Reader Extensions ES WebApp

Hi all,
I have a problem when I try to reader extend a form using Reader Extensions webapp (http://[host]:[port]/ReaderExtensions).
I can upload the form, select the rights and then when I click "Apply", the progress / waiting bar "Download" keep running and nothing happens.
Did anyone ever encoutered this issue ?
Is there a solution ?

Hi Steve,
First of all, thanks for your response
This problem seems to occur with all pdf files that I try to upload (tested 5 of them so far). There is absolutely nothing in the server log ...
I tested connecting to RE from my computer and directly from the server, both have the same problem.
I'm using ReaderExtensions V8.0 by the way.

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  • Questions regarding Adobe Reader Extensions for Adobe Livecycle.

    I'm relatively new to Adobe products, having just started to use Adobe Livecycle over the last couple of weeks. I've produced a set of interactive forms for field engineers to use. When completed, they will submit the xml data via email. However, there will be numerous occasions where they will need to stop in the middle of data collection and come back at a later point to finish, hence the need to locally save the information before submission.
    I understand this is where Adobe reader extensions would come in, unlocking this functionality.
    At the moment, i'm a bit of a loss on several points regarding how reader extensions work and i was wondering if anybody could fill in the gaps:
    1. Are they seperate modules that bolt in into the main Livecycle application?
    2. As these forms will be used off line, i would like to set the permissions to the pdf locally. From what i read, Reader Extensions is a server product. Is this correct, or can i use Reader Extensions to set these permissions before publishing the adobe form?
    3. Where can i get hold of Reader Extensions and how much do they cost? I have been reading information on similar topics on this forum (dating 3-4 years ago) that say reader extensions are comparitavely expensive to a Adobe Pro/Livecycle licence. ($50,000 upwards) Is this correct? If so, is there a cheaper alternative to achieve the same outcome?
    I hope someone can shed some light on these points!
    Thanks in advance.

    Reader Extensions can be bought as a module in LiveCycle. There is a subset of RE functionality that exists in Acrobat. The ability to save locally is part of Acrobat. In both cases you woudl RE the form before distributing it, hence when the user gets your form they are ready to go. You can download a trial version of the server product. As far as pricing goes you woudl be better to talk to an Adobe salesrep as there are discounts for certain situations as well as different pricing options. If you decide tp gp the Acrobat route you ar limited, by licence, to distribute your form to a max of 500 users.
    Hope that helps

  • Custom service (using Reader Extensions) for REST invocation

    is it possible to implement and configure a custom service (using Reader Extensions) for REST invocation?
    Best regards

    Yes LiveCycle does support REST as an endpoint

  • Adding LifeCycle Reader Extensions to a PDF Form created in Acrobat Pro 6

    I have already created a form in Acrobat PRO 6.0, but I am running into the issue where my clients who don't have Acrobat STD/PRO can not enter their data and then save the PDF form as a copy and email it back to me with the data included. I understand that this LifeCycle Reader Extensions allows for such a result, but I have not clue how to add this funtionality to my already created PDF?!? I have downloaded the trial version Adobe LifeCycle Designer 7.1 (which appears to have full functionality for only 60 days)in hopes to just add this capability, but I am tripping over my own feet trying to figure this out.
    If anyone could provide some guidance...I would totally appreciate it. I am trying to get away from the paper piles (as i'm sure we all are) and it is such a tease to see the demo documents from the Adobe site actually do what I am trying to do!!! :)
    Thanks in advance for any advice/guidance anyone can give.

    >. I understand that this LifeCycle Reader Extensions allows for such a result
    That's correct.
    >but I have not clue how to add this funtionality to my already created PDF?!?
    LiveCycle Reader Extensions is a product. You buy it. Note that the
    price is "on application" and varies with your company's needs, but is
    typically either tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars. This is to
    offset the "lost sales" of Acrobat which people would otherwise have
    to buy to save forms.
    > I have downloaded the trial version Adobe LifeCycle Designer 7.1 (which appears to have full functionality for only 60 days)in hopes to just add this capability
    There are many products with LiveCycle in the name from Adobe. That's
    a different one.
    Aandi Inston

  • How do I purchase reader extensions to save a PDF form that has been filled out in Acrobat Reader?

    I have just discovered that in order to save a PDF form that has been electronically filled out in Acrobat Reader, that I have to purchase reader extensions to make this possible.  I would like to speak to someone about the price and how to purchase.
    I cannot find a phone number on your site, so I am hoping to get an answer from Adobe this way.

    Thanks everyone for responding.  I should have supplied more information.
    I was hired by my client to create PDF forms that can be downloaded from their website, filled out electronically in Acrobat Reader, and then saved (with all the form fields filled in) and emailed.
    I was supplied with scanned forms as the base for creating the form fields in Acrobat Pro.  These web visitors that will be filling out the forms and emailing them will only have Acrobat Reader, most likely.
    I created the forms in Acrobat Pro, and they worked great when I tested them ( in Acrobat Pro) - I could save the form field data.  However, my client has come back to me with numerous complaints from their web visitors - they cannot save the form once they have filled it out in Acrobat Reader and keep the data they have entered.  Instead, they have to print the form physically, scan it, and email it that way (kind of low tech for the year 2013, and not easy for these people).
    So, my end goal is to update these forms in Acrobat Pro so they can be filled out by folks only using Acrobat Reader and saved with the form field data intact.  Seems like a no-brainer that Acrobat Pro should have this capability without purchasing additional extensions.  However, in my research online, I have found several posts that suggest that purchasing "Reader Extensions" is the only way to enable Acrobat Pro to be able to do this.
    Can someone please clarify if I need to buy something to program these forms in Acrobat Pro to enable other people using Acrobat Reader to fill out these forms and save them with the form fields intact?
    If I do need to buy something, what is it exactly?  How do I find out clear, consise, specific information about buying it/the cost/the licensing?  I am a sole owner/employee of a graphic design firm and these forms are for my client, which is a locally-owned regional hospital.
    If this needs to move to the LiveCycle forum, fine, but I don't really know what that software is and since I'm only using Acrobat Pro (and the users, Acrobat Reader) I felt this was the appropriate place to post.
    Thanks for all of your responses!

  • Extending a document in Adobe Acrobat if you have purchased and own LiveCycle Reader Extensions

    I work for an organization that has purchased adobe livcycle designer suite which includes Livecycle reader extensions. However we do not really have a need (besides perhaps per the EULA), nor the technical support to extend reader documents using the server based LiveCycle Reader extensions. We will definitly be collecting info from over 500 receipients so per the adobe acrobat license agreement:
    16.8.3 For any unique Extended Document, Customer may only (a) Deploy that Extended Document to an unlimited number of recipients, but Customer shall not extract data from more than five hundred (500) instances of such Extended Document (or any hardcopy representation of that Extended Document) that contains data from a recipient; or (b) Deploy an Extended Document to no more than five hundred (500) recipients without limits on the number of times Customer may extract data from a recipient from that Extended Document. Obtaining additional licenses to use Acrobat Standard, Acrobat Pro, or Adobe Acrobat Suite shall not increase
    the foregoing limits (that is, the foregoing limits are the aggregate total limits regardless of how many additional licenses to use Acrobat Standard, Acrobat Pro, or Adobe Acrobat Suite the Customer may have obtained). For the avoidance of doubt, if Customer purchases another Adobe product or service that allows Customer to send a greater number of PDF files or forms (e.g. Adobe FormsCentral or Adobe LiveCycle Reader Extensions), then the terms of that Adobe product or service shall supersede the terms of this Section 16.8.3
    Given the very last sentence, it sounds me like since my organization has provided me with a copy of LiveCycle Reader extensions I can extend the adobe document using adobe acrobat if I wish, and still be within the terms of the EULA, is this the correct interpretation? I would prefer not to actually use the LiveCycle reader extensions as once again we do not have the technical support, nor the need for this server based solutions.

    Hi Ben,
    Thank you for providing the detailed description of the problem.
    The contents of the password-protected PDF document are encrypted (so that nobody can read the contents until the correct password is entered).
    Acrobat DC mobile products (for iOS and Android) have the known limitation where changes cannot be saved to encrypted PDF documents.  Therefore, users are not able to make any changes (e.g. adding comments/annotations or filling out forms) to encrypted PDF documents.
    Sorry for the inconvenience.

  • LiveCycle Reader Extensions ES, version 8.2, and supported client Flash versions

    We are running Adobe LiveCycle Reader Extensions ES, Version 8.2.
    We have a couple users that connect through IE (version 7) to create fillable forms.
    Our companies standard version of Adobe Flash is 10.x
    When we upgraded to 10.x, the users could no longer open (convert) a pdf to be able to make it fillable.  The fix was to down grade the Flash version to version 9.
    Is there a better fix for this, as I have another user that requires access to the LiveCycle server but is running Flash 10, yet I would prefer not to downgrade them to Flash 9.
    Hopefully the above explanation makes sense, as I am technical support versus being a LiveCycle user.

    This particular service pack (LiveCycle ES Update 1 Service Pack 3 (SP3)) is has not been made public. As part  of their maintenance and support agreement with Adobe only LiveCycle customers are eligible to recieve access to this service pack. Please contact the Adobe Enterprise Support team directly and they will be able to help provide you with access to the download, provided you are eligible to download it. 
    Feel free to contact me directly ([email protected]) should you have any additional questions with concerns to this service pack.
    Kindest regards,

  • Editable Form: Reader Extensions

    I created an editable form with a digital signature field using Adobe Acrobat Pro X on a Mac and posted that form online. I enabled Reader Extensions.
    A user trying to fill out the form is consistently having problems where she can save the filled in form to her computer, but when she emails it, the content she entered in the fields is gone.
    I downloaded the form and tested filling it out and emailing it, and it worked fine. I also had a colleague who only has Acrobat Reader test it by downloading the form, filling it out and emailing it to me, and the content was there.
    Does anyone know what would be causing the issue for this one particular user? The form has a rapidly approaching deadline, so I would like to help her ASAP.

    This is a known issue when the file is filled-in in Preview instead of in Adobe Reader.
    See here for a solution:

  • Problem of loosing the rights after sending to Reader Extension

    I am getting a strange error.
    I was having a perfectly working version of Reader Extension and Forms Server. I am creating a dynamic PDF Form using the Forms Server. This form is being updated using the Adobe Reader and then submitted back to my application. I am also using ARES to enable rights for adding comments on the PDF document.
    I am using Forms Server 6.0 and also ARES 6.0.
    This was working fine with Adobe Reader 7.0 but recently I installed the Adobe Reader updates 7.0.1 to 7.0.3. I am not sure if this is related but suddenly I have started getting the following error:
    "This document contained certain rights to enable special features in Adobe Reader. The document has been changed since it was created and these rights are no longer valid. Please contact the author for the original version of this document."
    I am getting this error not only on the newly created forms and also for earlier forms to which I had dynamically added rights using ARES. These were the forms which were working absolutely fine earlier.
    I tried to uninstall and reinstall Reader on my system and also tried to open the document on a system on which the updates had not been done but this has not solved the problem.
    Does anyone have any idea of why this problem could suddenly come up into my application.

    We are getting the same error and did not have an evaluation so not quite the same.
    What it looks like here is if a computer only has Acrobat 7 Reader on it - we don't get the error but if this is a computer that has another version of Acrobat - ie. 7 professional - we do get the error. We can open up the file intially, fill in the form and do a save or save as and close. When you open up the file again to continue filling out the form - it gives you the exact error noted in this post.
    Any ideas would be appreciated.
    Thank you.

  • Can use adobe livecycle reader extensions es to compile adobe livecycle designer ES3 file?

    Hi ,
    I am using livecycle designer ES and livecycle reader extensions es to create some PDF files. I want to use the new feature action builder, so I downloaded the designer ES3. After creating some new files, I tried to use livecycle reader extensions es (old version) to convert the file to add the saving function to adobe reader. It could not convert the file successfully and stuck at downloading the file page as the attached screen. Does that mean I have to upgrade livecycle reader extensions es to es3? Thanks in advance.

    There were problems like this that were caused by a flashplayer security patch.  See!topic/livecycle/ZRj27vcLXOI
    My memory is a bit hazy on this, as it was three years ago. 
    There was a LiveCycle blog on this November 11, 2008
    Flash Player 10 broke the Reader Extensions sample application included with LiveCycle ES 8.0.1, and 8.2.1. When you use it, it will essentially hang. The workaround is to revert back to Flash Player 9 on those machines you use as LiveCycle clients.
    This problem has been fixed in LC 8.2.1 SP3 as well as in ES2.
    The key is to either upgrade your server or downgrade to an earlier (9) version of the flash player. (copying from the google group)
    As you said, this issue is due to the changes in security in flash
    player 10.  The Reader Extensions webUI leverages flex.  For LiveCycle
    8.2.1, the file dialog automatically pops up after conversion is
    complete.  However, in flash player 10, there were changes to how file
    reference are is handled.  Since it is possible to pop up a file
    dialog based on user action), and automatically poping up that file
    dialog based on the old code base will no longer work.  This is a
    known issue in LC ES 8.2.1, and downgrading to flash player 9 works.
    However, in fix pack 2 of LiveCycle ES Update 1.  (, this bug
    on flash player 10 has been resolved with an explicit button to
    download the file.

  • What matter with a pdf  with Reader Extensions when it's open with Acrobat profesional?

    Hi all
    I'm trying to learn about the functionality of LC using Tour de LiveCycle. It is an exceptional documentation!
    I'm taked the 2 examples about reader extensions functionnality:
    PurchaseOrderExtended.pdf and PurchaseOrder.pdf
    I've open PurchaseOrder.pdf with acrobat profesional and...I could insert comments, save as, signed the pdf...
    Opening it with  Acrobat Reader this is not possible
    If the company decide to produce a PDF with the "1, 2, 3" funcionalities of reader extensions but not enabling the "4 and 5" funcionalities.....
    Someone that opens this PDF with acrobat profesional has the "1,2,3,4 and 5" functionalities available
    The  functionality strategy of the company based on the pdf it's not operative!
    Where is the mistake?

    There are two possible philosophies for Reader Extensions:
    1) That it is a scheme to limit the the actions that one can take on a PDF; think of this as a sort of a security profile operation
    2) To provide PDF-based access to capabilities on the PDF without having to buy the full Acrobat Standard/Pro.
    Reader Extensions is much more model 2 than model 1.  The goal is to allow people to save filled-in forms, sign pdf or comment on the pdf without having to have the full Acrobat std/pro licensed for their desktop.  So two other things derive from this:
    a) That people who have the full Acrobat version should be able to do anything to the file that they desire
    b) But also that they should be aware of actions that they might take on the PDF that would change the file so substantially that it would lose its rights and the ability of downstream Reader users to act on the file.
    This (2, and then a and b) is the basic philosophy of Reader Extensions and Acrobat.

  • How to use Reader Extensions - or do I need Livecycle?

    I'll start with saying that I am totally new to Livecycle. I've downloaded a demo of Designer to see if it helps with some of the processes I am currently doing in Acrobat.
    The only tool I really NEED from Livecycle is the ability to have the end user attach a file in Reader. This would be managers attaching supporting documents for employee evaluations.
    I've found that this can be done with Read Extensions but I have no idea how to enable my form to use these or how to even start.
    Where can I get a tutorial for this process OR is this more than I need to be doing JUST to have attachments enabled in Reader.

    Reader users can attach files as comments, either to an AcroForm or a static XFA form. The type of attachments you're asking about can only be enabled in Reader with LiveCycle Reader Extensions, which is entirely different than LiveCycle Designer and costs quite a bit more. The only other place you can get it is through DataLogics with their Adobe PDF Java Toolkit:
    See if attaching files as comments is sufficient though. An alternative would be for the managers to use Acrobat. Standard is sufficient.

  • Problem with Reader Extension ES

    I download the eval JBOSS server from the adobe web site and I installed without any problems, I configure also the reader extension Credential trial one.
    Now I'm trying to assign reader extension rights to a pdf file via the web interface http://localhost:8080/ReaderExtensions/ I select my PDF and the rights but after I click on Apply button I get a page with a table (file name and duration) and a progress bar with text "downloading ..." but nothing else !!! I don't get the dialog box to select the location for download and the file name of the new PDF !!!
    Please help me!
    I also try to assign reader extension rights via a web service call via applyUsageRights but it allways return a null array !!!
    Thank you for your help.

    Flash Player 10 is the issue can either back off to Flash Player 9 or apply SP2 (only available from support) which fixes the Flash Player 10 issue.

  • Trying to understand this whole Reader Extension product

    I'm trying to get a handle on how this whole extensions thing works. We're using LifeCycle Designer 7 to generate forms (both and xdp and pdf). We want our users to be able to access data from ODBC connections and potentially from WSDLs. Our clients (right now) only use the free Reader 7.0.x.
    It's my understanding that the pdf in this case needs to be 'extended' in this case. So say we purchase an Extension for this form for $x. Is this a valid scenario.
    Pdf/xdp is generated. The pdf is 'sent' to an Extension server for some sort of encryption that the free Reader understands and thus enables the data access capabilities. Then the user is free to use this form and it's data access capabilities in perpetuity. Basically it's a one time fee for that one form.
    If this is true, then...
    Where is this Extension Server that encypts the form?
    Does the free Reader have to validate against that or any other server to enable the data access capability?
    What happens if the form is changed?
    This might be it for now.

    Generally the license is based on the number of users. I have about 550 users in my organization (DON in New Orleans), and I paid a fee based on that number. Theoretically the "unlocked" forms are to only be used by the licensed users. That is a bit difficult to do.
    I will unlock a Navy form for my users, but its hard to prevent them from getting passed around to users outside my sphere of influence.
    I usually put in some read-only statement that makes it difficult for others to use it. That is mostly for my own self-protection.
    Actualy even after a form is unlocked, minor adjustments can be made to the form without it needing to be passed thru the reader extensions product. I've changed field attributes and even added and taken out fields with the form extension still intact.

  • No way attaching files to a form without Reader Extension Server?

    Dear all,
    do I understand this right? There is no way to create a form to which attachments can be added using Acrobat Reader unless the form has been reader extended to do so with Reader Extension Server?
    If there are any possibilities I would be very thankful for any hint.
    Thanks for checking this thread and any answers

    "There is no way to create a form to which attachments can be added using Acrobat Reader unless the form has been reader extended to do so with Reader Extension Server?"
    Yes you got it right. There are no exceptions or workarounds for this.

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