"Send for Email Review": How do you add reviewers to initial "blank slate" document after comments from other reviewers have been merged?

I'm editing a bulletin and have used the "Send for email review" feature to get reviewers to edit. I've already merged some of their edits back into the initial document. Only now have I realized I forgot a reviewer on the initial email request to review. Is there any way to add this reviewer to the initial document, without her having to see all the merged comments? Essentially, I want her to have a clean slate of the bulletin to edit just like all of the other reviewers. I'm using Adobe Acrobat XI Pro.
Thanks for your help.

In Conversation view when in Outlook you should have a triangle (to the left of the conversation group) you can click on to expand the conversion, this then shows a nested list of all the message and paper clips for the ones that have attachments.
Click on the View tab, and click on the Reset View button, this should return the view to the default and you should see the little triangles to the left of the conversations in the list of messages.  You can then use those to toggle the summary of
all the messages in the conversation open and closed.
If that still does not work, you might think about just using your Gmail account in the Chrome browser, this way you get a lot of the gmail features, plus you can do that from any PC, not just the one with your Outlook installed.  Just a thought for
you, or you can repair Outlook.
Repair Outlook 2010
Open up the Control Panel on your PC (and show All Control Panel items, if necessary) and click on Programs and Features.
Find Office 2010 in the list and highlight it.
Click Change.
Select Repair and Continue then follow the prompts
After the repair is finished, reboot.
Hopefully one of those takes care of it for you.
Curt Winter
Microsoft Certified Professional
Business Technology Services

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    This is a feature of Numbers.   If you repost on the iWork forum you may get more information.

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