Server Admin not displaying groups correctly

Server 10.5.8, Mac Pro 4 core 2.66, 56 GB RAM.
Had a crash yesterday, all back to normal now except:
Server Admin's "show users and groups" is not displaying groups correctly" "users" is missng, and any new groups I created in WM are missing. Even if I sort by GID, they don't show up. And yet, if I type "staff" in the search bar, it shows up with GID 20. Also shared folders are showing up as groups

Surely someone can at least point me in the right direction? I tried rebuilding the LDAP database, but that didn't fix it.

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  • Server Admin not responding

    I recently had lightning strike which has caused some problems for me. I'm running Leopard Server 10.5.8 and all services seem to be working.
    The lightning strike fried my ethernet port on my macmini (which runs the server). I bought a USB Ethernet port and it is up and running as primary interafce.
    My DNS settings are correct, or at least sudo changeip -checkhostname reports that names match and that there is nothing to change. Loopback works as it should. I can ssh to my server.
    What I can't do is use Server Admin, it doesnt work on the server regardless of me using localhost or server.local or and it doesnt work if I try use Server Admin from another machine on the local network.
    I changed my D-link to a Airport Express (lightning fried the D-link also).
    As things stands I am unable to administer the server with Server Admin. I have tried deleting the in ~/Library/Preferences/ which has made no difference.
    Server Admin just displays nothing when I try to use it.
    Sometimes when using Server Admin a box pops up that states that Server Admin wishes to use the keyring "PrivateEncryptedDatak" and asks for a password. To my knowledge I have never set a password for anything called "PrivateEncryptedDatak"
    I have seen a few different posts about this issue and have tried suggested solutions but to no avail. Hence this thread, hoping that someone has a good suggestion.

    Back once again. It's apparent that when trying to run serveradmin via command line ( for instance serveradmin status mail ) it returns no answer despite the fact that the mail services are upp and running. As far as I can tell serveradmin wants to use en0, however I have no en0 since that ethernet card is broken. I need to be able to tell serveradmin to use en2. I would really appreciate it if someone could possible lend me a hand on this topic.

  • Have a gap in detail of first page and not display group footer on each pag

    Please help me about Memo field in SubReport in CrystalReportXI. I have a SubReport that need to display pageheader, detail, page footer, and  in detail of subreport contains memo field and set the property of this text box to "Can Grow" = Yes .However, CrystalReportX does not support to display  pageheader, pagefooter in SubReport. So. I have created a formular FakePageHeader that has code  as
    and group in this field and checked option repeat group header on each page and right click Section Expert->check print at Bottom of page for Group Footer.
    This problem is when I preview Subreport. It display text in group header and a gap in detail of first page and view next page, the subreport display right data of memo field. But the report still not display group footer on each page.
    How do I can remove a gap in first page and display group footer on each page?

    in subreport in format for the memo field uncheck keep object together.
    You can not force group footers to repeat on each page.
    I have not tried this but you might be able to capture the data you want to show in SR page footer and display in main report page footer, using shared variables.

  • Firefox is not displaying the correct font color on my blog, but other browsers are.

    I have a web designer issue. Firefox is not displaying the correct font color on the header in my blog. Explorer, Chrome, and Safari have no problems. The page is in css but this particular section has html code o designate color. The code is as follows:
    <font face="helvetica" color="FF9966" size="1">blog</font>
    Though all other browsers display the light orange color designated, Firefox displays white. Strangely, if if retype the code by spelling out a color, Firefox displays it correctly. i.e.
    <font face="helvetica" color="black" size="1">blog</font>
    ... will give me black. You can see the effect by viewing the link below and looking at the word "blog" in the header, which should be light orange but is not in Firefox.

    Actually it also seems to work in the current Firefox 4 beta as it is.
    The code is not right though - the correct syntax for the color attribute with hex values is with a # at the start, so:
    It might work in Firefox 3.x if you change that.

  • I have just updated to ISO 8 and my app icons are not displaying the correct icon but just a generic icon. Anyone had a similar problem?

    I have just updated to ISO 8 and my app icons are not displaying the correct icon but just a generic icon. Anyone had a similar problem?

    That happened to me for a short period of time after I updated. It didn't do it with all apps, but it did it with a few here and there. Try a few basic standard troubleshooting steps. Close all apps and reset the iPad.
    In order to close apps, you have to drag the app up from the multitasking display. Double tap the home button and you will see apps lined up going left to right across the screen. Swipe to get to the app that you want to close and then swipe "up" on the app preview thumbnail to close it.
    Reset the iPad by holding down on the sleep and home buttons at the same time for about 10-15 seconds until the Apple Logo appears - ignore the red slider if it appears on the screen - let go of the buttons. Let the iPad start up.
    You can also try resetting all settings. You will not lose any data, but most of the device settings will have to be entered in the settings app again. Settings>General>Reset>Reset all Settings.
    Hopefully it will be something simple, but don't rule out restoring the iOS software, if nothing else works, but start with this easy stuff first.

  • Why is Mavericks Calendar not displaying numbers correctly?

    My Calendar application is not displaying numbers correctly, I have tried validating my fonts and found nothing there, so not sure what the problem is...

    Have yopu gone to Font Book
    Font Book is located in the Applications folder (in the Finder, choose Go > Applications). To manage or view fonts, open Font Book, or double-click a font file.
    High Light all the fonts    ( Shift and click 1st one  Shift and click last one) and
    then select File/Falidate Fonts
    Then making sure all the fonts get a green tick box.

  • Why is Preview not displaying fonts correctly?

    Since the last Snow Leopard upgrade, Preview is not displaying some fonts correctly. I checked to see if the fonts were embedded in the PDF (by resorting to Adobe Acrobat 5... which is not displaying them correctly either) and they are True Type with Windows encoding which as far as I know Preview OS X should be able to handle.
    I tried deleting the Preview preferences in User/Library/Prefeerences and restarting but this made no difference. The same PDF works perfectly though on an old iMac that is running OS X Tiger!!!

    Well I found a few minor font problems which seem to have cropped up since the last system upgrade, but none of those were the font in question. Also, as I understand it, the whole point of PDF documents is that the fonts are embedded in the document so you do not have to have the fonts installed on your computer to view the PDF properly. I use a lot of special fonts and when I save documents as a PDF I can send them to anyone on the internet and they can usually see everything as it is meant to be.

  • Design Window is not displaying the correct view

    For some reason the Design View on my CS3 is not displaying
    the correct view.
    It used to show how the web page would look but it is simply
    showing up the wording and pictures surrounded by dotted black
    I am using a template as a bases for all the pages and all
    the pages are showing like this.
    My other sites are showing up OK though.
    When I Preview in Browser, it all shows up OK.
    Can anyone help?

    VIEW | Style Rendering > Display Styles
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    news:fttdsr$394$[email protected]..
    > Hi
    > For some reason the Design View on my CS3 is not
    displaying the correct
    > view.
    > It used to show how the web page would look but it is
    simply showing up
    > the
    > wording and pictures surrounded by dotted black lines.
    > I am using a template as a bases for all the pages and
    all the pages are
    > showing like this.
    > My other sites are showing up OK though.
    > When I Preview in Browser, it all shows up OK.
    > Can anyone help?
    > Bezz

  • Share point in server admin not working correctly... I think

    I suspect that the share point in server admin is not working correctly. In workgroup manager when I click on a user and then click on the "home" tab, under the full path field I see a file path of:
    However if I go to Server Admin -> AFP -> Share Points then click on the Users share and then click on the share point tab below, enable auto mount is disabled. How can this be possible? I thought for a directory to show up in home in workgroup manager it had to be set as an auto mount. Has something possibly corrupted? And what?

    Here's a bit more information about our setup and our experiences with Apple's CUPS implementation:
    On the server, all printer queues are set up with only lpr and ipp sharing enabled with the PPD setting for each printer set to Generic Postscript. We found that setting the PPD to the printer specific one on the server caused problems when clients tried to use printer specific options, like paper tray selection, etc.. The selection would be undone, apparently because the driver on the server would override the previous settings. Using Generic Postscript allows the client PPD settings to go through unmodified. Our printers are general a mix of HP LaserJets and some Sharp Copiers.
    All clients use lpd to the server queues with the printers' actual PPDs configured. Using ipp is superior in that printer feedback (jams, out of toner, etc) makes it back to the clients, but ipp only works when the client, the server, and the printer are on the same network. If the ipp client is not on the same network, the client spooler immediately goes into a paused state and the print job is stuck on the client.
    Using lpd to the server queues works reliably, but there is no feedback to the client. Jobs disappear from the client queue and go to the server, appearing to the user as a successful print. If the printer is down, there's nothing they can see or do about it.

  • Server admin not seeing directory users from workgroup manager

    I am setting up a new Xserve with Snow Leopard (get 'em while we can). We have eight other XServes running Leopard or Snow Leopard server. On those machines we have set up file sharing over AFP. The machines are connected to our Active Directory server and our users authenticate using their domain passwords. All of our other servers were setup in Leopard and were upgraded to Snow Leopard. We have not had any issues authenticating to those boxes.
    This is the first one that we have actually setup new-out-of-the-box in Snow Leopard. I can set Workgroup Manager up to connect to our AD, and can see and search my domain users and groups in Workgroup Manager. When I try to set up my File Shares in Server Admin, none of my domain users show up-only local accounts.
    What have I missed? In Leopard, when I connected to the domain, the users immediately became available in Server Admin. Not so in SL, at least on this box.

    The first thing to check is if you've bound the Server to the AD Domain. The second thing is if the /Active Directory/All Domains is in the Search Policy. If you don't do either of these WorkGroup Manager won't display anything coming from the AD Schema.
    In 10.6 Apple moved the Directory Utility from where it used to be in /Applications/Utilities and made it part of the Accounts Preferences Pane. Perhaps it's this change that's confusing you? I would not advise doing this but it's also possible you used the Server Setup Assistant to do most of the configuration? If you did maybe something went wrong at that stage (won't be the first time) and you need to manually bind the Server instead?
    As ever make sure this server is using the same NTP Server as the others.

  • Remote Server Admin not working from outside of network for 1 server

    Our company recently changed ISPs and I had to change our two 10.4 server's IP addresses. We have a mail server (intel xserve) and a file/web server (quicksilver g4). Both servers have two network cards in them. The problem is two-fold:
    1- I can successfully manage the Xserve machine locally on our network and from my home. However, I can only manage the Quicksilver g4 server locally. Any kind of external access is not even acknowledged.
    2- I'm not sure if I missed any steps when changing IP addresses for these server-based computers. Also, I'm not sure if I correctly set our dns names to the correct IP address.
    For some background, this is the exact IP update process I used for each server:
    Quicksilver G4 (file/web server) - Installed network card #2 and configured it with the new Public IP in the "System Preferences/Network" panel. In Server Admin I set our website to use the new public IP address. (network card #2 has no firewall device in between it and the internet.)
    Then, I configured the default network card #1 to a static, yet private IP address that's behind our DLink firewall device with the rest of our network.
    Intel Xserve (e-mail server) - Network card #1 was the only one setup before our network change. It had a static, public IP address. When we changed ISPs, I configured network card #2 to the new static, public IP address supplied to us by the new ISP in the "System Preferences/Network" panel. This new IP address is where all email traffic currently gets pointed to. (All mail is successfully sent and delivered.) Until our former ISP gets shutdown, I still have network card #1 configured to the older static public IP address. After the old ISP is shut off, I plan on changing network card #1 to a static, private address.
    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
      Mac OS X (10.4.8)  

    What should I check in AD?  I am by no means an expert with AD.
    Yes, I am using the same client OS.
    I am talking about RDP over the internet, like from home to the office.  We have a static IP assigned to the router from ISP.  A static internal IP assigned to the server on the LAN.  And the router port forwards 3389 to the assigned IP. 
    It was working fine before we reinstalled Server 2012.  These are the steps I took when reinstalling:
    1. format drive and install OS
    2. rename the server
    3. install SQL server
    4. Install TFS and SharePoint
    5. Add Active Directory role and promote to Domain Controller
    6. Add domain users
    7. Enable remote access on the server and add users to remote access list

  • Server Admin not drawing graphs

    I have a fresh install of Leopard that will not display the graphs in Server Admin on the server. I can see the graphs if viewing from my laptop or other machine, but not from the server itself. It gets a few errors like ...
    ... [0x0-0x1b01b][1734]: * ERROR: -[GRAxes computeLayout]:1124 - plotRect height = 0.000000 <= 0.0 *
    ... [0x0-0x1b01b][1734]: * ERROR: -[GRChartView computeLayout]:1194 - Layout for overlay axes (0x6826d30) failed. *
    The hardware is a Xserve, 2 x 2.0GHz PPC G5 with 2.0 GB RAM.
    Any help is appreciated as this is an annoying feature.

    I see the same "error" messages in every leopard server install I've done - and I've done a fair few - regardless of what hardware was used. Graphs draw fine for me.

  • Report deployed to new server does not display static image

    We have several web sites on a server running Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard, SP1, 64-bit.  It has installed .NET Framework 4 Client Profile and Extended, ver. 4.0.30319 (according to Control Panel->Programs, as well as c:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework).  Two of the sites use many Crystal Reports, most of which include a static image as a logo. This image is embedded in each report; there is no stand-alone image file that gets deployed.
    Recently, we migrated to a new server, running the same version of Windows & .NET Framework.  As near as we can tell, the 2 servers are nearly identical, as far as configuration and permissions, etc. One notable exception is the DefaultAppPool, which is Classic on the original server and Integrated on the new. (When I changed the new server to Classic, the apps failed to run properly.)  The other exception is the old server is on a stand-alone box, while the new server is a virtual machine.
    For one of the apps on the new server, the embedded logo images are not displaying on the page.  Instead, there is a little red X with the word "Image".  For the other app on the new server, the reports display fine.  Furthermore, if I copy one of the "broken" rpt files from the "broken" app to the "good" app, the report displays correctly!  And of course, the same file displays correctly in all circumstances on the old server.
    This suggests to me that there is not a problem with the report file, per se', but rather with the environment to which it is deployed.  Permissions?  If so, where?
    Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

    The search string 'crystal red x net' (search box in top right corner) should return a number of KBAs, docs, blogs, etc. See if any of those help.
    - Ludek
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  • Server Admin user and group limit

    Just noticed today with 10.6.7 that there is a limit of 100 users being displayed in Server Admin. I guess the sames goes for Groups as well.
    As soon as i deleted some old accounts the users i had created recently appeared in Server Admin.
    Is there a fix for this?

    As you mentioned, it is a display limit in WM, the accounts are still there. A quick workaround is to type part of the object name in the search box at the top of the list.
    That 100 object display limit was probably the result of countless meetings between middle-managers. I'm guessing it went something like this:
    "Why don't we just show them all?"
    "Some deployments could have tens of thousands... that won't work... it'll take forever to load and even longer for somebody to skim through the list."
    "Okay, how about we do 1000?"
    "No, that won't work either. Still too many to skim through and, even worse, they'll spend years with 999 objects in there then add a few more and think it's broken..."
    "Fine... then 100. Short enough to load reasonably quickly and long enough that the average person could eyeball it."
    "But there will still be some admins who think it's broken and want to change it."
    Steve Jobs walks in, "Give 'em a search box."
    Middle-managers in unison, "Brilliant!"
    Sorry. It's early, and I'm a bit punchy.

  • Server Admin - Trouble creating groups

    I'm having issues creating groups after installing Leopard. I open up Server Admin, click the little "lock" symbol, and authenticate using my admin account... everything goes fine so far. But, when I create a new group, I get an error saying I don't have permission, and no group appears... I know I have permission to create new groups so I tried a few more times unsuccessfully. No new groups until I restart Server Admin, then I saw all the Untitled Groups I created without knowing...
    Sometimes I can delete them, sometimes I get a permission denied.
    Is this a common bug?

    What do the logs have to say about this? specifically /var/log/httpd/error_log
    Do you have an index.html file in the directory? If you don't have a valid index file Apache might try to generate a directory listing, which is disabled by default.
    Finally, for now, where is the directory you're trying to use? and have you checked the permissions of all the intermediate directories? Apache needs permission to read all the directories to the document, not just the final directory.

Maybe you are looking for

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