    EX: Refer this links

  • RAR 5.3 - Mitigating Control Mass Upload

    Hi Everyone,
    My client wants to perfrom a mass upload of Mitigating Controls, but I can't find the format of the tables that are needed.
    I have tried creating a control manually, exporting it and then changing the file and uploading but it always throws an error.
    I know that there is a SAP Note about this but it is Internal Only.
    Can anyone help?  I guess I am looking for standard upload file format or something of that nature.

    Hi Frank
    as always you are the man who knows the answer!!
    You were correct Excel 2007 had converted 2010-10-11 to 11/10/2010, during the importation process, even though I had told it to keep all fields as text.
    Additionally, on almost every row of the export file after having made the changes in excel, it had added several "TAB" characters as well, so I had to go down every line of the upload file to remove the extra "TABS".
    After that it worked perfectly.
    Now I will attempt world domination, after all it must be easier than trying to configure Access Controls 5.3
    Edited by: Simon Carty on Nov 26, 2010 10:05 AM
    Edited by: Simon Carty on Nov 26, 2010 10:05 AM

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