Restoring Mac HD to previous date without losing user data

I installed about 3 applications in the past 2 weeks and have noticed my computer is definitely slower than it was... rendering web pages and simple things just aren't as snappy anymore.
On the Support site there lots of articles explaining how to completely restore my system disk and other tell me how to retrieve an old version of files/folders... but how do I restore my system disk with out losing my mail, ical, addres book, itunes lib, skype data, stickies and all other data I have changed and want to keep since the install?
Please help. If restoring the entire HD and then restoring individual files/folders I want back from todays date in Time Machine then so be it.
If there is an easier way then please let me know.

you can do it but it has to be done in two steps. first, make a TM backup. to speed things up just choose 'backup now" from the TM menu. next, do a full system restore by booting from the leopard install dvd. once the system is restored log out of your current account and log into another admin account. create one using system preferences->accounts. then go to the folder /users at the top level of the drive and restore the home directory of your main user from the most recent TM backup available. then log into your main account and all your recent data will be there.

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    how do i restore and update my iphone 4S without losing my contacts photos and videos??

    Use the device as designed.
    Pictures and videos taken with the device are designed to be regularly copied off the device to a computer.
    Contacts are designed to be synced to a supported application on the computer or a cloud service.
    Media should exist in iTunes on the computer.
    If the device has been used as designed then at most, only a miniscule amount of data is at risk.  That data being pics/vids taken since the last time they were copied off the device.  Also at risk is app data created since the last backup to iTunes or iCloud.
    If the device is in recovery mode and it has not been used as designed, it is too late to salvage the data.
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  • Is it possible to repartition my MacbookPro Mac HD to eliminate Bootcamp without losing folders and files on Mac HD?

    Is it possible to repartition my MacbookPro Mac HD to eliminate Bootcamp without losing folders and files on Mac HD?

    noahgrant wrote:
    Hey thanks a bunch for that, I've seen that a lot--my problem is that I don't see have a partition tab under disk utilities.  what gives??
    I did not say to use disk utility. I said use Boot Camp Assistant the same as you did when you created your Boot Camp partition. Only this time select remove the Boot Camp partition rather than create the partition. Using Boot Camp assistand will remove the Boot Camp partition, return your hard drive to a single OSx partition and will not affect your data on your OSx partition.

  • Is there a way i can restore my mac to a previous date without having previously backed it up using time machine or disk utility?

    So over the past few days out of nowhere my macbook pro has started behaving very erratically, i have yet had time to properly set up time machine on an alternate device and i was wondering if it was possible to restore my system to a few days ago? i have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the most problematic programs but they still crash on open. My largest issue has been firefox which deleted all of my bookmarks and would not show a url in the navigation bar.  as well as neither my trackpad or usb mouse would allow me to left-click until after i had restarted my laptop 3 times.  Anyone have any ideas?

    OS X doesn't have a "system restore" like Windows has.
    You have to use TimeMachine or a external clone previously made.
    My largest issue has been firefox which deleted all of my bookmarks and would not show a url in the navigation bar.
    Uninstall all your add-ons, remove Firefox for now and use Safari
    Use a external drive to make a copy of your user files only (not Timemachine) and disconnect all drives.
    If you've installed crapware like MacKeeper you need to uninstall it here
    If you've installed a always on anti-virus you need to uninstall it using the devlepers uninstaller
    as well as neither my trackpad or usb mouse would allow me to left-click until after i had restarted my laptop 3 times.
    Stick in your 10.6 install disk and reboot holding the c key down, boot off the disk and simply reinstall 10.6
    reboot holding the Shift key down, then Apple menu > Software update to 10.6.8
    reboot and try running all your third party software, a few may not work and have to be reinstalled as they insert kext files into OS X which you just replaced.
    check the status of your plugins like Flash and Silverlight here, update if needed
    Now go to System Preferences and create another new user and log into it, does things seem fine?
    Now log into your original user, does it seem fine?
    Now install Firefox by itself, does it seem fine?
    Add add-ons one at a time in FF, does everything seem fine?
    Try FF in the new user, everything seem fine?
    It should be, you've just replaced your OS X, bundled programs and replaced Firefox.
    If something still is occuring but only in that first user then you need to transfer personal files to the new user and delete the old one it's corrupted. You can re-create the first user again and transfer files back so things work again (itunes playlists etc.)
    Next time make a TimeMachine drive or a Carbon Copy Cloner which is bootable and updates on your scheduale.

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  • Reinstall Mac OSX on partitioned drive without losing Windows data

    Several weeks ago, I used bootcamp to partition my mac so I could install Windows. I set aside about 20GB for Windows. I did it so that I could download a program I need to take the bar exam.
    Everything worked fine for about a week. Then my "mac hard drive" started running slowly, freezing and crashing where I had to do manual restarts. The windows hard drive worked fine. Then, my mac hard drive quit starting up completely. It would freeze on the grey/blue screens.
    Went to a mac store. The guy didn't know what to do (because he wasn't trained in boot camp) but told me I could try doing an install-without-erasing of Mac OS on the mac hard drive. I did this, and it helped, but did not solve the problem. It still froze/was slow.
    Now, the Mac hard drive doesn't completely start up, it freezes after I enter my log in information.
    I want to know the following: If I do a complete reset/reinstall of the mac OS on my mac hard drive, will it affect my Windows hard drive? I ABSOLUTELY CANNOT lose the program I have installed on my Windows hard drive. However, I am a bit nervous that if I don't take any action now, whatever problem is occurring may seep over into my Windows hard drive.
    Any advice would be wonderful. Thanks!
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    you could use [Winclone|> to clone the winsloth partition to an external, then erase your internal drive, reinstall OS X, have bootcamp assistant create a new partition for winsloth, and finally clone your winsloth installation back.

  • HT1414 I changed my Iphone 4s passcode and for something I cannot fully understand, it seems I clicked on differente digits I cannot remember anymore.  How can I restore to the imediately previous setting without restoring it to fabric  settings?


    Thanks. I thought of trying it. It just happens if I do it it'll erase all data previously stored in.  I have backed up the Iphone this morning without having tried first the new settings.  So, the data stores in this computer is the new one that I may not use. It is the same I want to forget.   What if I use the backup I have restore on the other computer I have?  May I restore to that previous backup and erase this new one I have just got?

  • How can i get my icloud restored back to a previous date

    Does anyone know how I can get my icloud restored back to a week ago?  My two separate apple iPhones had their iCloud accounts merged and I got my personal accounts and work accounts merged.  When trying to split them back up again, I deleted all my contacts on icloud and now I can't get them back.  can i get my icloud restored?  I restored my phone, but that didn't work.  Thanks for your help.

    A partition is just a section of the disk set aside for a particular purpose. In this case, we're talking about a Mac partition and a Windows partition. They have different formats, which is how the data is stored. The disks that came with your Mac will create the Mac partition when you install, but most likely you'll lose the Windows partition. You've got kind of a mess at this point. What you should do is install the Mac OS and get everything as you want it. Then run Bootcamp to create a Windows partition and let Bootcamp do the Windows installation for you. Grant gave you good advice earlier. Don't let Windows do any partitioning. That's how you got into this mess.

  • How do I restore iCloud mailboxes from Time Machine without losing new mail?

    This morning when I opened my laptop and checked my email, Apple Mail decided to flag every single email in my three separate Apple-related accounts ([email protected],[email protected], and [email protected])—some 14,500+ emails total. None of the emails in my comcast or yahoo accounts were affected. Of course, each of the three accounts is set to download copies to my laptop as well as keep them on the server, so now all of those emails are flagged across the board—on my iMac, my iPhone, my iPad mini as well as my laptop. Yay. Since some of the emails were actually flagged intentionally by me over time, I don't want to just unflag everything or I'll lose my flags as well as the ones spontaneously generated this morning.
    My questions are:
    1) If I use a Time Machine backup from last night to restore the three affected mailboxes, will iCloud accept them as the de facto most up-to-date versions, or do I still have to go through some complicated process in order to convince the cloud that the 14,500+ unflagged emails don't then need to be "updated" to flagged status?
    2) More importantly, will the cloud still sync properly so that I still get all of the emails that came since last night? I'm fine if the absence of the more recent emails from the "new" (actually older TM) mailboxes is interpreted as though they've been deleted, since my preferences are set to keep deleted email on the server for a month. But it would be a problem if those emails simply disappear into the ether.
    3) Does anyone have any idea what might have caused the random flagging in the first place and/or suggestions for keeping it from happening in the future?
    I remember vaguely that in the early days of Time Machine, restoring iCloud mailboxes was a complicated process in order to trick the cloud into accepting the Time Machine backup as the latest and greatest version. I take it that's no longer such a tricky proposition nowadays, since a search of Apple's knowledge base yielded little information on it. I'd appreciate some confirmation on that, however, so I know what to expect after the restore.
    I'm going to try cross-posting this issue in both the iCloud and Time Machine forums since it's some of both. Apologies in advance if that causes confusion.

    I set up an admin account for myself, logged on to it, and then followed the procedure in the help file to delete his account, saving it as a .dmg file.  Then, when he asked for his old emails, I followed the procedure in the help file to restore a deleted user account and copied the contents of the .dmg into it.
    I'm not entirely confident I got the restoration sequence right, since I find the order of steps in the help file confusing. But everything except the Mail data seems to be recovered.
    Another source of trouble may be the email account settings:  when I opened Mail under his log-on, there were no accounts set up: I recreated them using his email address and password, but Mail may well be treating these as new accounts, rather than re-opened old accounts.
    Thanks, John

  • Some bookmarks did not show up so I asked to restore (from the bookmark menu) - now all have disappeared. What files are the bookmarks stored in (in the system) So I can use the time machine to restore them from a previous date?

    I do a lot of work on the web and I have a ton of bookmarks that I use to maintain various sites. I have lost them all!
    I have tried to install a clean copy of the programme and restore the Mozilla file from the User Library (in time machine) but all I have is a white space where the bookmark toolbar was! I also have a problem in trying to enter all the bookmarks manually again. I can open the bookmark drop down but I cannot save any bookmarks. Firefox will not let me bookmark any new pages. I still have all the passwords in the preferences so I do not want to install a completely new copy of the programme and loose these.
    Are there any other system files that Firefox uses that I can restore from the backup to solve the problem?
    I have a Mac Pro and I am running OSX 10.6.4
    I have used Firefox for many years and never had a problem before.
    Can anybody help - please?

    This can be a problem with the file places.sqlite that stores the bookmarks and the history.

  • Hi, My desktop pc died recently. That was the computer that I used for my Itunes purchases. I have recently purchased a Macbook pro and tried to transfer info from the dead pc hard drive to my mac,how do I sync without losing apps?

    When i try to sync my Iphone on my macbook pro I am told that I will lose any apps previously purchased while I was using a since crashed pc harddrive. I have authorized my macbook as a second computer but am not able to sync. Is there a way I can transfer my apps from my phone onto the macbook and then sync with my family members phones on the same account?

    On the MacBook launch iTunes.
    From the menu bar click Store / Authorize This Computer.
    Now sync your iPhone.
    Apple - Support - iPhone - Syncing

  • Restore mac tiger to previous day to find all folders in document file

    I emptied trash and forced trash to empty and deleted itunes and then noticed when I went to finder and document was gone with all my folders in it, taxes ect. Have tried to connect to server through SMB and could not came up error code 36 could not be read or written. PLEASE HELP thank you in advance

    An error -36 is an input/output error, meaning it can't read from the disc.
    Now an error 36 has to do with having Windows installed on your Mac according to this forum:
    Note other things in that forum may constitute speculation which would not be permitted on Apple Discussions, but that particular thread appears to have technical solutions for an error 36, as opposed to an error -36.
    Other stores may be able to provide support. Where are you located?

  • How can i log out from icloud without losing any document?

    I want to create a new icloud account, but first I need to delete the previous one without losing my documents.

    On your mac, use Pages or whichever app is needed for the specific document and save it locally instead of in icloud.  Then disconnect your iOS device from the account.  You can later sync the document via itunes.

  • I want to search Time Machine for an appointment that has been deleted from my current view of iCal.  Can I "restore" a previous version of iCal without losing all the entries I've made to the calendar since that prior date?

    I want to search Time Machine for an appointment that has been deleted from my current view of iCal.  Can I "restore" a previous version of iCal without losing all the entries I've made to the calendar since that prior date?

    No. I tried it on my Time Machine (I had just made one change today, so I knew I would not be left in the lurch if I failed) and when I clicked on restore I got this message:
    It seems you have several options.  I chose 'Keep Both'.  I suggest that you proceed with your search.

  • I want to move from pc to mac without losing app data

    i have a new mac mini that has itunes and some music/tv shows/movies on it.  but i want to move my main itunes library from my pc to my new mac mini.  i know i can just copy my itunes folder from my pc to the mac, but i want to move my iphone data from pc to mac without losing app data (especially game data).  can I just copy my pc iphone backup data files to the mac and have them work in mac format?  or can i just plug in my iphone on the new mac, do a backup/restore and continue syncing from there?  does anyone have any advice on the best way to move iphone from pc to mac?

    I was fighting this battle the past few days myself; but actually it is REALLY easy now. See here:
    Then, once iTunes was on the Mac, I did this:
    1. On the Mac rename ...\iTunes\iTunes Library.itl as ...\iTunes\iTunes Library
    2. On the Mac delete ...\iTunes\iTunes Library Genius.itdb (Apparently the PC & Mac versions are not compatible - iTunes will just rebuild it later)
    3. Launch iTunes and immediately press & hold down the Option key until a dialog opens asking you to Choose a library. Navigate to the folder/drive you've copied from the PC and open ...\iTunes\iTunes Library.
    (thanks to turingtest2 for the above steps)
    That was it. Did it yesterday evening. All playlists, libraries, everything copied fine. No problems; no broken links. Perfect.

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