SAP HR - OIM real time reconcilatin

Any one has experience around setting up SAP HR and OIM real time reconcilation on a real time basis.

First step will be knowing about the company from top to bottom in all levels and maping to SAP
Sec Questionaries to the client about how he want to look his company data in sap and checking whether is that possible in standard sap or not and what to do to reach client expectation etc you have to check
Thrid ASAP Methodelogy where gathering informaiton,preparing blueprint,configuration,testing.
Basically most of the client go for OM,PA,TM,Payroll and other modules are optional like e-recruitment,ess mss,traval etc which shld have other module integration and third party software.

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  • Best data provisioning tool for very large amount of data updated real time?

    about a few hundred million entries of data a day and it must be replicated to sap hana in real time, what would be the best option?

    Hi Wayne,
    If you are looking for real time replication, then SLT is the best option. What is the source system for this replication?

  • Third Party Real Time Integration

    Hi  all,
    I am new to the SAP world.  My company just purchased FI/CO and we are in the process of implementing.  We have several feeder systems that need to be integrated.  Our partner is telling us that we have to send flat files on a timed schedule, but we really need the feeder systems to update the SAP system in real time.
    My question is, is this possible with SAP?  I know that BAPI's are available but to what capacity?
    I have a fair amount of integration experience w/ PeopleSoft (14yrs) and MS Dynamics AX (2yrs) both of which I have done this type of integration to.
    Any information and direction would be great.
    Thanks in advance,

    So to clarify, it is possible for a third party application to make a connection to SAP and provide data to the BAPI?
    Here is an example of what I am trying to do:
    Our third party software will be the starting point for customers.  When a new customer is created we need to create that customer in SAP as well (for use with AR).  Currently we open a connection to the existing financial application, verify that the customer does not exist and insert the data into the table.
    We all agree that we do not want to write directly to the SAP table(s).
    What we would like to do is when the user saves the record in the third party app, open a connection to SAP, pass the data to the BAPI, wait for a return code then complete the transaction.
    Please advise if this is possible and if so, a link to an example would be great.

  • Real time job doesn't receive automatically changes in SAP ECC 6

    Hi Experts,
    <br/>I'm trying to (using Data Integrator) automatically retrieve data from SAP ECC and store it in a local database table. I followed the steps written in this article: I'm modifying some records in the Cost Center Master Data (CSKS) and using COSMAS01 as the IDOC in which I'm trying to send the information.
    <br/>All seems to be OK, since I manually sent a Cost Center data row using the /nbd16 transaction, SAP ECC displayed a message telling that an IDOC had been generated. Also, when I checked the IDOC status in BD87 it had status 03, meaning that it had been sent correctly.
    <br/>In Data Services when I clicked on 'View Data' in the local database table that I put in the dataflow I could see the rows that I manually sent from the ECC. However, after truncating the local table, it bothered me that when I tried to send manually a second IDOC with another row from the Cost Center Master Data table, my real-time job didn't receive the request and consequently didn't insert the desired rows. I didn't change anything in the configuration, so my first question to any of you is that if you know what could it be that causes my real-time job to not receive the request from ECC?. I tried making a third try, but at my company they had to shut down the ECC server, so it's going to be a while before I make another try.
    <br/>Now, the REAL question of this post is that after I sent the first IDOC successfully (and before sending manually the second one mentioned earlier), I changed a record in the CSKS table directly in the ECC, hoping that it would automatically generate an COSMAS01 IDOC and send all the data in the table to the Data Integrator. This didn't happen and no IDOC was generated, so do any of you know why the automatic change didn't trigger the sending of the IDOC with the data?
    <br/>As I said before, I made the configuration in ECC and DI following the steps in the link written at the start of the post, and it was tested OK by successfully sending a COSMAS01 IDOC once, manually using bd16.
    <br/>In advance I thank you all for your cooperation. This is my first thread in the SDN forum so also please excuse any mistakes in my english.
    <br/>Best regards...

    You do not need to schedule this job every 10 min.  Why?
    If we can't schedule this job every 10 mints how can I able to retrive the delta records into Queue(RSA7)
    What is your advice I mean how to schedule in order to get the delta?

  • Real time synchronisation of sap hr employee data with LDAP

    Hi friends,
    I wanted to synchronize sap hr employee data with ldap. I have written a abap program for the same which is using ldap connector interface for creation/modification/deletion of employees. I am planning to put this as a scheduled job.
    But I want to do it  in real time i.e. when the employee is getting created/modified/deleted in sap hr, my program should receive all the values and do the changes in ldap at the same time.
    What all options do i have to do this?
    I am new to sap hr.

    Hi Nilesh
    U can take help of Standard Events in SAP.
    Go to Tcode SWELS.Then Activate Event trace.
    Go and do creation/modification/deletion for employees and Check which allevents are getting triggered in Tcode SWEL.
    This might give U an Initial idea how to go about this.

  • Documentation of SAP HR- Real time scenario

    Please can anyone give me some documentation on how the functioning happens in SAP HR real time scenario.
    The real time implementation for Organizational management, Payroll, time Management and personal administration.
    It would be great if the document be sent to .
    Thank you !

    This is a Crystal Reports forum. Please close the existing thread an post your question here:
    SAP ERP Human Capital Management (SAP ERP HCM)
    I would recommend to explain in more detail the business need behind your quesiton in the new posting.

  • SAP HR Real time Scenarios

    Can somebody give me a few examples of real time scenarios/challenging issues in SAP HR implementation? Can be anything in Personnel Administration, Org.Management, Time management, Benefits. Any help will be appreciated.

    This is a Crystal Reports forum. Please close the existing thread an post your question here:
    SAP ERP Human Capital Management (SAP ERP HCM)
    I would recommend to explain in more detail the business need behind your quesiton in the new posting.

  • SAP-XI Real time questions

    could you please provide me some real time questions on sap-xi,
    thank you

    1.  What are the Three types of XI Cache?  How are they used?
    2.  Where would you look to find Logical System in the SLD.
    ANS Business system wizard
    3.  What 2 Data Types are automatically created when the Namespace is saved in the Integration Repository?
    ANS. ExchangeFaultdata and Exchange log data.
    4   Which Development Object in SAP XI forms the "ROOT NODE" of an XML document when an XI message is generated?
    5.  Describe the setting to "Permit Importing of SAP IDOCs or BAPI/ RFCs".  Where is this configured?
    6.  What are the valid types of Message Mappings?  Which is configured with the Graphical User Interface and requires no coding?
    7.  What actions should you take if your Business System does not show when attempting to "Transfer from the SLD"?
    8. What is the relationship between Product, Product Version, Software Component and Software Component Version?  Give an example.
    ANS. PRODUCT: Represents a collection of all versions of a product . In SAP environment , a product corresponds to an SAP technical Component, eg 4.6c,4.6d,4.7
    COMPONENT: Represents a collection of all versions of a software components Examples of Software components are SAP_APPL,SAP_ABA,SAP_HR Software
    9.  Describe the Design Repository (DR) objects you created to configure a scenario.
    10.  What are the different design time components used by XI?
    11. What monitoring service does the integration server provide?
    12.  Describe the alert functionality of the runtime workbench.
    ANS Message alerting allows to set conditions for triggering Alerts. This allows notification of the correct parties for a specific classes of  errors.
    13.  In BPM, if you have async-sync bridge, does the QOS change?
    14.  What is logging/ trace? List 4 ways to enable logging/ trace?
    15.  Properties of an async message?
    16   Inbound XI message has problem, where do you look for solution?
    17.  Describe XI message format.
    18.  Describe end-to-end monitoring.  What is it?  How is it configured?  What are the different   views?
    ANS  It is a tool for monitoring end to end technical processes involving multiple components.
    to configure end to end monitoring :1. On initial screen of runtime work bench ,select configuration tab page.
    2.enter the logon data for the monitoring server.
    3.choose display.
    4.system displays the components of the correct domain and the integration server is selected as default. the other components that you want to use and configure them as sender or receiver ,or both  depending on the component type.
    6.we can select monitorin level that we want to use for each of the selected component.
    7.Choose save configuration .
              Processes overview and the instance view are the two different views
    19. Different steps to make a Sender IDOC adapter work?
    20. JMS adapter can talk with what type of systems?  Give some examples...
    ANS Messaging systems to the integration engine
    21.What format can JDBC adapter communicate in?  Should you use native SQL?
    ANS. JDBC adapter converts data base content to XML messages and the other way around.
    22.If communications with JDBC using XML format, what are 4 actions you could do?
    23.  How does PCK and adapter framework engine differ?
    24.  Can JDBC adapter query DB tables?  Can it insert?
    ANS. Yes
    25.  JMS adapter scenario messaging system provider needs to submit what?
    26.  List some properties of receiving IDOC adapter.
    27.  JDBC/ JMS required certain steps before they can work?
    ANS vender specific JMS driver must be deployed on to the J2EE engine using SDM
            Appropriate JDBC driver must be deployed on the system
    28.  What is ALEAUDIT with respect to IDOCS?  When will they use it?
    29.  Properties of the HTTP adapter, does it use or need a sender or receiver communications channel or agreement?
    30.  What does a RFC adapter support?
    ANS sRFCs and tRFCs
    31.  Is EOIO supported by RFC?
    ANS No
    32.  What are the advantages of using a decentralized adapter engine?
    33.  What are the different monitoring statuses?  Where do you find them?
    ANS  Different monitoring statuses are Message Monitoring, Component monitoring , performance  Analysis and Alerting and we find this in Runtime Workbench.
    34.  What adapters are not in adapter engine? code you can type in,
    ANS HTTP and IDOC adapters are not in adapterengine and we can type code in  IDOC
    A.  Which ABAP proxy, in or outbound has Which one used classes with regards to Sync/ Async what is the method call?
    36.  With an optional node what would be the cardinality?  How do you make sure the subordinate fields get mapped?
    37.  WSDL what is it?  Where do you find it in Repository?  Is it used in Java or ABAP proxy?
    38.  XI 3.0, what are the supported mapping types?
    ANS Message mapping, ABAP mapping, JAVA mapping and XSLT mapping
    39.  What are the prerequisites for importing customer defined IDOC?
    40.  What are the three IDOC transactions in XI?
    ANS  SM59, IDX1and IDX2.
    41.  Context object replace what?
    ANS  Xpath
    42.  Two things can make up a collaboration agreement, what are they?
    ANS Sender agreement and receiver agreement
    43.  What is a logical system, with respect to SLD?  Where would you assign it?
    44.  What is the sender communications channel?
    ANS specify the potential senders of messages and the technical communication path
    45.  If error during inbound or outbound binding, where do you look to solve?
    46.  URI, URL and URN what are they and what are their differences?
    47.  To perform content based (logical) routing, two places it can be done.  What are the two places?
    48.  What is an integration process?  Where is it executed?  What stake?
    49.  In a message mapping you have advanced user defined function, can you test for context changes, if yes how?
    50.  What is multi-mapping?  Where is it used?  What are the advantages?
    ANS Multimappping is any mapping that involves N messages either or source or target side   Multimapping can be used in ccBPM
             1.used to map abstract interfaces
             2. Development is same as message mappings.
             3.n:1 transformation
             4.1:n transformation
             5. n:m transformation
    51.  What are the two XSLT tags, previously that could not be used in XI?
    52.  Using a simple user defined function how can you send trace information to be monitored?
    53.  What is function "exists" in message mapping?
    ANS We can handle the error by checking whet her the source tag exists and if it does not we can pass an empty value, which generates the required target field.
    54.  What Jar file is required to perform Java Mapping?
    55.  What is context in message mapping and how is it used?
    56.  What is remove context and splitby value?
    ANS to remove parent context of an element and spliby value is counterpart of remove context.
    57.  Where can you use user defined function?  What is its scope?
    58.  If you are building Java mapping class which class interface must it implement?
    59.  What is the scope of mapping template?
    60.  How does a Boolean function work in message mappings?
    61.  Source message occurs 3 times, target only once, what is wrong?
    62.  In simple mapping - one source results in 4 identical target messages, with regarding cardinality what is the problem?
    63.  What is a prerequisite to do ABAP mapping for a comple transformation?
    64.  What step can be inserted into an exception branch?
    65.  How do you get an error condition to generated an alert?
    66.  What actions can you perform in SXI_CACHE?
    67.  What is a wait step and why is it used?
    ANS It is a process flow control relavent and is used toset start time for next step
    68.  What is a block step and why is it used?
    69.  Could multiple instances of an integration process be running at the same time?  If so, how does a message find its way to the correct instance?
    70.  Which XI objects can be used in an integration process?  Which ones from Repository?
    71.  Send message within an integration process to 8 receivers at the same time, how can you do this?
    72. What is a correlation?  What is a local correlation?
    73. What is the relationship between an integration process and business workflow?

  • Plz Give me real time file to file scenarios in sap xi

    Hello Experts,
       Can any one give me the real time file2file scenarios in sap xi. And differnet file structures
    and different 'File Content Conversion'  objects. Explain me different approch for file2file with different scenarios.
    Thanks in advance.

    HI Arjun,
    Go throgh the following links for File content conversion in the sender side as well as receiver side
    File content conversion sites:
    Introduction to simple(File-XI-File)scenario and complete walk through for starters(Part1)
    Introduction to simple (File-XI-File)scenario and complete walk through for starters(Part2)
    NAB the TAB (File Adapter)
    Introduction to simple (File-XI-File)scenario and complete walk through for starters(Part2)
    How to send a flat file with various field lengths and variable substructures to XI 3.0
    Content Conversion (Pattern/Random content in input file)
    Content Conversion ( The Key Field Problem )
    File Receiver with Content Conversion
    Please see the below links for file content conversion..
    The specified item was not found. - FCC
    File Content Conversion for Unequal Number of Columns
    File Content Conversion for Unequal Number of Columns - FCC
    Content Conversion (Pattern/Random content in input file)
    Content Conversion (Pattern/Random content in input file) - FCC
    XI Configuration for MDM Integration - Sample Scenario - FCC - MDM
    Sridhar Goli

  • Real time business functionality using SAP Xi and hardware included????

    Hi All,
    I am quite new to sap-xi. i have practised some of the scenarios that can be done with xi.
    I was just trying to visualise some of the real time business requirements where SAP XI is used.
    For example
    Some may have used Sap XI to transform data between file server and SAP system or may a web serve asking for details from sap system to display datas or some times sap xi systems sits betweem an integration server (like biztalk etc) and sap system.
    Can anyone of you can give me some of the real time requirements you have dealt with over the years
    in terms of business functionality and servers involved in the whole system?

    Various scenario's:
    XML to PDF
    Work with BPM
    File to IDOC
    E-mail alerts in XI-CCMS
    RFC using BPM
    HTTP to RFC
    IDOC to JMS
    Pls : Reward points if helpful

  • Permission to use SAP Real-Time Collaboration capabilities

    Hi Experts,
    I get the following error message when i login to portal EP 7.0 (in one small window) i am able to use my portal.
    You do not have permission to use SAP Real-Time Collaboration capabilities. For more information, contact your portal administrator
    can any one help me what permission i need to set for Real time Collaboration RTC. i have enable to all service in ivew properties "yes" to use RTC services


  • SAP Real time projects

    I have done my SAP FI.Can anyone pls send a real time project  and I would like to understand the real world scenarios ,challenges faced by SAP FI consultants dring his job.This will help me understand more about SAP practically.

    I have done my SAP FI.Can anyone pls send a real time project  and I would like to understand the real world scenarios ,challenges faced by SAP FI consultants dring his job.This will help me understand more about SAP practically.

  • Sap script real time process

    hai this is siva ,
    i want sap-script real time process.

    hai this is siva ,
    i want sap-script real time process.

  • Can send me recent real time sap script interivew question?

    Hi any one plz send me the real time sap script interivew questions... or mail me on [email protected]

    Please check the links,
    FAQ on Scripts
    If this data isn't enough, then you can search for SAP script interview questions in SDN, you get more results.
    Reward points if it is useful.

  • Real time issues faced during Sap Implementation.

    Hi All,
    Please let me know some real time issues faced during SAP end to end implementation. Hw did u get over the issues.
    Issues faced during Production Support.
    I have an F2F interview. Please help me out.

       This is Srinivas If u dont mine can u help me in Sending me the solutions to me what type of issues we will face in sap/bw implementation like issues and defeacts  can u send to my mail  [email protected]  can u give me solution for error9,error8,return8 can able to plz help me .

Maybe you are looking for