Recording to laptop from Panasonic HVX through Premiere Elements 8

I'm going to be using a Panasonic HVX200 and tethering it to my PC laptop  (It runs vista, has a 300 G hardrive and 3 Gig of RAM) via firewire.  I have Adobe Premiere Elements 8 and want to record using it so I can get HD footage (720p) rather than having to record to DV tapes for Standard Def quality. I also have a 1T external hardrive that will hold the recorded video (this is attached via USB, I can't recall the specs right now and don't have it with me, so I hope this is enough info).
I have never done this before, so I have two questions:
1) Will it work? I believe it will from what I've read (I know that Final Cut Pro on a Mac can do it, but I haven't seen anything specifically about Premiere Elements so any confirmation would be greatly appreciated).
2) Are there any specifc settings I need to use to make sure Elements is capturing the video in the best format?
If further specs are needed to answer these questions, please let me know.

You've got a number of challenges here, Kelly -- not the least of which is that you're trying to edit video from a $6000 professional camcorder on a $75 consumer video editor. You're much more likely to have success with a professional editor, like Premiere CS5, Vegas Pro or Final Cut.
The other challenge is that this camcorder records at a number frame rate in a number of formats, many of which are not compatible with Premiere Elements.
Still, if you're shooting in 1920x1080 30p HDV and you're connected to your computer via FireWire, you may be able to capture and edit the video if you've got your PRemiere Elements project set up for HDV. It's worth a try anyway.
According to the specs online though, the only consumer format this camcorder is capable of shooting at 30i is 720x480 (standard definition) 30i miniDV. None of the hi-def modes are standard consumer modes.
Still, this is predonimantly a DVPro camcorder. And the odds are much more in your favor if you edit its video with professional software.

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    What computer operating system is your Premiere Elements 12 running on? Have you updated 12 to the 12.1 Update using an opened project's Help Menu/Update? If not, please do so.
    From what I have read about the ShadowPlay recorder, you are probably outputting from it 1080p video with H.264 video compression. What is the file extension?
    Your report of a frame rate of 59.34 frames per second for your video suggests that the recorder is recording with a variable frame rate. Premiere Elements has problems with a variable frame rate - problems could be out of sync audio to not being able to import the file at all.
    As a troubleshooting aid at this point, please import your problem video into HandBrake  and export it as a H.264.mp4 file with a constant frame rate of
    59.94 frames per second. It is quick and easy. If you have any problems doing that, I will post a step by step HandBrake how to for the task. Then import this HandBrake converted file into Premiere Elements project and determine if problem is gone.
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    Also, please let us know the bitrate settings for ShadowPlay for both video and audio. How much of the ShadowPlay recording can be user customized.
    Let us start here and then decide what next.

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    YouTube is kind of a  moving target -- so sometimes direct upload to YouTube stops working for reasons not related to the software.
    When  that happens, the best solution is to output your video using Publish & Share/Computer/AVCHD with the YouTube preset and then manually upload the video through your browser.

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    Is there a fix, or is it a problem with settings in the program! Any help, greatly appreciated! Mike's Media.

    Welcome to the forum.
    Along with the answers to Steve's questions, please tell us about your computer's I/O sub-system, i.e. your computer's HDD's, and especially where the Project, the media and the PrE Scratch Disks are stored. For instance, if everything is on C:\, or perhaps the Project, media and Scratch Disks are all on an external USB 2.0 HDD.
    Good luck,

  • How do I keep my videos from being squeezed in Premiere Elements 12?

    I was using one dell laptop and moved over to another dell laptop and suddenly Premiere Elements 12 was squeezing my projects. I am unable to adjust the project settings and when I use the interpret footage option, my videos play horribly.  What is the best answer for this?  How can I fix my settings for PE12 since all my footage comes from the same source?

    Thanks for the follow up. It sounds like you are OK, but let me review a few things to make sure.
    Assuming NTSC setup...Windows
    1. If you are capturing DV data with a firewire connection into Premiere Elements 12/12.1, your source media can be DV Standard 4:3 or DV Widescreen 16:9 depending on your camera recording settings.
    Premiere Elements 11, 12, and 13 are set up to take over setting the project preset automatically based on the properties of the first video dragged to the Timeline. When it cannot do the job for whatever reason, it does not give you the closest fit to what you require for your particular source. It gives you its default 1080i30 (1920 x 1080 @ 29.97 interlaced frames per second).
    If your camera has DV data 4:3, then you set the project preset manually beforehand to NTSC DV Standard. If your camera has DV data 16:9, then you set the project preset manually beforehand to NTSC DV Widescreen. Both Standard and Widescreen have the same frame size, that is, 720 x 480. In the case of the Widescreen, there is a 16:9 flag which stretches the video for display after encoding (to 856 x 480).
    You should not have to be using Interpret Footage to get the appropriate aspect ratio when you have done DV data 4:3 or 16:9 capture firewire into Premiere Elements Capture Windows. That concerns me if you do.
    Also important is that you are putting DV AVI type 2, not type 1, on your Timeline in the DV data capture firewire process. If Premiere Elements is part of this capture process, DV AVI type 2 is what you should have.
    Please consider the above and then let us know, when your schedule permits, if you are OK with the information
    Thank you.

  • Panasonic camcorder v210 premiere elements 12

    I have a panasonic camcorder v210.
    Trial version premiere elements 12 I see the video but can not hear audio.
    I would like to buy premiere elements 12 if it is compatible with my camera.
    sorry for my english

    Thanks for the AVCHD.mts file sending. I am not having any problems with using it in Premiere Elements 12/12.1 Windows 7 Professional SP 1 64 bit. Sound is fine.
    I am reluctant to suggest you download any codecs for this unless absolutely necessary - last resort. But, I am wondering if the difference between us in your Windows 7 Home Premium and my Windows 7 Professional? Please check out this 2010 online link about AC3 and Windows 7. tal-codec-under-windows-7/8c361f51-8990-4112-a8cf-deef2ee1ce7e
    Would you consider download and installing the tryout Premiere Elements 12 from the following web site? You just need to read and carry out the "Note: Very Important Instructions" at that web site so that you do not run into Access Denied message.
    Adobe Photoshop Elements 12 Direct Download Links, Premiere too | ProDesignTools
    If that does not work, then I would take the chances with the AC3 codec download. Codec downloads installs can be the answer but can also have complications associated with them.
    Please review and consider.
    Thanks for the file sending it was very helpful to the troubleshooting.

  • Capturing from Sony DCR in Premiere Elements 13 not possible?

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    Thanks for any helpful advice!

    Thanks for the reply.
    Hope you can use the workarounds suggested in the Adobe document.
    Are you within 30 days of purchase from Adobe direct on this one? If so, you can seek a refund/money back from Adobe.
    If you purchased from an authorized reseller, then you have to deal with the seller according to the sellers return/refund policy.
    If an Adobe online purchase, then Adobe Chat Orders should be able to take care of the refund details.
    Contact Customer Care
    Premiere Elements
    Membership, Account, Payment
    Payments, Invoices, Orders
    If the link does not hold its set, then you will need to navigate to the Chat Panel using the above titles as guides.
    Best wishes

  • Import an FLV file from Adobe Connect into Premiere Elements 12?

    The Adobe Connect support staff recommended that we use Adobe Premiere Elements to edit the FLV file that we exported out of their software.  We purchased Adobe Premiere Elements 12 based on that advice.  Now we see that FLV files are not on the list of supported import files. 
    How can I import an FLV file from Adobe Connect into Adobe Premiere Elements 12 for editing?

    Welcome to the forum.
    Over the years, I have used Moyea's Flash Importer plug-in for PrPro, and it has worked perfectly. With about PrPro CS 4, IIRC, Adobe did add an FLV Importer, so Moyea began to suspend development of that plug-in. Then, with the release of the CC version of PrPro, they dropped FLV completely.
    Now, Moyea does have other programs, but I do not know if any of them are plug-ins for PrE. However, many of their programs can create, edit and output FLV.
    There is also a (free, if memory serves) FLV converter, FLV to AVI, which I used to convert FLV files, before I discovered the Moyea plug-in for my PrPro.
    I would look into Moyea, to see if there is anything, that will work as a plug-in to PrE,, and if not, explore a program, such as FLV to AVI:
    Good luck,

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    Sounds like progress. So pleased with your spirit of exploration and experimentation in dealing with the Premiere Elements learning curve. Congratulations.
    But, the whys for an issue keep me asking. You should be able to right click that Premiere Elements Timeline video and see the pop up with the option to delete the audio. What computer operating system is your Premiere Elements 10 running on...Windows or Mac?
    When I right click the video on my Premiere Elements 10 Windows 7 64 bit Timeline, I see the following:
    You seem to be finding Show Properties in that pop up. What else is missing from it besides Delete Audio?
    By any chance are you working in the Sceneline of the program instead of the Timeline. That might explain all this. In both the Timeline and Sceneline, you can get Show Properties, but it is only in the Timeline that you see the Delete Audio choice in the pop up.
    Please check it out. This will be a great addition to your learning curve if this proves to be the missing point.
    Thanks for the follow ups.

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    I was using the trial version of premiere elements and was happy with the product. So I decided to buy it. When I did this and put in the serial number I noticed all my video / title overlays are now black. places in my video where I dont have overlay there isnt a problem.
    Why did this happen when I switched from trial to purchased product? How do I fix it?

    Though I have never read of such problems, let's look at a few possibilities.
    You mention "Opacity," and that got me to thinking. Select one of the Clips, that displays as black - click on it. Go to Effects>Edit Effects, to get the Effects Control Panel. Check the Opacity setting (one of the Fixed Effects on every Video Clip). What is that set to?
    Test 02 - Dbl-click on one of those offending Clips, to open it in the Source Monitor. Does it play properly there? As that is accessing the physical file on the HDD, and not the editable version on the Timeline, that might tell us something about the file.
    Also, what are the specs. of the files, that are not displaying? The reason that I ask is that there are/were a few limitations of the trial (think that the message might still be a sticky at the top of the main forum - not the discussions page - and that it alternates to one about Macs. Wait for it to display, and click on "See Details," to see if maybe there is something there. There are modules in PrE, that require "activation," when one goes to the full-paid version. This activation is usually done transparently, and the user is seldom aware that it has taken place. For it to take place, that computer WILL need to be connected to the Internet.
    In your Timeline, do you have red lines over your problem Clips? If so, hit Enter/Return to Render the Timeline for best quality playback. Does that help?
    Last, I would check my video driver, and update to the latest one available. My thinking here is that though a video display issue should be rather global for the display/playback in PrE, perhaps it's having problems, where you have two Video Tracks (that does require a bit more power, than just a single Video Track), and perhaps an OS update has rendered that video driver obsolete. That does usually affect the full display of the GUI and also all playback, but again, what you describe is not normal, so if we eliminate all possibilities, we might be able to zero in on the issue.
    As you can see, I am just thinking aloud here, as I do not recall this issue ever being posted before. Also, just because something should happen (like PrE easily going from trial to full-paid, with just the S/N), does not mean that it will always happen, as it should.
    Good luck, and wish that I had more for you.

  • Help me import images from Photoshop into a Premiere Elements project!

    How do I add photos from Photoshop to existing Premire Elements project.

    If you have edited the Images in Photoshop, just Save_As PSD (or TIFF). Set the Still Duration to the desired time, in PrE's Edit>Preferences. Then, Import them into PrE. From the Project Panel, just drag the Image(s) to the Timeline, and to an appropriate Video Track. Say, if you want to place the Image between Clips, just drag it there, and the rest of the Clips/Images on that Video Track will Ripple.
    If you want to replace parts of a Clip, with that Image, just hold down Ctrl/Cmd and drag to the appropriate location.
    If you want to overlay it, with an existing Clip, just place it onto a higher Video Track. Note: this yields the same general result, as the method above.
    I strongly suggest that you Scale your Image in Photoshop, to match, or nearly so, the Frame Size of your Project's Preset.
    Good luck, and hope that helps,

  • Capturing directly from Panasonic HVX 200

    I am trying to record directly into final cut from my Panasonic HVX200 without using the P2 cards or external device. does anyone know if and how this is possible?

    All you need to do is connect the camera to the computer via firewire, launch FCP, choose the Easy Setup DVCPRO HD 720p60 or whatever matches your camera settings (you cannot record 24PN to anything but the P2 card). Then open the Capture Tool, set your scratch disk and hit CAPTURE NOW.
    But this isn't the best way to do this. P2 cards are much better. You'd better familiarize yourself with the proper workflow for this camera:

  • P2 card data from panasonic HVX 200

    I have P2 card data [partitions] on an external HDD, formatted specifically to receive data from the Panasonic. I need to move/copy that data on to my internal HDD Mac Pro.
    When transferring this kind of P2 data to a drive it will wipe out any previous data on the drive...this is when one runs a 1934 cable direct from camera to external HDD.
    Now that the files are in the ext drive, I just don't know if they will corrupt any other HDD I copy them to.
    Panasonic are unavailable by phone and I have read all the manuals!!!!!
    Please can anyone give some input.

    Sounds like you either have a P2 Store, or you are using a P2 Gear with external drive attached where it paritions as it goes along. So that initial behaviour is normal. moving those corrupts OTHER drives...makes no sense. Just copy them off into individual folders (All named different, like date and card, 092509_01, _02, _03...
    P2 Workflow with FCP 6

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    Thanks for your help.
    The volume level on the AV control window is identical to the volume slider on QuickTime (which I have set at full).
    I have this issue posted in another place and got a recommendation from Smokerz to try transcoding with MPEGStreamClip.
    I was able to get better results using MPEGStreamClip to transcode the audio file to AIFF (1,546 kbs @ 48 khz). With the iTunes volume adjustment option set at 100% (which is 50% above flat) and with the volume slider set at full, iTunes plays the file at about the same decibels as does VLC, with volume set at full.
    Thanks much again for your help.

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