Problem with BAPI_PO_Create1 to create a Service PO

In POSERVICES, I enter the data like this:
LINE_NO                        0000000010
OUTL_IND                      X
QUANTITY                    100.000
BASE_UOM                   EA
GR_PRICE                     1,000.0000
SHORT_TEXT               SERVICE1
but when i excute it, the return with message:
T ID                   NUM MESSAGE
E BAPI                001 No instance of object type PurchaseOrder has been created. External reference:
E MEPO              000 Purchase order still contains faulty items
E SE                   029 Please maintain services or limits
according to the third msg, I have maintain the value for it, why it said 'Please maintain services' ?
Best Regards

Hello Steve
The long text of message SE 029 says that
"You cannot enter data until the PO item has been maintained correctly."
Because the input for the item is still faulty you get this addtional error message.
My recommendation is (because I am not a MM expert): Try to create a minimal service PO using the dialog transaction. All values you have to enter in dialog are needed for the BAPI, too. Perhaps then you spot the missing piece of information.

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    First, as a matter of policy, let them know this service is active, and needs to remain active. If they disobey this instruction and turn it off, you have a human resources issue, not a technical issue.
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    If you are from India and If you are an Xperia Z1 owner, and facing problems with your phone and the service centre and customer care totally unhelpful, Contact me. We are starting a self help forum very soon. 
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    thereis already a self-help forum
    two, actually
    the one is this one
    the other is xda-developers, who probably will tell you to install cyanogenmod, go into recovery and delete dalvik cache three times

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  • Problems with Comodo Kill Switch, Windows Services & Bitlocker Encryption on Asus N56VZ

    Hi All,
    So recently I found myself stuck in a different scenario than before, and after many hours researching and efforts to fix this I still find myself stuck  yet with a few options still to fix.
    What is the problem?
    So as a security cautious user when i first got to Windows 8.1 Pro 64Bit I encrypted both the C and D drive (Split the main disk) to protect myself and my family. Unfortunately that has not been very helpful with the way in which booting and running from
    either external USB devices or CD/DVD works, not allowing myself to at all.
    My usual security suit I  use is Comodo Internet Security, which additionally comes with Comodo Kill Switch. Whilst using the application instead of stopping one of the TCP connections I was meant to I accidently stopped an Windows Explorer connection.
    For some reason since then Windows Explorer, nor most windows apps or services themselves will run. For example msconfig will run but sfc /scannow or mmc will not, whether in safe mode or normal mode.
    What Caused the Problem?
    Cannot 100% say
    What I Think Caused the Problem?
    Myself running Comodo Kill Switch stopping a vital server connection with Windows Explorer that messed up alot. Or a potential Virus unknown how cannot fully scan system as wont boot externally or run many apps.
    Additional Info
    Asus Webcam is Disabled on Purpose
    Laptop was fully customized to run latest games full graphics minus Anti Aliasing, works with Evolve + CoD Advanced Warfare
    Laptop does not boot if USB Keyboard plugged in, works with everything else normal (had this on other systems no problem for me)
    Ask me for more info if required to add here, braindead again
    Specifications of my system
    Intel® Core™ i7 3610QM Processor
    Windows 8.1 Pro 64Bit
    Intel® HM76 Chipset
    DDR3 1600 MHz SDRAM, 2 x SO-DIMM 8GB
    15.6" HD (1366x768)/Full HD (1920x1080)/Wide View Angle LED Backlight
    NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 650M with 2GB DDR3 VRAM
    1TB 5400RPM OR 750GB 5400/7200RPM (Cannot remember off top of head, braindead)
    Super-Multi DVD 
    Kensington lock (Security Feature)
    LoJack (Security Feature)
    BIOS Booting User Password Protection (Security Feature)
    HDD User Password Protection and Security (Security Feature)
    Pre-OS Authentication by programmable key code (Security Feature)
    What Can Run and Won't Run?
    ON BOOT:
    Bitlocker Encryption Password & Advanced Settings are accessible
    Bios (password protected) is accessible
    Windows Recovery Mode is accessible (Think it is F9 or F10)
    Windows Logon Password Screen is accessible
    After Log-In Windows Explorer will not run
    Task Manager will run, also allows me to browse the files when trying to start new task
    Can run Command prompt
    Cannot run any control panel items
    Cannot run services.msc
    Cannot run mmc
    Cannot run sfc
    Every time it metions windows drive is locked
    Start Error's when running certain applications (Will post codes soon)
    Rufus USB Tool does run
    Cannot boot Kali Linux off USB
    Cannot boot Windows 8.1 off USB
    Cannot boot Windows 8.1 off DVDRW
    Fixwin2 will not run
    Apps either work or don't whether in safe mode or normal
    Cannot use Windows Installer
    What Fixes I Have Tried So Far
    Ok so like any normal user I don't want to lose my files. So here are what I have tried so far:
    Repair MBR (Repair Completed, No Luck)
    SFC /SCANNOW (Returns Error 'Windows Resource Protection could not start the repair service')
    Tried sfc /SCANNOW /OFFBOOTDIR=c:\ /OFFWINDIR=c:\windows (Could not access drive)
    Fixwin2 (Will not run in either normal or safe mode)
    Booting using Windows 8.1 via USB (Cannot boot from extermal devices due to Bitlocker Encryption)
    Booting using Kali Linux Via DVD & USB (Cannot boot from external devices due to Bitlocker Encrytption)
    How do I know it is because of Bitlocker, because last time I disabled it, I could run from external devices
    Tried to run bitlocker to change settings (Will not run)
    Have used both password and recovery keys to unlock driver, they work but when applications are running on windows the drive is still locked?
    Tried windows Automatic Diagnostic and Repair (Could not repair anything, did make a log I am still to extract from the syste)
    There are No System Restore Points
    I'm sure there is much more information I could post however I will leave it on an ask to know basis, apart from the log files and further information to gather. Below is my list of trial and error fixes to try for today (need more ideas and help please!):
    Hiren's 15.2 Boot CD via DVD (NOT ABLE TO BOOT)
    Hiren's 15.2 Boot CD via USB (NOT ABLE TO BOOT)
    Research into the Bios and Possible Update in-case of implementation of Virus, can access flash utility (STILL NOT TESTED)
    Try and get a portable version or a working version of windows installer to try and re-install Comodo Internet Security (STILL NOT TESTED)
    Another way to disable Bitlocker
    Anti-Malware / Anti-Virus Scan If Possible to Run One
    Bitlocker Repair Tool, will try this also
    I have posted this as have not found much info online, usually find it and crack on but this time things are a little more tricky, my priority task I really need to do is remove the Bitlocker Encryption, but if the application will not run... what do I do
    Thanks for your time reading all, Sorry for any poor formatting or spelling.
    Update 1: MMC.exe Error Code
    Ok so now have the computer in safe mode, still same as before, no explorer.exe, no services etc... Just went into the Task Manager > Services (Tab) > Open Services (Option at bottom)
    This is the error I get:
    'The Instruction at 0x785a746c referenced memory at 0x000000a8. The memory could not be read.
    Any Ideas on what this error is and why?
    Update 2: CHKDSK Works with no Fix
    Update 3: Hiren's 15.2 Boot CD - USB Boot still no luck booting around Bitlocker Encryption
    Just to explain again, I already have unlocked the drive with correct bitlocker password or recovery key yet the drive remains locked not allowing windows refresh of files of complete install from the windows recovery menu as keeps saying drive is locked

    Ok so attempt number two to write this update via bloody phone! (Just refreshed page whilst writing!)
    Update 4:
    Problem - cannot run from bootable devices (DVD/USB)
    Cause - bitlocker fully encrypted drive stops this working
    Repair - Boot up holding F9 to enter windows recovery Input Bitlocker recovery keys to unlock drives
    Navigate to Command Prompt in advanced settings Execute following code:
    Repair-bde c: d: -rp 000111-222333-444555-etc...
    (Code found from
    Note for those using this: It is common while unlocking certain drives to get errors such as: Quote from
    "LOG INFO: 0x0000002aValid metadata at offset 8832512000 found at scan level
    1.LOG INFO: 0x0000002b Successfully created repair context.
    LOG ERROR: 0xc0000037 Failed to read sector at offset 9211592704.
    (0×00000017) LOG ERROR: 0xc0000037 Failed to read sector at offset 9211593216.
    (0×00000017) …followed by around 20 similar entries that differed only by the offset value"
    Repair Status for Update 4: COMPLETED - However over wrote D drive data so now need to recover that
    Problem 2 - windows services corrupted along with windows files
    Cause - Unknown
    Repair - wait until system is fully decrypted Once fully decrypted ensure boot from USB/DVD
    Re-do fixes that would not work before if this has fixed boot issue Confirm fix / update post Hope anything I put here helps others also

  • Problem with importing and creating self signed SSL certificate

    Mac Pro, 10.7.2 Server.  Attempting to import or create a self signed certificate for use as to encrypt iChat service.  Server is acutally called but has an alias of  I understand that this is probably not best practice but I would like to keep things this way since we have one server, run multiple services on it, but want to continue to connect to each service at  We have been using this type of mismatched certificate with success since 10.4 or so.
    I am working through setup of 10.7 Server to replace our 10.6 server. 
    Tried upgrade of 10.6 to 10.7 installation.  The installation made a mess of some services and our Open Directory, but did move the certificate over and allowed iChat service to function properly.
    Clean install and setup of 10.7 Server.  Exported self signed certificate, private key, and encryption password from 10.6 Server and functioning 10.7 upgraded Server.
    On import or manual creation of certificate get the following error:
    Check your server's logs for more information.  The error (code 5001) was: Expected SecKeychainItemImport to return a SecIdentityRef, but it did not
    Log shows:
    Dec 29 17:56:55 server servermgrd[498]: -[CertsRequestHandler(HelperAdditions) importP12Data:passphrase:error:]: importedItems = (
                  "<SecCertificate 0x7fcf6ed43c00 [0x7fff78d96f40]>"
    I have tried importing and manually creating other certificates with a variety of names with success.  I assume that there is something buried somewhere that is causing this particular one to be a problem.  Other than manually removing any remnants of the certificate from /etc/certficates I do not have any ideas what to try.  I am essentially ready to move this server to 10.7 except for this problem and would like to avoid a reinstall.

    Take a look here.
    Maybe it's a problem with your network.

  • Airport problem with iMAC 27" and serious service support for indonesia

    Hi all,
    i can't seem to get any help from anywhere else. so i try to post it here.
    i tried to call the apple store (indonesia) which i bought this imac 27" from. got transfered 4 times and i had to explain it to them all over. in the end i got to speak to the technician and i asked whether i can get a replacement and they don't think it's the correct solution and leave me hanging here.
    the apple store is listed as an apple authorized service provider (AASP) or apple authorized distributor (AAD):
    iBox by Padang Digital Indonesia - Apple Authorised Service Provider
    Puri Imperium Office Plaza, (Belakang Menara Imperium)
    Jl. Kuningan Madya Kav. 5-6, Jakarta
    Tel: 62 21 8370-iBox (4269); 830 6763
    Fax: 62 21 830 6730
    Email: [email protected]
    i called the apple support on the (0018 03061 2009 for indonesia) today wednesday 19 may 2010, time 1:12pm indonesia local time (GMT +7) i didn't get the guy's name but i can tell he's Indian from the accent, i told him what the problem is, he told me to wait, i waited for 10 minutes and he hung up on me at 1:24pm. please check on the record, because i was told the whole conversation was recorded.
    so, let's go to the problem:
    i can't share my internet with airport built-in in my imac 27".
    I'm using ZTE usb hsdpa modem connected to the imac. (fyi, my friend is using the same exact modem and internet provider and don't have any problems with internet sharing using his macbook)
    i tried to share the internet through the airport express simply with these steps:
    1. open the system preferences, internet sharing,
    2. connection with "ZTE usb modem", and the box next to "Airport" is ticked
    3. turn on the internet sharing
    4. press start
    5. yes the firewall is off.
    and these are what i'm having right now:
    1. the airport symbol wont turn into an arrow
    2. when i open the network preferences, it says: AirPort is turned on but is not connected to a network. (color is orange not green)
    3. i searched the wireless network with my ipod touch and i found nothing
    4. if i try to "create a network" here's what it says "There was an error creating your computer-to-computer network."
    5. this are the details on the airport card:
    Software Versions:
    Menu Extra: 6.2 (620.24)
    configd plug-in: 6.2 (620.15.1)
    System Profiler: 6.0 (600.9)
    Network Preference: 6.2 (620.24)
    AirPort Utility: 5.5.1 (551.19)
    IO80211 Family: 3.1 (310.6)
    Card Type: AirPort Extreme (0x168C, 0x8F)
    Firmware Version: Atheros 9280:
    Locale: RoW
    Country Code:
    Supported PHY Modes: 802.11 a/b/g/n
    Supported Channels: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 36, 40, 44, 48, 52, 56, 60, 64, 100, 104, 108, 112, 116, 120, 124, 128, 132, 136, 140, 149, 153, 157, 161, 165
    Wake On Wireless: Supported
    Status: Not Associated
    and yes, i've updated all the airport software and i stick on the 10.6.2 os.
    It seems like people who has this latest imac 27" also having problems with the airport express. and they somehow got a replacement. 80828
    so, i really really appreciate if i can get help here.
    many thanks and best regards,

    If you have anything configured in System Preferences/Network/Airport then you have conflicts configured into the network. I suggest that you start from the beginning. Do not assume anything. Do not take any short cuts. Start fresh.
    Go to Sys Prefs/Sharing turn off Internet Sharing. Go to Sys Prefs/Network, highlight AirPort and press the - symbol below to remove the AirPort interface. Now press the + symbol and create a new AirPort Interface. In the new AirPort interface do not turn on AirPort. You should only select the box to show AirPort Status in the menu bar. Now press Apply.
    Go to Sys Prefs/Sharing and follow the steps 1 through 11 in my first post.
    In step 11 Sys Prefs should ask you to turn on AirPort. Turn it on. It should next ask you to start Internet Sharing. Start Internet Sharing.
    The AirPort Status in the menu bar should show AirPort is on and have an arrow pointing up. In the AirPort Status dropdown menu it should show AirPort is ON, Internet Sharing is ON and it should show the name of the Internet Sharing network that you created.

  • Discovery System: Problems with exposing RFC as web service

    We have a version 2 discovery system and have successfully implemented the three exercises from the TechEd workshop (Sales Order Distribution, Creating a PO Store Record WS, Adding a New Step to the Procurement Scenario with SAP CAF GP). It seems to work fine except for two issues with the RFC/WS:
    1) The RFC, and therefore the WS, always returns an empty string instead of the 'X' that the documentation shows in Step 4.h. We checked the RFC itself and it looks like it has an error with the price field; it always appends a blank to the end of the price string and then errors.
    2) The created web service does not show up on the Web Services Navigator page. Since the instructions tell you to save the URL to the WSDL, we can find the web service and test it, but you cannot find it on the Navigator page.
    Neither of these problems are huge, but they make me worry that something is not quite right in the Discovery System and we may end up with larger problems later. Any ideas what could cause these two problems, and how to fix them?
    Thanks, Eric
    Message was edited by:
            ERIC HAMER

    Hi Eric,
    First of all let me assure you that your system is perfectly fine and both topics that you have raised are the way the system is suppose to respond.
    1. The reason that the service is returning a null is because you are entering the same input parameters more than once. Since some of the parameters are used as primary key's in the database, you will need to change them in order to successfully store the data.
    2. The reason that you don't see the service in the Navigator page is because this service resides in the ERP and not in WebAS. Only services deployed on the WebAS will appear in the Web Service Navigator page.

  • Problem with printing files created by tcpdf class

    I have problem with printing pdf files created with tcpdf php class which contain embedded fonts
    Could someone try to print that example file at his Reader (printing to file .ps will be fine).
    I'm trying to determinate if problem is in my system (Ubuntu 8,04) in Reader or in class.
    Thanks in advance

    No problem with Adobe Reader 8 or 9 .

  • Problem with PDF files created by Indesign

    PDF files created by Adobe Indesign come up as blank pages whereas PDF files created by Mac OS X or Apple's Pages display OK. Is there a difference in the way PDF files are created?

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    Thanks, Karin

    No problem with Adobe Reader 8 or 9 .

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    And then each one will create a resource but i just want one resource with the childs.
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    I had a similar problem. In a post-process handler I was managing the user membership in specific roles through the removeMemberUser and the addMemberUser of the tcGroupOperationsIntf class.
    The last parameter of this method was a boolean which, when true, would automatically trigger the access policies programmatically in the post-process.
    The problem is that there also is an OOTB event handler for triggering access policies, so I was basically triggering the access policies twice and duplicated resources were appearing.
    Hope this helps.

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