Problems in syncing ibooks to iphone

hi, I have an iphone 3gs i have some ibooks from uni (with .ibook extension) i can add these books to itunes library but when i try to sync my ibooks it would not show anything to sync! has anyone faced this problem before? or is there a solution for this?
Thanks for all the help

iBook extension runs only on iPad.

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  • Sync problem, cannot sync apps to iPhone from iTunes. i did it before. but now it just take backup.

    sync problem, cannot sync apps to iPhone from iTunes. i did it before. but now it just take backup. anyone plz help...

    Connect & select iPhone in iTunes Sudebar (iTunes > View > Show Sidebar), in Music tap (right pane top), select Sync Music and the music you want on iPhone then click Apply button (bottom right).

  • I have problems with sync ibooks from iTunes to my iPad since i update to ios7

    i have problems with sync ibooks from iTunes to my iPad since i update to ios7

    first you plug your device into your computer, then you select the name of your device on the left side of itunes. then you select 'apps' from the top center of the itunes window, and you check the apps that you want to go from the computer to the device
    once you've done that, you press the 'apply' button in the lower right corner
    this will be the same for anything you want to go from the computer to the device
    you'll select the appropriate tab at the top, then only check information you want to go from the computer the device and then hit 'apply'

  • TIP FOR SYNC IBOOKS WITH IPHONE (4 AT LEAST but assuming for others too)

    having trouble sync your ibooks with ya iphone well here what i did and it seems to have worked
    plugged in my iphone 4 into my computer allowed it to sync as normal then go into ibooks tab then de-sync all books msg will appear u will lose all books on iphone do u wish to contintue select yes then await a few mins to allow it to finish
    then disconnect device from PC laptop whatever,
    shut down itunes relaunch it then re plug your phone in and re-sync with sync ibooks as normal
    depending on amount of books u wish to sync they will SLOWLY appear in your iphone
    (ive got 208 ibooks it taken it almost 20 mins to do that but my ibooks is yet again filling up with books ive bought (about time))
    important dont assume it has sync
    you can also drag the book icon from your itunes lib into the phone but that not 100% garenteed to work as ive found out (20 odd times with ONE book)
    i hope that helps now to go off and read that third and final book in the series
    sync checked
    tea and snacks check
    feet up check
    " it started as a ..... "

    I don't even care at this point. I just need the phone! I'm on a black/crapberry due to selling my 3g. I was really wanting the white, but quite honestly, now I just want a phone, any color...doesn't matter. With all of the drama going on at my BB where I can't even speak the mobile manager as she is "overwhelmed" anything at this point, referring to the phone in my hands is good news for me.
    I do hope however that those of you that want the coveted white do get it. After all of this drama, they should make a movie...

  • Problems with sync itunes to iphone

    I've been working on this for the last 3 hours: the goal is to copy my existing music library from my itunes to my new 4G iphone-32gb.
    I also got a new laptop & have been trying to copy my music library from my old desktop to my new laptop since they are not networked, I copied my files using an external drive. I was able to do it! I can see all my songs in my laptop.
    Now the problem is trying to sync my music (17gb of songs/files) to my iphone. I am only able to upload 59 songs. When I try to do it 'manually', it only duplicates the same songs. I am not able to drag & copy the all the songs to the iphone folder. Some playlist made it to the iphone, some did not, and the music library folder containing all the songs did not make the cut. It's driving me crazy!
    Can someone please help me?? Thanks a bunch if you can.

    I have been having a similar problem. I recently transferred all my data from old to new laptop and am trying to sync my various devices. My ipod nano was no problem, although it essentially deleted everything and then restored the new settings from my new laptop. however, when attemping to sync up my iPhone 4 I have been experiencing a lot of technical difficulty. My old iphone (which my son uses as an ipod touch) will not allow me to sync apps anymore. When managing the sync options I cannot even click the box to allow for sync apps. My new iphone 4 froze several times during initial sync to the new computer forcing itunes to close. Then when it finally does sync it takes about 30 minutes and a microsoft exchange server box keeps popping up stating that my account is not on file. Please help!

  • Error while merging data problem while syncing calendars to iPhone

    My iTunes just recently updated itself to iTunes 12, I'm using OS X Mavericks on a Macbook Pro, and have an iPhone 5S with iOS 8.1.1.
    Whenever I try to sync my calendars from my laptop onto my phone, I get a message saying "iTunes cannot sync calendars to iPhone because an error occurred while merging data".  I'm not sure if it's an issue with iTunes or my phone...but everything else syncs normally.
    If anyone could help it would be greatly appreciated!!

    hi there,
    i've found a great & simple solution for this problem
    just open your iCloud acc on iPhone
    turn off calendars (it wil ask you to keep info or not - KEEP IT!)
    and turn back on (MERGE!)
    now SYNC it..
    and that's it
    PS in my case it was contacts so the procedure is the same..

  • Problem while syncing photo to iPhone and iPad. ITunes 10.3.1 mac

    It never happened before but just happened today with iTune 10.3.1 mac.  I am using it on 10.6.8.
    Between last time and now, I did update some mac 10.6.8. and today some java for mac os.  After syncing photo to iPad today, I noticed some photos are incomplete.  Half of the photo is white.  Some with complete photo but incomplete thumbnail. It happened to 30-40 photos out of 1200+.  I deleted ipod photo cache and resync the photo but it happened mostly to the same photos that had problem with slight variations.  I tried the same with my iPhone and had the same problem.  I tried 3-4 times and the problems remained.  So I can only suspect that something went wrong while iTune optimizes photos.
    The only way to solve this for now is to remove the problematic photos and resync them one photo at a time.  Anyone noticed similar problem please give me some advice.

    I have the same issue and tried all of the following without success (hoping to save others the hassle):
    Rebooted phone
    Restored phone and imported backup
    Restored phone with no backup and imported photos
    Moved photo folder elsewhere on machine and tried to sync it
    Tried variety of folders with different images from different devices
    Restarted Mac
    Repaired permissions on mac
    Ran Disk Utility and repaired hard drive, found a few issues
    Deleted iTunes Cache
    Deleted iTunes related plists
    Deleted iPod cache each time
    Ran TouchCopy and deleted the photo plists forcing the phone to rebuild the database
    Turned syncing of photos off and on again
    Ran all weekly/monthly cron jobs
    New iphone 4 at Apple Store still repro'd
    And so on . . .
    Other notes:
    Synced to iPod Touch I have and the same photos synced just fine
    Restored phone as new and synced on another computer the same folder of photos that I copied over to it and it worked, but it is my husbands computer that I don't keep my photos on/use for syncing normally
    Imported the same folder to iPhoto without copying the photos and it works, but I don't want to use iPhoto so not an option for me. Or using a different computer also worked, but not an option.
    I went to the genius bar as well after trying all of the above and they had no idea and had not seen this. It appears to be more of a computerissue than an iphone 4 issue though. I say this since putting the same files on another computer (my husbands) synced fine to the phone. They replaced my iphone 4 and the issue STILL repro'd with nothing else on the phone with my computer.
    MacBook Pro purchased December 2010, 10.6.8, latest software updates installed, iPhone 4 latest updates installed
    Still troublehooting

  • Can not sync iBooks via iPhone 4S to iPad or iPad to iPhone 4s

    Since I updated to the new phone and software iBooks will not sync bookmarks nor book collections between any of my devices [iPad, iPhone 4S]. I have tried reinstalling the software and also playing will all settings on devices.  Does anyone have a solution or is this a iCloud issue.

    GUYS...! I think i finally found the ANSWER..!
    Here's what i did. I first delted my iCloud accound and when promted to keep my icloud stuff on the phonei chose to delete them. NO BIG DEAL..! I'll get them back when i sign in woth that same account again. Which i did. But heres the tricky part..! Yu have to make sure that your iCloud acou t maches the account you have on the appstore or itunes. To do this, you go to: settings / store. And make sure the accounts are the same. It does not makw a difference iftheboom you're readind was. Ot purhase with the currently signed in account. Then you go to iBook (which needs to be closed at the time..! Not minimized) and open ibook. Then open the book you want to read and sync.
    At that point what i got was a pop up alert askin if whether or not i wanted to sync he book or not. I selected yes. Then (for the forst time) i get another message telling me that this book has been synced to another user (which the old user that was on my phone before i changed all other users to be just one user.
    The message simply asked me wich user did i want to sync my book with and of courze i xhose the user on the iPhone and the iPad loved this approach also.

  • Problems with Syncing Apps on iPhone 4s

    Since I migrated to iPhone4S, I am having problems with my syncing of Apps. All the new Apps I buy, do not get automatically transferred to my iPhone. Further, I am also not able to go to the APPS section of iTunes and change any configuration since complete page is greyed out and I am not able to access it. Does anyone out there a suitable solution for this issue? Would appreciate if someone can help me with this problem. 

    I have a Black 4S and it has the exact same problem - using flash means pictures in fog - totally unusable. Like you, I removed the case, checked the lens, everything. I have no idea why this happens but it makes flash photograph totally useless. I think I will see if Apple would care to make good a guarantee on it's apparently defective phone camera.

  • Is anyone having problems with syncing photos with iPhone 5 and the recent iPhoto update?

    My iPhone 5 has been fine for most of the week, but recently I updated my iPhoto on my iMac.  Now when I sync my phone with my computer I get an error message.  I restarted computer and phone and then restored the software on the iPhone and problem persisted.  I then unchecked syncing photos to my phone and the sync worked.
    Now I do not have the ability to sync selected photo albums with my iPhone.  Believe this problem occured right when I updated iPhoto. 
    Is anyone else having this problem?

    I am having the same issue. My iPhone 5 is on Verizon and my daughters iPhone 5 is on Sprint. Cannot do anything.

  • I have problem with sync itunes for iphone 4s run on ios7

    my problem is displayed in pictures. I can't sync any songs, apps, books ...

    Apple has not updated the desktop versions of the iWork apps to use iCloud. Until they do you have to use in a web browser or iTunes to sync files. You could also try e-mail or DropBox.
    I've gone back to saving this as a text clipping on my desktop to drag & drop into replies several times a day.

  • Syncing ibooks onto iphone 4

    Has anyone downloaded books on their ipad but they don't show up on their iphone 4 after syncing? I asked the genius bar and they couldn't give me a suitable answer.

    If you downloaded the book directly to the iPad, it won't appear on your iPhone until you sync the iPad to iTunes (if you're not synching automatically, you'll need to use the Transfer Purchases from iPad command) so that the book is then in iTunes, and then sync the book to your iPhone.
    Does that help? If not, please explain further your process and situation.
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  • Problem to Sync Calendar in iPhone to Outlook

    I have an issue with syncing iPhone calendar to Outlook calendar since I upgraded to iOS7.
    I have noticed since the upgrade, entries that I made into iPhone calendar will since to Outlook calendar but any subsequent changes of the entry that I made into the Outlook calendar will not sync back into my iPhone.
    I didn't have these issue with the iOS5. I am using iPhone 4 and Microsoft Office Outlook 2007.
    Can someone please help me? Any ideas?

    Outlook 2002 is not officially supported by Apple for iPhone syncing.
    Only 2003 SP2 and 2007.
    There are threads here with workarounds if you search. No promise they will work for you, however.

  • Hi, I am experiencing problems to sync my ipad, iphone with iphoto, shows a message of error 1140, how I can solve it?

    Error 1140

    Download and install the iPhoto 9.4.1 update, which was just released today. It may be the answer to your problems:
    Be sure that neither iTunes nor iPhoto is running when you install the iPhoto 9.4.1 update. After installing the update, then restart iTunes and iPhoto. By default, "All photos" is selected. Change this (it's no longer grayed out) to "Selected albums..." and you should be OK.

  • Anyone else having problems in syncing their iphone 5 i.e copying films to their c drives??

    Is anyone else having problems in syncing their new iphone 5? I seem to be having problems in transferring/copying films to my computer & i keep getting a message to say that the copying has failed because the device cannot be found?! I have been trying for three days now to get this transferred over and it seems to keep wiping music from my phone too? Can anyone suggest a solution please?

    Did you restore from backup, or as a new device?  Restoring from backup just restores the same corrupt software back to the phone.  Restore as a new device and don't use any backup at all.

Maybe you are looking for