Read Combination segments for material account from item level

Dear Value Consultant,
Read Combination segments for material account from item level
"For any inventory transactions"
Is there is away to read the material account from item level , to affect the real combination segments not general combinations segments from item master or organization
Business Impacts :
All inventory transaction for all item will affect the same combination segments for material accounts
After I transfer to GL, This not helps me to differentiate the balance for material value is related to any item category
Also for Budget Wise , I want to map the budget on combination level for materials accounts , and this not actualize without affect the real combination for material accounts in subledger ,

I have not seen any client asking for this, but you can consider Costing Hooks to create your own accounting engine for inventory transactions. Hope you are taalking about standard costing. In such case, costing hooks are available in Oracle for you to write your own accounting.
Even better in R12, you can do this with setup in SLA.

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  • "Account Generator" you can read budget account from item level

    Dear Values Consultant.
    I am reading from oracle purchasing user guide that if you deal with "Account Generator" you can read budget account from item level
    How I can enable this functionality "account generator to gets a budget account from Item Level)
    Or it is already defaulted enable in the application
    If it is default enable, how to use this functionality, what the setup required to reach to this point

    It is Oracle standard functionality. Account generator can be customised as per need.
    Define your Accounting Flexfield structure for each set of books.
    Define flexfield segment values and validation rules.
    Set up Oracle Workflow.
    Choose whether you want to use the default Account Generator
    Then do one of the following for each set of books:
    Choose to use the default Account Generator processes.
    Customize the default Account Generator processes, test your
    customizations, and choose the processes for a flexfield
    structure, if necessary.

  • Map Material account to read combination segments

    Dear All,
    How i can Map Material account to read combination segments according to item category level?
    How I can reach to this functionality if Oracle Support""""

    Are you trying to generate account code combination based on the category assigned to the item? What kind of transaction you are talking about?
    Can you explain your requirement a bit clearly?

  • MIGO GR posting prompt " Read planning situation for material"  message

    Hi Guru
    Need some advice on SAP MM MIGO GR 101 with reference to Purchase Order.
    There is a purchase order created for AAC = P project and item category = S 3rd party. It is linked to a sales order which meet 3rd party scenario purchase and delivery directly to customer in the SO.
    However, during MIGO GR screen on this PO, system prompted a message below where it took a while (long respond time) and then only post to material document successfully.
    Read planning situation for material XXX in plant YYY
    XXX = material code
    YYY = plant code
    From where this message is triggerred? It is not error, warning, or information message. However, it only appear when we post GR against 3rd aprty scenario purchase order
    Please advise

    Dear Lyonie
    This message seems to be generated dynamically during the save process of GR.
    When we click save button in MIGO GR button, there will be number of BAPI/FM will triggered to validate/check and post the data. During this process, some dynamic messages will be displayed for the user about the process. It is very difficult to find out the message triggering point.
    Example I can provide , not sure about relevancy , We can observe start of application: Good movement  message initially while we execute MIGO. 
    Still you need to find out about the message, please take help of technical ABAP consultant help to trace out the message triggering point.
    warm regards
    Ramakrishna Ponnapati

  • Customer Conversion-"Incorrect Code combination id for Receivable account"

    Hello experts!!
    I have created the customer conversion program the customers.
    All customers are getting loaded into the base table properly as expected . But for few customer it is throwing the below error:
    "Incorrect Code combination id for Receivable account"
    I have checked all the setups related things upto my knowledge everything is perfect.
    Could anyone help me out what would be the cause and how can i fix this error.
    Waiting for your valueable reply..

    As per the message, identify one of the failed records and retrieve the code combination used. From there you can validate that a) the id exists for the LE on the gl code combinations table and b) that it passes whatever cross validation rules are enabled for the organization.

  • Function module for GL account open items at a key date

    Is there a function module for "GL account open items at a key date" similar to following for customer and vendor accounts?
    BAPI_AR_ACC_GETOPENITEMS Customer account open items at a key date
    BAPI_AP_ACC_GETOPENITEMS Vendor account open items at a key date
    If not, please suggest any alternatives. I am looking to capture the output of FBL3N (GL account line item display) in a program.
    Thank you in advance.
    Prasanna Pujari

    please go through the below link i think it will help u.
    Abhishek Tripathi

  • My itunes keeps asking me to set my permissions.  they are set to read and write for all accounts, admin, everybody, etc.  don't know why it won't let me download

    my itunes keeps asking me to set my permissions.  they are set to read and write for all accounts, admin, everybody, etc.  don't know why it won't let me download

    Ever find a real solution to this? I just posted something similar - been having the issues ever since I started using the mac.
    I have 5 mac accounts: 2 of those are admins.
    After I installed every program I may possibly want, I redid all my user accounts (as I had been having a lot of permissions issues before that). My (admin) account downloads fine. Another admin account, set up exactly as mine, periodically gets prompted that it doesn't have the right to download.
    To avoid duplication, I have a /common/music directory for all itunes accounts music. We have to periodically do a recursive permissions deal on the 2nd admin account so it can put music there, even though that directory is read/write for everyone. Apple's never been able to help me on this...

  • Validation on 'MATERIAL GROUP' at item level as well as service sub line it

    Hi friends,
    my requirement is to put validation on 'MATERIAL GROUP' at item level as well as service sub line item level.
    Pls  help me with exit/badi.
    Ganesh Shete

    Hi Ganesh,
    For main line item you can use EXIT EXIT_SAPMM06E_017 or BADI ME_PROCESS_PO_CUST.For doing validation at service sub-line item level use EXIT EXIT_SAPLMLSP_030.
    Hope this helps.

  • ASCP Taking Lead time to buy Item from Item Level and not from ASL

    Hi All.
    We have a buy Item Which is used at multiple Organization now we have defined processing Lead time for this Item at Item Level and ASL level (Global) However for different organization Like ABC and XYZ we have same supplier and Supplier Site for this item,
    Below is the details of Item
    Item's Processing Lead Time at Item Level
    Org - ABC - 35
    Org - XYZ - 15
    Item's Processing  Lead Time at ASL Level
    Org - ABC - 10
    Org - XYZ - 5
    Now when we run ASCP plan for org XYZ and check for exception, Item's Lead time is coming from Item Level (15) not from ASL Level (Does this is expected behavior from Oracle?)

    Hi Abhishek,
    I tested one more time with the same scenario, this time ASCP is considering Processing lead time form ASL only however it is considering processing lead time for another organization (When I am running ASCP plan for Org XYZ ASCP is considering Processing lead time for ABC).
    Does it is due to same supplier site for both the organization?
    Also it has an active sourcing rule for the same supplier

  • Incompletness procedure for Opportunity at the item level

    Hello All,
    Have you already worked on the Incompletness procedure for Opportunity at the item level ?
    I have the following request : product must be entered in the opportunity otherwise a message of error must appear
    I have used the following data in Incompletness procedure (which is assigned to the transaction)
    - Object name = ORDERADM_I
    - Field name = ORDERED_PROD
    - Relevance = Header and Item
    The result of this is : when I enter the product in the opportunity, the message of error saying that "Transaction is incomplete: Enter Product" doesn't disappear, whereas the product and quantity are in
    I have done another test, if I enter for Relevance = "Item" intstead of "Header and Item", the message of error doesn't appear at all in the transaction. So I can save the opportunity without getting a message...
    Any thoughts ?
    Thank you for your help

    Can you validate if the customizing setting for screen sequence control exists.
    Use transaction CRMV_SSC.
    you should have a corresponding entry that matches your incompletion log entry.

  • How to disable the link for Credit -check at item level

    Hi Experts,
    I have an issue tht we want to make a block to the link available for
    credit-release at item level. In the view of the item, when we select the item
    in edit view we have a button saying MORE and in tht we have CHEC CREDIT RELEASE.
    We want to disable this.
    I found tht if we made some changes in do_prepare method, we can solve this issue.,but i was
    check fi anyother way we can do it.
    Awaiting for the replies.

    Hey Saurabh,
    If you dont want the functionality occurred due to that button, just simply comment the event handler code for that particular button. That will definitely help.
    Let me know if that work.

  • Copy control for material determination sub item

    I had created material determination sub item(TAPS) correctly on sales order, but when I use VL01N, the sub item does not copy into the outbound delivery.
    My item level of delivery copy control configuration (VTLA)  is as below:
    order requirement: 101
    item date: 110
    Does anyone offer some suggestion?

    Our case is:
    standard sales order type "KB":
    item_number          item_category         material_number          Qty
    10                          TAX                         A                                  10
    11                          TAPS                       B                                    1
    12                          TAPS                       C                                    9
    but the result of  standard outbound delivery "LF" that I created from foregoing order is:
    item_number          item_category         material_number          Qty
    10                          TAX                         A                                  10
    20                          TAPS                       A                                  10
    I would like to know where the configuration should I make a modification for correct delivery to resemble the following:
    item_number          item_category         material_number          Qty
    10                          TAX                         A                                  10
    20                          TAPS                       B                                    1
    30                          TAPS                       C                                    9

  • Sales Order - Reasons for material Nr and item category being disabled

    In some of our sales orders items (without subsequent documents), SAP disables fields Material Nr and Item Category. Can you please help on the reasons for this? Please note that we do not use configurable materials.

    The material number will always comes greyed out in standard SAP. You cannot change the material number. If you want to change it, you have to delete the line as a whole and then introduce a new line with new material.
    For the item category field, it is either greyed out or available for editing based on the configuration done in the tcode VOV4. For the sales order type, item category group etc.....if you maintain only one item category as the default IC, then this field will be greyed out after populating the default I.C. If there are alternate I.Cs maintained here, then this field is available for editing. Please check this once.

  • Deleting Mail For Exchange Account from Symbian^3

    Since buying my C7, I have been playing with the email settings to try and set up the correct account information that works best for my phone. In doing so I have tried both imap and mail for exchange. In the end I plumped for GMAIL imap and deleted all other accounts. Recently I have needed to set up a mail for exchange account again and when I tried to create a new account it confirmed that I could only set up one such account and that I should delete the other.
    I looked at my account list but there was only my IMAP Gmail account. I tried switching the phone off and then on again and the email app then confirmed that there was a mail for exchange account. When I tried to view the account settings or make changes it confirmed that it was not possible to access the account at this time. 
    I tried deleting the account but although it lets me do this, when I try to add a new mail for exchange account I get the same message as per above and the account is recreated when I next switch off / on?
    Does anyone know how I can resolve this......or will I need to factory reset?
    Go to Solution.

    I have managed to sort this now. Obviously one of my previous mail for exchange settings had become corrupted and could then not be updated. To fix the problem I downloaded the Nokia configurator tool (available on the downloads section of this site) and got it to read my settings on the phone. I then unticked everything apart from the mail for exchange settings and manually entered them in the tool. I then sent these settings back to the phone and rebooted the phone. The mail for exchange account then appeared although strangely none of the settings I entered had been sent, but I could then edit the account and get it working. I then deleted the account again on the phone and this completed successfully and would allow me to re-add......phew.
    I just need PR1.2 so that I can use mail for exchange lol.

  • Supplementary billing for material dispatched from Depot to Customer

    Dear All,
    My client have a scenario where they had dispatched material to customer while negotiation is going on.
    After price finalization, they will raise a supplementary bill to customer for material which had dispatched from the date from which new price got applied.
    EX.--  New price got finalized on 25.01.2012 but applicable from 01.01.2012.
    Now they will raise supplementary invoice for the material dispatched between 01.01.2012 to 25.01.2012.
    I need process to map this scenario in SAP.
    J1IS is not possible as it is specially created for plants as local number range is hard-coded in J1IS.
    Please revert with valuable solutions.

    Dear Laxmipathi,
    Thanks for your input but the process you had mentioned in the given thread is applicable for the material which is lying at the depot & yet to be dispatched. You can update the excise duties of the materials which are lying at the depot through J1IGA.
    But in my case, material is already dispatched to customer.
    I had tried J1IGA for those materials, but additional BED field is greyed out there.
    I request you to suggest some alternate process or workaround so that I can satisfy the client's requirement of supplementary billing.

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