Setting aironet 1100 to factory default

I am trying to reset an aironet 1100 back to factory default. The only button on the bottom of the unit that I can see is one that says mode on it. Is their somewhere else where the factory default can be reset at. Thanks

This should work for your situation:
Reset the AP—Cisco IOS Software
Complete the steps in this section in order to reset Cisco IOS Software-based APs.
Note: Cisco IOS Software-based APs have a default configuration that includes a username and password combination. Both the username and password are "Cisco", which is case-sensitive. After you reset to factory defaults, be prepared to give "Cisco" as both the username and password when you are prompted by either the GUI or the command-line interface (CLI).
If the privileged command prompt ap# is available in the CLI, the write erase command and the reload command erase the startup configuration and reset the unit.
If the GUI is available, choose System Software > System Configuration. Press the Reset to Defaults button.
If neither the GUI nor the CLI is available with sufficient privileges, complete these instructions in order to use the Mode button:
Disconnect power from the AP.
Disconnect the power jack for external power or the Ethernet cable for inline power.
Press and hold the MODE button while you reconnect power to the AP.
Hold the MODE button until the Status LED turns amber, and then release the button.
The Status LED turns amber in approximately 1 to 2 seconds.
After the AP reboots, reconfigure the AP and use the web browser interface, the Telnet interface, or Cisco IOS Software commands.
Note: The AP is configured with the factory default values that include:
The IP address, which is set to receive an IP address with DHCP
The default username and password, "Cisco"
Here is the link to the actual doc:
Hope this helps!
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    Hi Kristin,
    Here is a link that will help you reset the ap.
    There is no way to change the password, without logging into the ap. So you will need to reset it..
    "Satisfaction does not come from knowing the solution, it comes from knowing why." - Rosalind Franklin

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    Hi, Cisco Support Community
    I want to configure an ASA to facotry-default using the following commands.
    # configure factory-default
    # wr mem
    But when I use above commands, ASDM is to be unset !
    How can I set ASDM remain factory-default ? I don't want to include " #asdm image disk0:/~~.bin" command in configuration because it is not factory-default configuration.
    I don't know why I can do that on ASDM.
    First , Upgrade ASA&ASDM on ASDM.
    Second Operae factory-default and reboot on ASDM.
    Then ASA is to be factory-default and set ASDM image.
    I want to do that with CLI.
    Thanks in advance. 

    Thank you for reply.
    Of course I put ASDM image on ASA.
    You know we can launch ASDM on truly factory-default ASA.
    I mean how I can reset ASA to that condition using CLI.
    a problem is below.
    1. put ASDM image on asa flash
    2. (configure)#asdm image disk0:~~
    3.#show asdm image
    >> the image is set
    4 (config)#configure factory-default
    5.#show asdm image
    >> unset
    How can I truly reset to factory-default ?

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    Your not speaking to apple here.  We are users like you.
    Undoing the Activation lock
    See Texas Mac Man post in
    basically you contact apple with proof of ownership.
    consider DEP this will assign your company as the owner of the device.  Use meraki a free MDM.

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    Somehow we screwd up the UEFI settings and it wont even find the drive.  I Keep changing the settings but everytime i go to "Reset Your PC" and repartition drives I get a "Unable to reset your PC. The system Drive cannot be found"
    I See no clear way of setting it back to Factory Defaults but here is the Screen BIOS/UEFI screen settings
    Trusted Platform Module (TPM) Enabled
    (Tried Both No luck)
    Secure Boot Control Disabled
    (Tried Both No luck)
    configure Alternate System Boot Order Network-USB- SSD
    (Tried both ways no luck)
    Configure External Ports -All ports enabled.

    Yes you can. From CLI of Mars:
    [pnadmin]$ pnreset -h
    Usage:  pnreset or pnreset option.
            Default. With no options pnreset restores the appliance to factory
            defaults and purges all configuration and event data (certificate and
            fingerprints stored to validate reporting devices, topology settings,
            archived logs, and the license key information).
        -h  Displays this usage information.
        -g  Removes the Global Controller data from a Local Controller, leaving
            the Local Controller-specific data and the Global Controller
            communication information untouched.  Use this option only after
            a Global Controller crash or recovery.  In this case, "pnreset -g"
            must be executed on every Local Controller that was monitored by
            the failed Global Controller.
        -s  Removes the Global Controller communication information and resets
            a Local Controller to standalone mode.  It removes the Global Controller
            data and connectivity data from the Local Controller as well as the
            default Controller zone information.  Use this option only after
            a failed Delete of the Local Controller entry from the Global Controller
            "Local Controller Management" web page.
        -o  Resets the tnsnames.ora file to factory default. The tnsnames.ora file
            is required for the Oracle client to connect to the Oracle server.
        -j  Resets the web server scheduler depending on Local Controller's
            running mode. A restart of web server is enforced.
    [pnadmin]$ pnreset
    Reset command will erase all data in database and reboot the machine.
    Please type YES if you want to proceed:
    Hope this helps.
    - Sid

  • Aironet 1100 Default Username and Password not working

    I have a Cisco Aironet 1100 series access point (AP1120B) that after resetting to factory defaults the default username and password (Cisco and Cisco) aren't working in the web GUI.  I am able to telnet to the AP's IP and log in with Cisco and Cisco but don't know the ENABLE password. I have tried Cisco and cisco and everything else i could think of with no luck.  any help would be appreciated. 
    I also have a Cisco Aironet AP1242AG that is doing the same thing.

    Hi Rich,
    I assume that you are using the mode button to reset the configurations on these units -- this procedure *should* reset all credentials to Cisco.
    If this is still not working, you can try the following:
    1) Connect console port and power-cycle unit
    2) When IOS starts loading, hit ESC key twice to get to the boot-loader prompt
    3) At the boot-loader prompt show a directory of the flash filesystem (dir  flash:)
    4) Delete or rename the files "config.txt" and "env_vars", then boot  the  system ("delete flash:/config.txt" "delete flash:/env_vars")
    -Patrick Croak
    Wireless TAC

  • SNMP Managed Object to Get/Set Current Transmit-Key of Aironet 1100 (WEP)

    I'd like to know what is snmp managed object to get/set default or current transmit-key of 4 WEP (encryption) keys...
    Even though I took a good look at every snmp mibs related to cisco aironet 1100, I could not find it...
    Please help me...

    See if the following helps:
    awcDot11WEPDefaultKeyValue OBJECT-TYPE
    MAX-ACCESS read-write
    STATUS Current
    DESCRIPTION "A WEP default secret key value. The value is
    write-only (attempt to read will result in
    return of a zero-length string)."

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    You need to read the documentation carefully:
    The Deploy Agents install package is created using a Configure Automatic Account Creation wizard. The wizard copies agent settings from an existing machine ID or machine ID template and generates an install package called
    KcsSetup.All settings and pending agent procedures from the machine ID you copy from—except the machine ID, group ID, and organization ID—are applied to every new machine ID created with the package.
    Including Credentials in Agent Install Packages
    If necessary, an agent install package can be created that includes an administrator
    credentialto access a customer network. Credentials are only necessary if users are installing
    packages on machines and do not have administrator access to their network. The administrator credential is encrypted, never available in clear text form, and bound to the install package.

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    Now I’m thinking that I have to reset the TC to factory default setting, but will it then delete all my  files that I've  transferred to the TC? I would be so sad if these files was deleted, because it’s the only place where I got them. Is there another way to do this?
    Hope for some help!

    First to answer the last part.. a reset will not wipe the files. So take it easy. But what you did is dangerous.. the TC is not a NAS, it is a backup device. you should always keep the files in another location.
    TC is missing fundamental aspects of a NAS.. like a mirrored drive and accessible and replaceable HDD.
    Now you say you plugged it in.. how?
    You should plug the laptop straight into the TC with no other connection.
    If the laptop does not get an IP address from the TC you might need to reset the TC or reset the ethernet on the laptop to auto.
    What does I’ve tried to connect the TC with my MBP with usb mean because the USB cannot be used on the TC to connect to the laptop.
    When you open the airport utility it may not find the TC if it is in bridge.. if that is the case plug it into your normal router and then plug the MBP into the TC. You should use WAN port for the router connection and LAN port for laptop to be on the safe side. See what happens.

  • My airport extreme (generation 5) was set up using wifi and has worked flawlessly (on macbook pro 2 iphones and window 7 HP pc)until recently. I have reset to factory defaults over and over but still cannot get on the internet. Any suggestions?

    My airport extreme (generation 5) was set up using wifi and has worked flawlessly (on macbook pro 2 iphones and window 7 HP pc)until recently. I have reset to factory defaults over and over but still cannot get on the internet. However I can then take my DSL cord and insert it in a different Ethernet port other than the WAN port and I can get internet on my Mac and iphones but only wifi on my husband's PC.  I hate to spend another $179 if this is just something I'm doing wrong. Please help

    I'm having a bit of trouble confirming that the ZyXEL is a combination modem & wireless-N router. If it is, then you really won't get any advantages of using the 802.11g AirPort.
    If the range of your ZyXEL is limited, you may find that doing either or both of the following will help: 1) Move the ZyXEL so that it is higher vs. lower in the room, that is away from any closed areas or placed in a metal cabinet, and 2) Changing radio channels. The latter is especially important in you live in an area where there are a number of competing Wi-Fi.
    A good utility to find out, is iStumbler. You would use this to find these other Wi-Fi and find which have the strongest signal value. Those that do, you would also want to note which channel they are operating on, and then, change yours to one that is at least 3-5 channels away. So, for example, if you find strong ones on channels 1 & 6, change yours to 11.

  • Hard drive configuration is not set to factory default. Refurbished Acer Iconia W3-810

    This tablet was purchased refurbished.  As soon as I got it, I went to create my backup and message is "Hard drive configuration is not set to the factory default.  Backup aborted.  I had already sent it in once to the seller for repair services and it was sent back not repaired.  They now say I can send it in again but seems a waste of time.  I called Acer and they said I would need to purchase the recovery disk which should have already been provided to me.  It does have a valid SNID number.  I checked.   If there is anyone else who came up against this problem, I would love to know what you did to resolve it.  Second problem.  Large font had been created where is overscans the entire page so reading the Control Panel is impossible.  The warranty dept created a new user account with new settings as they were unable to fix the font problem so they ignored it.  This is another reason I wanted to do a factory reset.  Hoping Acer will be kind enough to just send me the disk.   I've learned alot about refurbished products.  Never again.   

     Hard drive configuration is not set to factory default (I had this problem but mine was caused  by some third party partitioning software easeus. I am not pretty entirely sure what was your cause for the error, but I believe this workaround can be useful, even to some of the users)  I learnt a tough lesson and I am now careful on what third party soft wares one must use especially for partitioning related events using windows 8 GPT structure. This article specifically relates to windows 8 (which I was using) although similar steps may work as well in windows 7 Points note:Most newer windows devices now use the GPT partitioning system compared to the traditional MBR system.It can be very difficult to reinstall windows on a partition with GPT format.One must be careful on what 3rd party portioning tools they use. It is not recommend to use some 3rd party tools to resize partitions as these may mess the hard drive configuration in such a way that it will be very difficult to restore to factory settings (especially for devices pre-loaded with OEM-Windows 8)It is recommended to use the in-built Disk management utility to shrink/resize partitions.First and foremost, it is recommended to use system file scanner to check any files that may be corrupted (and most of these are normally fixed by sfc)Press Windows key + X, select ‘Command prompt (Admin)’. Enter the following command “sfc /scannow” (without quotes) and the system will start scanning the system. Wait until it finishes.Now we will proceed to the main fix; here are the set of steps I performed,Run CMD (Admin)Type diskpartType list diskDisk 0 Online 465 GB 19 GB * (an example of how the disk will present)
    Disk 1 Online 22 GB 0 B * Select diskDISKPART> select disk 0 list partitionDISKPART> list partition (Note you see recovery partitions flagged as OEM) So what we do is to set the id according to the GUID (Global Unique Identifier) system.Selected every partition with a OEM typeI changed their ID's to DE94BBA4-06D1-4D40-A16A-BFD50179D6AC (see below)Partition 1 OEM 1000 MB 1024 KB
    Partition 2 System 260 MB 1001 MB
    Partition 3 Reserved 128 MB 1261 MB
    Partition 4 Primary 224 GB 1389 MB
    Partition 5 OEM 350 MB 226 GB
    Partition 6 Unknown 3913 MB 226 GB
    Partition 7 Primary 200 GB 230 GB
    Partition 8 Unknown 7813 MB 430 GB
    Partition 9 OEM 7948 MB 458 GBDISKPART> select part 1Partition 1 is now the selected partition.DISKPART> set id = "de94bba4-06d1-4d40-a16a-bfd50179d6ac"DiskPart successfully set the partition ID.DISKPART> select part 5Partition 5 is now the selected partition.DISKPART> set id = "de94bba4-06d1-4d40-a16a-bfd50179d6ac"DiskPart successfully set the partition ID.DISKPART> select part 9Partition 9 is now the selected partition.DISKPART> set id = "de94bba4-06d1-4d40-a16a-bfd50179d6ac"DiskPart successfully set the partition ID.  Here is a screenshot (please note this is not a screenshot I made, I downloaded it online and I give thanks to the uploader) is just for education purposes. The issue should be solved. Now you can try system refresh/reinstall to factory settings (or create a recovery media)*In my case and others I researched on internet, it turns EASEUS partition master was the culprit, please don’t use that software if you don’t know what you are doing. (With all respect to EASEUS) I think this tool is still not configured well to work with the GPT partition format.

  • How set all settings to default settings or factory default

    How to set browser setting to factory default settings.

    Use the Android OS settings.
    * open the Android OS settings
    * select Apps
    * select Firefox
    * select clear data

  • Hard drive configuration is not set to the factory default

    When I go into Acer Recovery Management to try to create a factory default backup I get a pop up that says Hard Drive configuration is not set to the factory default - back up aborted.  How do I get my hard drive set back to factory default? 

    Create recovery backup or recovery media and resetting to default are 2 different things. you can create the recovery backup even without resetting to factory default; you just need to start Acer erecovery and follow instructions. it will copy the recovery partition to DVDs or USB flash media.if Acer erecovery is not working and you have Windows 8.x, you can follow this guide: about resetting to factory default, the easiest way is to press ALT+F10 at boot and then follow onscreen instructions.

Maybe you are looking for

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