Sharing Printer between macs

I am trying to setup printer in class rooms.  I would like to do it how we normally do with windows based pcs, connect the printer to the left pc and share it to connect the right pc.  I turned on sharing and made sure the printer was set to share, but when i try to add the printer on the 2nd not one option comes up under default.  I tried adding through the ip and it says it is a valid ip and computer but when its finishing the setup it says Cannot verify the computer is on the same network and asks if i want to add anyway, i do and it does not print.

Why not simply connect a printer to the router and use it as a network device. If you cannot do that for some reason please follow:

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  • Sharing printer between Mac and Windows

    I have a printer connected to my TC, which is used a router.  I have two Windows machines connected to the TC, one wired and one Wifi.  How do I accesss my printer from my Windows machines ?

    Download and install windows version of bonjour.

  • Problem setting up shared printer between PC and Mac with 10.6

    I am trying to setup a shared printer between my Mac and PC. I have a HP K80 attached to my PC (which has Vista Home Premium). I have a Macbook pro with 10.6. I have shared the printer on the PC side. From the Mac I have added the printer via Windows Printer sharing, but for some reason I cannot print to the printer. Everytime I try to print, the job just pauses. Is there something I am doing wrong?

    Thanks I installed the gutenprint drivers and tried this, and now all working:
    Printing to a Shared PC Printer
    This article describes how to print from Mac OS X to a shared printer connected to a Windows XP machine. It assumes the computers are already networked and that you can access the PC's files. These instructions are relevant for Mac OS X 10.2 upwards. The instructions may work with Vista. I don't have the means to try it.
    1. Find the IP address of your PC - go on Start > Run. Type in cmd and click run. Now type in ipconfig /all and hit enter. This should give you the machine's IP address.
    2. Share the printer. Open up Printers and find the one you want to share. Right-click and choose Share. Now click the 'Share this printer' radio button. Now choose a sharing name. Keep it simple - e.g. HP, Office, PC etc.
    3. Open a web browser on your Mac and type localhost:631 in the address bar
    4. You should now have the Common UNIX Printing System web interface up. Click the 'Add Printer' link.
    5. Type a name for the printer, making sure you don't include /, # or space characters. Click continue.
    6. Select Windows Printer via SAMBA from the Device list and click continue.
    7. For the URI, you need to include a username and password for an account on your PC. You then need to enter a URI in the following format: smb://username:[email protected]/printer. So for example smb://johndoe:[email protected]/HP
    8. Choose your printer's make, or if you have a PPD file for the printer, choose that. Click continue and choose your printer's model. Now click Add Printer.
    9. Done! You now have a list of options for changing the various properties of the printer.
    You don't need to be on the same workgroup or domain as your PC, just the same subnet. If both your Mac and PC are connected to the same router, either wired or wirelessly, then you should be on the same subnet.
    Thanks guys

  • Can't print to Windows 7 shared printer from Mac OS Lion

    Dear all,
    I would like to share my experience battling to figure out how to print to Windows 7 shared printer from Mac OS Lion. Myself had this problem and looking throughly in internet without success. But finally I figured out the solution by myself, hope this can help other Mac user with similar problem.
    OK, when I try to setup my new MacBook Pro with OS Lion to connect with my Canon MX308 printer attached to desktop with Windows 7 Ultimate,
    1. I simply select System Preferences>Print & Scan.
    2. Then looks for the + sign just below the box to add a new printer.
    3. From the option toolbar above, I select Windows. I have connect this MacBook with my Windows Network, so the workgroup will appear to the left column.
    4. After I select this group, the computer list will appear in the middle column
    5. Then after I select the computer which my printer connected to, my printer sharename will appear in the right column
    6. Last step is to select the printer I want to use.
    7. After that it will automatically put your printer sharename to the "Name". And then I select my printer driver at "Print Using" and find my printer manufacturer which is Canon MX300 series from driver lists. Finish!
    My printer appear in the Printers List. But the problem is everytime I try to print there will be error message saying "ON HOLD Authentication Required".
    This problem start to kill me, I search all around for similar problem, but the solution was never worked for me!
    Until just now I figured out accidentally for the solution.
    THE PROBLEM LIES ON MY PRINTER DRIVER!!!! Although I have downloaded the most update driver from Apple site and Apple Software update said there is no more update for my system!
    The solution for my problem is Gutenprint Printer Driver! You can download this driver at, then select for the latest driver gutenprint-5.2.7.dmg. Install this driver!
    Then back to Print & Scan in System Preferences, then right click on Printers List box, then choose "Reset Printing System..." to clear the previous failed printers.
    After that, repeat the above step 2 - 7. Only for the last step I need to select the Printer Driver for my Canon MX308 for the driver name : "Canon PIXMA MX300 - CUPS+Gutenprint v5.2.7"
    Now I can sleep as a baby knowing that my printer make a friend with my new Macbook Pro! Hope this will help others!

    I have the same setup but with a Canon MX850.  This did not fix my problem. 

  • How to create shared folder between mac and windows

    how to create shared folder between mac and windows

    Us ean external drive formatted FAT32 or ExFat. Both OSx and Windows can read/write to the drive and both can use the same data files as long as you have a program that can open and save these files. For example, Word running both on OSx and on Windows will be able to work with the same document on the external drive.

  • Can no longer print to shared printer on mac running 10.5

    We have an old G5 that we use to share a printer between various macs all running 10.9. I recently upgraded the G5 to 10.5 to see if that helped with some  issues we had, but now that we can no longer print to the printer.
    What I have done so far:
    #1 Updated the printer drivers on both 10.5 & 10.9 macs.
    #2 Reset printing System on both 10.5 & 10.9 macs.
    #3 Readded the printer to the 10.5 Sys Pref > Print & Fax using actual driver
    #4 Readded the printer to the 10.9 Sys Pref > Print & Fax
    If I do the last step by using "Add printer or scanner" option...
    ...but use the Generic Postscript Driver I get: Looking for Printer > Connected to Printer > then the error "Stopped on server [G5's name] - No pages Found!". The job does appear on the G5 in the printer queue.
    ...but use the actual driver I get: Looking for Printer > Connected to Printer > then the error "Stopped on server [G5's name] - Unable to write uncompressed document data: Operati...". The job does appear on the G5 in the printer queue.
    If I do the last step by selecting the printer under "Nearby Printers" I get "Unable to download the software from the server at his time".

    There are some differences in sharing but it will work. I have a G4 that I use as a server, too.
    First, tell me what printer model. There are driver differences, too.
    At the heart, CUPS (the print control subsystem) uses IPP as the print sharing protocol. That part hasn't changed. So I recommend, for troubleshooting, setting up the printer on the client using IP printer > IPP protocol.
    Here's a guide:
    1) On the 10.5 print server, use a browser and point it at the CUPS admin web page athttp://localhost:631
    Go to Printers list and find the queue name from the left side of the page next to the printer you want. Also note the IP address of the server Mac.
    2) On a client, Add the printer as an IP printer > IPP protocol, and enter the IP address and queue name you noted above.
    3) Select the generic postscript driver (on client Mac)
    (after reading your second post, I want to remind you to set the server to use the correct driver.)
    Finish and try it.

  • How do I share printing between mac and Vmware Fusion?

    I am trying to print from mac and from Windows XP installed in a virtual machine via VMWare fusion on my IMac. If I am able to print from Mac then when I switch over to Fusion and try to print it errors stating the the printer is disconnected. If I disconnect the USB and reconnect then it will print. Same with mac if it is printing okay on Fusion and I try to print from mac it acts like it is printing but it is not sent to the printer, if I disconnect the USB and reconnect then it prints. Printer sharing and window sharing is on. Any suggestions?

    I suggest you post your question on the Microsoft Mac Office forums as that's where the Office gurus hang out...

  • Home Sharing feature between Macs and PCs?

    Can I use the new Home Sharing between Macs and PCs?

    Yes, I do. The only bug I've found is this:
    My XP machine will not play video from the Mac.

  • Sharing a printer between mac and pc

    I an trying to help my sister share her printer with both her new iMac running Snow Leopard and her old PC running XP. The PC is connected directly to an Airport Extreme Base Station (AEBS) because it has no wifi and her iMac is connected using the wifi. The printer is connected directly to the iMac with a USB cable. I have printer sharing turned on under system preferences on the Mac but I don't know how to find it once I get on the PC.
    Can anyone help?
    Thanks in advance

    Make sure that the Mac and the PC are both members of the same Workgroup or they won't see each other.

  • Lion 10.7.4 not connecting to shared printer in mac 10.5.8

    I have a macbook pro and recently applied the new upgrade to Lion 10.7.4
    I also have another macbook pro running 10.5.8 and the printer is attached to this computer.
    Up until the upgrade to Lion 10.7.4 I could just simply print using the printer connected to the mac 10.5.8, I could also easily share files between the two machines via the Public Folder in the 10.5.8 machine.
    What happens now is that upon re-sharing the printer and files, in the mac running 10.5.8, for about 1 to 2 minutes I can see the 10.5.8 mac in my Lion 10.7.4 machine. During that time I can print or share information as before.
    However after the 1 to 2 minutes interval, the mac running 10.5.8 simply dissapears from all menus in the Lion 10.7.4 machine and no printer or file sharing can then take place.
    Has anyone encountered a similar problem? is there a solution that could work?
    Thanking you so much in advance,

    The Current version of Lion is 10.7.5
    The next Step is Mountain Lion which is a Paid Upgrade.
    Check that your Mac meets the Requirements for Mountain Lion.
    Upgrade to Mountain Lion

  • Print to Windows Shared Printer from Mac on wireless network

    My set up is: HP Deskjet 1050 410 USB to a WIndows 7 PC. The PC has 4 users, each password protected for login and  public (not protected) folders. The Macbook is running OS X 10/6/8. I have downloaded the latest HP drivers.
    I found the printer on the workgroup network and installed it as the only printer on the Macbook. When I send a job to print, I am prompted to either login as a guest or as a user with a password. Either way, I get an eror message "On Hold (Authentication required)" Under Job Info is the following message "NT_STATUS_INVALID_PARAMETER" 
    THis is an improvement over what was happening before when I could not find the printer in the list and had to manually use the IP address. Even then, I could not print, I would get a communication error.
    The first time I installed the printer driver (an earlier driver and earlier release of OS X 10.6) I had no problems printing from the Macbook. It found the printer and printed without any password authentication. Nothing has changed on the PC, the printer is shared with all users on the network, but I can't seem to print. 
    I noticed many postings with similar issues but I did not see any resolution. Help! (Thanks!)

    hey just want to say thanks to you guys... I just this week switched to Mac after 14 years of heavy PC use. Mac's been awesome except for that I couldn't print to my PC based printer... now I can... and I couldn't of done it with out this apple discussion thread about HPIJS.

  • Screen Sharing Locally Between Mac OS and Windows 7

    Apologies in advance if this is a really, really dumb question. However all the answers online center around an internet based VNC when I need something more local.
    I have a MacPro on one desk and a gaming rig on another running Win7 64 on another. They are directly connected via Ethernet for file sharing, but I am wondering how to make it so I can control the Windows 7 rig from the Mac Pro.
    Thanks much in advance!

    Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection Mac OS X Client (free)
    CoRD (Microsoft RDC Screen Sharing)
    This assumes you can enable RDC on your Windows system.
    After that, a VNC server, but that will not export sound.
    And this really only works if you are using keyboard and mouse. I do not think you can use a game controller unless that basically looks like a keyboard or mouse.
    Than again, maybe you are asking if it is possible to export your keyboard and mouse, but use the Windows system and its monitor. That is to say share you keyboard and mouse between the 2 systems. Then you should look at SynergyKM

  • Problem with sharing files between mac and pc

    hi i have been having an issue with file sharing between my mac and pc. my pc running windows 7 can connect to my two macs running mavericks (mbp and mini) but i cannot connect to the pc from my macs. i have file sharing using smb setup on my macs as well as the workgroup setup. i can see the pc in my finder shared tab but when i enter the username and password it loads like its trying to connect and then says cannot connect or sometimes makes you re enter the password and still nothing. i also tired connecting through finder go tab and connect to server but when i type in my ip it asks to input the user and password but wont accept it it just shakes and deletes the text in the user and pass fields. on my pc i have file sharing enabled and like i said i can access my macs no problem. i will give a quick guide of how i try to connect
    Pc name is RAID-PC
    my admin account name is RAID
    pass is: dapice (not actual)
    ip address
    when I click on the raid pc under the shared tab in finder i put as the user RAID and pass dapice ....doesn't work
    under the finder go tab connect to server i put smb:// then push the + and then connect enter RAID as user and dapice as pass... unsuccessful
    i have tired reinstalling windows 7 didn't help i tired installing windows vista and also didn't work
    i have reinstalled mavericks and that also didnt work
    i have spend HOURS looking for the answer and trying all different this with no success any help will be appreciated

    when i go to enter the username and pass it just shakes and makes me re enter
    here is some screen shots from what happends
    that is for trying to connect through shared tab and thi is through connect to server
    after i push connect it shakes and stays the same

  • Accessing windows shared printer via mac over wireless

    So i want to share my deskjet 812c thats attached to my pc and be able to print via my MBP over wireless. I simply shared teh printer in windows, but have yet been able to figure it out, or to get it to work. It seems that the MBP will not see the printer, so any advice or any walk throughs would be appreciated.

    To connect to a shared Windows printer, open the Printer Setup Utility and click More Printers. For the new window, click the drop-down and select Windows Printing and then Network Neighborhood. The workgroup name that has been configured in the Windows computer should display. Double-click the workgroup name and then select the computer name from the new list. A new window will appear asking you to enter your Windows account name and password. Enter these details and click OK. Select the printer share name from the list and then for the Printer Model, browse to HP and then to the Deskjet 812C. If this model is not listed, download a copy of Gutenprint 5.0.0 for Mac OS X ( This has the 812C which you can use for network printing. With the 812C selected, click Add.
    Note that if you are not prompted to authenticate to the Windows computer, then this can impact your ability to connect to shares, especially on XP SP2. You will need to either enable the Guest account or create an account on the Windows computer for the MacBook.

  • Sharing files between Mac to Windows

    I have an ibook G3 with Mac OSX, originally 10.1.5 but recently I upgraded it to Tiger 10.4. The hard drive is about to die (clicking in left corner, applications running slow even though I have enough memory). I'm sorry to say but I bought a Microsoft PC. I've just had so much trouble with my Mac.
    I would like to transfer my files from grad school from my Mac to my Windows PC using an ethernet cable if that is possible. I really don't know much about computers. How does one do this, set up a direct connection between the two computers which are not on any kind of network.
    I really don't want to lose my files and I have already tried some other options. The CD burner on the Mac never worked so I was unable to burn copies of my files directly. I tried using an external CD burner but not all of the files burned, not sure why. I tried transferring the files to a zip disk but when I connected the zip drive to the Windows PC the computer told me it couldn't read the files and would have to reformat the disk erasing all of the information. If anyone has any ideas I would greatly appreciate them.
    Thank you,

    Hi Melissa!
    You have the right idea about using an Ethernet cable. It's the simplest way to transfer files without resorting to sneakernet.
    Do you know whether or not either of your computers has a Gigabit Ethernet port? If so, any Ethernet cable (straight-through or cross-over) will work. Otherwise, get a cross-over Ethernet cable from your local computer store.
    You can plug the cable directly between the two computers and they will automatically assign themselves IP addresses in the same range
    If your Windows PC is running Windows XP, then it has file sharing enabled by default. If you'd like, create a folder on your Windows destkop, right-click and select Sharing.
    From your Mac, you should be able to go to the Go menu in the Finder and select Connect To Server... Browse to find and connect to your Windows machine. You can drag and drop files to copy them.
    Hope this helps! bill
    1 GHz Powerbook G4   Mac OS X (10.4.4)  

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