SEGMENT field updation while Move-In creation (BAPI_ISUMOVEIN_CREATE)

We are creating Move-In using BAPI_ISUMOVEIN_CREATE.
But we found that in this BAPI, there is no provision to maintain the SEGMENT field for the Contract.
Can you suggest any alternate solution to maintain the same.
Kind Regards,

Try to use this function module:
ISU_S_MOVE_IN_CREATE   it will create with segment.

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  • Idoc nested segment fields update

    Hi all,
    I have a requirement like this
    I have an IDOC say DOC1
    DOC1 has a segment say SEG1
    SEG1 has a child segment say CLD1
    CLD1 has a filed  say FLD1 .
    i need to update the data in field FLD1.
    can any one  please tel me how to read data in the FLD1 and how can I update that.

    Hi Vijay,
    Basically, it is used the same approach to update parent/child segment(s). You need to loop at internal table EDIDD and find the corresponding segment. Then you move to work area, do the modification and lastly update the internal table EDIDD with new value(s).
    Please follow step 2 to read and update the child segment field.
    DATA: wa_cld1 like CLD1.
    LOOP AT itab_edidd WHERE segnam = 'CLD1'.
      wa_cld1 = itab_edidd-sdata.
      IF wa_cld1-field1 = <the condition>.
        wa_cld1-field1 = <new value>.
        itab_edidd-sdata = wa_cld1.
        MODIFY itab_edidd.
    Ferry Lianto

  • Segment field missing while creating profit center master data in SAP ECC6.

    I am working on ECC6.0 IDES. When I create profit center master I dont see the field for Segment on the profit center master.
    Is there any setting which needs to be activated to see the the field for Segment on profit center master.

    HI Raghavendra,
    Check if the segmentation scenario is available for general ledger at the following path
    Financial Accounting (New)>Ledgers> Fields > Customer Fields > Display Scenarios for General Ledger Accounting
    Edited by: Sachin Bhutani on Mar 26, 2009 11:23 AM

  • Update of segment field in bseg table

    can any explain me about update of segment field in bseg table
    segment is mentained in profit center master record ,and i want to generate trial balance segment wise and profit center wise
    please suggest me steps to do in a new gl senario

    You need to activate the assign scenarion FIN_SEGM to your ledgers in the below path:-
    SPRO> Financial Accounting (New) > Financial Accounting Global Settings (New) > Ledgers > Ledger > Assign Scenarios and Customer Fields to Ledgers
    Then you need to make document splitting characteristics based on Segment field in the below path:-
    SPRO> Financial Accounting (New) > General Ledger Accounting (New) > Business Transactions > Document Splitting > Define Document Splitting Characteristics for General Ledger Accounting
    Make the below entry:-
    Field = SEGMENT
    Zero Balance = Selected
    Partner Field = PSEGMENT
    Mandatory Field = Selected
    Then you will be able to generate the balance sheet segment wise in report S_PL0_86000028 "Financial Statement: Actual/Actual Comparison". (Similar steps you can use for profir center wise balance sheet in addition.)

  • New GL - Update segment field of table FAGLFLEX*

    Hi All,
    We are turning document splitting in our configuration, split by segment.
    When do posting of invoice, the vendor leg will be automatically split base on expense leg segment.
    Example enter invoice consist of 2 expense leg:
    GL Account    Segment   Amount
    DR Expense  SEG01     $100
    DR Expense  (blank)      $200
    In document view (BSEG table) the posting will be:
    GL Account    Segment   Amount
    DR Expense  SEG01     $100
    DR Expense  (blank)      $200
    CR Vendor                    $300
    In GL View (FAGLFLEXA table) the posting will be:
    GL Account    Segment   Amount
    DR Expense  SEG01     $100
    DR Expense  (blank)      $200
    CR Vendor     SEG01     $100
    CR Vendor     (blank)      $200
    We need to default the vendor leg (bold above) segment to SEGXX. Any body have any idea on how to do this? Thanks.

    I need to default the segment field in FAGLFLEX* table to certain value when the segment field is blank.
    Do you know the BAPI/BADI that I can used? Thanks

  • What are the tables will update while loading Master data ?

    Hello Experts,
    What are the tables will update while loading Master data ? And requesting you to provide more information about Master data loading and its related settings in the beginning of creation infoobjects. 

    It depends upon the type of Master data u r loading....
    In all the master data loadings, for every new value of master data an SID will be created in the SID table /BI*/S<INFOOBJECT NAME> irrespective of the type of master data.
    But the exceptional tables that get updated depending on the type of master data are.....
    If it is a time Independent master data then the /BI*/P<INFOOBJECT NAME> table gets updated with the loaded data.
    If it is a time dependent master data then the /BI*/Q<INFOOBJECT NAME> table gets updated with the loaded data.
    If the master data is of time Independent Navigational attributes then for every data load the SID table will get updated first and then the /BI*/X<INFOOBJECT NAME> table gets updated with the SID's created in the SID table (NOT WITH THE MASTER DATA).
    If the master data is of time dependent navigational attributes then for every data load the SID table will get updated first and then the /BI*/Y<INFOOBJECT NAME> table gets updated with the SID's created in the SID table (NOT WITH THE MASTER DATA).
    NOTE: As said above, For all the data in P, Q, T, X, Y tables the SID's will be created in the S table /BI*/S<INFOOBJECT NAME>
    NOTE: Irrespective of the time dependency or Independency the VIEW /BI*/M<INFOOBJECT NAME> defined on the top of /BI*/P<INFOOBJECT NAME> & /BI*/Q<INFOOBJECT NAME> tables gives the view of entire master data.
    NOTE: it is just a View and it is not a Table. So it will not have any physical storage of data.
    All the above tables are for ATTRIBUTES
    But when it comes to TEXTS, irrespective of the Time dependency or Independency, the /BI*/T<INFOOBJECT NAME> table gets updated (and of course the S table also).
    Naming Convention: /BIC/*<InfoObject Name> or /BI0/*<InfoObject Name>
    C = Customer Defined Characteristic
    0 = Standard or SAP defined Characteristic
    * = P, Q, T, X,Y, S (depending on the above said conditions)
    Thanks & regards

  • Replaced value is not getting relected in IDOC segment field

    Need your help for the below issue.
    I am replacing the PO # with Delivery Doc # . But the replaced value is not getting reflected in the IDOC segment field(e1bp2017_gm_item_create-po_number.).
    Function Module  which I am using is IDOC_INPUT_MBGMCR as a copy.
    Here is my code given below:
                SINGLE vbeln
                  INTO lx_vbeln
                  FROM lips
                 WHERE vgbel EQ e1bp2017_gm_item_create-po_number.
    Move lx_vbeln TO e1bp2017_gm_item_create-po_number.
    MOVE-CORRESPONDING e1bp2017_gm_item_create
                   TO goodsmvt_item.
    Then this is passed as  TABLE in "BAPI_GOODSMVT_CREATE".
    Please do the needful.

    Hi Dheepa,
    Check it in debug whether the filed is empty or having po#, when ur code is executed for the replacement. if it is empty, po# is populated after ur code. in this case you need to write the code in suitable place.

  • Field selection for movement type 601 account 894025 differs for cutomer

    While posting goods after saving delivery merror message
    Field selection for movement type 601/aact 894025 differs for customer goods movement
    I tried OMJJ>Mvtmt Type>601>Field selection enjoy>601  KONTO  Optional field
    Now this is only happening in the cases where I have assigned free goods Inclusive 10MT. If the order is less than 10MT (that is if no free goods attached) posting is accepted & billing & account determination is processed successfully.
    I am unable to identify the reason though I have worked a lot on MM/Fico on the system.
    Please provide your valued inputs why this is happening?
    Thanks for your time.

    Hi Raja,
    Thanks for prompt reply.
    I shall appreciate if you elaborate how to check
    check the Field selection goup in control tab for that GL 
    I tried OBC$--> (Is this correct?)
    I checked cost center field G004 -->Addl Act assignemtn -->Cost center which is Optional entry. Should I check any other items on the screen as I am unable to understand which field is applicable on a/c field.
    Profit center, cost object are  in G004 as supressed field.
    So should I make optional? So thing will work.
    Other Q should I also consider G025 Inventory adjustment account? As per error this a/c is not shown. So pl advise me steps or heading which I should consider.
    Thanks for yr time.

  • Update and move to next record

    Sorry if this is a simple question.
    I have a form that links to an access database. The page
    calls the fields and there is no problem.
    I want to be able to have users check the database
    information, and make any changes and then update and move to the
    next record.
    In the update button wizard it asks for a page to go to once
    updated - I just need it to move forward.
    Thanks for any help.

    I am not clear what you said. But I assume you mean to say:
    Right after comming in your if statement you want to update the record first and then you need the validation?? If this is right then you have to move the validation just after the update statement and then print a message just before "END IF".
    Ghulam Mustafa Butt

  • Custom field updation in bapi_salesorder_createfromdat2 structures

    hi friends,
    custom field updation in bapi_salesorder_createfromdat2 structures
    i having a problem while creating a salesorder in vao1 tcode
    i unable to find the WWDLC FIELD AND DATA ELEMENT IS
    RKEG_WWDLC (delivery to country) in item data-> account assingment-> profit centre-> delivery to country
    how to enchance the field in bapi structures.


  • How to know which stock type updated within movement type

    I need to know which stock type updated within each movement type.
    I'm using two different system (SAP and Oracle) which is in each system updating stock. So i need to do stock calculation manually from that two systems.
    I'm planning to imported material document data (from MKPF & MSEG) to Oracle and then combine the stock calculation.
    And then i'm facing this :
    Ilustration :
    MIGO transaction - Goods Receipt PO - Stock Type Unrest
    in MSEG field BWART : 101, SHKZG : S, INSMK : blank --> no problem
    MIGO transaction - Goods Receipt PO - change Stock Type to Quality Inspection
    in MSEG field BWART : 101, SHKZG : S, INSMK : 2 --> no problem
    MIGO transaction - Transfer Posting - movement type 322 (reversal QI to Unrest.)
    in MSEG field BWART : 322, SHKZG : S, INSMK : blank --> problem
    in MSEG field BWART : 322, SHKZG : H, INSMK : blank --> problem
    I have a problem that in MKPF & MSEG there is no indicator which stock type updated within movement type (BWART) 322.
    How to know that first row will be updating stock QI and second row will be updating stock Unrest.??
    I've already checked to OMJJ, SM30-V_156SC_VC, table T156... and still having no clue.
    Or is it just a 'hardcode' ? And i need to do 'hardcode' too in Oracle system?
    Thank you so much.

    The stock type indicator doesn't update for the movement type 322 in table MSEG.
    At the time of transferring, you do not have to enter the stock type for movement type 322.
    I can give you one clue, check can it fulfill your requirement.
    You have two line items for movement type 322 in MSEG table, There are a field XAUTO will be updated as X for credit entry.
    You can assume, the line item (without value for XAUTO) is for less from QI stock and the line item (with value X for XAUTO) is for add to unrestricted stock.

  • Input text field nested in movie clip?

    Is it possible to have an input text field inside a movie
    clip in Flash Lite 2? I've tried targeting it all different ways
    and it doesn't seem to work, so I just thought I'd check with
    someone who knows.
    Thanks for your help in advance!

    Hi Nirnalatha,
    I have newly joined this forum and while going through the
    posts I came across your post which I thought I could help out. But
    I think I am too late for the reply.
    I am also into Flashlite development couple of months from
    now. Coming to your questions:
    1. Textbox problem: I am surprised to know that E70 mobiles
    (Device central list has E70-1 only) does not show input text box
    when cursor is in input box. Anyways its a good thing that you dont
    get an additonal input box. Like all J2ME applications you will be
    able to type the text inline. Infact we had reverse problem where I
    was told to create inline edit input box instead of flashlite input
    box. I think this is the mobile setting. Check the device features
    in the Adobe Device Central under Flash - Standalone player - Text
    and Fonts features. It will be mentioned whether inline text is
    allowed or not.
    2. Soft keys issues: You need to use
    fscommand2("SetSoftKeys", "Previous", "Next");
    and use a key listener in order to override the Mobile
    Softkey commands. Check out the flashlite help which clearly
    explains this.
    Hope I have given youa way to solve ur problem.

  • Add a custom table for field selection while creating field catalog for LIS

    I have a requirement to add a Custom table to be available for field selection while creating a field catalog for LIS. Its required as there are many custom fields to be used for field catalog creation and adding them in one of the existing tables listed is not a feasible option for us. Please let me knw if its possible..?? If yes how to get it done..??
    Akash Sinha

    You need to add your field in the Data Dictionary first. For example, if
    you want the new field in the Order Item field catalog do the following.
    Look at structure MCVBAPUSR (SE11). If you already have a user structure
    appended to this structure then you can add your new field to your existing
    structure. If there is no structure already appended to MCVBAPUSR then you
    must create a new structure with your field in it and then append the new
    structure to this one.
    If you look at structure MCVBAP you will see the data appended to the end
    of it.
    Now you should see it in the field catalog.

  • Field Seletion for movement type  / acct differes for BA

    dear all
    while posting in MM the user is facing the problem and error message
    Field Seletion for movement type  / acct differes for BA
    please let me know if i can do some thing with Field status variant in FI
    I am not able to figure this out

    If you Run Program RM07CUFA in SE38 and compare movement  type  and GL you can see the
    comparison of the field status variant of the movement type and GL
    Hope this will resolve your issue

  • Segment/Field name for Unplanned delivery costs in Inbound Invoic Idoc?

    Hi Folks,
    Will you please let me know the name of the segment/field (IDoc type INVOIC) for unplanned delivery costs on Inbound Invoic Idoc??

    Am facing the same issue and did tried the E1EDS01 segment. SUMID = 20 and passing the value to field BEZNK, but its not updating the value.
    Could you please give me some more info. how to achieve it.
    Aniket Korde

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  • Explanation of some code samples

    Hello, can you explain me some code samples? First: try{ wdContext.currentBapi_Flight_Getlist_InputElement(). modelObject().execute(); catch (Exception ex){ ex.printStackTrace(); wdContext.nodeOutput().invalidate(); Second: Bapi_Flight_Getlist_Input

  • Flash Pro CCでembedメタデータで埋め込むとコンパイルエラー:1120になる

    Flash Pro CCでembedメタデータタグをつかって画像を埋め込んだ場合に 1120: 未定義のプロパティ ×××_embeddedClass へのアクセスです.」 となって.コンパイルエラーになります. ASでは [Embed(source="/images/embedImage.jpg")] var embeddedClass : Class; とembedメタデータタグを使って埋め込んでいますが.いっこうにコンパイルをとおりません. ちなみに.同じflaファイルをFlash CS6

  • Rendering Portlets Dynamically

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