Supplier as Customer

Hi All,
We have a supplier who is also our customer. I just like to ask from Gurus out there, Is there ne specific set up we need to make in Either Payables or Receiveables. Please reply soon.

Hi Kumar,
please check if this document is helpful:
Business One in Action u2013 [How to Offset a Business Partner Who is Simultaneously a Customer and a Supplier?|]
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  • MTO with componets supplied by Customer.

    Hi Experts
    i have a senario in my company. where we are going to produce materail for a special Customer requirment.
    as far as my understanding it is a MTO senario. but here some of the componets are supplied by customer. how can i handle this senario.
    please advice.

    Hi dear,
    You have to create a new material type for the customer supplied material. Create material code for them when ever the customer is supplying the material to you upload the stock by MB1C 501 E.Sice the material is belonging to customer it should have no value.Once the material is uploaded in syetem you can use it as and when required.

  • Contract of intent buy or sell? Contractor as a supplier or customer?

    I am newbie to Projects.
    We are implemeting oracle apps for One of Govenrment Client, Government of Gujarat(GOG).
    Now GOG, Creates a Project P1 with two tasks Task1(Road Construction 5km) and Task2(Road Construction another 5km). This tasks are to be outsourced to two different contractors
    should we define contractor as a customer or supplier
    should we create contract of type buy or sell.
    Please respond asap as same affects our Go live Milestone.
    Vimal K

    I'm not sure I could understand the business requirement.
    Let's assume GOG has contracted contractor AAA for 100,000 USD.
    Over time, that contractor will raise invoices, and GOG, the customer, should pay the supplier invoices.
    You are saying that GOG require deposit from the contractor, at the begining of the project. I assume this is a method of guaranty. My understanding is that customer will want to keep that deposit and reduce the amount he is paying to supplier, until the project is finished. Only then the customer will release the deposit and pay it back to the supplier.
    The method of reducing payments on invoices and delaying it to future date is usually known as retention. However, Oracle does not support retention functionality for suppliers.

  • Link between Internal supplier and customer

    I'm working on Internal payables and receivables report, for that I have internal customer balance due and internal supplier balance due.
    But I need the link between customer and supplier. I mean same internal company is customer and also a supplier.
    I have two separate query like
    1. customer details and amount due
    2. supplier details and amount due
    how to connect both this query?
    output should look like
    Customer/Supplier Payables due Receivables Due
    a 100 400
    b 190 2390
    c - 289
    d 678 -
    Thanks for your help.

    You need to check in your asset master data. Check in General data tab for the "Deactivated on" and you will be seeing there the asset deactivation date.
    Whenevr asset is sold of or asset is retired, the asset is deactivated automatically to prevent users posting from values to the asset.
    Delete/remove  the deactivation date in General data tab and run your settlement. It will work.
    Reward if useful.

  • Supplier Registration Custom Fields

    My client has a requirement to include custom fields to the Supplier Registration form (ROS_SELF_REG) - I was wondering if there's an easy way to achieve that?

    Hi Jagdish,
    Apparently OCI includes 5 custom fields that can be used or schema can be extended using I_OCI_CUSTOMER_EXTENSION; I was wondering if such an option exists for OPI as well or is changing the BSP application the only option available. To implement the complete registration process, I'll need to carry the additional fields from OPI to BP Creation.
    One other approach that I have thought about is to use one of the unused fields (in our case, for example, PO BOX) and customize the TRANSFER routines (OPI to SRM/BP). What do you think?

  • Supplier to Customer data transaction in one R/3 System

    As per the scenario, I should have two R/3 System in my landscape. One for Supplier and another one for Customer.
    Currently I am working on sample scenario, here I don't want to have two system.
    Created Plant, Storage location, Shipping point, Sales area for supplier. Similar setup I have to do in Customer side also.
    How to manage with the values in both side in one system?
    Scenario : Supplier R/3 System -> XI -> Customer R/3 System
    Please suggest me, how to achieve this type scenario in one system.

    Whats the scenario and whats the requiremnt to maintain two R/3 systems...
    Can you have two different company codes ... one is supplier or manufacturer... one is the customer...
    Well we ahve more than 50 company codes  in the same where one is a manufacturer... one is a customer...
    Using IDocs and some amount of development with or with out usage of XI we are doing that.
    Thanks & Regards

  • Customer is a supplier

    One of our customers has few customers who are also suppliers to him. I know there is a report in AR ' Customer Supplier Netting Report'.
    Is there any work around where by I can reduce manual work?
    Can I have separte clearing a/c for these customer a/c and I use same a/c for the same suppliers at Payables?
    Thanks & Regards

    Yes you can definitely use the work around -
    You must however remember that you cannot use the customer account in Payables, but you can choose the supplier account in receivables.
    Please define a different transaction type wherein you can choose the supplier account for receivable account in place of normal receivable accounts. This is basically for better control over such supplier cum customer vendors.
    However still the customer or supplier balances will not be reduced as far as AR /AP is concerned. One can see the effect only in GL of all debit and credit entried so this account. Hence one must definitely run the transfer to GL program to see the exact balance.
    I hope I am making things clear.
    Thanks & Regards,

  • Same customer and supplier

    If the customer and supplier is same , Can we create a link between customer and supplier through customer master? If yes where is that field in the customer master?

    Go to XD02 > General Data > Control Data > Vendor.
    Field is KNA1-LIFNR.
    Best Regards,

  • Supplier /Customer MDS center-SAP EHS Management (Product Compliance)

    Hello All
    What is the difference between Supplier  and Customer MDS center .
    Functionally we are doing the same activites as mentioned below in both the centers.
    1.Create and send material data sheets.
    2. Accept or reject material data sheets.
    3. Tracking the status of MDS
    4. Importing the MDS into the system.
    I would like to put my understanding with the scenario mentioned below
    Suppose I am working in TIER1 company ( 1st level supplier to the OEM ). TIER 1  company  inturn  have many other suppliers ( TIER2 , 2nd level suppliers to OEM ) who may not interact directly with the OEM. So when I would be interacting with TIER2 for compliance data I would be using
    Supplier MDS center and likewise with OEM it would be Customer MDS center.
    Please let me know ,  if my understanding is right .

    Hi Satish,
    Yes, your understanding is right.
    You can imagine the Supplier MDS center as your IMDS inbox and the Customer MDS Center as the outbox.
    You will use the Supplier MDS center to see the incoming supplier MDSs or published MDSs.
    If you enabled IMDS status upload/download (on IMDS side) you can use the Supplier Center for accepting/rejecting MDSs. And you can import the MDS into EHSM.
    From the Customer MDS center you can send or publish your own MDSs.
    Kind regards,

  • Why is a redirect not happening in a custom train model

    Dear All,
    I followed a post by Jobinesh here regarding supplying your custom train model in this post
    Now, I am extending the ProcessMenuModel and to create my navigation.
    I created a wildcard control flow to each of my page but I had set a redirect option also in each of my taskflow
    <control-flow-rule id="__22">
          <from-activity-id id="___33">*</from-activity-id>
          <control-flow-case id="__44">
            <from-outcome id="__10">employee</from-outcome>
            <to-activity-id id="__5">employee</to-activity-id>
          <control-flow-case id="__11">
            <from-outcome id="__13">department</from-outcome>
            <to-activity-id id="__121">department</to-activity-id>
          <control-flow-case id="__15">
            <from-outcome id="__16">manager</from-outcome>
            <to-activity-id id="__14">manager</to-activity-id>
    <view id="employee">
    <view id="department">
    <view id="manager">
    </view>My concern is this, why is it that when I navigate in the train, it is not redirecting to another view even though I have set it explicitly?

    Below links may helpful for you.

  • Subcontracting with the finished material to be given to the customer

    dear all,
    I want to implement a scenario, in which i want do subcontracting. the material shall not be given by me but shall be ordered to another vendor who shall give it to the subcontractor, the subcontractor shall give the finished product to the customer. I would like to do the goods receipt and receive the invoice from the sub contractor.
    Please tell the procedure if any one has implemented this scenario.

    1) For bought out material (to be given by your vendor to Sub-Contractor) - Preferably this PO should be generated from MRP generated PR (requirement coming from the sale order). You can change the delivery address (in Delivery Address tab at Item Details level). In the bought out material PO, you can maintain the vendor number (of your sub-contractor) & put tick at SC Vend. This will change the delivery address to the sub-contractors address. When you post GRN the material stock will be shown as material provided to sub-contractor.
    2) For Sub-Contractor Vendor (material directly to be given to the customer) - The condition you maintained is of the Third Party Supply.The PR for this PO must be generated from the sale order you booked in the system (for the customer to which you want to deliver the material). Maintain the procurement key as F (External procurement) & special procurement key in the material master as 30 (Sub-Contracting) for this material. Using this PR, raise the sub-contracting PO. When you post the GRN for this material the material will be posted to the material supplied to customer & the account hitting at GRN will be COGS (Cost of Goods Sold). The material provided to the sub-contractor (directly from the bought out material vendor) will be consumed at this GRN.
    Hope this helps.
    - Reward points if answer is helpful

  • Mapping and querying Custom Objects for a Contact with REST Api

    Hello All,
    We are hoping to get some details on managing DataCard set through REST APIs. Our implementation goal is to create Contacts and add Custom object for each Contact, or to be precise, add a DataCard Set for each Contact.
    At the moment, to associate a DataCard Set (or Custom Object) to an existing contact, we are supplying following custom object fields during creation of Custom Object:
    new CustomObjectField 
                                                                    name = "MappedEntityType",
                                                                    dataType = Enum.GetName(typeof(DataType), DataType.numeric),
                                                                    type = "CustomObjectField",
                                                                    defaultValue = "0"
                                                             new CustomObjectField
                                                                    name = "MappedEntityID",
                                                                    dataType = Enum.GetName(typeof(DataType), DataType.numeric),
                                                                    type = "CustomObjectField",
                                                                    defaultValue = "<ContactId>"
    Is this the correct approach? This is Based on the information provided here:
    Would the REST API allow us to query the CustomObjects using the MappedEntityId value for later updates? If so, any pointers on how we approach that?
    Thanks in ad.

    Either the MappedEntityID field is not available or I do it wrong, Eloqua is ignoring the field and does not map the custom record with the unique Contact ID
    {"type":"CustomObjectData","ContactID":"8829509","fieldValues":[{"id":"195","value":"[email protected]"},{"id":"220","value":"a0KJ000000387QvMAI"},{"id":"191","value":"001J000001OrL77IAF"},{"id":"193","value":"NowTV MPP"},{"id":"194","value":"8829509"},{"id":"196","value":"Andreas"},{"id":"197","value":"Wolf"},{"id":"198","value":"003J00000145lkBIAQ"},{"id":"210","value":"777666555"},{"id":"199","value":"gbp"},{"id":"200","value":"0"},{"id":"215","value":"0"},{"id":"201","value":"999111999"},{"id":"214","value":"111111"},{"id":"202","value":"222222"},{"id":"204","value":"now"},{"id":"203","value":"xmas"},{"id":"205","value":"no description"},{"id":"206","value":"test"},{"id":"218","value":"holidays"},{"id":"219","value":"PPV-0878545"},{"id":"213","value":"N"},{"id":"212","value":"myself"},{"id":"209","value":"now tv"},{"id":"192","value":"1417542120"},{"id":"207","value":"1417542120"},{"id":"216","value":"1417542240"},{"id":"217","value":"1417542240"},{"id":"211","value":"1417542240"}]},"MappedEntityID":"003J00000145lkBIAQ"}
    DEBUG|Response------{"type":"CustomObjectData","id":"81720","fieldValues":[{"id":"195","value":"[email protected]"},{"id":"220","value":"a0KJ000000387QvMAI"},{"id":"191","value":"001J000001OrL77IAF"},{"id":"193","value":"NowTV MPP"},{"id":"194","value":"8829509"},{"id":"196","value":"Andreas"},{"id":"197","value":"Wolf"},{"id":"198","value":"003J00000145lkBIAQ"},{"id":"210","value":"777666555"},{"id":"199","value":"gbp"},{"id":"200","value":"0"},{"id":"215","value":"0"},{"id":"201","value":"999111999"},{"id":"214","value":"111111"},{"id":"202","value":"222222"},{"id":"204","value":"now"},{"id":"203","value":"xmas"},{"id":"205","value":"no description"},{"id":"206","value":"test"},{"id":"218","value":"holidays"},{"id":"219","value":"PPV-0878545"},{"id":"213","value":"N"},{"id":"212","value":"myself"},{"id":"209","value":"now tv"},{"id":"192","value":"1417542120"},{"id":"207","value":"1417542120"},{"id":"216","value":"1417542240"},{"id":"217","value":"1417542240"},{"id":"211","value":"1417542240"}]}
    Name: PPV-0878545
    Unique Code: a0KJ000000387QvMAI
    Status Registered
    Created Date 12/22/2014 12:44:49 PM
    Mapped NO
    Any Idea how to map this to a contact
    Entity Type is Contacts
    Entity Field is SFDC Contact ID

  • MDG BP(role=Customer) vs MDG Customer

    Hi All,
             As I understand,using the Supplier MDG,it can  create a BP either as a Vendor or a Customer depending on the Supplier role chosen.
    When EHP6 MDG comes with a Customer object,what will be the overlap between MDG-Supplier(role=Customer) vs MDG-Customer.
    My questions:
    (1) I am unable to understand the difference between creating a customer only and creating a customer via a BP(using BP-Customer CVI Integration)
    (2) If I can create BP as a customer in the SAP provided MDG-Supplier package(ERP6 EHP5) ,why its always referred to as Supplier in SAP documentation.

    Hi Premjit,
    First, if you use MDG, you'll always create a business partner record (table BUT000) on your MDG hub. If CVI is active and you've chosen the appropriate BP roles for creating a customer and/or supplier, the system creates entries in the ERP specific customer (KNA1) and/or supplier (LFA1, LFB1, LFM1) tables, too. So you're right, choosing the customer role in MDG Supplier in EhP5 can create a customer record via CVI, too. But there are some impacts if you do this that you should keep in mind:
    1) Checks
    EhP5 does not yet support the checks for the Customer (e.g. required fields and so on). This can cause some trouble when CVI tries to save the data. Saving a customer might fail due to invalid data!
    2) Data Maintenance
    You cannot maintain customer specific data in EhP5. The out-of-the-box UI supports supplier specific fields (general data, company codes, purchasing organization) only. This features comes for the customer with EhP6 in a customer specific UI.
    The data that a customer would receive in EhP5 is the common data that customers and suppliers share with the Business Partner (addresses, bank details, and so on). Customer specifics like general data, company codes, sales orgs, cannot be maintained in MDG EhP5 (without custom enhancements).
    Best regards

  • Receivables question: AR invoices/credit memos between Supplier Sites

    I'm trying to solution a client requirement of having the ability to transfer AR invoices/credit memos between supplier sites of the same supplier. Is this possible or is there a comparable workaround available in Receivables R12?

    are you sure ... AR Invoices/Credit Memos to Suppliers ???  Looks like a typo error some where ... However, we might not be able to transfer transactions from one site to another (be it supplier or customer), what we can do is merge which case all transactions that are appearing against a particular site would be pushed to the new site ......this could be taken as a workaround ...
    Merge functionality comes with very less flexbility, you cannot choose the transactions that you wanted to merge ....

  • Adding custom fields to VA01 additional data tab without access key

    I have to add custom fields at item level in transaction VA01/VA02.
    Is  access key required to add fields to additional data screen i.e 8459 ?
    Is there any way to do this without using access key ?

    Hi ,
    Try for any User Exit or BADI available for the tcodes.
    Here are exits for VA01 and VA02.
    Exit Name           Description
    SDTRM001            Reschedule schedule lines without a new ATP check
    V45A0001            Determine alternative materials for product selection
    V45A0002            Predefine sold-to party in sales document
    V45A0003            Collector for customer function modulpool MV45A
    V45A0004            Copy packing proposal
    V45E0001            Update the purchase order from the sales order
    V45E0002            Data transfer in procurement elements (PRreq., assembly)
    V45L0001            SD component supplier processing (customer enhancements)
    V45P0001            SD customer function for cross-company code sales
    V45S0001            Update sales document from configuration
    V45S0003            MRP-relevance for incomplete configuration
    V45S0004            Effectivity type in sales order
    V45W0001            SD Service Management: Forward Contract Data to Item
    V46H0001            SD Customer functions for resource-related billing
    V60F0001            SD Billing plan (customer enhancement) diff. to billing plan

Maybe you are looking for

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