Sign in problem for visually impaired user

I am visualy impaired and have trouble signingbin Your scrambled lettering , Iam unable toread, Is there another way to sign in

Hope THIS helps ..

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  • Bugs in Snow Leopard for visually impaired users

    I'm new to Mac (MBP 17 inch 2011 model) coming to Mac for first time from Windows.  I am VERY impresseed with the accessibility options that are built into the OS.  However, I ahve found a few bugs that I feel should be addresed in the next release:
    1.  With magnifcation on, the screen will no scroll at all when the application switcher (pressing the Apple+TAB, i.e. ALT+TAB in Windows).  This makes it absolutely impossible to see which appplications are open and which one currently has the focus.  If VoiceOver is enables, it will speak it to you, but you can't scroll the screen to see for yourself.
    2.  In Safari, with maginfication on, if you try to scroll down a page (i.e. the two-finger scroll), you will IMMEDIATELY be taken back to the top of the page.  This makes it absolutely impossible to scroll down a page with magnifier on.  I really want to use Safari because of its tight integration with VoiceOver (you can highlight text, right click, select speach, and it will read it for you).  But, I really need the ability to scroll.  I use bother Magnifier and VoiceOver.  Firefox doesn't have this problem with scrolling, but it doesn't integrate with VoiceOver.
    I'll report more issues related to visually impaired users as I become more familiar with mac and Snow Leopard.  But, I will have to say that I am EXTREMELY impressed with the accessibility options already built into the OS.  In Windows, I would have to pay over $1K extra to get JAWS or $700 for ZoomText, both of which can bring Windows to its knees. 

    You should be aware that this forum is not answered by Apple employees; we're all users here, like you.
    To give feedback and ask for new features, go to
    If you think you've found a bug, try the bug reporter (you'll need to register, but it's free);

  • Is July 9 internet issue a problem for Mac Pro users?

    Is the July 9 internet issue a problem for Mac Pro users or has Apple taken care of this issue in updates?

    It is a only a problem for users affected by the malware that replaces their DNS IPs on their macs. They already have a serious problem which they should fix. Follow the url in sig's post to determine if you are infected and how to remove it.

  • Tried to reset an error that my Id is disabled.  Have.seen this to be a problem for other iPhone users.  Any advice on correcting or contacting Apple direct?  Thanks

    Tried to reset an error that my Id is disabled.  Have.seen this to be a problem for other iPhone users.  Any advice on correcting or contacting Apple direct?  Thanks

    Try contacting iTunes store support here:

  • Attention! For the visually impaired users of OS X!!!

    Just wanted to bring this to the attention of all users of Universal Access Zoom feature in OS X.
    There is a bug in OS 10.4.8 that basically defaults amount of magnification to "0" each time Zoom is switched On and Off. It can be quite a time waster to have to re-adjust amount of magnification each time you enable and disable the Zoom feature.
    This isn't at all a problem for people that use "rapid zoom' option of course. But since all of us have different needs and abilities using this option may not be a solution for everyone.
    I have already notified Apple Support.
    Hopefully things will return to the way they were in OS 10.4 - 10.4.7. However, I strongly encourage everyone who finds this bug a problem to also do the same and notify Apple Support either directly or by using the feedback form.

    The general icon sizes are kind of matched to the rest of the user interface. You can set the zoom preferences to follow the mouse around; you can also lower the screen resolution to get an overall increase in the size of screen objects.

  • Single  Sign on Issue for new Portal Users

    We are implementing ESS on EP 6.0. the architecture is like EP 6.0 - ITS - R/3.
    and we want to implement the single sign-on. so that when the users login the portal, the Portal Authenticates the user and then portal uses just the Portal UserID and logs in ITS/R3 without verifying the SAP PWD. Portal ID and SAP ID are same.
    The single sign on is working fine for those users who already have an SAP ID.
    we need to create new R/3 ID's for the new employees. and we don't wanna let the employees login in directly to R/3.
    When we create a new ID in R/3 and login for the first time in R/3, it asks to change the password.
    since the new employees won't be using R/3 and they login through portal and b'cos we implemented single signon, the portal tries to login in r/3 using the Portal ID/R3 ID, but the SAP R/3 ID is not actived since the user did not change the password, the SSO is failing.
    We didn't wanna assign the R/3 ID a password. since it will be an audit issue.
    Can anybody give any suggestions, so that the administrator need not assign a password and the users need not login in r/3 and change the pwd for the first time.
    Hope you understand my problem, if u need any clarification, let me know..

    Hi Gopi-
    You can override the password check when a valid logon ticket is presented by setting the profile parameter:
    login/pasword_change_for_SSO   0
    using RZ10 in the instance profiles.  (Requires a restart of R/3)
    This overrides the password prompt/check when the user presents a valid logon ticket. 
    Hope this helps you out.

  • Discoverer and Visually Impaired Users

    Does Discoverer offer any features to visually impaired and/or disabled users?

    Discoverer is ADA compliant, so if you have a screenreader like JAWS, you can use it with Discoverer.
    Oracle Business Intelligence Product Management
    BI on Oracle:
    BI on OTN :
    Discoverer :
    BI Samples :
    BI Software :
    Blog :

  • I want to know how to create accessible pages documents for visually impaired. Is there a manual or guide available?

    I work for an NGO that has a lot of visually impaired staff. When I create pages documents and then export to PDF I often get feedback that the document is not very accessible. I have been searching for a manual or guide on how to ensure my documents are accessible, but cannot seem to find
    I have pages 5.0.1

    You need to add accessibility, after Exporting the pdf, with Acrobat Pro.
    I don't know of any software except maybe Indesign or Quark XPress* that actually builds it into the pre-pdf document.
    These references should help: tandards.html
    * Quark Xpress definitely did not have it up to QXP 7.5 but I can find no later references, so probably it is only Indesign.

  • Does adding V-Card to signature cause problems for Outlook (Windows) users?

    Hi -
    I want to add a V-Card to my signature in Apple Mail (by drag and drop from address book to signature pane in Mail>Preferences).  I have read that, in the past, this can caused problems for some recipients who use Windows Outlook.
    Is this still the case?  If so, how can I add a V-Card to my signature without causing problems for recipients?
    Thanks -

    I take note of your WNLB recommendation but in this case the error start on one of the CAS server first and client connected to the CAS that does not have any errors continue to work as normal.
    I upgraded to SP3 late last year.  This problem first happened in Feb 2014.
    Have you checked the DNS settings on the VM - yes, and both of them are pointing to one of our DC's.
    I would set the client with a Host file to just one CAS to rule out the WNLB - this would be too hard
    to manage as when the issue happens again it could happen on CAS1 but the client could be connected to CAS2 so it wont experience the issue.

  • UDF access problem for only 1 User

    Hi @ll,
    i got the problem, that one user is not longer able to search bp records by using UDF. Also the user is not able to change the UDF values. This problem only happen on bp data. In every other form the access to udf is possible. Every other using could access UDF in the bp data.
    Any idea ?
    Regards Steffen
    Ps. I grant admin rights for the user. The problem still exists.

    Hi Steffen.
    I'm not sure this could be helpful for you, but have try to check the ENABLE FLAG for this udf in UDF PARAMETRIZATION?
    Open the document whit UDF logging in with the user that have not permission in UDF. Then press CtrlshiftB and check the ENABLE flag for this UDF...
    Sorry for my english....

  • 11gR2 problem for dba group user

    Hi Pavan Sir,
    After the 11gR2 Installation and connect to oracle as one of the dba group user(ex: tuser)
    1) when sqlplus / as sysdba --> startup nomount --> receiving the error ORA-48189 (The OS command to create directory failed) for the diagnostic_dest(ex: /disk1/oradata/test)location, but the specified directory is created and owned by the same dba group user(test).
    2) If suppose the "/disk1/oradata/test" directory permission are modified by 777, the dba group user(test) can connect to nomount stage, but the sub directories of diagnostic_dest automatically gets created (like /disk1/oradata/test/diag/rdbms then etc......) are being owned by oracle user and also if the db is created ,the control file,redolog file and datafiles are automatically getting owned by oracle user but not by the test user.
    Which was not the case till 10gR2.
    Plz. provide any body provide us with some solution to overcome the above experienced problem which is implemented in our Dev. box.
    Thanks in Advance.
    Best regards,

    Dear user,
    Even if the perm are changed by -R ,the files are automatically owned by oracle user, not by the test user.
    Have any body tried creating oracle database using dba group user in 11gR2, but the db files being created by test user should not be automatically owned by oracle user. If so , plz. forward me the steps.
    Thanx in advance.

  • The signed data problem for script

    I encountered one problem about the signed of vaule when running script.
    *PACCT   Account Type*_
    S001   INC
    S002   INC
    V001   EXP
    script : TEST.LGF
       *IS  S001
    I input the S001 with 100 LC and run the script as following scenario:
    Scenario 1:
    - include the TEST.LGF in the  Default.LGF
    - create the input schedule to input 100 at S001
    I will get  S002=100  and V001=100
    Scenario 2:
    - input the S001 = 100 into application first
    - create datapackge to run the script TEST.LGF
    - run the datapackage and verify "successful"
    I will get the S002= -100  and V001= -100
    Why did the same code got different signed ?
    Is there any thing I missed ?
    Please give me some advise.

    You havent missed anything. The System behaves in the way you have mentioned.
    The processing of the values are diffferent in Default Logic and while processing through Data Manager package.
    The Default Logic works with the exact data what we have keyed and the script executed through DM Package considers the backend data as the keyed data and process on them.
    In Default Logic i tried even by setting the scope using XDIM_MEMBERSET for the account without keying the value for accounts. Even in that case it works fine like if Source has +100 the dest also gets +100.
    But incase through DM package the output am getting is for source value of +100, destination gets -100.
    This is really strange and i haven't noticed this long time.
    G.Vijaya Kumar

  • Portlet Problem for an individual user

    We are using the .NET implementation of Plumtree Corporate Portal 5.0.4. We have portlets running on a web farm that are built using .NET. The problem is we have two portlets that consistently work for the majority of our users, but there is one user in our NY office (we are located in Columbus, GA) that is now having a problem rendering the contents of the portlet. The error that comes back implies that the portal server is not able to make a request for the application. We are reasonably sure that the application functions. The user is able to click a gatewayed link of the application and it renders properly for him, but it simply will not show up in his portal window. Here is the error that we found in the source of the HTML from the user's machine:
    Error in CHttpGadgetProvider::raw_GetHTMLText, The Portal Server could not retrieve the content for this gadget because of a connection error with the host. If this problem persists, please alert a system administrator.-->
    This application worked for the user until about a week ago. The application has been running for several months. There are other applications that run on this same web farm that work fine for the user as a portlet. Again, a gatewayed link to this same application works fine for the user, just not in the portal as a portlet. This phenomenon has us stumped. We have checked portal settings even tried to point the remote server to one machine for this portlet. Nothing seems to work in the case of this particular user and these two portlets. Any insight you can give on this matter will be greatly appreciated.

    I am no expert from a code perspective but have seen some very odd behavior on portlets that are related to the browser version/components that the user has. I always test things out in Firefox if they are failing on IE. Also, check to see if the user has any non-native toolbars (have them send you a screen shot). Turn off all of these (Yahoo, Google, etc...) and see if things work.
    Best of luck.

  • .Mac Alias  - Small Niggling Problem for New Apple User

    I have very recently purchased my very first Apple computer - and yes, i am one of those life long MS-DOS/Windows users who have been lured by the ease and simplicity of the iPod (which apparently a lot of people are loath to admit, but hey, I'm not proud).
    Anyhow, having got my nice new shiny system out of its box, and up and running, I set-up up a new .MAC account, and then set-up one alias, the thing is my 'alias' mail is not ending up in my .Mac mailbox, but my other mailbox which belongs to my broadband ISP.
    Basically in Apple Mail ( I have OS X Tiger.10.4.3) I have an 'InBox' which shows everything from my two accounts, and separate mailboxes within : One called 'BlueYonder' who is my broadband ISP, and a second mailbox called '.Mac Mail'. IYSWIM?
    Now ALL of the mail sent to my standard .Mac account address ends up in the .Mac mailbox, and the 'collective' InBox, but and here is the puzzle, any mail sent to my .Mac ''alias'' goes into the 'Collective' InBox and my 'BlueYonder' mailbox, but not into my .Mac mailbox!
    I sent an email to the .Mac support team, and they said that it was either an issue with Apple Mailbox, and that I should look in here at the 'Discussions' or I have a Rule set-up.
    Well I don't have a rule set-up except the one that was already set-up when I first bought my system. This is set to just highlight in Blue any mail from any 'Apple' address. No rules are set to move or change locations etc.
    So can anyone,if possible please advise me what is going on with my mailbox and also how I can rectify it if possible please?
    Thanks and all the best for the New year to you all.

    Drusus - would be good for you to share your findings here. It might help anyone else with the same problem in the future.

  • Possible Problem for US N95 User Upgrading to Firm...

    On July 19, 2007 the new firmware version 12.0.013 for Nokia N95 became available through Nokia Software Updater for US product coded N95s. I installed it and only within 1-2 hours my phone messed up. It is now almost unusable. I am trying to figure out whether this problem stems from the new firmware or from another source that occurred by chance immediately after the installation of the firmware. I posted 2 videos on youtube showing the issues.;mode=related&search=
    I would like to hear what you think, especially whether you have ever seen or heard the same problem in any firmware version.

    Hi Please read this link as I had exactly the same problem and this is the way i went about solving it. The phone became totally useless and i even got an error code when starting it up. This does work. Tried to link but couldn't get it to work.
    Hi All.
    On two different N95 when i upgraded the phones these are the problems i experienced and how i solved it. Just to inform you the two phone were set up totally different with totally different software on it but both were upgraded from v10
    First of all i made backups onto the memory cards as suggested by Nokia. Don't do this!!!! backup to PC and restore from there.
    I then ran the update with no Problems and restored from the memory card. Big problems started. First of all the main screen lost all it's functions and there where no standby shortcuts on the phones. I could get into the menus by pressing the menu keys but even trying to setup the phone from here gave me no results. The standby shortcuts could not be restored at all and i think the problem has to do with the Active standby apps. or Standby mode. Even the two shortcut keys at the bottom of the phone were gone. After which i rebooted the phone. Even worse things happened then the phone then said "Failed to load or Phone load failure. Contact your Phone Retailer"
    The way to fix this is to press and hold the ( 3 * and the green answer key ) and then switch the phone on hold these three key until it asks for the country you live in. This formats the phone. Enter all the data asked for that is country, time and date.
    Then restore from your memory card and straight away go into your phone settings using the menu key. Go to General setting and load the Factory Settings. After this re-customize your phone and everything works like a charm.
    I have had no more problems from then on. Oh and the phone is a lot quicker.
    The only problem i've had with the phone from v10 and still in v12 is that i can't choose a ring tone from the memory card. The card holds about 900 songs (2 gig card). The only choice i have is to select no ring tone or to download on. The way i get to choose my ring tone is to copy the song or ring tone to the phones memory remove the mem card select the tune from the phone once i've done this i re insert the mem card and carry on from there.
    Hope this is helpful.
    Best to you all.
    The N95 is a great phone though.Message Edited by hotcat4 on 20-Jul-200706:11 PM

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