Run RFEBKA00 as background job

I want to run program RFEBKA00 as background job. On selection screen, there is parameter "Execute as background job", but even if I tick this checkbox, report is ran on foreground.
How can I run this program as background job?

You can run the program in background by selecting 'Execute in background' option in 'Program' menu.

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  • Can the standard program RFBIBL00 be run as a background job ?

    Hi all,
    Can the standard program RFBIBL00 be run as a background job for the call transaction mode.
    As I tried I got the job cancelled with message"Job RFBIBL00: Data does not match the job definition; job terminated".
    As i run it in foreground it executes properly.
    Why is it failing in background? Please help.
    Thanks ,

    You need to copy the program RFBIBL00 & modify the program to build the logic to upload through application server. Then schedule the modified program in background & it wl work.
    Best regards,

  • Error when running SWN_SELSEN as background job.

    Hello Gurus,
    I am facing a typical problem these days.
    The background job for program SWN_SELSEN is scheduled in every 5 mins. It has started to fail intermittently with the error message 'An instance of the report SWN_SELSEN is still active'. But the stange thing is that the program completes its execution in approx. 12 - 15 secs  then why this kind of error it is throwing.
    This error message should not come as the program completes itself in 12- 15 secs and it has more than 4 mins as free time.
    Please help as this kind of failure is happenning quite frequently i.e. once in nearly every three times it executes. In a day around 100 times.
    Please help.
    Thanks in advance.

    I assume you've checked in SM37 to see how often it actually runs and whether perhaps two instances have been scheduled?
    Also check the log in SLG1 to see if there is any clue there.
    Rick Bakker
    Hanabi Technology

  • Dunning run as periodic background job - TA F150

    Hi Gurus,
    do you know a functionality how to set up the dunning run (selection + printing) as as a periodic background job.
    The issue is, that the parameters have to be changed with each run. For example we would like to run the dunning programm all 2 weeks in background. Is there a possibility to create a new dunning run and ID automatically. The date parameters should be also changed (+2 weeks). We do not want to change the proposal, we would like to print out the letters automatically.
    Thanks for your response!

    Use Program RF150SMS

  • Run ALV in Background JOB (DUMP)

    HI Experts,
    Before post  i have already  look at this forum and tried many solutions , im on  SAPGUI 7.20 and already creatde a doc container... so nothing has work yet...
    Im trying to run a alv report in a  scheduled JOB...!!
    Below the Dump Description and My source code...!
    Many Thanks for any help..!!!!
    Short text
        Exception condition "CNTL_ERROR" raised.
    What happened?
        The current ABAP/4 program encountered an unexpected
    What can you do?
        Note down which actions and inputs caused the error.
        To process the problem further, contact you SAP system
        Using Transaction ST22 for ABAP Dump Analysis, you can look
        at and manage termination messages, and you can also
        keep them for a long time.
    Error analysis
        A RAISE statement in the program "CL_GUI_CONTROL================CP" raised the
        condition "CNTL_ERROR".
        Since the exception was not intercepted by a superior
        program, processing was terminated.
        Short description of exception condition:
        For detailed documentation of the exception condition, use
        Transaction SE37 (Function Library). You can take the called
        function module from the display of active calls.
    How to correct the error
        If the error occures in a non-modified SAP program, you may be able to
        find an interim solution in an SAP Note.
        If you have access to SAP Notes, carry out a search with the following
    DATA: gro_doc_container     TYPE REF TO cl_gui_docking_container,
            w_off                 TYPE  INT4.
      IF w_1c_container IS INITIAL.
      CALL METHOD cl_gui_alv_grid=>offline
       RECEIVING e_offline = w_off.
    IF NOT w_off is initial.
        CREATE OBJECT w_1obj_alv
                 EXPORTING i_parent = gro_doc_container .
          CREATE OBJECT w_1c_container
              container_name = c_1alv.
          CREATE OBJECT w_1obj_alv
              i_parent = w_1c_container.
        CREATE OBJECT w_event_receiver.
        SET HANDLER: w_event_receiver->handle_data_changed FOR w_1obj_alv,
                     w_event_receiver->handle_toolbar FOR w_1obj_alv,
                     w_event_receiver->handle_user_command FOR w_1obj_alv.
        CALL METHOD w_1obj_alv->register_edit_event
            i_event_id = cl_gui_alv_grid=>mc_evt_modified.
        CALL METHOD w_1obj_alv->set_table_for_first_display
            i_save               = c_a
            is_layout            = e_1layout
            is_variant           = e_1variant
            it_toolbar_excluding = is_1func
            i_structure_name     = c_1strucs1
            it_outtab            = is_1pant
            it_fieldcatalog      = is_1fcat[].

    HI ,
    The ALV grid will not work in background. You need to check sy-batch (for background processing ) and write a seperate code .
    The better way of doing is to use SALV factory methods - It works both in background and foreground modes.
    Remember It will work on ECC and it doesnot support editable ALV directly.
    For Demo program  SALV_DEMO* and F4
    Hope this brings clarity and neccassary help to you.

  • How to get the Status code of rwclient when run as a background job

    Hi all,
    i have to get the return code(status code) of the rwclient.exe while running as a batch script. is it possible to get the return code to check whether the report generated succefully or not?
    please help me if anyone has the solution.
    Thanks in advance

    Hi Andi,
    Please see my Blog : /people/dhanabal.thangavel2/blog/2009/12/16/getting-daily-failed-message-list-in-xi-and-sending-an-alert-mail-with-attachementcsv-file-of-that-list
    I think it 'll help you on this.

  • How to Prevent the Executing a Program but Allow to Run as Background Job?

    Hi All,
    I have an ABAB List Program. I need to restrict this program from executing. This has to always run as a Background Job. How do I check this condition in the program?

    Check for the system variable SY-BATCH. If this field is 'X', then allow the execution of the program. If not then exit. Do this coding in the initialization event or start of selection.
    IF sy-batch IS INITIAL.

  • Background Job processing

    After writing a report, I used this Function Module “LIST_TO_ASCI” to copy my report to an internal table (DOWNTAB) because I’ll use that internal table to download a text file on the server using dataset.
    Here is my code:
            END   OF DOWNTAB.
      CLEAR: MV_FILE2.
      MV_FILE2 = ‘J:/Downloads/Report.txt’.
                LIST_INDEX         = SY-LSIND
                LISTASCI           = DOWNTAB
                LISTOBJECT         = ABAP_LIST
                LIST_INDEX_INVALID = 1
                OTHERS             = 2. 
      IF SY-SUBRC <> 0.
        IF SY-SUBRC = 8.
          MESSAGE E037 WITH 'File could not be opened'.
          MESSAGE E037 WITH 'Error occurs in downloading the file'.
    ENDFORM.                    " DL_REP_SERVER
    My big problem is this, when I’m running my program ordinarily (not as background job), I’m getting all the pages downloaded correctly but when I run it as background job (using SM36), I’m only getting the last page of my report being downloaded. Definitely, I can’t debug it because it’s in background. I can’t figure out why. Hope that I stated my problem clearly. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

    You can debug batch jobs by going to 'SM37', type in 'JDBG' in the
    command line ( no '/' ), put the cursor on the job and press enter - will
    take you to the job in debug mode.
    You can do this only after the job has finished execution. This will simulate the exact background scenario with the same selection screen values as used in the job also sy-batch will set to 'X'.
    So type in the transaction code 'JDBG' and place your cursor on the job after It has finished. It will take you to a SAP program in debug mode. Step through this program which is about 10 lines, after this your program will be executed in the debug mode.
    1. Create variant called BACKGROUND for program to be debugged.
    2. Execute ZDEBUGBG (pgm code below) in background for immediate processing.
    3. Execute transaction SM50.
    4. Select process that runs ZDEBUGBG.
    5. Goto 'Program/Session' 'Program' 'Debugging'.
    A se80 debug session will open.
    6. Change variable W_EXIT to 'E'.
    7. Step thru (F6) until ZWBTEST comes up.
    1. Go to Transaction SM66 and find your work porocess.
    Select the line work process is on and click on the Debugging button.
    If this is a custom program, you can put a wait statement in the code to buy yourself sometime.
    2. Go to Transaction SM50. From the tool bar "Program/session"->Program->Debugging.
    goto SM37 and from Program menu(not sure.. try other menu's)
    -->Catchjob . it will goto the active job in debugging mode.

  • How to Execute WebDynpro Applications as Background Job ?

    Hi Gurus,
    We have developed a lot of WDJ applications with component reusage; ie,
    quite a lot of business logic are wrapped in WDJ Components which are
    re-used by other WD UIs.
    Now we'd like to automate some of the processes with background jobs
    and faced with a few problems :
    #1. How can we write a background WD application which can be
    triggered by external mechanism and without presenting any UI?
    #2. If we write the background program in a Java DC, how can we
    invoke existing methods in WD components ?
    Anyone got a clue ??
    Ying-Jie Chen

    Hello Amit,
    > Well I can think of a workaround in this case.If you are aware
    > of the suspend-resume functionality of the WD application then
    > its possible to run the WD application virtually in background.
    [ stuffs deleted ...]
    It sounds like a possible alternative to our requirement, I'll
    spend some time to investigate on the WD suspend-resume mechanism !
    > Also let me know why are you preffering the WD if you dont
    > require its UI
    Our application requires the process to be performed with UI interaction;
    with some instances it should be run as a background job. Either case involves
    RFC calls to backend SAP R/3 and it's easy for RFC access with WD
    Component.  Though it's also possible to use CAF application service for
    RFC access; due to some technical constrains, we did not use CAF
    framework. Therefore it ends up where we are now ...
    Thanks for your tip!
    Ying-Jie Chen

  • ALV list display in a Background job - Spool output

    We are currently working on a report scheduled to be run in the background job, and the ALV list is displayed in the spool output.
    ALV list in the spool does not look the same as front run job, the column headers are all crowded together, and there is no grid in-between different columns or rows. It's hard to read.
    Is there a way to add grid for this kind of output?

    Hi Deepak:
    I expanded your report into two rows display, and the grid in the spool display simply gone!
    report zzscratch line-size 120 no standard page heading.
    type-pools slis.
    tables pa0001.
    data : li_field type standard table of slis_fieldcat_alv,
    gi_events type standard table of slis_alv_event,
    gr_layout_bck type slis_layout_alv,
    gr_save like disvariant,
    gr_events type slis_alv_event.
    types : begin of gtt_emp,
    pernr type persno,
    ename  like pa0001-ename,
    uname  like pa0001-UNAME,
    end of gtt_emp.
    data : lr_field type slis_fieldcat_alv.
    data : lc_rep like syst-repid.
    data : li_emp type standard table of gtt_emp,
    lr_emp type gtt_emp.
    data : gv_ref_table type lvc_rtname.
    gv_ref_table = 'CATSDB'.
    lr_field-fieldname = 'PERNR'.
    lr_field-ref_tabname = gv_ref_table.
    lr_field-inttype = 'N'.
    lr_field-outputlen = 8.
    lr_field-seltext_l = 'EMPLOYEE Number'.
    append lr_field to li_field.
    lr_field-fieldname = 'ENAME'.
    lr_field-ref_tabname = 'PA0001'.
    lr_field-inttype = 'C'.
    lr_field-outputlen = 40.
    lr_field-seltext_l = 'EMPLOYEE Name'.
    append lr_field to li_field.
    lr_field-fieldname = 'UNAME'.
    lr_field-ref_tabname = 'PA0001'.
    lr_field-inttype = 'C'.
    lr_field-outputlen = 12.
    lr_field-seltext_l = 'User Name'.
    lr_field-row_pos = 2.
    lr_field-col_pos = 1.
    append lr_field to li_field.
    lc_rep = sy-repid.
    gr_layout_bck-edit_mode = 'D'.
    gr_save-report = sy-repid.
    lr_emp-pernr = '00000001'.
    lr_emp-ename = 'abc'.
    lr_emp-uname = 'testus'.
    append lr_emp to li_emp.
    lr_emp-pernr = '00000002'.
    lr_emp-ename = 'def'.
    append lr_emp to li_emp.
    lr_emp-pernr = '00000003'.
    append lr_emp to li_emp.
    lr_emp-pernr = '00000004'.
    append lr_emp to li_emp.
    lr_emp-pernr = '00000005'.
    append lr_emp to li_emp.
    lr_emp-pernr = '00000006'.
    append lr_emp to li_emp.
    lr_emp-pernr = '00000007'.
    append lr_emp to li_emp.
    lr_emp-pernr = '00000008'.
    append lr_emp to li_emp.
    Function module for ALV grid display
      call function 'REUSE_ALV_GRID_DISPLAY'
                i_buffer_active    = 'X'
                i_callback_program = lc_rep
                is_layout          = gr_layout_bck
                it_fieldcat        = li_field
                i_save             = 'A'
                is_variant         = gr_save
                it_events          = gi_events
                t_outtab           = li_emp[]
                program_error      = 1
                others             = 2.
      if sy-subrc <> 0.
    clear gr_messages.
    message e023 into gr_messages.
    append gr_messages to gi_messages.

  • User Name in a background job

    Hello All,
    I am running a report in background that creates data in IT0105. This table has a field "UNAME". When I run it in
    foreground this field takes up the id from which I am logged in. The program doesn't complete in background because
    it has a BDC which we complete forcefully in foreground due to some data issue.
    So I need to know what will be the "UNAME" in IT0105 when the report runs in background?
    Ritika Mathur

    Hello Neal,
    Actually I don't need to check any authority. The issue is that I need to track and give a proof that it is not the program putting in inconsistent data into the database. So in foreground I can run and test that the user name is the id I was logged into from. But in background I assume that the user name is set to "BATCH". (I see the data previously created in IT0105 and the username is either the ids of logged in users or "BATCH" as the report is actually meant to run as a background job).
    Now I cannot test in background and hence need to know if the username is set to "BATCH" if a program runs in background.

  • Write the Error log from background Job to the Spool request

    Hi ,
    I have a situation where in i need to capture the error log of a Z program which runs as a background job and write that log into the spool request. My Z program calls runs RSEINB00 program using the SUBMIT statement. When this Job fails the error log can be seen in SM37. But i need this error log to be sent in to a spool.
    I can read the error log using the BP_JOBLOG_READ FM and can also create a spool using the RSPO_SPOOL_OPEN FM.
    The problem is, when the Submit statement executes, due to internal valdation in the RSEINB00 program the program terminates. Due to this it is not able to perform the SY-SUBRC Check and thus doesn't read the log.
    Can anybody suggest me how to overcome this problem. I am attaching the code for your refernece.
                           TO SAP-SPOOL
                           LIST NAME 'LOCL'
                           IMMEDIATELY space
                           KEEP IN SPOOL 'X'
           AND RETURN.
    <b>If sy-subrc <> 0.</b>           
                    CLIENT                      = SY-MANDT
                    JOBCOUNT                    = i_tbtco-jobcount
                    JOBLOG                      = i_tbtco-joblog
                    JOBNAME                     = i_tbtco-jobname
                     JOBLOGTBL                   = l_joblog
                 IF SY-SUBRC <> 0.
                    message i002 with l_joblog-msgv1.
    P.S. : any other approach to solve this problem will be appreciated too and the points will be rewarded suitably.

    If I select a job in SM37 and I click on "spool" I get a list with separate spool entries for each of the steps, e. g.
    Programmname/Kommand   Programmtyp   Spoolliste
    Z_MM_STAT_UPDATE_WERK  ABAP             1707445
    ZSLEEP                 Ext. Kommando
    Z_MM_STAT_UPDATE_WERK  ABAP             1707459
    ZSLEEP                 Ext. Kommando
    Z_MM_STAT_UPDATE_MARA  ABAP             1721423
    ZSLEEP                 Ext. Kommando
    Z_MM_STAT_UPDATE_WERK  ABAP             1721437
    Z_MM_STAT_UPDATE_MARA  ABAP             1721446
    Z_MM_STAT_UPDATE_WERK  ABAP             1721447
    Z_MM_STAT_UPDATE_VKORG ABAP             1721471
    ZSLEEP                 Ext. Kommando
    Z_MM_STAT_UPDATE_VKORG ABAP             1721521
    ZSLEEP                 Ext. Kommando
    Z_MM_STAT_UPDATE_VKORG ABAP             1721816
    It's in German but I'm sure you get the idea. For each Z_MM_STAT_UPDATE and variant I have a separate spool list that I can display.

  • Background Job Processing/Spool List Recipient

    When setting up a report to run as a background job and setting it up to e-mail the results via the Spool List Recipient button, it always sends the results in htm format. Is there a way it can be e-mailed in Excel?

    hi swapna.
    in scot it is not configured as excel how to do get an attachment in excel format
    thanks in advance

  • Need to know how to find out the Variant associated with a background job

    Plz help me in finding out how to find the variant associated with a background job. I need to know which variant does the program picks up when it runs the scheduled background job. There are so many variants that exist. How do I figure out which one is being picked up by the program. When I go and see into the job that are already finished it shows the parameter as "&00000000645354" which I do not understand what it corresponds to. I was expecting a variant name instead of this number in the parameter field. Is there a way I can find out the name of teh variant the program is using automatically in the background job ??
    Thanks in anticipation

    Yes it is possible which is variant, input fields are choosen
    - go to SM37 and locate the background job which was processed using proper selection criteria
    - select the Job and click on 'Step' button availabe in the screen
    - the new screen is 'step list overview'. now, place the cursor on selected variant avaialble on the screen, then from Menu >> Goto>> variant
    which gives the list of input values.
    hope this helps

  • Issue with background job--taking more time

    We have a custom program which runs as the background job. It runs every 2 hours.
    Itu2019s taking more time than expected on ECC6 SR2 & SR3 on Oracle We found that it taking more time while executing native SQL on DBA_EXTENTS. When we tried to fetch less number of records from DBA_EXTENTS, it works fine.
    But we need the program to fetch all the records.
    But it works fine on ECC5 on &
    Here is the SQL statement:
    Can somebody suggest what has to be done?
    Has something changed in SAP7 (wrt background job etc) or do we need to fine tune the SQL statement?

    there was an issue with LMT's but that was fixed  in
    besides missing system statistics:
    But WHY do you collect every 2 hours this information? The dba_extents view is based on really heavy used system tables.
    Normally , you would start queries of this type against dba_extents ie. to identify corrupt blocks and such:
    SELECT  owner , segment_name , segment_type
            FROM  dba_extents
           WHERE  file_id = &AFN
             AND  &BLOCKNO BETWEEN block_id AND block_id + blocks -1
    Not sure what you want to achieve with it.
    There are monitoring tools (OEM ?) around that may cover your needs.

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