Samsung Note 3 erasing contact info for random contacts - not all contacts.

My Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has begun dropping contacts from my phone list.  I will receive a text from a phone number and realize it is someone who was in my Favorite List and is now removed from contact list completely. Today three people that I call, message or email frequently were simply gone from my phone.   This happens intermittently and is random.    I believe it started after last update when other problems emerged. To stop phone from overheating I had to remove the cover.  I also had to remove my 32 Gb data storage card in order to get phone working properly.   Has anyone else had random contacts erased?   I've read about cases where all contacts were removed but my problem is different.   Thank you in advance to anyone who can help me solve this problem.

    brianna8500, sorry to hear about your trouble with the Note 3. Is the phone still over-heating? We want to make sure that doesn't become a bigger problem for you. Please advise.
There can be several possible causes to contacts disappearing. The simplest possible solution is to go to contacts and press the menu button. Select contacts to display and select all. Do the contacts return?
The second most likely cause is the software source backing up the information.  What software do you use to back up your contacts? Do you back up with more than one application. This may lead us to the best answer for you.
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    Set Contact Info Step:
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    Microsoft figured this out years ago by allowing the user to choose whether to include Notes or not when "Forwarding" any individual Outlook Contact Record.  It sounds like we need Microsoft Outlook for iOS like we have MS Outlook for MAC.  With thousands of Contacts in MS Outlook 2010 I can't do without the Notes data in my files.  And it isn't practical to use a syncing function when I only need 10-20% of my overall contacts on some of my iOS devices.

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    Unfortunetally, No and no.  Apple TV is a closed API so developers are right now unable to create an app that is very compatible to connect to Apple TV.  There is also no remote app on the Mac App Store. 
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    When I share a Contact (named "Emergency" in my case), I see a screen like this:
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    Hi and welcome to Discussions,
    use something like Disk Inventory; JDisk Report or OmniDisk Sweeper to really find out what is consuming your disk space.
    OSX hides quite a lot of system files from the user for the sake of safety.
    What to delete and what not is your choice.

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    Sometimes it will shop "all contacts"
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    In reviewing your post it appears as if the contact are joined in error. If contact information was joined in error, the information can be separated back into individual contacts. Try this! I have provided some steps below to assist you. 
    From the home screen, touch the applications tab (located on the bottom of the screen).
    Touch Contacts. 
    Touch the Contacts tab then touch the desired contact.
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    Touch Edit contact.
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