"ReferenceError: prepareFFB is not defined" I started getting this JavaScript error recently whenever I start Firefox. I would like to stop getting this error

I get the following JavaScript error every time I start Firefox:
ReferenceError: prepareFFB is not defined.

hello, this sounds like it's possibly caused by an addon. do you have any extension/theme installed, you can connect the "FFB" to? if not try disabling them all in firefox > addons > extensions & reenable them one by one to find out which of them might be causing the error message.

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    When I start the Mozilla Firefox I get error message "ReferenceError: Globalstorage is not defined." How to solve this problem?

    Disabling Samsung Caster add-on solved this issue for me.

  • When I quit Firefox I get "ReferenceError: b is not defined". How do I fix this?

    When I quit a box appears with a warning icon that states "ReferenceError: b is not defined". I have it on one computer but not on my other one despite the fact they are identical Mac Book Pro's.

    This error is likely to be caused by an add-on not working properly. See [[troubleshooting extensions and themes]] for details of how to identify the add-on causing the issue.

  • Firefox pops up an error message on certain pages, all other browsers work fine, how can I make firefox ignore the "error" [e2219] css init error: ReferenceError: g is not defined

    Basically I want to replace the Ajax Control Toolkit Slider in favor of the Component One Studio for iPhone Slider for better mobile/desktop consistency (the ajax slider doesn't work well with iPhone). I created a simple page that works on every browser and platform (iPhone, Android, Mac, Windows) except Firefox, which fails on every platform. I have already tried disabling all plugins (safe mode) and clearing cache, I have also tried this with different versions of Firefox on different platforms. I posted this error on the Component One forum but since this only occurs with Firefox I believe this is a Firefox issue.
    I searched for this error on the forums and Google but didn’t get any results:
    ''[e2219] css init error: ReferenceError: g is not defined''
    The console has this message:
    ''[12:05:26.954] uncaught exception: [Exception... "prompt aborted by user" nsresult: "0x80040111 (NS_ERROR_NOT_AVAILABLE)" location: "JS frame :: resource:///components/nsPrompter.js :: openTabPrompt :: line 462" data: no]''
    You can see the error by visiting http://www.componentone.com/i/
    Visit the same URL with IE, Chrome or Safari and there is no error. If I click [OK] the page loads normally enough for me. Is there some JavaScript or CSS line I can put in the page to make Firefox ignore the error? If so that would be great because even if there is a fix put into Firefox itself there will be those millions of users out there that will not upgrade.

    A good place to ask advice about web development is at the MozillaZine "Web Development/Standards Evangelism" forum.
    The helpers at that forum are more knowledgeable about web development issues.<br>
    You need to register at the MozillaZine forum site in order to post at that forum.

  • How can I use the "EvalScript()" function? I am trying to send text to a Director app from the web browser, but the console in the browser just responds "Uncaught ReferenceError: evalScript is not defined ".

    I am trying to control a Shockwave app form another machine, using "Pusher" service (websockets), and everything is ok so far; but when I try to send the shockwave app the text recieved from another machine, using the "EvalScript()" function (as documented), I only get the message "Uncaught ReferenceError: evalScript is not defined" in the browser's console. What am I doing wrong?
    'm using the following script in the webpage where the shockwave object is located:
      <script type="text/javascript">
        // Enable pusher logging - don't include this in production
        Pusher.log = function(message) {
          if (window.console && window.console.log) {
        var pusher = new Pusher('abc963cf3e6g678879e');
        var channel = pusher.subscribe('Galileo_channel');
        channel.bind('Galileo_event', function(data) {
    The "alert" is working fine, but I can't get JavaScript to recognize the EvalScript (I even tried calling the shockwave object, ie: "extev01.evalScript()", since the object's ID is extev01, but it doesn't work, either).

    Thanks Sean.
    I tried your suggestion first, using getNetText to poll the server and read a text file. The drawbak is that I had to poll the server constantly, since I could not know in advance when the text file was going to change (and it's not practical to stump the server and connection).
    I've kept trying the EvalScript, asigning the Shockwave object to a variable first, then calling the EvalScript() in the object, but it doesn't work, either. I think I will simply use JavaScript and forget about shockwave altogether, since everything is working fine up to that point (although it would be nice to be able to use Lingo for the rest of the app).

  • MuseJSAssert: Error calling selector function:ReferenceError: Spry is not defined.

    I launched Muse today and it said there was an updated available. I installed it and then made a few small changes to my 5 page website. Then i exported the HTML and uploaded it to my server.
    But now when i try browsing the site in Chrome, I get the following error message:
    MuseJSAssert: Error calling selector function:ReferenceError: Spry is not defined.
    The only changes I made were adding some text to a few pages and adding metadata info to each page and when viewing the exported HTML locally (prior to uploading) it all behaves as it should...no error messages.
    Any ideas why its doing this? or more importantly, any suggestions on how to stop it from doing this? It wasn't doing this yesterday prior to me making these small changes.
    Here's the URL: www.gardensbytheseaursery.com
    Thanks in advance.

    This error would occur if not all the files for the site we're uploaded.
    The 2.0 update includes numerous improvements in the generated HTML, CSS and JavaScript, so while you may have directly changed only certain pages, if you're using an external FTP client all the exported files and folders need to be uploaded. (The new built-in FTP support automatically only generates and uploads files that have changed since the previous upload.)

  • Javascript Error - Uncaught ReferenceError: $s is not defined in ApEx 3.0.1

    I am using Oracle ApEx 3.0.1 and am trying to implement the Ajax Loading animation on a report I am running. The problem though, is that I am getting a javascript error on the following line:
    window.setTimeout('$s("AjaxLoading",$x("AjaxLoading").innerHTML)', 10);Looks like in Oracle ApEx 3.0.1, I am getting the javascript error:> Uncaught ReferenceError: *$s is not defined*
    What would I need to change, to get this to work with no javascript errors in Oracle ApEx version 3.0.1 ?

    It might be that $s function is not introduced on 3.0
    window.setTimeout('document.getElementById("AjaxLoading").value=document.getElementById("AjaxLoading").HTML)', 10);Regards,

  • ReferenceError: resetExtension is not defined

    Out of the blue, I get this error in Dreamweaver 8 on any
    page that I try to insert an image into.
    "The following JavaScript error(s) occurred:
    At line 7 of file "Harddrive: Applications: Macromedia
    Dreamweaver 8: Configuration: Objects: Common: Image.htm":
    ReferenceError: resetExtension is not defined"
    I looked at the file the error refered to, but have no idea
    what I'm looking at. The only thing in this file reads:
    <!-- Copyright 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003 Macromedia, Inc. All
    rights reserved. -->
    <title><MMString:LoadString id="insertbar/image"
    <script src="Image.js"></script>
    Line 7: <script src="Image.js"></script>
    PLEASE HELP! I have a project due to a client in the

    What exactly is your use case?
    If you want to use the timer on the server side scripts you should use setInterval() : http://help.adobe.com/en_US/FlashMediaServer/3.5_SS_ASD/WS5b3ccc516d4fbf351e63e3d11a11aff5 ba-7f01.html#WS5b3ccc516d4fbf351e63e3d11a11afc95e-7ffa

  • "ReferenceError: "myIpAddr"  is not defined, when call JavaScript from java

    Hi developers,
    My java application was trying to issue a http request via proxy auto-config. So, I did below jobs
    1. Read URL of *.pac from registry
    2. Call FindProxyForURL from java, the code is like below
                   ScriptEngineManager factory = new ScriptEngineManager();
                   ScriptEngine engine = factory.getEngineByName("JavaScript");
                   Invocable inv = (Invocable) engine;
                   Object obj = inv.invokeFunction("FindProxyForURL",
    However, I got "ReferenceError: "myIpAddress" is not defined
    I can not change the script on server to add a function like "myIpAddress", I am wordering why IE or mozilla can call it successfully and get proxy server, while Java failed to do that.
    I got a ugly solution by calling "pacparser" by jni. But I really hope I can get a better solution.

    A .pac file is a JavaScript, but it requires some functions to be defined in the executing context to work (i.e. you must define those).
    From the example on the Wikipedia page there's at least "shExpMatch" and "isInNet". "myIpAddress" seems to be another such candidate.

  • ReferenceError: callcuser is not defined

    I tested the script below in IE,Chrome, Safari all no problem except in Firefox. I had updated my firefox to the latest version 30.
    Error console is prompting me this error ; ReferenceError: callcuser is not defined
    Appreciate if you can help.
    cur_user = this.CheckCurrentJUser(callcuser);
    function callcuser(CheckCurrentJUser){
    cur_user = CheckCurrentJUser;
    CheckCurrentJUser: function(callcuser){
    var url='index.php?option=com_fabrik&format=raw&controller=plugin&c=plugin&task=userAjax';
    new Ajax(url,{

    Start Firefox in <u>[[Safe Mode|Safe Mode]]</u> to check if one of the extensions (Firefox/Tools > Add-ons > Extensions) or if hardware acceleration is causing the problem.
    *Switch to the DEFAULT theme: Firefox/Tools > Add-ons > Appearance
    *Do NOT click the Reset button on the Safe Mode start window

  • ReferenceError: BrowserToolboxCustomizeDone is not defined

    I am using Firefox for many years and I believe that it is the best browser in the market place, however I recently receive this message "ReferenceError: BrowserToolboxCustomizeDone is not defined" when I start Firefox for the first time in the morning. Could somebody help me to resolve this problem?

    Its your addon issue, check your addons are uptodate and try in safemode too
    Start Firefox in [https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/troubleshoot-firefox-issues-using-safe-mode Safe Mode to Troubleshoot the issue] and to check if one of the extensions (Firefox/Tools > Add-ons > Extensions) or if hardware acceleration is causing the problem (switch to the DEFAULT theme: Firefox/Tools > Add-ons > Appearance).
    * https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/troubleshoot-firefox-issues-using-safe-mode

  • Loading jquery ui - ReferenceError: jQuery is not defined

    I am following a simple tutorial to add dragging functionality to a composition.
    I added this code to the creationComplete-event of the stage:
    var onComplete = function onComplete() {
        alert('loaded"); // -> fired
         // throwing these errors in Firefox:
         // ReferenceError: jQuery is not defined
         // TypeError: sym.$(...).draggable is not a function
    yepnope({nope:['js/jquery-ui.min.js'], complete : onComplete});
    Jquery UI is the newest one (1.11.2)
    * What am i doing wrong? Maybe its because JQuery UI is an AMD - Module?
    * How do i know which version of jquery edge is currently using?
    * Is it possible to "update" the jquery version that edge is using by my own?
    Thanks, Ingo

    The object-positioning issue is the following:
    If i create some "static"  Elements on the stage as DragElements and Targets and use JQuery UI for draggable and droppable functiononality it works fine.
    But if i animate those Elements ( just a simple move-animation from outside the stage ) and then start dragging, the dragElements moves to a far away position, away from the cursor. this is due to css transformations in adobe edge in contrast to just using left and top properties in JQuery.
    Do you have any suggestion to avoid this problem?

  • FJS-00003  ReferenceError: oracom is not defined

    After I finished installing Oracle Software and start with SAPINST, during the time it installs the Database Software it fails with the following errror :
    FJS-00003  ReferenceError: oracom is not defined.
    We are using Oracle on HP-UX
    We tried the solution as per note 972263( While was vaile for Oracle 10) , but that didnot fix our issue

    Sorry to bother you.  Is the new control.xml available on SWDC?

  • "...line 56...referenceError: Dwscripts is not defined"

    Everything was fine. Last night, I was jammin along. This
    morning, I get this error:
    At Line 56 of the file
    "c:\programfiles\macromedia\dreamweaver8\configuration\shared\common\scripts\dwscriptsext data.js":
    referenceError: Dwscripts is not defined
    Now, I am unable to do anything (Save, copy, paste, etc.). I
    have searched this forum, but am not seeing the issue. Do I have to
    reinstall everything? I have already tried the ol' system restore.
    No good.
    Please help. Anything you've got is appreciated.

    Sbisa wrote:
    > So far, I have not been able to make the solutions work.
    Mostly due to my own
    > time constraints this morning. One challenge that I have
    is that I am unable to
    > locate the offending cache file. (C:\Documents and
    > Settings\<username>\Application
    Data\Macromedia\Dreamweaver 8\Configuration),
    > per the instructions.
    You need to enable the option to view hidden files and
    folders in
    Windows. Open My Computer and select Folder Options from the
    Tools menu.
    Click the View tab and select "Show hidden files and folders"
    Advanced settings. You should then be able to find the
    file for Dreamweaver.
    David Powers, Adobe Community Expert
    Author, "Foundation PHP for Dreamweaver 8" (friends of ED)
    Author, "PHP Solutions" (friends of ED)

  • Uncaught ReferenceError: cp is not defined

    When uploading a published HTML5 Captivate course (with Quiz) I'm getting the error:
    SyntaxError: Unexpected token ILLEGAL at eval (native) at b (assets/js/CPXHRLoader.js:36:374) at XMLHttpRequest.<anonymous> (assets/js/CPXHRLoader.js:37:45)
    Uncaught ReferenceError: cp is not defined
    This is new since I've added the quiz though as I had no issues before. Any idea what might be causing it and how to fix it?

    I've stumbled across your message and I'm going to see if that resolves my Unexpected token illegal message.  Thanks.  Will let you know.

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