Putting a solid state drive in my MBP

I have a MPB which is about two years old. After my bro made me super jealous by getting a 17 " solid state drive brand-nu MBP (with a matte screen! - he's a photographer) I'm wanting to upgrade, too. His is real bad-***. But I just don't have the dough for a brand-new set up
Is it possible to add one of those solid state drive bad boys to a two year old machine?
beside the cost of the drive, will Apple just put it in for me, and how much does that cost?

Yes, you can put one in your computer. No, Apple will not do it for you. You can do it yourself. Visit OWC both for drives and tutorials.

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  • Can i put a solid state drive in my hdx16

    Has anyone tried to put a solid state drive in a HP HDX16 and, if so, what problems, if any, did you encounter?  Thanks.

    Like any laptop, you can replace existing HDD with a SSD. Please check the following guide:
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  • I have a 2008 13" Mac Book and want to put a solid state drive in it

    I installed Lion firdt and then Clones my hard drive to the solid state drive but it has issues.
    I tried to do a clesn install on the solid state drive but the install will not complete

    The macbook originally came with OSX Leopard, which I upgradedto Snow Leopard.
    I then increase the Ram to the full 4Gig and then upgraded the OS to LIon OS 10.7.5
    I decided to swap the original hard drive with a Kingston SSDNow 100V+.
    I used Carbon Clone to clone the original Hard drive and swapped the drives.
    The issue I am having is that the sytem freezes and I get the pinwheel and have to push the power button to shutdown. The sytems restarsts but I never know when I will get the pinwheel.
    I have taken the SSD out and put the original drive back in.
    I did try to do a clean install onto the SSD by reformaytting the SSD but at the end of the install the installer loops back to the beginning, or I get the pin wheel again.
    Is it possible that the Kingston Drive is not compattible?
    Thanks for the help.

  • I have a iMac intel 2.4 GHz core 2 duo maxed out at 4 Gigs of memory. I wondering if it would be worthwhile for me to put a solid state drive in in place of the optical drive in order to squeeze a little more speed out of this thing.

    I saw a description of using a solid state drive for the system and certain other programs in order to create a snappier response. My iMac certainly seems to drag at times and the drives don't look prohibitively expensive anymore. The article was about macbook pros, so I don't know if the iMac is as good an example. Anyhow, any thoughts?

    IMO, SSDs are too expensive, too small, and adding one to an iMac isn't a trivial undertaking.
    As for improving performance, more RAM is better.
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  • Sandisk Solid State Drive Extreme on MBP 13" 2012

    I recently replaced a Samsung 830 120gb  with a Sandisk Extreme 240 gb drive. I am wondering why I have a significant decrease in battery life. On a Samsung 830 I was able to get 6 hours of battery life, and if not 7. On the Sandisk Extreme however, the battery life decreased to roughly 5 hours of battery life or less. I reinstalled the exact same applications on my Sandisk as on the Samsung. On Newegg it advertises Samsung with 0.12 W (active) and Sandisk with 0.6 W (active). Is there a signifcance in the change in my battery life because of that? Can someone give me insight in this? I need to improve my battery life.
    Thank You!


  • I have a 13" mac book pro with a 250 gb solid state drive and I would like to put in a larger one is this possible

    I own a Mac book Pro 13" it has a 250 gb solid state drive and I would like to put a larger one in is this possible.

    You don't need to partition your drive to run Fusion, only if you want to run Bootcamp.
    If you have space on your Windows partition, I would suggest you backup your Windows partition, and then, delete the partition using Disk Utility.
    You can now restore your virtual machine to a single volume or repartition if you prefer.
    I would consider upgrading to a unibody MBP (used, refurbished will do) just to be able to access the HD. Opening the pre-unibody MBP is not something you would want to do.

  • MBP with solid state drive blank screen at start up

    I plugged in a USB 3 drive last night, the cursor changed shape into a blurring rectangle about 3 cursors wide that looked like a slot machine and wouldn't do anything else. I shut the lid, opened up and same. Shut it down and it won't get past a blank screen. It won't go into target mode.
    MDP 13 inch with retina display Solid state drive. Help?

    I took the non optical drive MBP into Genius Bar at Apple Bridgewater, NJ. The guy was very well trained in how to make a logic board crash seem normal. It was applaudable. Seriously. Really good service. "Mind if I plug this into our system?", "Hmm, Let me try this drive" "Well, it did get on our system, let me run this diagnostic". "Look, your hard drive is there, that's a good sign".
    Me "Yes, but what is that red check mark next to power + - 5 volts?"
    Him, "Yes, do mind if I take this in the back and look inside?"
    Me, "Sure".
    On his return," So the inside looks very clean, no problems there but this looks like it  might be something that we would like to send to our repair facility in Tennessee. You see, if we put in one part and it doesn't fix it, we'd have to wait for another one. So we like to send these to a place that has all of the parts"
    I got it back in 4 days. New logic board, new SSD. Ah, the joys.
    Thanks for the responses, especially the SMC info and the PRAM reminder.

  • I just put a solid state hard drive in my mac book pro and used super duper to copy the hard drive and move the data over to thew new ssd, but most of my music isn't in iTunes when I turned it on? How do I get my music to show up in my new drive?

    I just put a solid state hard drive in my mac book pro and used super duper to copy the hard drive and move the data over to thew new ssd, but most of my music isn't in iTunes when I turned it on? How do I get my music to show up in my new drive?

    Many thanks lllaass,
    The Touch Copy third party software for PC's is the way to go it seems and although the demo is free, if you have over 100 songs then it costs £15 to buy the software which seems not a lot to pay for peace of mind. and restoring your iTunes library back to how it was.
    http://www.wideanglesoftware.com/touchcopy/index.php?gclid=CODH8dK46bsCFUbKtAod8 VcAQg

  • MBP Retina with "Flash" Drive vs "Solid-State" Drive

    The MBP-R is described as having a "Flash" drive, while the MBP has an upgrade option called a "Solid-Sate" drive.  I assumed it was the same thing but the pricing suggests they are different:
    1) The 512 Gb "solid-state" drive is a $900 upgrade option on the MBP, whereas
      2) For a price difference of only $600 you get the 512 Gb "flash" drive on the MBP-R, PLUS the Retina display etc.
    Does anyone know what the difference is?

    You can research the difference between the two at Wikipedia.
    I can tell you this, either can't secure erase or be replaced in MBP-R as in earlier models of MBP's. Sure one can enable Filevault 2 when one first starts using them, however if the password is cracked, bypassed or given in order to fix the machine, all past data (even deleted) is availalbe for anyone to review, just like a iPhone or iPad.
    I wouldn't be surprised devices like this soon will be also supporting these new computers.
    Cellebrite's new generation mobile forensic solution, UFED Touch Ultimate, enables the most technologically advanced extraction, decoding, analysis and reporting of mobile data. It performs physical, logical, file system and password extraction of all data (even if deleted) from the widest range of devices including legacy and feature phones, smartphones, portable GPS devices and handheld tablets.
    http://www.cellebrite.com/mobile-forensics-products/forensics-products/ufed-touc h-ultimate.html

  • Can I put a SATA 3 Solid State Drive in my Compaq Presario CQ57-447SI?

    I would like to upgrade my Compaq Presario CQ57-447SI and replace the hard drive with a solid state drive.  I'm considering the OCZ-Vertex-4 2.5 inch SATA 3 Solid State Drive (128GB) but I'm not sure if this will be compatible with my notebook?

    If a SATA II drive is a lot less, then probably yes.
    Notebook specs are very sketchy. 
    The chipset may be capable of SATA III transfer speeds, but HP may not have SATA III controllers on the motherboard.
    As you can see from the specs at the link above, the chipset has 2 SATA III ports and 6 SATA II ports.
    You would think that HP would hook up the primary SATA AHCI controller to one of the 2 SATA III ports, but that may not be the case.
    That is the best I can do for you since I don't have your notebook and cannot confirm the speed the drive runs at.
    So, if there is not much of a difference in price, I would take a gamble on the SATA III SSD.

  • Upgrade my Macbook Pro 17" with solid state drive and RAM?

    My MBP is a 17" mid-2009, 2.8 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, Memory  4 GB 1067 MHz DDR3, Graphics  NVIDIA GeForce 9600M GT 512 MB.
    I am an architecture student. I use 3D modeling programs like SketchUp, Revit, AutoCad, etc. According to these software websites, my MBP is sufficient. However, when I'm running these programs, I get the apple "beach ball" a LOT, along with a lot of lagging even when I'm working on simple models. After doing some research, it appears that upgrading my RAM to 8GB (my model's max capability) and buying a solid state drive would help my MBP run much faster and much cooler.
    My questions:
    1. What brand and exact product #/link to this (if possible) of RAM (2 x 4GB sticks) and SSD should I purchase?
    2. Which SSD GB option should I purchase? I chatted with OWC online and was given this variety of SSDs.
    http://eshop.macsales.com/shop/internal_storage/SSD/Mercury_Electra_3G_Solid_Sta te
    3. I was also given this product bundle recommendation. It's cheaper than buying everything individually, but I'm not sure if I need the tools and I don't understand the purpose/advantage of having the "OWC Express Silver Enclosure".
    I just want my MBP to run as fast as possible while running my modeling software w/o spending an arm and a leg if possible. But I don't know if it's worth the trouble and expense to upgrade my current MBP, which I love, or just getting a new MBP or Mac desktop. And if I should just get another Mac, I don't know which one I should get.
    Another thing I have seen is the Mac Mini. Is it possible to plug this or any other external device to my MBP in order to accomplish my performance goals without having to modify my MBP or buy another Mac?
    This is the first time I've posted any help questions to the Apple Support Community. I really appreciate any advise you Mac experts can give me. I called one of the Apple Stores, but I was definitely not satisfied with the inexperienced rep's answers.

    1. OWC or Crucial are recommended sources for memory. You can usually find a 5% off and free shipping code for Crucial on retailmenot.com. On crucial just key in your system information in their memory selector.
    2. Your system likely supports SATA II speeds, so the SSD OWC pointed to would work. I installed one in our 2010 mac mini and it's working well. I originally installed their 6G drive however it ran at SATA I speeds. Turns out the 3G which is specd for SATA II is what was needed and works fine.
    3. The OWC package they recommended includes a case to put your existing hard drive in. That helps to be able to transfer your data back to the SSD then you can use it as a backup drive or as an external storage device.

  • I have an internal 256 Solid State Drive on my MacBook Pro. Can I upgrade it to a larger solid state drive? If so, how?

    I am trying to free up space on my solid state drive on my MacBook Pro, but am not having much luck. I have come to the point where I am asking myself, "is it possible to upgrade to a larger internal drive?" Please help. I appreciate the feedback.

    Yes you can upgrade it. Unless your MBP is one of the new Retina display models. Is it one of the new models with the Retina display?
    If not it is the same as changing a regular hard drive. you buy a new bigger SSD. Take the bottom off, aboput 8 screws. Take the part that holds the SSD drive inplace. Remove the cable connector. Remove the 4 mounting screws on the side of the original SSD and istall them on the new SSD Re-Connect the cable. Slide the drive into the drive area. Replace the hold down part. Then put the bottom back on.
    Then connect the original SSD to the compuiter with a SATA to USB adapter. Boot the system and hold down the Option key. At the screen that come up select the USB attached SSD and boot the system from it. Open Disk utility and Partition the new drive as 1 partition, format it Mac Extended (Journaled) giving the partition the name of Macintosh HD (or any name you like). Once that is done exit out of disk utility and get a copy of Carbon Copy Cloner or SuperDuper then install that. Run it and clone from the USB attached SSD to the SSD you just installed inside your system. Once that is done shut the system down, disconnect the USB attached SSD and then power on the system. It should now boot to the internal SSD you install. To nbe on the safe side go into System Preferences, Startup Disk and make sure the internal SSD is selected. You are done.

  • Solid State Drive For Macbook Pro mid 2012

    Hi Apple Users,
    I would really appreciate some advice, a link would be great too.
    I am using a mid 2012 macbook pro with 16gb ram. After trouble here and there, slowing down here and there to the point I'm about to crack - solution = Solid State Drive.
    I use a variation of 2D & 3D Programs to design with which include photoshop, maya, modo and Mari. My laptop just can't cut it most of the time and I need whatever I can so I can get jobs done without any lag, freezing or spinning ball while my laptop tries to catch up.
    I have browsed around for A solid State drive but what I found is confusing or at least I get somewhat lost in my search of plug and play. My built in hard Drive of 500gb has 350gb spare so going for a 250gb SSD seems the sensible option as I use my external HD to store my files, music etc.
    I don't want to open my macbook and fiddle too much so any suggestions which are near enough 'plug and play' would be great. I am aware I will have to take the casing from my macbook but I want an SSD that -
    - Fits straight into my macbook pro from out of the box
    - I can use my time machine backup to put onto my new SSD without trouble and Can continue getting my design work done.
    Budget wise I don't want to spend over £250 and that reminds me I would like to purchase from A uk website or retailer.
    Please Point me in the right direction of what SSD to buy.
    Really Appreciate your advice.

    Any SSD with a SATA formfactor of 2.5" diameter and a thickness of 9.5 mm will be compatible with your MBP.  Another possibility you might explore is OWC.
    http://eshop.macsales.com/shop/internal_storage/SSD/Mercury_Electra_3G_Solid_Sta te
    You may also may find this informative:
    SSDs are indeed expensive, but is is not my place, nor anyone else's, to tell you how to spend your money.  To dismiss your query by expressing personal bias is a disservice to you and the purpose of these forums.
    I have installed in my MBP a Seagate SSHD (hybrid), 1 TB in capacity.  The cost is a very modest premium compared to a conventional HDD.  Boot and shutdown times are dramatically faster than before but it will not give the same performance as a SSD in processing resource intensive applications.  This is simply to give you an additional alternative to consider.

  • Solid-state drive – new MacBook Pro 17 inch

    Can anyone tell me about the specs of 512 GB solid-state drive in the new 17 inch MacBook Pro – manufacturer, read/write speeds, etc.?
    Unfortunately, Apple never publishes such component information.

    Samplex wrote:
    They only thing is if you put in your own SSD disk of OWC, OCZ, Crucial, etc the hibernation doesnt work anymore and sometimes sleep mode gives problems to.
    I have an Early 2011 13" MBP with an OCZ Vertex 2 180GB SSD in the optical drive bay and 1TB WD Scorpio Blue in the HD bay.
    The most recent firmware revision (1.32) for the Vertex drives seems to solve all of the hibernation issues. The computer sleeps and wakes properly with pmset hibernation 0, 1, 3, and 25.
    My machine, however, still has 100% repeatable issues related to waking from an inactivity sleep (i.e. not user-induced), detailed here:
    http://www.ocztechnologyforum.com/forum/showthread.php?86538-Hibernation-works-b ut-wake-from-auto-timer-sleep-problem-still-present-in-1.32
    Not as critical a problem as others, but still an annoyance when I leave the machine unattended.

  • Can I migrate my data from a regular hard drive to a solid state drive using only a Time Machine backup from an external hard drive?

    I just bought a Samsung 830 256GB solid state drive which I will use to replace my 15-inch, 2.53 GHz, Mid 2009 MacBook Pro's stock hard drive. I also keep an external hard drive in which I keep my regular Time Machine backups via FireWire. Would I be able to migrate all my data from it after putting in the solid state drive? I prefer not to use any third-party applications and I do not plan on replacing the SuperDrive with the hard drive that I'm going to remove from my laptop.

    chinodelarosa wrote:
    Would I be able to migrate all my data from it after putting in the solid state drive?

Maybe you are looking for

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