SPA9000 and Day time format

  in linksys administration guide for SPA9000 the Day time format is defined as Start time:   and End time.
Is it possible to have more than one periods of Day time?
For example lets say i want to define Day time beetween   08:00 and 13:00  and also day time 14:00 until 18:00. Is that possible?

Hi Jeff,
  thanks for the reply. Tried your suggestion but it doesnt work. As soon as first end time kicks in thats it. Night time folks until the next day.

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    Does anyone know of software that can create what you can do with Calendar but in a week at a glance day timer format? IE - a 5 x 7 size with photos on the left and a week calendar on the right?

    No I do not - but it sounds like a good suggestion for Apple - iPhoto menu ==> provide iPhoto feedback

  • Data services with SQL Server 2008 and Invalid time format variable

    Hi all
    Recently we have switched from DI on SQL Server 2005, to DS(Date Services) on SQL Server 2008. However I have faced an odd error on the query that I was running successfully in DI.
    I validate my query output using a validation object to fill either Target table (if it passes), or the Target_Fail table (if it fails). Before sending data to the Target_Fail table, I map the columns using a query to the Target_Fail table. As I have a column called 'ETL_Load_Date' in that table, which I should fill it with a global variable called 'Load_Date'. I have set this global variable in the script at the very first beginning of the job. It is a data variable type:
    $Load_Date = to_char(sysdate(),'YYYY.MM.DD');
    When I assign this global variable to a datetime data type cloumn in my table and run the job using Data Services, I get this error:
    error message for operation <SQLExecute>: <[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver]Invalid time format>.
    However I didn't have this problem when I was running my job on the SQL Server 2005 using Data Integrator. The strange thing is that, when I debug this job, it runs completely successfully!!
    Could you please help me to fix this problem?
    Thanks for your help in advance.

    Thanks for your reply.
    The ETL_Date is a datetime column and the global variable is date data type. I have to use the to_char() function to be able to get just the date part of the current system datetime. Earlier I had tried date_part function but it returns int, which didn't work for me.
    I found what the issue was. I don't know why there were some little squares next to the name of the global variable which I had mapped to the ETL_Date in the query object!!! The format and everything was OK, as I had the same mapping in other tables that had worked successfully.
    When I deleted the column in the query object and added it again, my problem solved.

  • I'm having trouble with a Text Field and a Time Format

    I have created a form.
    There are many text fields for clients to fill out.
    One Field have been formatted to enter a time. Ex. 6:00pm.
    This works great unless it's a 12:00am time then the field reads 00:00am
    I would rather it read 12:00 am.
    How can I do this?

    Maybe you should put the time format in 24hour instead.

  • How to change date and time format

    Hi experts,
    Can i know how to change the date and time format?
    I want the date format to be dd-mmm-yyyy  and time format to be hh:mm:ss
    These date and time is in my sapscript form.
    I make use of PERFORM function in sapscript.
    This is the code in my print program.
    FORM get_actlog_QA TABLES in_tab STRUCTURE itcsy
                           out_tab STRUCTURE itcsy.
       DATA: object TYPE string, "
            qaname LIKE JCDS-USNAM, "NAME for engineering process, QA Manager
            qadate LIKE JCDS-UDATE, "DATE changed in engineering process, QA Manager
            qatime LIKE JCDS-UTIME. "TIME changed in engineering process, QA Manager
    DATA: lt_jcds type standard table of jcds,
          wa_jcds like line of lt_jcds,
          new_date(10) type c.
      READ TABLE in_tab INDEX 1.
      MOVE in_tab-value TO object.
      select * into CORRESPONDING FIELDS OF TABLE lt_jcds
      from jcds WHERE objnr = object
        AND  ( stat = 'E0005' )
        AND inact = ''.
      Loop at lt_jcds into wa_jcds.
          qaname = wa_jcds-USNAM.
          qadate = wa_jcds-UDATE.
          qatime = wa_jcds-UTIME.
       READ TABLE out_tab INDEX 1.
       MOVE qaname TO out_tab-value.
       MODIFY out_tab INDEX sy-tabix.
       READ TABLE out_tab INDEX 2.
       MOVE qadate TO out_tab-value.
       MODIFY out_tab INDEX sy-tabix.
       READ TABLE out_tab INDEX 3.
       MOVE qatime TO out_tab-value.
       MODIFY out_tab INDEX sy-tabix.
      clear wa_jcds.
    This is my PERFORM in sapscript.
    /:           DEFINE &V_QANAME& = ''.
    /:           DEFINE &V_QADATE& = ''.
    /:           DEFINE &V_QATIME& = ''.
    /:           USING &VIQMEL-OBJNR&
    /:           CHANGING &V_QANAME&
    /:           CHANGING &V_QADATE&
    /:           CHANGING &V_QATIME&
    /:           ENDPERFORM.                     
    Prepared by : &V_QANAME& ,, &V_QADATE& ,, &V_QATIME&
    The output now is
    Prepared by: Name   20080312  115536 
    I want to change the date format to 12-MAR-2008
    and the time format to 11:55:36 
    Can anyone please suggest on how to solve this?
    Thank you.

      Before assigning the  QADATE value you can write the logic to display  20080312   as  12-MAR-2008  taking the offset values .
    qadate = wa_jcds-UDATE.
    qatime = wa_jcds-UTIME.
      lw_year    = qadate(4).
      lw_month = qadate+4(2).
      lw_date    = qadate+6(2).
    case lw_month.
    when 1.
    when 2.
            concatenate lw_date  '-FEB-'  lw_year into qadate.
    when 3.
          concatenate lw_date '-MAR-' lw_year into qadate.
    READ TABLE out_tab INDEX 2.
    MOVE qadate TO out_tab-value.
    MODIFY out_tab INDEX sy-tabix.
    And you can also change the timeformat also  .
    then assign that value to qatime .Then
    READ TABLE out_tab INDEX 3.
    MOVE qatime TO out_tab-value.
    MODIFY out_tab INDEX sy-tabix.
    I think this helps you.

  • Date and time formatting not responding

    I'm trying to total a column based on a date or date window.  My formula looks like this.
    I have 2 tables.  The table with the formula references the other table, and compares Date in table 1 to B1 in table 2.  B1 is a date I enter to see a specific total for that day only.  It only works if all the times of the date window are 12:00:00 AM.  , and the B1 times are the same ..... Even though times are unimportant to the totals I need, and both are formatted to "none" and do. It show.
    So, how do I total a specific date with various times, but all the same date?  I have a sample file if it will make more sense to see it.
    Not that it matters, but I am doing this on an iPad, but the formula still did not respond correctly on Mavericks either.  Unless I set all times equal to B1.
    Sorry if I didn't explain very well.  I'm new at this formula thing. 

    Hi Jeff,
    The entered date in B1 will have it's time part set to 00:00:00 (midnight, at the beginning of that date). To use SUMIF to filter the date and time values in Table 1, you would need to write a single condition that would accept all date and time values falling on the date in BI, and reject all date and time values falling on days before or after that date.
    SUMIFS allows you to specify multiple conditions, all of which must be met to acept a test value and add its associated sum value to the total. Here's an example:
    The formula in B1 of Table 2 is shown below:
    B2: =SUMIFS(Table 1 :: B,Table 1 :: $A,">="&B1,Table 1 :: $A,"<"&(B1+1))
    Syntax: =SUMIFS(sum-values,test-values,condition,test-values,ˆcondition)

  • 56 day Time Machine backups. and 27" iMac problems.

    56 day Time Machine backups. and 27” iMac problems.
    I have a problem and its driving me to mad. I wish to backup my iMac to a separate hard drive, When I start TimeMachine backup there is a window that appears ,I switch on Time Machine , select my Verbatim separate hard drive which I have partitioned into three section , one called time machine backups, and click ‘backup now’ the process starts by stating ‘436GB of 500GB available’, Preparing Backup’ and this stays there for ages and then when it does start to backup states backing up 234 byts of 28.3 GB . I left my IMac on for fifteen hours and it still read the same , 234 byts of 28.3 GB also at one time showed ‘time remaining’ as 56 Days. It will not allow me to reformat the Verbatim and will not allow me to eject the backup hard drive. On disc repair it says things are OK, disk partitions are OK. Could I have damaged the Verbatim Hard drive when I previously forced a shut down as it was taking so long and would not eject theVerbatim hard drive. Also Just recently it has been impossible to shut down the iMac as ‘Messages’  is working and won't even force quit. I switch of at the mains.     Please help.
    iMac 27” 3.2 GHz intel core i5 [four months old]
    Running OS X Yosemite
    Verbatim [SamsungHD]  [three years old]
    Partitioned in Three , Formatted as Mac OS Extended [Journaled]
    connected by USB 2 Cable

    First you should NEVER EVER partition a Time Machine or any other backup drive for anythings else but backup. This is likely why you are having issues, buy yourself a high quality EHD such as an OWC ( Mercury Elite Pro, format it correctly and make that  your Time Machine backup HD.

  • Waveburner : Time Format and Track start marker insertion ?

    I am exporting the Markers from a Final Cut Pro project to get their position.
    I copy/paste this time code in a Track start marker in Waveburner to set it in the right position.
    The problem is that in Final Cut Pro the time is set in HH:MM:SS:Fps  (Frames per seconds (25 fps in my PAL project)
    And in CD tracks window (sorry I am translating from a French user interface) it's not the same time format : CDDA frame (1/75th of a second)...
    so the track position is approximative (less than 1 second)
    I have selected the right time unit in the Wave View : Min:Sec:Im (25fps)
    In preferences I checked "Set Time Format Globally checkbox"
    But it's still in CDDA when I insert  a track marker...
    How could I manage that ?
    Thanks for your help

    Seems there is no edit button here.
    After having another go at this problem, I think I have found a better solution that solves both formatting and date entry problem. The only downside is that you'll need to make 5 columns for a single date rather than 1.
    Step 1.
    For each date entry, create the following columns:
    | FormattedDate | NumbersDate | Day | Month | Year |
    FormattedDate is the final date displayed according to our format.
    NumbersDate is the internal Numbers date representation.
    Day, Month, Year columns are the ones you use for data entry.
    Step 2.
    Create/convert our 3 columns date (Day, Month, Year) into Numbers internal date.
    So, in NumbersDate column, insert this formula:
    NumbersDate: =DATE(Year, Month, Day)
    Step 3.
    Apply our own formatting for the date output display. In this example, I want an output in the form of Dayname, Day Month Year (Saturday, 24 September 2011).
    FormattedDate: =DAYNAME(NumbersDate) &amp; ", " &amp; (Day) &amp; " " &amp; MONTHNAME(Month) &amp; " " &amp; (Year)
    This way, changing the raw date input is as simple as changing the respective column. If any discrepancy between entered and displayed data exist, it is easily spotted by comparing between the raw date columns and the formatted output.
    Another advantage is reducing the risk of data corruption to the date, since the date is now simply represented as integer values in their respective columns.

  • Difference between LV 6.1 and LV 7.0 - Date\Time Format

    I found different behviour of numeric controls in Date/Time format, or
    in "Seconds to Date\Time String" function in LV6.1 and LV7.0
    In LV 6.1:
    Absolute time in seconds is formated in control with date/time format,
    output depends on local time format on computer, where this VI runs.
    So if I start LabView on machine with specific time zone, and for
    example DST on, the output was changed by these settings. ANY number
    of second is handled by this settings.
    In LV 7.0:
    Output still depends on specific time zone, but the use of the DST
    on/off depends on absolute time value. So if the number represents
    absolute time which fits period when DST was off, the output is
    wihtout DST, even if the DST is on when this vi runs.
    The solution in LV 7.0 is much more better than in LV 6.1, but ...
    If data are measured and stored (store of absoulte time DBL) in one
    time zone, and if they are processed in different time zone (for
    exapmle where DST change is in different time), the data
    representation is wrong.
    In LV 6.1 it was not correct too, but anyway there was a way how to
    solve this problem:
    I stored absolute time DBL and GMT delta for every time stamp. When I
    process this stored data on different computer with different time
    zone, I recalculate time stamps in this way:
    absolute time + stored GMT delta - GMT delta of computer where data
    are presented.
    So in final I have correct time does not matter on time zone or any
    other settings which are on computer where are data presented.
    But on LV 7.0, the GMT delta is not constant for every data and this
    algorithm is useless. I can simply show correct time when data are
    from same time zone without any calculation, but it is almost
    imposible to correct show data
    from different time zone.
    My question is:
    Is there any "ini file item", which can tell LabView 7.0 to use time
    representation style as in LV 6.1 ?
    Thank you and best regards
    Jiri Hula

    Thanks for the well written question.
    Unfortunately, there is no ini token or any way of specifying LabVIEW use the LV 6.1 style.
    I am attaching a LabVIEW 7.0 VI that calculates the UTC Offset for a given time value (I don't think the same code would work correctly in LabVIEW 6.1). The VI comments are:
    The attached VI will take Daylight Saving and Time zone into account to compute the offset in seconds from UTC Time to the Local time (as specified by the computer). Note: This VI can aid in converting from Local Time to UTC time, but not in converting from one Timezone to another.
    I hope it helps. Basically, your data is in UTC (absolute time) as it has always been, but LabVIEW 7.0 changed the way it displays the UTC data (trying to be more correct). If you wish to display it the way it was in LabVIEW 6.1, things are going to get a little tricky. LabVIEW 6.1 displayed the same DBL absolute time differently depending on if the current computer time was in DST or not. To get this behavior in LabVIEW 7.0, the equation:
    absolute time + stored GMT delta - GMT delta of computer where data are presented
    is still correct, but for LabVIEW 7.0 the GMT deltas now vary depending on whether the absolute time is in DST or not. It may be possible to convert the GMT offset you have saved from LabVIEW 6.1 into a set or pair of UTC Offsets. This would require a knowledge of what the DST state was for each of the data points in question.
    The DST state or GMT/UTC offset that the computer currently is using may be obtained from the attached VI.
    The absolute time is stored in GMT/UTC so that in different time zones it will still equate to the same time, even though it will be displayed differently. Another data format (such as storing the Hour, Minute, Second, Day, Month, Year; or storing the date as a string) might be more appropriate if the time should be displayed as the same local time regardless of the time zone.
    I hope this helps. Please respond if you have any comments or questions.
    Shawn Walpole
    Attachments: ‏52 KB

  • Keyboard shortcuts: current day and date, and current time?

    I would like to know keyboard shortcuts for entering current day and date, and current time (separated entries) in Numbers. Something that Excel does easily. Thank you, Ian

    Numbers does not have predefined key command for Insert Date & Time as you can see from this screenshot:
    All menus show the key commands on the very right (if there is a ke command).  You can add you own, custom, key commands by opening system preferences and selecting the Keyboard panel, then the "Keyboard Shortcuts" segment:
    Click the "+" then a modal dialog will appear.   Select the application from the pop, then enter the exact name if the menu item, and, finally, your desired key combination:
    You can do this for any application

  • Change GMT time and 12 hours format in the Callback Properties dialog box

    Hello! There are CAD 7.6.3 for UCCE. In the Callback Properties dialog box for personal CallBack displays the Customer's Current Time in GMT 0 and the data format of 12 hours.
    How to display in this window, the time is GMT +3 and change time in 24-hours format?

    Please check your local time format settings by the following steps:
    1. Click the Time in the right bottom corner taskbar.
    2. Click Change date and time settings.
    3. In Date and Time window, click Change data and time.
    4. In Date and Time Settings window, click Change calendar settings.
    5. In Customize Format window, switch to Time tab.
    6. Change the Short time format as H:mm instead of h:mm tt, set the Long time as H:mm:ss.
    7. Click OK to save the setting to have a try.
    Winnie Liang
    TechNet Community Support

  • I created a form with Single Choice fields, 4 days with times listed. But, I want the user to only be able to choose one time, and the time chosen to be unavailable for other users. How do I do this?

    I created a form with Single Choice fields, 4 days with times listed. But, I want the user to only be able to choose one time, and the time chosen to be unavailable for other users. How do I do this? I have 4 blocks of Single Choice fields in order for the summary page to give me each day in the final report. But, I need the user to be able to make a selection of any day and time and that apointment to no longer be available to future users when they log in. Plus, when the user clicks on the time, they are unable to change their mind and choose another time. Here's the link if you want to see what I'm talking about: 2015-2016 Workload Apportionment Review

    I'm afraid not.    It's not rocket science but you need to do some coding. 
    You'll need to find a script (php) and save it to your local site folder.  Then reference the script in your form's action attribute like so.
         <form action="path/form-to-email-script.php" >
    The input fields in your HTML form need to exactly match the script variables. 
    I'm  assuming you're hosted on a Linux server which uses PHP code.  Linux servers are also case sensitive, so upper case names are not the same as lower case names.  It's usually best to use all lower case names in your form and script to avoid confusion.
    Related Links:
    [email protected] PHP from DB Masters
    If this is all a bit beyond your skill set, look at: (on-line form service)
    Nancy O.

  • How do I find out what purchases were made on a particular day/time?  My credit card has a charge and I didn't purchase anything from APL*APPLE ITUNES?

    My credit card has a charge on it for a particular day/time from APL *APPLE ITUNES.  The charged amount and date/time of the charge do not ring any bells with me and I don't have kiddos that would be charging downloads or whatever.  How do I find out what the charges were actually for?  I've tried to figure it out in the iTunes store, but not having much luck.  I'm new to this iPhone 'thing".  Please help.

    Sign into your Account > Click on your account name > Click on Account > Purchase History
    iTunes Store & Mac App Store: Seeing your purchase history and order numbers -
    Direct link -

  • SBS 2011 Existing domain and the 21 day timer

    I will be putting an SBS 2011 server into a Server 2088 R2 domain. There is no Exchange server in this domain.
    Will I need to worry about the 21 day timer? From previous experience I believe the 21 day timer is tied to an Exchange server being in the domain. I am asking, because I would like to move the server into the domain and test some things before I start moving
    the users into the SBS OUs, and migrating their email from the POP server onto the domain.
    Thank you for any info!

    No, there is no 21 day issue migrating to SBS 2011 from standard server.  Be sure you have restorable backups and are comfortable with moving the FSMO roles and go for it.  Here is one guide to the process, and there are others:
    Larry Struckmeyer[MVP] If your question is answered please mark the response as the answer so that others can benefit.

  • I have a sony laptop with windows 7 (64 bit) which I upgraded to windows 8 64 bit. But the machine had to be formatted and this time loaded windows 8 32 bit. Now I have tried itunes for 32bit win 8 as well as for 64bit win 8 but none is getting installed

    I have a sony laptop with window 7 64 bit initially which I upgraded to windows 8 64 bit. But due to formatting later, I had to reinstall the windows and this time I installed windows 8 32 bit. Now I have tried installing iTunes for 64 bit windows 8 as well as 32 bit Windows 8 but none of them is getting installed. The message I get is, "this programme is not compatible for your pc" (or words to that affect since I dont remember the exact words but this is the meaning).
    Can some body send me the link to the right file please. I need iTunes to transfer files from my iPod and iPhone to my laptop.

    Hi there,
    I would recommend taking a look at the troubleshooting steps found in the article below.
    Trouble installing iTunes or QuickTime for Windows
    -Griff W.

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