Single click to open email

I have version 3.6 of Apple mail. I used to be able to single click to open a message. Now I have to double click. What do I need to do to change it back to a single click?

Look for a tiny gray tick at the bottom middle of the message list, drag that tick upwards.

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  • There was away (before Mavericks) I could single click on an email and it would highlite but not open.  I could either delete or second click and the email would then open.  Can anyone tell me how to configure the prevue pane to that end with Mavericks?

    There was a way (before Mavericks) I could single click on an email in the "prevue pane" and it would highlite but not open.  I could then either delete it or click again and it would open.  With Mavericks that doesn't seem to be available making it impossible to delete an email in the prevue pane before I open it.  Its frustrating to have to go through all the monkey motions when I know I want to delete it from the get-go.  Does anyone know who to configure for that operation?  I'm using an iMac. 

    Wow,  have you ever seen 1 Billion in hard cash?  If not, I assure you it exists as well. 
    Try not to pick apart what others write because you "have not seen it." 
    I run TWO programs for protection of my MAC now and have been for sometime b/c developers of them become complacid thinking MAC is impermeable. 
    My MAC locked me out of it and two externals and when I finally did get back into them Norton Anti-Virus found a "worm."  When I asked the program to find the origin, it was traced back to an email, as you said, that I opened unintentionally.  I still have two external HDs for backup and a cloud backup now. 
    When ClamX ran after Norton was finished, ClamX found what it called as "spyware," and it's origin was in my email also.  I tried to delete the emails after the programs (both) identified the infected files, however once deleted and the computer is restarted, they were still there because I ran the scans again. 
    Now since we are no longer talking about how to turn on and off the view pane in apple mail; riddle me this,  why can't the developers of these antivirus and antispyware/malware programs get together and develop ONE PRODUCT that catches 90-95% of the viruses/worms/spyware/malware ect that get onto MAC's?  Is it because they are too busy thinking they don't exist? 
    I still run both programs and feel protected between the two.  If Norton said it was a "worm" then I believe it was a worm and if ClamX called it "spyware" then I believe it is spyware. 
    I had to wipe my MAC and do a fresh install to get it working again, then I had to open one of those externals (which was very, very difficult) multiple times until finally it displayed the message "you can view, but not change the data."  I exported as much as I could to my cloud and I had to format both of those too. 
    I still run both programs as I feel protected between the two.  If Norton tells me it is a "worm" then I believe it is a "worm;" if ClamX tells me it is "spyware" then I believe it is "spyware."  If it happens again, which my hope is that it won't, I will be more than happy to send the infected files to you!!
    Try not to "forum rage."  Support forums to post experiences and find answers, not nit-pick or claim not existance b/c you have not experienced it for yourself.

  • How can i change the tab bar from opening a new tab when single clicked to open one only when double clicked?

    Out of habbit, i double click the tab bar and it opens 1 tab. however in the new beta, it opens 2.
    Is there anyway to change this so single clicks dont open new tabs on the tab bar?

    I don't have multiple tab bars and haven't installed anything to try and get them.
    I re-read what I wrote earlier and realised it's not worded clearly when I said: If I have more than a single tab bar of tabs open
    I meant: When I have so many tabs open that they won't all fit into the tab bar at once

  • I used to single click to open mail & now I have to double click.  I have not changed preferences.  Any suggestions?

    I have always single clicked to open mail.  Now I have to double click.  I have not touched preferences or made changes.  Any suggestions?

    From where are you launching Mail? The only place, unless I've missed or forgotten something, you can launch an application with a single click is from the Dock. Is this what you're doing, or are you attempting to launch Mail from the Applications folder?

  • Single-click to open in finder

    Is there an option to have single-click open files and folders in the Finder?

    You're welcome.
    I use the Logitech Control Center software that shipped with the mouse, though I actually downloaded the latest version from the Logitech Web site — vs. using the version that came on the included CD — to be sure I had the latest version.
    The version I am using is for PPC. I don't believe they've released a Universal Binary yet for Intel-based Macs: I did not see anything to this effect on their Web site when I checked today. You could contact Logitech about the availability of a Universal Binary. I suspect one may be forthcoming: many vendors have to address the move to Intel-based Macs.
    You wrote: "Can you configure the mouse-wheel click to open in a new tab in Safari?"Yes. Any button can be configured for a custom keystroke. Since the keyboard combination to open a new tab in Safari is Command-T (assuming tabbed browsing is enabled), one could configure any button on the mouse to perform Command-T when pressed.
    Good luck!
    Dr. Smoke
    Author: Troubleshooting Mac® OS X

  • Single click to open apps

    Is there a way I can set my applications to open with a single click like they do when an icon is clicked in system preferences and like they do from when you launch them from the dock? Thanks.

    If you are thinking of a way to have all your applications handy but not clutter up your dock, you can drag the whole applications folder into the left hand side of the dock (where the trash can is). Use the source folder in your root directory, not the side panel. This inserts an alias - all you have to do is control click it and you have a list of all the items inside there that will open with a single click
    Hope that helps

  • How do you change to single click to open files and folders?

    How do you change from double clicking a file/folder, to single clicking (web style)?

    Finder > Preferences
    Turn it off it irks you. I find it exceedingly useful.

  • Single click to open plugins?

    seems like a minor thing but as a PT user this is a real pain (double click for about 10hrs of mixing and it makes a huge difference)

    agent87 wrote:
    Basically I'm asking is if there's a pref that I'm overlooking to set plugins to open with a single mouse click.
    No, there isn't. It is one of the few things that are still "mouse-only" in Logic. There is the shortcut "V" to hide/show plugins that are already open, and you could create screensets for different open plugins, but that would require quite some preparatory actions, for every individual project.
    You can make them open automatically when they are inserted/loaded (I believe this is set by default), however, the inserting itself is a mouse only action too.

  • Click to open email web site, get ?DllBlocklist_Initialize@@YAXXZ

    Installed 27.0.1 under Windows 8.0 Pro
    Running latest Mozilla Firefox as well.
    Try to open weblink in email:
    keep getting error:
    "The procedure entry point [email protected]@YAXXZ could not be located in dynamic link loader"

    26.0 Works flawlessly.
    This only happens with 27.0 and higher.
    Also happens with Firefox Aurora and Firefox Beta, latest releases.

  • Bug report: nuisance, single click to open table object from connections pane...

    Results frequently (but not always) in two or three tabs being opened for the selected object.
    Observed for (and its predecessor).
    Same behavior on both Mac and PC platforms.

    That's a known bug, will get fixed for the final release.

  • Cannot Open eMail Requiring Double or Right Click

    I've come across a caveat when trying to open some web based email that requires double or right click to open. Double tapping the message on the iPod Touch only enlarges or reduces the font size. I don't believe there is a right click function.
    Has anyone else encountered this and found a way to get around it?

    I wouldn't expect 3.0 to have any different interface functionality than the current version. Not sure what app you are trying to get e-mail from, but 99% of web based products only require a single click to open and read e-mail.
    Does this app have a pop or imap server you can connect to? At least you could use your regular mail app on your touch to access it.

  • Single Click a Book to display html assigned

    I have a book which has an HTML file attached to it. How do I
    set this so that when a user just clicks the book the topic linked
    to it opens? It appears right now my users are having to
    double-click it. But topics underneath are all single click.

    Hi Mary
    Normally if you have a topic assigned, it will display by
    simply clicking the book. Are you asking about also having the book
    open on a single click?
    If so, that's done in an option when you compile. If you
    click File > Generate and get to the intermediate dialog, look
    near the bottom for a button labeled Edit... and click it. You
    should then see another dialog appear with a couple of tabs. Click
    the tab labeled TOC Styles. On this tab are a bunch of check boxes.
    The one you want is labeled "Single click to open books".
    Cheers... Rick

  • Windows 7 classic shell without single click??

    I have 700 windows xp machines in a retail environment that I am prepping to swap out with Windows 7 machines.  These xp machines are joined to our domain, and fairly locked down via group policy.  I am in the process of putting together our new
    Windows 7 image and building the group policies.  Our goal is to maintain as much of the same look and feel that we have with our Win XP machines for this application.
    That being said - I have enabled Windows Classic theme (by leaving UserConfiguration > Administrative Templates > Control Panel > Personalization > Force a specific visual style or force Windows Classic blank).  This seems to work just fine.
     I have the expected results for background, start menu, window appearance.  What is confusing me is - my mouse somehow got set to single click.  I do not want this.  It seems to have happened with turning on windows classic??  I haven't
    been able to find a GPO or GPP (or registry hack, for that matter) to turn it off.
    I look in Explorer > Folder and search options > Click items as follows - Double-click to open an item is the radio button that is marked active.  I was able to set my staging user (non admin level) to a local admin, re-login, click Single click
    to open an item --> click apply --> click double click to open an item --> click apply and ok.  Now things are as I want them.  It seems that by manually making this change it does the trick.  I won't have this luxury in the field.
    Any input as to a workaround or what is actually going on would be greatly appreciated.

    To disable the "single click", you need to disable the GPO setting "Turn on Classic Shell" under the node given below,
    User Configuration\Policies\Administrative Templates\Windows Components\Windows Explorer\Turn on Classic Shell

  • Why am I sometimes sending duplicate emails and why when I sometimes single click an incoming messages to view it in the viewer window  why does it open?

    My computer got very touchy a few days ago as in the finder or in mail I would single click to select an item and it would open (rather than alloiwng me to just select it) or I would command select to select several items and they would open before I finished.
    I did a complete reinstall and finder part of the problem is gone, but it still exists in Mail.  Also before the reinstall just about every email I sent would duplicate-- not it only happens occaisionally.
    Anyone got any ideas-- thank you

    Hi, ybg, and welcome to the Community,
    Your detailed report (thank you) indicates to me your account has been compromised a second time.  Change your Skype account password immediately if you have not already done so, as well as that of any saved payment method on file.  I would also run a maintenance cycle on your computer/laptop, ensuring all patches and updates are installed.  Also run your preferred anti-virus/malware/spyware suite using the most recent virus signature files available.
    You are right to contact Skype Customer Service to report this incident.  I have read that people experience problems reaching them, however please do continue to do so, choosing a different path through the various steps than you used the first time; try also using a different web browser.  I have also read that the instant message chat sessions with Customer Service agents appear as a pop-up dialogue box, which needs to be enabled or the connection to the agent will not process.
    Here is a link to the instruction on how to contact Skype Customer Service via their secure portal: Contact Customer Service
    As a general proactive precaution, I would recommend reviewing how you access the internet, particularly seeking any vulnerabilities or patterns common to the first incident and this one.
    Was your question answered? Please click on the Accept as a Solution link so everyone can quickly find what works! Like a post or want to say, "Thank You" - ?? Click on the Kudos button!
    Trustworthy information: Brian Krebs: 3 Basic Rules for Online Safety and Consumer Reports: Guide to Internet Security Online Safety Tip: Change your passwords often!

  • My track pad stopped working with a single finger/double click when I try to open emails, and when I try to open apps on desk top.  If I use two fingers, and then click open, I can open them.  Thank You for your help.

    My track pad stopped working with a single finger/double click when I try to open emails, and when I try to open apps on desk top.  If I use two fingers, and then click open, I can open them.  Thank You for your help.

    Greetings ascnephew8,
    It seems your trackpad isn't working as you expect it to. Have you reviewed the trackpad settings in System Preferences? The following article provides trackpad setting details which may help:
    OS X Mountain Lion: Change the way your trackpad works
    Thank you for contributing to Apple Support Communities.

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