Standard Price in material master  and MBEW

We have unique problem. The currency was setup with out decimal places due to some valid reason. Due to which STANDARD PRICE in MATERIAL MASTER  looks alright (lets say 1000) but in MBEW(field STPRS) it is 10.
I would like use value which is in Material master for calculations  in ABAP program. How can i achieve this? Is there any function module for the same so that I can convert value in MBEW-STPRS to value in material master.
Thanks in advance.

Hi ,
     Try to use the  following FM's:
use the BAPI "BAPI_MATERIAL_GET_DETAIL" and take the price from the Export parameter MATERIALVALUATIONDATA. This parameter points to the structure BAPIMATDOBEW which has all the material price details like :
Price control indicator
Moving average price/periodic unit price
Standard price
Price Unit
Currency Key
ISO code currency
Hope this solves your problem.

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  • Process will not be created with zero standard prices in material master

    I have two type of material;
    1.     In process material say A1
    2.     Finished Goods say B1
    Both materials price control are standard price.  I do not run costing. So , after creation of material master , standerd price has to update through MR21 in the account1 tab before start production .
    Suppose, if I forget to update standard price in material master and prepared process order, it will carry zero value of production cost.
    Hence, I want to restrict the creation of process order with zero standard prices in the material master.
    In order words, as long as standard price will not be updated after creation of the material master, user will not be allowed to create process order, if wrongly try, system will give message u201Cwith zero standard price creation of process order will not be allowedu201D.
    Please let me know either standard configuration or name of User exit or Badi.

    You need to use BADI: workorder_update.
    Method: At release.
    check MBEW-STPRS field in the code ..and flag error and reject error if STPRS = 0.
    Santosh Sarda

  • How to view previous standard price in material master?

    Dear expert,
    in material master Costing tab 2, i can view the current and future cost estimate price. but i want to view the previous month standard cost estimate price in material master?
    For these, is there any configuration setting needed?
    Thanks for advance

    When you re-release a Std Cost - The Future cost would become the CURRENT cost and the Existing curent cost would become the PREVIOUS cost.... You can then see the Previous cost estimate in material master
    br, Ajay M

  • Changing standard price in Material Master.

    Hi Gurus,
               Can anyone please tel me in material master Accounting1 view,is there any way to change the standard price field immediately,once its created?When I go in change mode the standard price field is disabled.
    Thank you all in advance.

    Use MR21 Tcode and change the moving average price if u have a stock means no problem bcaz in the OBYC T code Cost (price) differences- PRD u have to give the G/L account and that value goes to that account. System Does not allow to change the price in MM02 Transaction. U must do it in MR21 only.
    MM consultant

  • Negativ Standard Price in Material Master Record

    My customer (a cement producer) purchase a rohmaterial  (bone) and get mony for it, so that the quantity on stock is positiv  but the total-value negatic;
    --> standard price negativ.
    Do somebody have a solution???

    Hi ,
         Try to use the  following FM's:
    use the BAPI "BAPI_MATERIAL_GET_DETAIL" and take the price from the Export parameter MATERIALVALUATIONDATA. This parameter points to the structure BAPIMATDOBEW which has all the material price details like :
    Price control indicator
    Moving average price/periodic unit price
    Standard price
    Price Unit
    Currency Key
    ISO code currency
    Hope this solves your problem.

  • Want to update Moving or Standard price from material master to ***.Value ?

    Hai Experts,
    As per Subcontract Logic, 1.1 % of the standard price should be update in J1ID Asseable value..
    so I need to update Standard price value should be automatically update in Assesable value whenever it price changes..
    Kindly guide me

    I think its not possible to shiftf from th MAp to J1Id assessable value.
    Need to maintina in the field place of J1ID.

  • Standard price in Material master

    in the Table MBEW und Field STPRS ther is the actual standard preis.
    We actualise (change) the preis every Friday. It means we have another price on saturday
    How can I see the Preis from wednesday on saturday. It's there any table for change history where i can get the last price.

    try following
    Kailas Ugale

  • GRN Without Maintaining Price in Material Master

    Hi Experts,
    We have activated the Split Valuation in Material Master and also put restriction in PO that without price maintaining in material  user can not raise the PO.
    Is there any option that we can prepare the PO or GRN without maintaining price in material master and system should pickup the price from PO itself to update the MAP.
    Manish Jain

    Naturally system will update the MAP after GRN and if your PO has info update indicator on in material TABof itee detail system
    the price will be suggested as your PO price next ime when you create Order.

  • Single Standard data source which extracts material master and vendor master data

    Hi all,
    I have a client requirement where user wants to view material master and vendor master in a single report. Is there any standard data source which extracts both the data together..

    Two are different master info objects and can't get them from one data source.
    think about multi provider or  info set on two master data objects to club them.
    Info object - 0MATERIAL and  data source - 0MATERIAL_ATTR
    Info object - 0VEDNOR and data source - 0VENDOR_ATTR

  • Reg. price maintenance in material master and Costing

    Dear Experts
    I have maintained price for material in material master and costing,but when I create PO price didn't come from anywhere. Pls help me.

    Dear Rajakumar,
    The values that are maintained in the material master in costing view is considered only for costing
    Say while doing the cost estimate for a material using CK40N,a costing variant will be used and say For
    Eg,PPC1,for this a valuation variant will be linked ,as per this valuation variant for costing purpose the
    first priority would have been given to the planned price in the material master in costing 2 view.
    So this value will be considered only for costing purpose.
    For procurement related things you have to maintain a purchase info record for a material + vendor
    combination in ME11 and a source list in ME01.
    In the purchase info record you can maintain a price for buying the material from that vendor.
    I hope this will clear your doubts.
    Check and revert back.

  • Price in material master

    Dear all
    the price in material master was 15.50 INR but due to client required 3 decimal place so fico consultant has changed it to 3 decimal place in spro SAP Natwear ->general setting--->currency  and maintained 3 decimal places. it changes to 155.0 when this problem occcured  he changed as before. it doesnt effect in material master price.
    the problem is that this is not for 1 material this is for all to make it as previous
    how to changed it .
    please help me out.

    Please let me know whether its a Standar Price Or Moving Average Price.
    Whatever it may be you can change the Moving average Price for a Particular Plant in MR21 Trxn code.
    If its a Standard Price Re enter the Price in the Future value Field and Give Valid from date. Bcoz once you enter Price in the Material Master it wont Fluctuate.
    Please ssign points if Its helpful.

  • Standard price of material to be included in pricing procedure

    Hi Gurus,
    Can I include the standard price of material from material master in my pricing procedure?  If yes, how?  Also, I want to tax 7% of this material in the pricing procedure.  Can I configure a condition type this way?

    HI John,
             1. Please maintain the condition type VPRS in your pricing procedure, the standard cost from Material master will come in to your pricing procedure.
            2. If you want to maintain tax in your pricing procedure you need to maintain Tax related condition type Ex: MWST and you create condition record for that condition type in VK11
            Define Tax procedure and assign to country (Please take help of FI people)
            Maintain Taxcode at FTXP
    I hope it will help you,

  • SAP: Cannot save product cost in commercial price in material master

    I have created a PCE which is designed to save the cost estimate in commercial price in accounting tab in material master. The issue that I am facing is that the cost; that is released perfectly is not saving in the commercial price in material master; instead the price saved in the commercial price is the previous price.
    If I try to change the "costing type" for the PCE to any where other than "commercial price" or tax price; the price is saved successfully.
    My question is that why the PCE's price is not saved in the commercial or tax price in the material master.
    I would really appreciate your help.

    Salaam Osman Bhai
    In the costing type, choose "prices other than standard price".
    And while doing CK24, you can choose the commercial price field to receive the cost estimate result
    Br. Ajay M

  • Backdated price from material master

    Hello friends,
    I have one report, which calulate month wise total production quantity and total price of that quantity. I get production quantity correct. But while calculating price, system takes current material price from material master. I want that system should take respective month price. Changed new price should not taken.
    In which table i get the month/date wise price of the material?
    Waiting for reply.

    Please check MBEWH table.
    MBEW tablestores the current valuation price, while MBEWH stores the previous or historical value. In your material master go to accounting-1 view you can click on previous preiod/year & view the historical values.

  • Inter company PO is not pulling the valuation price from Material Master

    Hi Experts,
    We have a scenario, Inter-company PO with pricing procedure which pulls Material Price from Material Master (Std Price), similar to intra company PO
    Even after maintaining the std price in the supplying plant , system is not pulling the Valuation price from Material master only for a particular Material
    I checked the Plant level attributes ( for ex: Plant Mat status, client level status and everything looks fine )
    Could you guys please mention what would be the issue ?
    Thanks in advance

    Is there a routine which pulls the value? then you need debug with ABAP help for that routine where its failing to pull

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