Quiz freezing up (Captivate 6)

I am having a quiz freezing up on me in Captivate 6.  I have cleared the cache and still it freezes up.  It freezes on random slides.   I am only previewing the quiz in the web browser and have not published it to the LMS.  I have another project that works fine.
Thank you,

Thank you for the response.  When I am previewing the quiz (F12), it will allow me to take the quiz but it will freeze in random places.  This quiz has 30 random question slides from a pool of 51 questions.  At the end of the quiz I have a retake button and review quiz.  Please let me know if you think I should recreate this quiz.
Thank you for your blog, it has helped me a lot.
Thank you,
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  • Quiz Freezes in Captivate 4

    I'm running into an issue with Captivate 4.  I created a 20 question quiz which uses the question pool to randomly sort the order.  When I either preview it or publish the quiz, as I run through the quiz, it freezes.
    What happens is, after I select the submit button, it gives me the feedback caption.  When I click anywhere to continue, the caption disappears then the slide freezes.  It doesn't proceed to the next question.  Also, it's not consistent, each time I run the quiz it freezes at different points.
    When I take these questions out of the pool, the quiz runs fine.
    Any ideas?

    I have done a couple of things to get it working like I have separated all of the different quiz type questions into separate pools and pull random questions from each pool. I have also stopped using the multiple choice slides with single correct answer only (this was from David) although I feel it defeats the usability of the quiz module in Captivate if you cant use all of the different types. But for this one I just need to get it out.
    I will have to go back and do some testing with other types later to see if it is just that one type causing the issues or if it was the fact I had them all in one pool instead of splitting them up into different ones.
    I did received feed back from Adobe and they just said "Most likely cause is a corrupted file" rebuild the file. since half of the people in my test group did not have issues and some did I don't believe the file was corrupted.

  • Preview/Publish Fail & Freeze in Captivate 5

    I'm experiencing freezing & "publish failed" messages when I attempt to preview or publish my project.  My project contains 1 slide with a text caption and 40 slides recorded as a demo with no audio.  I've attempted:
    clearing the cache
    reducing the project size
    copying recorded slides to a blank presentation
    installing the latest Captivate 5 update
    I have many other similar projects without this problem. Nothing seems to be working!

    I had a similar problem when I tried to publish a project in Captivate 5 that I had first created in Captivate 3.  This problem did not happen with every  3 --> 5 conversion, only in some projects.  Very mysterious.
    For me, I noticed that it ALWAYS froze during each Publish attempt at EXACLTY the same spot around 41%, so that caused me to become suspicious:  What was around 41% of the way through my slideshow that was unique/different/unusual?
    Finally I realized that there was a slide part way through the project in which I had used a quiz feature in Captivate 3 that was not available in Captivate 5,  So, when I deleted that slide and re-did it in Captivate 5, the publish worked fine.
    Just thought I would throw this in for consideration in case:
    your project was actually created in Captivate 3 first and now you are publishing in 5.
    if your project freezes at exactly the same spot during each publish,  you can investigate slides around that area to determine if there is anything unique/different/unusual

  • Problem with Quiz created in Captivate 4 imported to Captivate 5

    Good day,
    I finally got upgraded to the eLearning Suite so I am now using Captivate 5.  I have a course that has a quiz built in Captivate 4.  It is designed that if the user scores less than 80%, they are returned to the start of the quiz. If they pass, it is supposed to jump them to the "completion" screen" I have created.  However, since I imported this into Captivate 5 and I view the quiz, on the first fail, it takes me back to the beginning of the quiz on my first try.  However, on the second try if I fail it again, it just goes to a white screen.  I have changed the "On Fail" settings to 999 and indefinite.  Neither seem to have an impact.  Not sure what else I could try.
    The thought of rebuilding the quiz makes me wish we had more than three stories in this building!
    Here is a link to my captivate 5 file. http://coventry.mzinga.com/content/ss/TestSCORMFiles//Enhanced_Authorization_Integration/w orkers_comp_just_the_quiz.cptx 
    Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

    Hi Eric
    While it may make you feel like you have accomplished something by asking if Adobe has updates, what you have done is the equivalent of walking into   the waiting area of the service department of a car dealership and asking aloud if there are any updates on your vehicle. The other customers are likely the only ones that hear you ask and they just look back at you with puzzled expressions on their faces.
    The thing is, this forum is a bit unusual in that members of the actual Adobe Captivate development team visit here occasionally. But you can't count on that being the case. They do have other work to do.
    Cheers... Rick
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  • Quiz questions in Captivate 7

    I'm fairly new to Captivate, but well-versed with other Adobe products.
    I'm working on quiz questions in Captivate 7, but maybe (hopefully?) I'm doing it all wrong. Outlined below:
    Need questions sprinkled throughout the module, we call them "Check Your Understanding." For now, true/false, multiple choice, etc. Will eventually include rollovers, etc.
    Currently, I have a multiple choice question. Slide begins with a header caption created with two shapes and a text caption with "Check Your Understanding." Would like that entire group to fly in from the left for seven seconds. When I preview the slide, half of the group is visible, but unmoving unless I hit Play. I thought it should play automatically?
    Second, when the question is submitted, even if the question is wrong, it just advances to the next slide. I need to require a correct answer before moving on OR the correct answer to show, and maybe a reason why. I can't get any of that to work.
    I don't have a need for the results/review slide to show at the end, but is that inhibiting the result from displaying on the slide itself?
    Thank you!

    Hello and welcome to the forum,
    Is this a default question slide or a custom question slide created using standard objects and advanced actions? If it is a default MCQ be careful not to delete objects that are normally available on the master slide for that question, you can make them invisible but deleting (with the exception of some buttons) could lead to weird results. You are using an effect I suppose for the group? Look at the timeline (or better post a screenshot of the timeline): for a default question slide there will be a pausing point (used by the two-step process of that question slide: http://blog.lilybiri.com/question-question-slides-in-captivate) and I suspect that this pause is interrupting your fly-in effect.
    Read the blog post about the behavior of question slides please. And it is a good practice not to have the playbar available for question slides. Another intuition tells me that by hitting Play you forced the playhead to pass over the pausing point, in the inactive part of the slide and that is why the playhead continues after submitting.

  • Partial Scoring on Matching Quiz Slide in Captivate 8

    I tried searching for the answer to this question before posting but I only located an answer for Captivate 5.5.  Is it possible to do partial scoring for a matching quiz slide in Captivate 8.  If not, does someone know a workaround?  It would also be helpful to me to know which questions slides allow partial scoring.  I am posting my trainings on an intranet site and not an LMS so I don't have the capability to do partial scoring from the LMS.

    Only one type of question allows partial scoring: MCQ with multiple correct answers.
    Workaround is to create a custom question slide. The score can be stored in a variable, you'll have to collect the variable. Have some blog posts about partial scoring in custom question slides, before it appeared for MCQ in Cp. Here is an example:
    Widgets and Custom Questions - part 2 - Captivate blog
    I once created a custom matching question slide for a client (who never paid), using the D&D interactive widget from InfoSemantics, but that is only for SWF output.  And it had partial scoring.

  • Add buttons to quiz-slide? Captivate 7

    Hi there,
    I am really having a hard time trying to add buttons to a quiz-slide (fill in the blank).
    Is it really true, that there is no work-around? All I need to do, is to use the smart shapes/ image buttons, to link to other slides in the project.
    Thanks, in advance

    Maybe this blog post could help, because it is not always that easy to have
    shape buttons on question/score slides. I encountered several small issues
    and tried to figure out workarounds:
    Post was written for CP6, but nothing really changed in 7.
    2014-09-25 15:41 GMT+02:00 AJIT_M <[email protected]>:
        Add buttons to quiz-slide? Captivate 7  created by AJIT_M
    <https://forums.adobe.com/people/AJIT_M> in Adobe Captivate - View the
    full discussion <https://forums.adobe.com/message/6763021#6763021>

  • Passing your own Flash quiz data to Captivate

    Hi there!
    Can anyone describe how or whether it is possible to pass quiz data from your own imported Flash quiz, to the Captivate environment in which it is housed? Basically I want to make use of Captivates SCORM packager but using data from an embedded Flash file...is this a simple process?

    Hi osbornsm,
    Try out Jim's suggestion above, but if that doesn't work then what's probably happening is the widget is trying to load the languages.xml but can't find it. You'd have to make sure it's placed in the output directory of the published Captivate file to get it to work. Even then, you won't be able to get it to work when previewing the movie.
    Probably a better way to go about this would be to embed the XML file into your widget SWF. That way the widget won't need to load it. Here's how you'd embed it:
        public class load_lang extends StaticWidget
            [Embed("path-to-file/languages.xml", mimeType="application/octet-stream")]
            private var BinaryData:Class;
            override protected function enterRuntime():void
                var byteArray:ByteArray = new BinaryData();
                var myXML:XML = new XML(byteArray.readUTFBytes(byteArray.length));
                 // Continue to code in processXML()

  • Captivate 7 quiz freeze

    I have a 10 question quiz (all questions are mulitple choice from a quiz pool) that freezes up in random locations once it is uploaded to our LMS (Blackboard). I have this problem when I upload it as SCORM 1.2 or 2004.
    I've made several modifications to the quiz based on discussions on this board but the quiz is still "freezing".
    All Random question slide Action for success and last attempt is set to go to the next slide
    All slides are set to .5 seconds and I've pushed the pause as close to the end of each slide timeline possible.
    Report Answers checkbox is checked
    When I leave the play bar available during the quiz you can see that the quiz "runs out" of play bar.
    Quiz preference:
    Completion Critera I have checked Quiz and selected Quiz is Passed. The quiz is set for a passing grade at 90%.
    Check marked Success Critera and selected Quiz is Passed check box.
    The LMS we are currently using is Blackboard Learn 9.1 Service Pack 11, Cumulative Patch 16
    Thank you,

    Did you delete your quiz results slide? I have built custom quiz questions and because I never used an 'official' quiz question, I never got a quiz results slide (which CP automatically adds to the project when you add an 'official' quiz question). What I found was that my quiz would freeze at the strangest times...usually a few slides before the last  question. As soon as I added a dummy 'official' quiz question, then CP added in the quiz results slide and it never froze again. I looked at your screenshot and I couldn't see if you had a quiz results slide or not, so I figured I would ask.
    I think there is some form of strabeness happening with the quiz questions reporting to the quiz result slide. It seems like CP doesn't report to the slide after every question is answered, but rather it fires something off when it thinks it's getting close to the end. If it can't find that slide, then it locks up. At least that's what has happened in the past for me. It would lock up both when I ran the module local on my desktop AND when I ran it through the LMS. As soon as I added a quiz results slide, it never locked up again.
    Oh, and a hint about the special text boxes on quiz slides...If I don't want them to be seen, I move them ALMOST completely off the slide. I will leave one or two pixels on the slide so they will be rendered (x=799 for an 800x600 project) but the actual text or whatever is off the screen and nobody can see them...

  • Captivate 5-Quiz-Freezing

    All of a sudden, Adobe Captivate starts freezing when I tried to delete slides or pictures while I'm working on quizzes. I uninstalled the software and reinstalled it on my laptop but it doesn't seem to help. Can you please let me know how I can solve this problem? Thank you for your time.

    No, you're not looking in the correct path still. Look at this path again carefully:
    C:\Users\Rod\AppData\Local\Adobe\Captivate 5
    This is NOT the My Documents folder, and it's not the Captivate 5 install folder (which would be in Program Files (x86) if you're on a 64 bit system).
    This is the folder inside your user profile where Captivate stores all those Preference settings you make when using the program.
    If you go back and browse to your user profile, you may not be seeing the AppData folder because these folders are hidden in Windows by default.  Search the Windows help files to find out how to Show Hidden Files and Folders.
    Then you should be able to see AppData\Local\Adobe\Captivate 5
    Make sure Captivate is closed down, then delete the Captivate 5 folder at the location shown above, and restart Captivate again.  The folder will be immediately recreated with fresh settings.
    If your issue stems from corrupted preferences, this might fix it.

  • Quiz freeze

    Hi created a quiz using captivate 8, random quiz slides pulling in questions from a pool. I wanted to show the if the question was answered correct or incorrect but without having the user to click or press 'y' so I used a method suggested on this forum whereby I removed the feedback and then show a graphic based on correct or incorrect responses, using slide quiz actions. All works well Except now and again the quiz just freezes and you cant move on. Sometimes it does it randomly and will always do it if you hit submit without answering a question. I saw on some other discussion that the success action and last attempt action should be move to next slide, but I'm using this to show the correct /incorrect graphic. If I use an advanced action to show and move to next slide, it moves too quickly and you don't see the feedback. Any ideas please?

    That is not freezing of the slides, probably you have an inactive portion on the slide that is too long, and the user has to wait. Sometimes replacing 'Continue' as action on Success/Failure by 'Go to Next Slide' can cause problems. An alternative is to drag the pausing point on the timeline closer to the end of the slide (only way, you cannot time it in the Properties panel) and leave the actions to 'Continue'.
    More info on this tweaking working flow: Question Question Slides in Captivate - Captivate blog

  • Quiz in Adobe captivate???Please help???

    I am trying to create a 5 question quiz for customers at a tradeshow. customers walk by the computer, enter their name, answer the quiz, submits it. once it is submitted, it displays the screen where a new customer has to enter his name again and start answering quiz...same process..
    in the end i should be able to pull out  a report, correct answers by name....
    is it possible in adobe captivate????????

    Yes and no.  YOu can create a form slide that allows users to enter information and answer quiz questions.  Their entered details and scores for questions can be captured using variables.  However, Captivate is more designed for submitting this kind of information to a Learning Management System.
    In order to get what you want for your tradeshow kiosk, you would need to have a custom  database solution of some kind that received the information from your course and entered each different person's details and scores as records.  Captivate doesn't do this for you.  You'll need the services of a web developer, ActionScript 3, or JavaScript developer (and possibly all of them).

  • I need to access the quiz variable in Captivate 6

    Is there any way to set the final quiz score in CP6 using either an advanced action or by using AS3 in Flash?
    We use a lot of custom interactions that are created in Flash and we need to use the scores from those interactions as quiz scores. So far i haven't found a Captivate variable that I can set from Flash, to record a quiz score that can be reported to our LMS.

    My suggestion would be that you look into coding your Flash interactions as Captivate Interactive Widgets.  That way you can assign the score in Captivate and just set the interaction up to either register Success or Failure to achieve the score.
    The WdigetFactory API is the most popular way to achieve this:

  • Reset and retake quiz after reviewing - Captivate 8

    Hi there,
    I have seen that people have discussed this before but I didn't find a simple solution and was hoping Captivate 8 may have actually come up with something lovely (not holding my breath though!)
    Is there any possible to let the user review the quiz AND THEN retake it? The 'Retake' button disappears after they review the quiz, so I was wondering there was a way I could manually reset the quiz and use my own Retake button. I have tried using the cpQuizInfoAttempts and taking the user back to the first question slide but it does not reset and looks just like the review.
    Thanks in advance!

    Thanks for responding as always Lilybiri!

  • Need help with quiz captions in Captivate 6

    I have a six slide quiz set up in Captivate 6. I can get it to work but I need correct and incorrect captions to pop up when the answers are submitted. I am having difficulty figuring out how to make that happen.
    I want to click submit for each question and have either aa correct or incorrect caption come up.
    My other option is to wait and submit all and then when they go back to review (if they do) when they see their wrong answers, a caption will be there to tell them why it was incorrect.
    Can anyone give m any insight to how to make either of these happen?

    Hello and welcome,
    Success/failure captions are already there, you can customize them on each slide. It is even possible to have more than one failure level (if multiple attempts on question level) and have different feedback based on attempt.

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