Problem with Audigy 4 and Asus m

I own an Asus A8V motherboard, and just purchased the audigy 4 non-pro. While playing the game F.E.A.R. (main reason I bought the soundcard) with acceleration to the max, I will receive a BSOD (blue screen of death) with the 0x0000007F error code. When I turn the acceleration down 2 notches ( above the lowest) I am able to play the game without getting a bluescreen, but I will hear sounds a second or 2 after an event so this is a big problem, and have screeching problems on some ma
I've heard that some Asus mobo's and the newer Creative cards have issues, any way to fix? I'm using the latest drivers for both my mobo and my sound card.

Please can someone help?

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  • Problems with Audigy and Yahoo Messenger/Teamspeak/any web speak prog

    So, I have a soundblaster audigy with the front input panel thingy with all the different inputs/outputs (forgive my lack of computerness), and I'd like to be able to use the MIC IN 2 input for headset to talk to people online. I can hear myself fine over my own speakers/headphones when I plug a mic in there, but I cannot get any sound to activate when I try Yahoo voice messenger or teamspeak. A clue is....when I tried to plug the mic in to the horrible input on the back of the computer (the tiny /8 one) I did register some sound but only a crackling noise. Is there some setting I need to switch specifically for online transmission?

    ok never mind, I figured it out myself. thanks

  • Problem with vista and 5.1

    problem with vista and 5. i install my old audigy 2 zs exp pro with DTT2500 speaker
    In my new pc.
    i install vista 64 and SBAX_PCDRV_LB_2_8_000 driver from creative site.
    when i go to control panel/sound and test the 5. surrund ' iget only the two front speaker.
    why is that?
    i try to play a song from vista folder "Distance" and i get all 5 +sub to play.
    do i miss something?
    is the test worg and with another test i can get all spedajer to work or the driver is not good?
    thanks for all you help
    last update...
    i can get 4 speaker when i use the fourpoint mode on the desktop theather 5. dtt2500 digital,
    but in movie mode i get only 2 front speaker.
    i use the digital out from the sound blaster.
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    My apologies about not explaining further about disabling SPDIF passthrough. See the steps below to enable DDL encoding.
    ***Before proceeding please make sure that you've purchased, installed and activated the DDL pack***
    . Open Creative Audio Console, go to the Decoder tab to disable driver level encoding and enable SPDIF passthrough (this is done by selecting SPDIF passthrough or any similar option that enable the use of an external decoder) instead of using the built-in decoders.
    2. Open up your playback devices window (right click on the speaker icon on the taskbar and select playback devices) and set analog speakers (not SPDIF) as your default device. This is VERY IMPORTANT step, or else you get the "the device is busy" error when enbaling DDL encoding.
    3. In the Audio Console, select the Encoder tab and enable DLL encoding.
    When DDL encoding is enabled, it makes exclusi've use of your SPDIF connection so, no passthrough is possible. The default output format when using DDL encoding is 48KHz/6 bits. If you make use of any AC3 audio filters (such as ac3filter/others included in codec packs/media player softwares) when DLL encoding is enabled, then please change their output device to analog speakers instead of SPDIF.
    To use back SPDIF passthrough (when playing back media with a pre-encoded audio source), open up Audio Console and disable DDL encoding and in the Playback Devices window change the default device to SPDIF. If you make use of any AC3 audio filters (such as ac3filter/others included in codec packs/media player softwares) then please change their output device back to SPDIF. You may also wish to change back your output format to 92KHz/24 bits (right click on SPDIF and select properties -> Advanced tab).
    raflevi wrote:
    when you said to install ddl? pack you mean the "[url=" 2222SR6PAKH5DGY6SD">Dolby Digital Li've Pack - SB Audigy Series[/url] "?
    thanks again for all your help.
    i wanted to use the 5. function mostly for games
    Yes... also please see the link in my previous post.
    Hope this answers your questions.

  • Mic Problems- With Audigy ZS, the one with the external Sound ca

    hi i brought this sound card about a year ago and just been using it for recording using line3, but now i want to use a mic, and so i plub in a mic into line/mic and all i get is static, so i plug into line2 and i fully yell just to hear a wisper, when using a wave recorder, or teamspeak. i have heard people have alot of problems with mics and this sound card and others no prob. i was wondering if any has had the same prob and how they over come this tech problem, i have little computer mics, through to big professional singing ones. help plz.

    <A class=auth_text style="FONT-WEIGHT: bold" href="" target=top>KristianK[/url],
    Is it an Audigy 2 ZS Platinum Pro you have (with the external dri've)?
    Did you check the mixer settings when you connected your mic? As long as the recording source is set up correctly you should be able to record from that input. Did you test that with a standard computer microphone aswell? You mentioned you have several mics.

  • Microphone problems with Audigy 2 ZS/win 7 x64

    I have very common problem with my soundcard audigy 2 ZS on windows 7 x64 with 8gb RAM. A week ago installed win 7 (was xp before) and noticed that my mic is not working. When I turn on microphone in output device i hear crystal clear sound from headphones, as input device it is not working properly. After reboot it don't work, no reaction on any changes. Usually after 5-20 mins I can hear signal from it (even when I'm not doing anything). Still sound quality is terrible, lots of noises and bugs. So I can't use it. After reboot mic not working again.
    My microphone is fine, soundcard also worked on XP without problems (almost all A2ZS users have same problem). The latest drivers was installed on clean, fully updated Win 7 Ultimate. Tried danielK pack. Still no results, this is about 2 years old problem with drivers and I want to know any realistic way to solve it. All post on forum are outdated, or don't have any useful info.

    Try these suggested steps when cleansweeping and reinstalling. They may help make the reinstall more successful:

  • Extreme Music - Problems with Driver and Installation

    Hi guys,
    ?After the my computer has given up it's life on the last friday, I bought a new one and wanted yesterday to install everything like OS, driver and so on.
    I started the install of the driver(which is the version from the creative website , released in july 2009) for my soundcard, the X-FI Extreme Music and when the information was given, that the Windows drivers will be updated and it will take some minutes, something happend:
    At my first try a bluescreen appered. You can imagine, that I was shocked to see a bluescreen on my new pc after an hour.
    I run CCleaner to remove some rests of the "maybe installed" driver and started it again. There was no bluescreen, but the mouse freezes and the setup does nothing anymore. I can close it with may keyboard, but the driver wasn't installed.
    After a new clean up with CCleaner I tried it again. I put out my cable of the mouse , so maybe this was the problem(ofc, WHY is there a problem with USB and PCI Cards ?). The installations works, no hang up or freezes. After a restart nothing happend. No sound. I looked at the hardware manager(do not know, whether it is the correct word, I'm german and have a german windows ) of windows and at audio, video and gamecontroller, there is a warning of not working driver.
    I remember, that on my old system the driver was titled something like
    X-FI Audio[800] or something like that.
    But here it was named with?
    X-FI Processor WDM
    I thing the system is installing the wrong driver.
    I looked at some forums , find the hint to change the PCI slot. I did it, but nothing changed.
    So, here are some information of my system configuration, maybe someone can help.
    Old system(where the soundcard works fine with no problems):
    - Athlon X2 4200+(socket was the "old" 939)
    - Asus A8N-E
    - DDR 400 RAM, 2GB
    - Windows XP Professional(32 Bit) with SP3
    New System:
    - Phenom II X4 80(quadcore)
    - Gigabyte MA790XT-UD4P
    - DDR3 333 RAM , 4GB
    - same OS as used in the old configuration
    Ofc all chipdriver were installed and seems to work fine.
    The onboard soundchip is disabled too.
    Hope for help ^^
    Message Edited by Meldanor on 08--2009 2:20 [email protected]

    Hi guys,
    I'm very sry for the wasted bytes and bits in this forum, but my problem was solved some minuetes after this post >.< .
    I tried once again to install the driver and everything is working ... until yet, but only the future will show me, whether it will work or not ^^
    What I've done? Just a restart after the post.

  • Problem with JFrame and busy/wait Cursor

    Hi -- I'm trying to set a JFrame's cursor to be the busy cursor,
    for the duration of some operation (usually just a few seconds).
    I can get it to work in some situations, but not others.
    Timing does seem to be an issue.
    There are thousands of posts on the BugParade, but
    in general Sun indicates this is not a bug. I just need
    a work-around.
    I've written a test program below to demonstrate the problem.
    I have the problem on Solaris, running with both J2SE 1.3 and 1.4.
    I have not tested on Windows yet.
    When you run the following code, three JFrames will be opened,
    each with the same 5 buttons. The first "F1" listens to its own
    buttons, and works fine. The other two (F2 and F3) listen
    to each other's buttons.
    The "BUSY" button simply sets the cursor on its listener
    to the busy cursor. The "DONE" button sets it to the
    default cursor. These work fine.
    The "SLEEP" button sets the cursor, sleeps for 3 seconds,
    and sets it back. This does not work.
    The "INVOKE LATER" button does the same thing,
    except is uses invokeLater to sleep and set the
    cursor back. This also does not work.
    The "DELAY" button sleeps for 3 seconds (giving you
    time to move the mouse into the other (listerner's)
    window, and then it behaves just like the "SLEEP"
    button. This works.
    Any ideas would be appreciated, thanks.
    import java.awt.BorderLayout;
    import java.awt.Cursor;
    import java.awt.event.ActionEvent;
    import java.awt.event.ActionListener;
    import javax.swing.JButton;
    import javax.swing.JFrame;
    import javax.swing.JPanel;
    import javax.swing.SwingUtilities;
    public class BusyFrameTest implements ActionListener
    private static Cursor busy = Cursor.getPredefinedCursor (Cursor.WAIT_CURSOR);
    private static Cursor done = Cursor.getDefaultCursor();
    JFrame frame;
    JButton[] buttons;
    public BusyFrameTest (String title)
    frame = new JFrame (title);
    buttons = new JButton[5];
    buttons[0] = new JButton ("BUSY");
    buttons[1] = new JButton ("DONE");
    buttons[2] = new JButton ("SLEEP");
    buttons[3] = new JButton ("INVOKE LATER");
    buttons[4] = new JButton ("DELAY");
    JPanel buttonPanel = new JPanel();
    for (int i = 0; i < buttons.length; i++)
    buttonPanel.add (buttons);
    frame.getContentPane().add (buttonPanel);
    frame.setVisible (true);
    public void addListeners (ActionListener listener)
    for (int i = 0; i < buttons.length; i++)
    buttons[i].addActionListener (listener);
    public void actionPerformed (ActionEvent e)
    System.out.print (frame.getTitle() + ": " + e.getActionCommand());
    if (e.getActionCommand().equals ("BUSY"))
    frame.setCursor (busy);
    else if (e.getActionCommand().equals ("DONE"))
    frame.setCursor (done);
    else if (e.getActionCommand().equals ("SLEEP"))
    frame.setCursor (busy);
    try { Thread.sleep (3000); } catch (Exception ex) { }
    frame.setCursor (done);
    System.out.print (" finished");
    else if (e.getActionCommand().equals ("INVOKE LATER"))
    frame.setCursor (busy);
    SwingUtilities.invokeLater (thread);
    else if (e.getActionCommand().equals ("DELAY"))
    try { Thread.sleep (3000); } catch (Exception ex) { }
    frame.setCursor (busy);
    try { Thread.sleep (3000); } catch (Exception ex) { }
    frame.setCursor (done);
    System.out.print (" finished");
    Runnable thread = new Runnable()
    public void run()
    try { Thread.sleep (3000); } catch (Exception ex) { }
    frame.setCursor (done);
    System.out.println (" finished");
    public static void main (String[] args)
    BusyFrameTest f1 = new BusyFrameTest ("F1");
    f1.addListeners (f1);
    BusyFrameTest f2 = new BusyFrameTest ("F2");
    BusyFrameTest f3 = new BusyFrameTest ("F3");
    f2.addListeners (f3); // 2 listens to 3
    f3.addListeners (f2); // 3 listens to 2

    I've had the same problems with cursors and repaints in a swing application, and I was thinking of if I could use invokeLater, but I never got that far with it.
    I still believe you would need a thread for the time consuming task, and that invokeLater is something you only need to use in a thread different from the event thread.

  • Problem with installing and running some applications or drivers

    When installing and installing some items, towards the end of the installation I get this message:
    *was installed improperly and cannot be used. Please try reinstalling it or contact product's vendor for update*
    The end result is that some things do not seem to work properly, such as my HP printer. Would anybody have any ideas on how to fix this problem?

    Thank you for your response. Originally, I had a problem with Airport and ended up reinstalling Snow Leopard. Since then, when downloading upgrades etc, such as HP printer drivers, iTunes etc., towards the end of the download when its running the script, I get this message: /System/Library/Extensions/comcy_driver_USBDevice.kext
    +was installed improperly and cannot be used. Please try reinstalling it or contact product's vendor for update+
    Sometimes, the download hangs and is unable to complete. The main problem I've encountered so far with an application is when I use the printer to scan an image via Preview, it's blank: there's nothing there.

  • Problems with outlook and address book contacts: my outlook contacts had around 3,000 entries. Outlook duplicated by itself and now outlook and address book have each over 340,000. What should I do?

    Problems with outlook and address book contacts: my outlook contacts had around 3,000 entries. Outlook duplicated entries and have now 340,000. I reinstalled microsoft office and, thus, outlook, and reinstalled mac OS X system and applications. While I managed to delete outlook contacts so that I can re-sync with my blackberry, the contacts at Mac Address Book were not deleted and still have over 340,000 entries. I do not mind deleting all contacts since I have back up, but I have not been able to delete them. Also, when I go at Address Book and try to delete or merge duplicated entries, the system takes forever and never ends because of such large amount of entries. Worse, when I do so I run out of RAM memory.
    My Macbook pro is just 2 months old.
    What should I do? Is there a way to delete my Mac Address Book without having the problem above?
    Many thanks

    zlatan24 wrote:
    For solving out troubles connected with corrupted or lost address book you may use address book recovery. It owns various features such as restoring wab files, it working under any Windows OS. The utility has modern and easy to use interface due to almost every experienced users.
    If it is a windows problem it's not going to run on the OP's MacBook Pro

  • Problems with Safari and Firefox (HTTP?)

    Problems with Safari and Firefox (HTTP?)
    On a laptop G4, 10.5.8 and Safari 5.02 I experience the following:
    On the account of my oldest daughter everything works fine, i.e. wireless internet works and no problems with mail or safari.
    On the same laptop, on the account of my other daughter, the wireless is OK, she can mail etc. But safari nor firefox works. It says: can’t find server (whatever site) and in the activity window it looks if safari tries to open files (in the safari preferences-folder) in stead of http. Same applies to Firefox, so maybe it has more to do with HTTP in general?
    What goes wrong? What to do? I tried the following on the host terminal (tips from Apple)
    defaults write WebKitDNSPrefetchingEnabled -boolean false
    defaults delete WebKitDNSPrefetchingEnabled
    but that did not help,

    I'm still wondering why it happens now at this moment in time...
    PC does seem to be a bit odd & inconsistent, the few times I've tested with it, at least so far as we content filtering goes; and if I remember rightly, you're not the first to report previously ok settings suddenly preventing some or all internet until pc is switched off altogether.
    It may work when re-enabled

  • Haven't been able to use pages for a while.  Keep getting following message.  Have tried reinstalling iWork, but no luck.  Same problems with Keynote and Numbers/Users/scottmcdonald/Desktop/Screen Shot 2012-03-14 at 9.39.52 PM.png

    Haven't been able to use pages for a while.  Keep getting following message.  Have tried reinstalling iWork, but no luck.  Same problems with Keynote and Numbers/

    Have you moved Pages from its installed location? Or just dragged a copy to your current system?
    It can't find some of its resources apparently.

  • Problem with DMGs and error: "No Mountable File Systems"

    Problem with DMGs and error: "No Mountable File Systems"
    The files are not corrupt. The problem is occurring with all DMGs that are apparently formatted in MS-DOS FAT16. No the file will not mount with Disk utility or any other disk mounter programs I have found.
    This is now the second time this occurred and now effects my MBP and my iMac. First time i spent days with Apple support and the only solution was ultimately back up the data, reformat the HD, start over from scratch and reload everything. That lasted about a month before the problem resurfaced and is now an issue on both iMac and MBP.
    I tried to identify all the programs I installed immediately before the error, as I am convinced it is the result of a software conflict.
    Recent programs includes:
    1) upgrading from Parallels 5.5 to 6.0 on both machines.
    2) using an HP secure II usb drive and setting up a secure disk.
    3) installing new itunes 10
    4) new update to Flip For Mac.
    The files affected are downloaded dmgs, including personal brain and google earth, both which are formatted in FAT16.
    Any help or thoughts? Apple has now spent hours trying and they say i now have to reformat and wipe and start over. That is unacceptable and based on pasted experience the problem is likely to repeat itself. having to wipe and rebuild a HD ever month is not an solution. i need to fid the root problem.
    In the meantime, anyone got a real solution on how to extract the data for a DMG using a different method?
    Message was edited by: remaia

    Where you able to find the solution, i am having the same problem, all was fine till i install some programs only same one i saw did we both did was flip4mac i uninstalled it but the problem is still there, i also restored and erased the hardrive but im not up to doing that all over again. If you found anything out let me know i would greatly appreciate it

  • Problem with Send and Receive Emal In SAP System

    Hi gurus!
    I have a following quote:
    Dear !
    I have a problem with send and receive email in SAP system following :
    I want to test send and receive email in local network at my company. I
    had two server
    Server 1 : I setup Exchange Mail Server 2007 with domain controller is
    Server 2 : I setup SAP ERP ECC 6.0
    On Server 1 : I created 2 account ( and ) and then I tested send and receive email between u1 and u2 in local network through Microsoft Outlook 2007 -> OK
    and then
    On Server 2: I had configured send and receive email on SAP system
    through tcode SBWP, SCOT and SOST as Note 455140 - "Configuration of
    e-mail, fax, paging or SMS using SMTP"
    for example :
    I logged in SAP system with user Basis01 (with email ) -> then,using tcode SBWP -> new message -> send to with Internet Mail type and then status message with green light -> sending ok
    and then I have used Microsoft Outlook 2007, I logged with account u2 ->check email -> Ok. I saw message which send from u1
    Finally, My problem is how can receive mail in SAP system without using Microsoft Outlook
    For example:
    Login system SAP with Basis01 account (with ) -> tcode SBWP ->New Message -> send to
    and then
    Login system SAP with Basis02 account (with ) -> tcode ??? ->
    To receive email from Basis01 (with )
    Please help me now
    I replace "@" with "A" because of banning email of this forum.
    This quote is about sending email in local network. And we can't receive any email from the outside email address. Addition if I wanna send email to internal email in Internet (we've just tried with email address in local network) What should I config in SAP and Exchange ?
    By the way, Is SAP Server IP added to Relay Agent for sending or receiving mail ?
    An NLP
    Edited by: An NLP on Apr 6, 2010 7:03 PM

    This problem is a classic problem of mail routing via Exchange. Exchange like most mail servers use the domain part of the email address as a means to route mails. So I will make an assumption that your main company mail addrss is "User @".
    So when you send a mail to the "User @ mail" address the mail is delivered to your Outlook mail address as this is the default route for company.
    (Q) So how do you get your Exchange server to relay the mail into the sending SAP system?
    (A) The easiest way would be to setup and unique mail domain for your SAP system. I always recommend "user @" which in your case would be "u1 @". You can then instruct Exchange to send any emails addressed to domain to your SAP system. Also using this format of address you can configure multiple mail connections into multiple SAP systems.
    (A) Another answer would be to enter the "Full" email address (LOcal and Domain part of address) into the routing rule for Exchange e.g. "U1 @" so that all emails addressed to this user will be delivered into SAP. However this method requires a lot of Admin as you will have to update Exchange with ALL email address that need to receive emails. Also if your corporate mail address is "U1 @" then all mails will be forwarded to SAP.
    I would definitely NOT recommend this method but the decision is up to you.
    P.S. The IP address of the SAP system is entered into the mail header of the email. This is standard practice in SMTP relay. You can suppress this header in Exchange
    Hope this helps

  • Problem with Speaker and Headset in Windows Vista

    Hi, I just got my Macbook Pro 13" and having problem with speaker and headset when working with Windows Vista (I have installed the driver from bootcamp). The sound very weak if I play music from Itunes or youtube even the volume already full and if i put my headset the sound not coming out. Is there anyone can help me to solve this problem?

    When you post about Windows / Boot Camp, in Mac Pro (workstation) forum where others with a MacBOOK would be more likely to have same hardware configuration, and you won't find Windows drivers on Apple downloads. More like at or other sites, or go to RealTek (if that is the type of audio you have).

  • Problem with trigger and entity in JHeadsart, JBO-25019

    Hi to all,
    I am using JDeveloper 10.1.2 and developing an application using ADF Business Components and JheadStart
    I have a problem with trigger and entity in JHeadsart
    I have 3 entity and 3 views
    DsitTelephoneView based on DsitTelephone entity based on DSIT_TELEPHONE database table.
    TelUoView based on TelUo entity based on TEL_UO database table.
    NewAnnuaireView based on NewAnnuaire entity based on NEW_ANNUAIRE database view.
    I am using JHS to create :
    A JHS table-form based on DsitTelephoneView
    A JHS table based on TelUoView
    A JHS table based on NewAnnuaireView
    LIB_POSTE is a :
    TEL_UO column
    NEW_ANNUAIRE column
    NEW_ANNUAIRE database view is built from DSIT_TELEPHONE database table.
    Lib_poste is an updatable attribut in TelUo entity, DsitTelephone entity, NewAnnuaire entity.
    Lib_poste is upadated in JHS table based on TelUoView
    I added a trigger on my database shema « IAN » to upadate LIB_POSTE in DSIT_TELEPHONE database table :
    SET t.lib_poste = :new.lib_poste
    WHERE t.id_tel = :new.id_tel;
    When I change the lib_poste with the application :
    - the lib_poste in DSIT_TELEPHONE database table is correctly updated by trigger.
    - but in JHS table-form based on DsitTelephoneView the lib_poste is not updated. If I do a quicksearch it is updated.
    - in JHS table based on NewAnnuaireView the lib_poste is not updated. if I do a quicksearch, I have an error:
    oracle.jbo.RowAlreadyDeletedException: JBO-25019: The row of entity of the key oracle.jbo. Key [null 25588] is not found in NewAnnuaire.
    25588 is the primary key off row in NEW_ANNUAIRE whose lib_poste was updated by the trigger.
    It is as if it had lost the bond with the row in the entity.
    Could you help me please ?

    The following example should help.
    SQL> create sequence workorders_seq
      2  start with 1
      3  increment by 1
      4  nocycle
      5  nocache;
    Sequence created.
    SQL> create table workorders(workorder_id number,
      2  description varchar2(30),
      3   created_date date default sysdate);
    Table created.
      2  BEFORE INSERT ON workorders
      3  FOR EACH ROW
      4  BEGIN
      5  SELECT workorders_seq.nextval
      6    INTO :new.workorder_id
      7    FROM dual;
      8  END;
      9  /
    Trigger created.
    Session altered.
    SQL> insert into workorders(description) values('test1');
    1 row created.
    SQL> insert into workorders(description) values('test2');
    1 row created.
    SQL> select * from workorders;
               1 test1                          30-NOV-2004 15:30:34
               2 test2                          30-NOV-2004 15:30:42
    2 rows selected.

  • Problem with ADS and LDAP

    Problem with ADS and LDAP
    I have installed Win2000 + sp1 and ADS on a computer. This computer is PDC.
    After connection via LDAP I cann't get any object ( users or goups etc. ).
    I try connect to ADS by java ( JNDI ).
    When I use another clients of LDAP ( eg. Maxware Directory Explorer) I have
    the same problem - no objects.
    Can anybody help me?
    Grzegorz Pszona
    my e-mail: [email protected]

    Thanks a lot.
    Softerra's browser is really good.
    "Anant Kadiyala" <[email protected]> wrote:
    I used Softerra's LDAP browser. The browser is free. There is also a
    java baded
    LDAP browser from Univ of Michigan. I found the Softerra browser to be
    more easier
    to use.
    "rashmi" <[email protected]> wrote:
    Can you please let me know which exact ADS tool that you used to examine
    DN. I have Active Directory Users and Computers, Sites and Servicesand
    and Trusts installed on my machine but I am not able to figure out how
    to get
    the DN?
    for Stephen Davies <[email protected]> wrote:
    I have had WLS6.1 & ADS working ok using LDAP V2. Mind you it did take
    fair bit of messing around to get it going. MS does have a few oddities,
    for example the Administrators DN might look something like this:
    One tool that I found invaluable came with the additional support tools
    for Windows 2000. The 'Active Directory Administration Tool' made it
    easy to list the directory contents and examine the DNs.
    Stephen Davies
    Principal Consultant
    eGlobal Services Pty. Ltd.
    Sydney, Australia
    Ph. +61 2 9283 1033

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  • What soundcard do I need to enable multitrack audio recording?

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