Register for a firefox account to sync my computers?

register for a firefox account to sync my computers, but I think I just did that when I had to create an account to ask this question, is that correct??

Nope, Its not related to that.
Know more about Firefox SYNC

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  • I'm trying to register for an iCloud account with my apple ID but it's telling me it needs to be an email address. I try and amend my username so it's the same as my email address but nothing happens! HELP?!

    Hi - I'm trying to register for an iCloud account (I've just had a baby and am terrified I'm going to lose all my photos of him!) but when I try and register, it tells me it needs an email address so I go to edit my username and try and amend it so my email address and username are the same thing but nothing is happening.  I keep going round in circles - can someone help?!

    Where are you trying to amend your username?
    It should be done at

  • HT1349 Apparently you can have 5 computers registered for iTunes.  I have 3 active computers but I guess I have other computers that are still activated that I no longer use.  Is there a way to delete or see what the others are?  Please help!

    Apparently you can have 5 computers registered for iTunes.  I have 3 active computers but I guess I have other computers that are still activated that I no longer use and I no longer have as they crashed.  Is there a way to delete or see what the other computers are so that I can go in and delete them?  I've tried to email Apple directly but apparently I need my hardware # and obviously I do not have that # since I don't have the equipment any longer.  Any help is greatly appreicated.  I am trying to add another computer and it won't allow me to as they say I'm at my limit.  Please help!

    Just open up iTunes on your computer -> Go to the iTunes Store -> Click your e- maill address (top right corner of the window) -> Type in your password for your Apple ID -> Under Computer Authorisations (underneath your Apple ID account balance and address) -> Press 'Deauthorise All'
    -> This will deauthorise all computers and devices from your iTunes account -> you then need to re- authorise any computers/ devices you would like to use with your Apple ID for iTunes content -> to do this, select the Store tab along the menu at the top (where 'File', 'Edit', 'View' etc..... are) -> Then click 'Authorise this Computer' -> Type in your Apple ID -> Voila!
    For any iOS devices (non- computers) you wish to re- authorise, these will automatically do so when you go to play iTunes content, download an app or anything like that on those devices!
    Hope this helps!

  • I just installed Firefox Beta on Nexus 7, will not recognize my E-mail/password for my Firefox account Why?

    I have a Firefox account on my computer using Windows 7, I have a username/password with a gmail E-mail address.
    I installed Firefox Beta on Nexus 7, tried to log-in will not allow me to says the username/ E-mail already in use Duh! but I cannot log-in or register with my E-mail Why?
    I set-up a sync account a couple of years ago but have not be using but I still have the account info, Have not tried because I cannot sign-in to firefox. Help not sure where to look for a reply, E-mal address is [email protected]

    To change the iCloud ID on your phone you have to go to Settings>iCloud, tap Delete Account, provide the password for the old ID when prompted to turn off Find My iDevice, then sign back in with the new ID.  If you only changed your ID and didn't create an entirely new ID, you can choose Delete from My iPhone when prompted.  Your data will download back to your phone when you sign back in.
    Save any photo stream photos that you want to keep to your camera roll before deleting the account.  Deleting the account deletes the photo stream photos from your phone.

  • Cannot find Billing System Password to register for My Verizon account

    I'm trying to register for a My Verizon account with my new business phone line, in hopes that I can see when my next bill will be due, or if it has already been sent, but I've not yet received it.
    When I click to register for a My Verizon account, I am asked for my billing system password. I have never heard of this, though a search through these forums suggested that it might be the last four digits of my SSN. I tried inputting the last four digits of my SSN, the last four digits of my Tax ID number (as this is a business account), and even my Voicemail password. Nothing has been successful, and I am now alerted by the registration page that my account has been locked and I should contact Customer Service at 1-800-922-0204 to access my online account. Ironically, when I called this number, a voice-automated answering service asked for my billing system password again. After repeating the same entry attempts as I tried online (knowing they wouldn't work, but not having any other ideas), I was finally prompted that if I'd forgotten my billing system password, I should press 0 to speak with a representative. Pressing 0 brought forth another automated message, simply stating something along the lines of "Thank you for calling Verizon Wireless," and I was then promptly disconnected without the phone even ringing for a representative.
    How do I go about finding my billing system password so that I can create a My Verizon account for this phone line?

    If this is a business line (part of a business account) you may have to get the billing pw from your employer.  The billing pw is normally the last 4 of the account owner's SSN, which would be your employer, or the company's EIN #.  Depending on how the account is set up, you may not be able to have an account for your number, but I'm not sure on that point. 

  • My email account that I registered for my iTunes account has been locked by Microsoft and cannot unlock. What now?

    When registering for a new iTunes account you have to fill in an existing email account.
    The problem is that my account has been suspended by Microsoft and I have no way to recover it,
    which mean if I want to do something with my account, I cannot.
    What should I do?

    Have you looked here:
    iOS: Hotmail, Live, or MSN email accounts

  • How do I register for a pandora account.

    I've never registered for Pandora before but when I try to registerr I receive a "we don't recognize that email" message.

    Try going to Pandora's website and registering there. If you still have trouble, I'm sure they also have customer support information there.

  • Activation Problem..i Have Registered for the devolopers account and also paid 99 dollars. how do i open my iphone now? please help. this is urgent!

    this morning my iphone showed up a activation problem then it told me to go to and register for the ios developer program.. it costed me 99 dollars. but i did it.. just a moment ago.. how do i access my iphone now? please help me this is real urgent.

    this in my problem too apple say : ur request is pending now and it did not activated yet !    ?  
    what should i do?

  • Unknown error occurred while registering for apple developers account

    I am trying to sign up for apple developer's account. However, when I press continue after the first step of entering the account info, I get this:
    Apple Developer Program
    We are unable to process your request
    An unknown error occurred. Please try again.
    Does anyone know why??
    Please call in what your experiencing and mention this thread and that 5 other people have been experiencing the same problem in the last 72 hours.
    The more people who call in, the more attention it will get. The sooner this gets fixed the better!

  • I've registered for the Firefox support forum, but the confirmation email hasn't come (after 3 + hours and 2 extra requests to "resend" it).

    Besides the original registration, and 2 additional requests for the confirmation email, plus asking a previous question, which appears to have triggered the sending of yet another confirmation email, I've received none! And I really don't mind waiting an hour for a confirmation email, but 3 hours and counting is not acceptable.
    And there appears to be no other way to contact anyone about anything -- except for a feedback form in which you have to explain the problem in one or 2 short sentences.
    Yes, I've checked my ISP and my email is working fine. The test message I sent myself arrived in under one second! I've checked my spam folders, and they aren't there either.....not one.
    Thanks for your help :-)

    It is a phishing attempt to get your Apple ID and Password.
    You should forward it to Apple : [email protected]

  • Firefox won't allow me to register for an account, says I'm inactive when I'm not.

    I registered for a Firefox account so I could ask a question about why Firefox 5 is not compatible with Evernote, an app which I have to have. The link was sent to my email for confirmation, and I clicked on it. Then when I went back to ask my question and was asked to sign in, I got a message back saying my account was inactive. What gives?

    You will have to provide the correct password to delete the existing account, if you have tried but are not getting the password reset email, contact Apple for assistance by going to, then click More Products and Services>Apple ID>Other Apple ID Topics>Lost or forgotten Apple ID password.

  • How To Register For a New eFax Account on the Photosmart eStation

    If you ever find yourself unable to log in to your eFax account and you have contacted HP Technical Support and eFax only to find the problem cannot be fixed by either party, there is a way to register for a different account but the only way to do this involves using a Photosmart eStation.  The error you may get will read "Invalid Login" and is only applicable on the Photosmart eStation, HP Envy Series, and the Photosmart 7510 regardless of whether you are trying to create a new account or just access one that already exists, here are the steps to fix that:
    1. Go to and sign in. 
    2. Select "Update Account" and then select the profile tab.
    3. Change the current contact email to a dummy/alternate email (must have a phone number listed on this page before changes will go into effect).
         a) Using the email may cause problems.
         b) Log out of eFax account.
    4. Go to the E-station and follow these instructions to be able to register for a new account:
         a) On the top of the E-station, select the 3rd Menu button (3 lines) and go to
         b) Select Settings then
         c) Tools then
         d) Advanced then
         e) Applications and
         f) Manage Applications
         g) next Filter > select All and wait for all the apps to load.
         h) Scroll down to very bottom for Webfax
         i) and then Clear Data in this section
         j) Select the Home button at the top and
         k) Select Efax and register for a new account with a preferred email and zip code
         l) Write down the new phone number and check your email for a new 4-digit PIN
    5. Repeat these steps to clear the Web Fax data and then try to login to on the printer by selecting
         a) eFax button
         b) Settings
         c) Account and upgrade information
         d) Change
         e) After selecting chance, in this area, login to eFax on the printer with the new number and pin.
    6. The best test to ensure everything is working now is to send yourself an eFax so you can check for incoming and outgoing processes to be just as you expect it to be.
    7. Print the ePrint info page so that the printer's ePrint email address will be associated with the new eFax account.
    And that is the trick on how to get a new eFax account if you are experiencing issues with signing in from the front panel of the printer.  If you do not have access to a Photosmart eStation, then contact HP Cloud Services at 1-855-785-2777 if you live in North America or are an English-speaking customer for assistance with this step.
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    Here is a picture of the Photosmart eStation:
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    When a solution is found please mark the post that solves your issue.
    Every problem has a solution!

  • I cannot complete the registration for an iTunes account since I do not own a credit card, nor does the rest of my family. HELP!

    I came upon registering for an iTunes account but the only payment options it gives me require a credit card. Our family does not own a single credit card.... What do I do now? Please help!!!

    We are fellow users here on these forums, you're not talking to iTunes Support nor Apple.
    If you have a credit card on your account then it will need to be valid. If you don't have a card to replace it with then have you tried removing it from your account ? On your computer's iTunes you should be able to edit your payment info by going into the Store > View Account menu option and logging into your account, and on your account's details page there should be a payment link.
    Changing payment info :
    If you don't get the 'none' option on the payment details screen then do you owe iTunes anything or have any pre-orders/subscriptions due : ?

  • Can't register for ePrint number

    When I try to register for an ePrint account I get the following error message
    Ajax submit failed: error =403, Forbidden
    I have a new Google Chromebook and would like to use the CloudPrint / ePrint option, but seeing as I can't sign in for an ePrint acct, it's going to be impossible
    I have a HP Officejet 7500A Wide Format e-All-in-One Printer - E910a printer and I set up an HP account to register that printer - S/N MY22D310S1

    For Ajax error 403, please use other web browser OR clear cache, history, cookies then try again.
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  • Old deleted mail account sometimes syncs

    I had an old mail account, that has been deleted for a long time, that the mail program every once in a while tries to sync...any ideas on how to have mail fully delete it?

    Hi again,
    I've never seen this happen before, but it sounds like it might have something to do with corrupted preferences. How often does this phantom account try to sync? If it's fairly frequent, then you might try quitting Mail and temporarily moving ~/Library/Preferences/ to your Desktop, and restart Mail to test. Before you do this however, make a backup of your ~/Library/Mail/ folder just in case.
    You'll be prompted for account details, so just go through it as per normal and wait for the phantom account to sync. Once you're done testing, quit Mail and replace the original .plist file.
    At the same time, look in Keychain Access (/Applications/Utilities/) to see if there is an entry associated with this phantom account. If so, try removing it as well. For this purpose, the search field in the toolbar is helpful.
    I'll keep looking around. Post back if I find anything.

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