Solaris10 x86 lot of  "driver not attached"

I downloaded and installed Solaris10 on my x86 system. Installation process occured without any error. But my ethernet adapter does not work.
After prtconf there was a lot of devices without driver attached to it. In fact, there was attached driver only to display adapter, IDEcontroller, FDcontroller, USB UHCI controller(I use USB keyboard and mouse).
How can I attach driver to device and how/where can I found proper one? All my hardware I found in HCL, some of it only in part "reported to work"
I have no experience with Solaris.
Any suggestions? Thank You!

Thanks for the very helpful suggestions. But I need to know why I see os error 49 as below.
SQL> ORA-01034: ORACLE not available
ORA-27123: unable to attach to shared memory segment
Linux-x86_64 Error: 49: Protocol driver not attached
Additional information: 393227
Additional information: 69
Additional information: 10
The document provided shows us the error may be accompanied by one of the following. Error 49 is not mentioned.
   A) SVR4 error 12: not enough space
   B) SVR4 error 22: Invalid argument (you are trying to increase SGA and
                                       SHMMAX is large enough)
   C) SVR4 error 22: Invalid argument
   D) SVR4 error 22: Invalid argument
   E) UNIX error 13 (Permission Denied)
   F) SVR4 error 24 - too many open files.
What does potentially cause shmat() to be failed with os error 49, "Protocol driver not attached"?
Please suggest.

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    how about this?
    other google hits indicate that there is a realtek driver in OpenSolaris.

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    Sorry, but no.
    Time Machine will backup your Mac, but not the hard drive attached to the AirPort Extreme.
    Time Machine will back up a hard drive only if it is attached directly to your Mac via USB or FireWire.

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    You need something stronger, such as DiskWarrior, TechTools Pro, or Data Rescue.

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    I keep getting this error message when my Macbook Pro is not attached to an external drive:
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    Error -35 while resolving alias to backup target
    Backup failed with error: 19
    (this is from timemachine widget)
    I've even reinstalled the system software...
    What can I do to stop getting that regular annoying message?
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    cohsrains wrote:
    I don't use any 3rd party apps for time machine. As for 3rd party apps in general, I have a variety of them, from VLC to caffeine.
    No, sorry, I meant 3rd-party apps specifically to alter Time Machine's behavior. Other, unrelated ones, shouldn't be involved.
    Try this, with the TM drive ejected and disconnected:
    From a Finder window's menubar, select +Go > Go to Folder+ and type /Volumes at the prompt.
    That will show an alias for every connected volume. If it also shows your Time Machine volume, or anything else that isn't connected, see what it is.
    Sometimes, in some sort of obscure circumstances, if OSX loses contact with a drive in just the wrong way, a process may not realize it, and instead of writing to a volume via that alias, it will instead create a folder and write to that. Your symptoms don't sound like that, but it's worth a look.

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    Who will answer my question? and when?

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    I'm using a Seagate external drive for Time Machine backups. When I need to disconnect the drive from the Macbook's firewire port, I drag the drive icon to the trash/eject icon. When the drive icon disappears from the desktop, I unplug the cable. If I plug the drive in again, the drive responds by lighting up and spinning up, but the icon for the drive never appears on the desktop or in the Finder window. Time Machine doesn't run as scheduled because it doesn't know the drive is attached. If I briefly power down the drive before plugging in its cable, the Mac recognizes the drive and it can be used by Time Machine. Is there a different procedure for unmounting the drive that would eliminate the need to power it off before reconnecting?

    Thanks for the reply. The drive is mounted properly when I follow your procedure, same as it was when I powered down the drive. Your procedure differs from what I described in that the drive is powered down before the cable is unplugged. Maybe that's the safest approach. But I was looking for a way to avoid powering down the external drive since that involves unplugging the power connector (i.e., there is no power switch). Any way to avoid the power down?

  • Booting Solaris10 x86

    I've just installed Solaris10 x86 in my PC.
    I have two disks: No. 1 with WIN_XP and a lot of data.
    No.2 with only Solaris10 just installed but I can't boot to it. When I reboot the PC it goes directly to WIN_XP. I suppose that it may be because when I installed Solaris, I deselected the 1st disk to avoid that the program installation would damage or erase anything on it. (Got a notice about needing to enter the BIOS because of it, but I don't know what to do there).
    The installation went quite OK; not the slightest problem.
    ( I used a Personalized Installation, not the Predetermined one)
    The question is: If I reinstall Solaris 10 on the same 2nd disk and I don't deselect the 1st disk, will the program leave alone my WIN_XP and all the data in this disk allowing me to make a choice when rebooting the PC?

    I have installed both operating systems on one disk and have Solaris set as the primary operating system.
    In this way Solaris rightfully recognises Windows as an existing operating system and shows it to you in its boot-menu. You can make your choice which operating system you want to boot from at boot-time.
    I haven't tried it (yet) but I suspect that, when you configure your Solaris disk as the primary boot disk, Windows will be recognised as an optional disk to boot from

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    How do I access my external drive over the web with my iPhone. The drive is attached to my Time Machine. I am new to Apple and am trying to get all my stuff working together.

    This is not a supported feature of iPhone or Time Capsule.

  • [Solved] E4200 - External hard drive not recognized

    My external hard drive, a 2TB WD Elements, does not appear in the storage list in the web utility of my E4200. The drive is formated as NTFS, single partition. It works fine if I connect it to a computer.
    If I connect a 4GB USB flash drive (FAT32) to the router, it does appear in the list.
    I'm using the latest firmware, version 1.0.02.
    Edit: Down(up?)grading to firmware version 1.0.01 fixed the problem.

    Carborundum wrote:
    Edit: Down(up?)grading to firmware version 1.0.01 fixed the problem.
    not surprised.  I was going to reccomend you dropped down too.   But I see you fixed it.  Kudos to you.   Im glad it works.   Lots of drives dont work with the E4200. 
    please fix the E4200 media server in .02 firmware

  • Vista and ipod nano driver not recognized?

    My computer (vista) won't recognize my ipod nano second generation. It tells me driver not recognized?
    So when I plug in my ipod a little screen pops up and tells me that No drivers are installed for this device. Where can I download a driver
    [Income For Life|]
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    Apple has release a new version of iTunes 8, in responce the issues with Vista.
    1.Unistall iTunes via StartMenu\Control Panel\Programs and Features
    2.Delete all previous iTunes installers.
    3.Download iTunes 8 from the Apple website.
    4.Makes sure you close Outlook and Explorer and all non-essential programs, as it seems to prevent the install at certain points.
    5.Install iTunes 8.
    6.After the Install is complete, Open iTunes 8 before attaching your iPhone.
    7.Unlock your iPhone if it is lock with a pass code.
    8.Attach your iPhone, after a few seconds you should see that it has installed a driver for your iphone, then the iPhone will appear in iTunes.
    I hope this helps, as I did spend some time with this issue myself.

  • LaserJet 1020 Windows 7 x64 driver not working!

    Hello. I have problem. I have recently installed Windows 7 x64, and when I tried to install driver for my LaserJet 1020 from this site, an error appeared.
    First, when I launched the driver installer, I agreed with license agreement and proceeded. Than, loading bar appeared, it came to 3 division sticks in it and text above was like "Preinstalling the driver files". Then, suddenly, for a split-second "Copying files to the hard drive." text appeared, than again "Preinstalling the driver...", and it appeared again for less than a second, and again, and again... Than, after a few times, it just crushed, with Windows message "Printer Software Installer" is not working". 
    And one more: in Program Files -> HP folder there are lots of driver files (which seem not to be working) and another HP folder with same file and HP folder in it... Recursion of some kind, I think.
    So, what should I do? I can't use my printer for a long time because of this driver!
    I'm haven't spoken English for a while, so, if I explained something strange, ask, I'll try to explain better =)
    This question was solved.
    View Solution.

    Who is awesome? I'm awesome! ^_^ 
    I used russian version of the driver, worked flawlessly =) 
    Take it from here. Glad, if I could help =)

  • Windows 7 install stops at "CD/DVD driver not found"

    When trying to install Windows 7 with boot camp, all goes well until it stops and gives me the "CD/DVD driver not found". I have a mid 2010 Mac Pro with a 500 GB SSD drive. I have burned a DVD at 1X from a iso file.

    Can you verify the MD5/SHA1 of the DVD with the ISO using OS X 'openssl md5' or the M$ FCIV tool? The source of your ISO should be able to provide MD5/SHA1.
    OS X Example
    openssl md5 ~/Desktop/GRMCPRXVOL_EN_DVD.cdr
    MD5(/Users/MyName/Desktop/GRMCPRXVOL_EN_DVD.cdr)= 977f4f0f1400be91855789213e07b031
    Windows FCIV example
    D:\>C:\"Program Files (x86)"\FCIV\fciv
    // File Checksum Integrity Verifier version 2.05.
    Usage:  fciv.exe [Commands] <Options>
    Commands: ( Default -add )
            -add    <file | dir> : Compute hash and send to output (default screen).
                    dir options:
                    -r       : recursive.
                    -type    : ex: -type *.exe.
                    -exc file: list of directories that should not be computed.
                    -wp      : Without full path name. ( Default store full path)
                    -bp      : specify base path to remove from full path name
            -list            : List entries in the database.
            -v               : Verify hashes.
                             : Option: -bp basepath.
            -? -h -help      : Extended Help.
            -md5 | -sha1 | -both    : Specify hashtype, default md5.
            -xml db                 : Specify database format and name.
    To display the MD5 hash of a file, type fciv.exe filename
    D:\>C:\"Program Files (x86)"\FCIV\fciv -add Windows8.1-64bit.cdr
    // File Checksum Integrity Verifier version 2.05.
    f104b78019e86e74b149ae5e510f7be9 windows8.1-64bit.cdr

  • External hard drive not mounting

    external hard drive not mounting

    I fixed mine by uninstalling the software that came with the harddrive such as Tuxera and reinstalled it now myharddrive works again and i did not have to delete the harddrive and reformat it.
    I tried a lot like reseting the Pram And connecting other harddrives but by unstalling the original software it works all over again. I hope this works for you because i was getting pretty frustrated myself.
    Im running a 2012 macbook pro with 10.9.3
    boom mind blown

  • Time Machine Backup to Shared Firewire Drive Not Working

    I know this may have been posted before, but I am looking for a simple troubleshooting / diagnostic process I can follow to resolve my issue:
    I have a Imac running Lepoard with all possible software updates. A WD Studio 500GB drive is attached via Firewire 800. The drive has the latest firmware etc. I also have a 15" powerbook G4 (last model) running leopard. All Macs are connected to the a Netgear DG834N router, via ethernet cables.
    The Imac and Firewire connected external drive works normally with time machine.
    I have shared the external drive on the Imac and given all 'built in' groups read/write permissions.
    I can mount the external drive on the powerbook and see the files that are backed up by the Imac, I can traverse the folder tree within the folders contrained in the backup. Double clicking on these folders invokes the 'star trek' style time machine window.
    When trying to backup the powerbook, I could see the external drive as a time machine target disk.
    The backup failed twice. Having checked the disk a sparse image was created. I tried again a number of times without success - I deleted the sparse image and tried to start again.
    This time I could not find the disk in the selection in time machine, a reboot of everything revealed the disk, but when selecting the 'use for backup' button in time machine on the powerbook nothing happens.
    Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated.

    You have a pretty simple problem: time machine does not allow you to backup two computers to the same hard drive or partitioin. the way to fix this is to repartition you WD drive into two partitions, one for each computer. if you already have other data (not from time machine), make three partitons: one for iMac, one for PowerBook, and one for Other. do not put any data other than time machine data on the iMac and PowerBook partitons, always put it in other. you can partiton a disk easily with disk utility, but wait:
    to avoid this, first use disk utility to make a disk image of the external hard drive, and save it on your internal drive. if the image won't fit (your internal drive doesn't have enough capacity, then you can either erase all the data on already on the hard drive with the reformat, or buy another disk to use for the PowerBook) then, when the disk is partitioned correctly, mount the disk image and copy all the files on it back to the correct* partition of the external hard drive. *if the files on the external hard drive came from the iMac, then put them on the iMac partiton of the drive. if they came from the powerbook, put them in that partition, and if it is not from time machine, put it in othe
    Hope you followed all that!

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