Suggestions for FS review to prepare TS document

Hello Gurus
Good day to you. Now i have  a requirement for reviewing the functional specification. I have few FS documents and i want to review them and let my manager know whether those FS documents are having the required information to start up to write a TS document or not. if it is not having sufficient information or if i require more information or lack of information in FS to start up TS preparation, i need to inform my lead. This is my requirement.
Here i require your suggestions or inputs which i should take care while reviewing the existing Functional specification. Please provide your inputs as per your experience.
This is going to help me a lot.
Thanks in advance.

Hi Raj,
While reviewing a FS kindly make note of the below points which will also help you to understand if the data provided is sufficient to make a Technical Spec:
1. Firstly ensure that the requirement is clearly mentioned along with a flow diagram which clearly indicates the role of SAP PI, and the Source and Target are clearly mentioned. Check if the desired requirement is feasible.
2. The Business Logic should be clearly mentioned.
3. List of Interfaces along with its priority and complexity must be mentioned.
4. Frequency and Data Volume of each Interface should be mentioned in the FS.
5. The fields structure should be mentioned along with its respctive occurence for both Source and Target.
6. Incase of Graphical Mapping between Source and Target it should be mentioned in the FS.
7.All the Configuration details of the Source and Target should be there like hostname, IP, user id, Directory Structure(In case of file), all System Details must be clearly mentioned.
8. Incase of JDBC there must be a mention of the type of Database and its version.
9. Incase of an IDOC the IDOC name should be mentioned along with the mapping with the IDOC fields.
10.Naming Convention of the File to be picked and placed (In case of FILE Interfaces) along with the folder structure should be mentioned.
11. Sample files for each Interfaces must be attached for reference.
12. Error Handling Strategy
The above points if kept in mind while reviewing will not only get your requirements clear but will also help you in preparing a solution eventually leading into a technical specs.

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    thanks George for your response. Basically what we do in our engineering company is have the author and supervisor sign a document (verfiying that its at a good enough level) to go out on review, and if its something that needs to go to our client for review there'll be a 3rd approver signature before it leaves our office - then the client will put it on shared review amongst their staff.
    when we're having a play around with this trying to get this to work, we aren't going in and locking the document after any of the signatures. but I'm also not sure of what you need to do to 'enable' a document before initiaiting the send for shared review process. Are you able to give me a step by step on how to set this up - and how to see if a signature field is 'preconfigured to lock a document' - that actually might be the root of the problem!
    Sorry I'm not a huge whizz on adobe, I haven't had to use it for a review process in quite a while but my current company is wanting to go electronic.
    Thanks for your help!

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    If that still does not work, you might think about just using your Gmail account in the Chrome browser, this way you get a lot of the gmail features, plus you can do that from any PC, not just the one with your Outlook installed.  Just a thought for
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    Explanation: I just finished my first HD project using Studio 2, including sound track pro and color. After completing what I though was the absolute final version, I burned a one-off DVD and ran it by several filmmaker and non-film maker friends. They all spotted a small sound problem with one cut, so I went back to tweak it – and discovered that ALL of the footage had gone offline. I had nothing, nada, zilch. I had saved earlier sequences (rough cut, polished cut, etc.) and all the original footage appeared, but I had taken the final version into color for some corrections and adjustments, and ALL of those shots/files were missing.
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    Part of the difficulty of finding the shots was the discovery that color creates a file folder, that holds a set of file folders, each of which holds only one shot. In order to reconnect, I had to move the parent folder to the desktop, and then move all of the shots, one at a time. into a single folder, and then point reconnect to that folder. Problem solved.
    However, now I face that question of archiving the project, moving all of the files off my hard drive so I can use the space for my next film, and I am terrified that I will leave something out, and not be able to recover the project in the future. Having a project management software that organizes and coordinates all of that would be a lifesaver – and well worth the purchase price.
    Anyone who would like to explore this idea, please feel free to contact me – [email protected]

    You've just learned a hard lesson. Put your current energy into your education, not finding a way to wallow in ignorance.
    There already is a hardware device that will do what you want. It's called a "manual". In particular, the sections that relate to "where the program stores media". Pay very close attention to those sections and set up your computer so that all the scratch and storage pointers are aimed where you want. It's very simple to have them all go to one drive.
    Then, when it's time to archive the project because you are starting a new project, just purchase another hard drive for the new project. They are absurdly inexpensive these days.
    Remove the drive with your project to be archived from your computer (since you now know how to keep all the files organized, they will be all together) - and plug in a new disk for the next project.
    If you want a backup, use carbon copy cloner to simply duplicate the drive (or simply just copy the relevant folders- you'll know which ones) to another drive (or get a RAID 1 device)
    good luck,

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    1) I built a webDAV server
    2) Authenticated the document with the webDAV server.
    3) Tested making edits to the document locally... in both Acrobat and Reader (I had to Save As Other the PDF as a Reader Extended Document)
    4) Now, I think I have one last hurdle to overcome.
       When another user received the test file, I was dismayed that PDF asked the user for the webDAV user name and password. Why? This security information should be stored in the document. It should automatically log into the webDAV server.
    Anyhow, once the login information was provided, the reviewer can successfully enter comments into the document. So... sort of success. :]
    I just need to solve that login problem because I can't be giving out the user name and password to the webDAV server.
    Any ideas?

    Sabian Zildjian wrote:
    Yes,  it is.  Especially just about every WebDAV interface uses SSL/HTTPS to authenticate for access. 
    I understand that. Perhaps I am not explaining myself (or not understanding your reply)
    What I am bothered by is that when the reviewer opens the PDF document, in Adobe Reader, the reader is asked to enter the user name and password of the webDAV server and then they are asked to enter their user name, email address, etc. That is a lot of steps I would love to eliminate in order to make the review process as easy and seamless as possible.
    If anything, I would love to embed the webDAV authentication into the PDF.
    Shall I presume that you are using PDF Shared Reviews with a webDAV server? Do your reviewers have to first enter the webDAV's user name and password and then second, enter their personal information, every time they wish to review a document?

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    Hello all,
    Can someone please explain to me what type of web server folder works with "Send for shared review"?
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    1) It isn't valid? What are the valid server requirements?
    2) "...check the Status field for more information."? What Status field?
    It would have been great if I could use a Google Docs folder but that failed as well.
    What must I do to unlock this neat feature?
    Thank you

    Thanks CtDave.
    I ended up building a WebDAV server and I am now encountering a bunch of new issues. Such as:
    From my workstation, working with Acrobat.
    - After making comments. I click the top button "Publish Comments" - this works well - no errors. But when I attempt to exit the PDF, Acrobat wants to save the document. Attempting to Save results in a read-only error. After trying this, Acrobat gets into a loop where there doesn't appear to be a way to exit Acrobat (other than by Save As new file name):
    Even worse... I understood that reviewers only required the Adobe Reader in order to comment. This doesn't seem to be the case.
    When I emailed a test document for review, this is the message that pops up:
    All that is available is the original content (none of the review comments are available).
    Any ideas?

  • "send for shared review" cannot connect to server

    I'm trying use the "Send for Shared Review" feature in Acrobat 9. I want to send a pdf document to and share with others for review and comment. I first used this feature about 2 months ago and it worked without a hitch.
    Every time I try it by clicking in the menu "Send for Shared Review", I'm asked for my user name and password to connect to I type it in (I know it's correct because I can go to using my browser and the password works), the dialog box comes up telling me it "can't connect to server." It has my correct log in information. If I use my browser to go to, I can log in fine, but then of course I can't get the mark-up feature for my shared pdf files. Any ideas what I can do to troubleshoot? I'm at a loss.
    I'm using Acrobat 9 and Mac OS 10.5.8

    I'm having the same problem. I've
    been using this for over a year without an issue, today I am getting the same message, can't log into the server. It works on my pc but not my mac. Any answers

Maybe you are looking for