T code or path for creating Z out put type for picking

if I need  to create u201CZ u201Cout put type for picking list copying standard out put type( EK00). Which T- code I have to use or  which path  , I  have to follow in IMG  .
I want to create u201C Z u201Ccondition type for picking list , copying   EK00 which is standard condition type for picking  list .
Thanks u2026

it is part of V4 application, if you dont see V4, use tcode v/38 .... there you will find it.

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  • Z Out Put Type For Picking List In VL06

    Can I assign Z Out Put Type of picking list in VL06 . If yes ,  I request you to mention where and how I can assign  please .
    Thanks In Advance

    Dear Jaya,
    The picking list Z output type you can get in VL06 transaction through assigning the same output type in your shipping point detail screen.
    IMG path is SPRO-->Enterprise Structure -->Definition -->Logistics Execution -->Define, copy, delete, check shipping point. Here you select your shipping point then go in to the detail screen here you can assign your Z picking list output type under Print Picking list tab.
    Before that you need to do these configuration settings.
    1.You need to define the Z Output type
    SPRO>IMG>Logistics execution>Shipping>Basic shipping functions-->Output Control -->Output Determination -->Maintain Output Determination for Outbound Deliveries -->Maintain Condition Tables -->
    Maintain Output Types.
    2. Using TCode V/38, you have to maintain the Z condition type by clicking on new entries, maintained the time,print parameters and transmission medium.
    You need to assign the processing routines Prog: ,Form Routine:, and Form:
    3. You need to maintain the print parameters based on the shipping point for your Z output type.
    through transaction VP01SHP.
    I hope this will help you,

  • Out Put type for sap script or smartforms

    Actually, i want out put type, application, SAP Script or Smartform name and program name of transaction code          ( F.64 ). i.e. correspondance Maintain request.
    Thank You...

    In SPRO follow this path.
    Form 16A
    Financial Accounting
    Global settings
    withholding tax
    Extended Witholdong tax
    Withholding tax certificates for vendors
    maintain no.groups and script forms.   
    For cheques and Payment Advisory.
    Go to FBZP
    click on printmethods in company code
    click on position
    give Company code and payment method
    then in the next screen double click on the payment method
    This way you will get to see the forms assigned to it.
    For Forms for Correspondence.
    Financial Accounting
    ---Global settings
    define form names for correspondence print.

  • Regarding out put type for ME22N

    Hi All,
    I have configured out put type in SPRO for Purchase Order. Like
    SPRO->Material Management->Purchasing->Messages->Output Control->Message Types->Define Message type for Purchase Order->Maintain Message types for PO's. Now I want to use this out put type to configure at ME22N to print smart form,But here, While selecting Output type in ME22N,It is saying as out put type is not defined. So how to get this here in ME22N.
    Thanks in advance

    It seems that you have not assigned o/p type to your procedure. Go to NACE (common transaction to maintain o/p s), select EF , go to procedures , doubleclick on the procedure and check if you message type is assigned . Please maintain your o/p type if not maintained.
    To check the procedure used for PO ,  use the path,
    SPRO-> Materials Management-> Purchasing -> Messages -> output control -> Message Determination Schema -> DEFINE MESSAGE SCHEMA FOR po.
    Please also maintain other settings like condition record (with communication method )for o/p type in NACE.

  • Configure OUT PUT type for delivery to EDI

    how to set up the out put type as EDI  for Out Bound delivery .
    so when ever a delivery is processed via VL71 there has to be an idoc to be generated in the system

    check with the following steps...
    1) <b>Go to SPRO ,</b>
    2) <b>copy the existing output type,</b>
    3) <b>give your own name to outpur type</b>
    4) <b>associate the partner function like a print o/p edi o/p ale o/p</b>
    5) <b>then associate ur program with the o/p type.</b>
    Hope this solves ur problem....
    <b>do reward if useful....</b>

  • Is it possible to assign 2 out put type for printing Exc Invoice thru J1IS

    We want to assign 2 separtae pre printed stationary for printing excise invoice printed trhough J1IS
    one is alredy assigned to out put type ZEXC, is there a away to assign one more out put type to printing through J1IS.

    We want to assign 2 separtae pre printed stationary for printing excise invoice printed trhough J1IS
    one is alredy assigned to out put type ZEXC, is there a away to assign one more out put type to printing through J1IS.

  • Out put type for delivery challan

    Dear all
    We are Developing Forms for Delivery Challan, GR receipts , GR Tag and GR Issue
    Please reply me what message type is needed for each transactions and how it is attached to specifice movement type.
    Vimlesh Shah

    yes i know various types are available i system
    but which to use and how it is link to specific movement type
    eg  return to vendor ..out put is needed for only selected movement type and which standard form need to maintained
    Vimlesh Shah

  • Out put type for simple mail

    Hi Sd Gurus
                 i change the output type  medium from printout to simple-mail. i got a error( Mail partner not found or empty! Obj
    created without partner!). please give the solution.

    Hi Hari,
    Please Check that you assigned any  partner function to the output type.
    and  that e-mail address is maintained for your required  partner.

  • Out Put Type for Delivery

    Hi friends
    I would request you to guide me to assign output type to delivery .

    Hi there,
    You do all the O/p procedures in SPRO -> Logistics Execution --> Shipping --> Basic functions --> O/p control.
    There 1st define a new O/p type. In the transmission medium mention if it is a prinout or EDI or external send (mail). In the default values mention if it is to trigger immediately or upon running of a batch job.
    Then define & assign an O/p control prog in which you mention how the O/p is supposed to trigger, smart forms for the form layout etc.
    Define the access sequence & assign it to the O/p type.
    Maintain the O/p determination procedures. Assign the O/p type to the procedures. In the requirement routine put a condition as to when the O/p is to be triggered if required. For eg if it has to triggr immediately after saving the delivery or upon PGI.
    Then assign the O/p determination procedure to the delivery types.
    Fianlly maintain the condition records sotht it will trigger the O/p based on the requirement. Also if it is a print O/p, in communication assign a printer name (local or any other name) sothat the printout will come from that printer.
    Refer http://help.sap.com/erp2005_ehp_03/helpdata/EN/30/c6853488601e33e10000009b38f83b/frameset.htm
    for further information on O/p determination.

  • GR Print Out Put Types

    Wats the diff between invidual slip and collective slip in MIGO screen
    Wats the std out put type for GR print out in mb90

    individual means single item per printout
    collective means all items in GR
    o   Individual slip (version 1)
         In this case, one GR/GI slip is printed out for each item.
    o   Individual slip with inspection text (version 2)
         In this case, one GR/GI slip is printed out for each item. In
         addition, a quality inspection text is printed if there is one in
         the material master record.
    o   Collective slip (version 3)
         In this case, a collective slip including all the items in a
         document is printed.
    WE01, WE02 and WE03,  are std output types
    Edited by: kunal ingale on Dec 27, 2008 9:50 AM

  • I need output type NEU automaticaly for create purchase order document type

    Dear Experts,
    I need output type NEU automaticaly for create purchase order document type NB
    when transaction code MN04, I am doing the following:
    (1) I selected the third option Purchasing Output determination: Document type
    (2) I selected the output type NEU.
    (3) In condition records in document type , i have chosen NB.
    (4) In name its automatically coming as Purchase requisition
    Please suggest how Purchase Order NB will come

    Check & press F4, NB Purchase Order (for catagory F) will be there after entering PO output type NEU & then maintaion the condition record in MN04.
    Output type NEU automaticaly defaulted during purchase order creation with document type ,then just fine tune the output (message) type in following path:
    SPRO--->MM->Purchasing>Message>Output control->Message types> Define message type for Purchase Order----->Fine-Tuned Control: Purchase Order
    Now here select the check box corresponding to your output(message) type NEU to have print output automatically displayed & save.
    Now try to creating Purchase Order & you will have default message type NEU.
    Biju K

  • How to create a new document type for PO and Requisition

    Hi All
    Can you please help me with the steps of creating a new document type for PO and PR. Also the steps that need to be update for the procure pay cycle to work properly. 
    Once the document type is been created. I want to create the PO referecing the new PR and PO document type.I am new in MM.
    Thanks, Ros

    1. You can create new PR and PO docu types at the following path:
    For PR docu type:
    First you need to create number range for docu type or you can use existing number range also. The path for creation of no. range is
    SPRO>Materials Management->Purchasing->Purchase Requisition->Define Number Ranges
    Then create PR docu type at below path and assign no. range to PR docu type here only
    SPRO>Materials Management->Purchasing->Purchase Requisition->Define Document Types
    For PO docu type:
    Follow same procedure as mentioned for PR docu type. Path is
    SPRO>Materials Management->Purchasing->Purchase Order->Define Number Ranges
    SPRO>Materials Management>Purchasing->Purchase Order->Define Document Types
    If you want to create PO referencing new PR docu type, link the PR docu type to PO docu type at below path:
    SPRO>Materials Management->Purchasing->Purchase Requisition->Define Document Types--> Link purchase requisition - document type

  • Create a new condition type for tax... and assign in the Tax determniation

    I need to add custom condition tax type, i tried creating the condition in OBQ1 and add that condtion in FI pricing OBQ3, now I want to confirm what is basic conept means whenever we create on condtion in OQB1 and add in OBQ3.
    i need to add that in Sales order and need to maunally populate that in the sales order.
    could anybody suggest to create a new condition type for tax.(full process).

    Goto the T.Code "V/06".Create one new "Z" condition type.
    Maintain the Condition Class as "D(Taxes)".
    Calculation type as "A(percentage)".
    Cond. Category as "D(Tax)".
    Select the tick mark for "Group Condition" if it is applicable for you.
    In the next step assign this condition type to your pricing procedure by using the T.Code "V/08".
    Also maintain access sequence by using the T.Code "V/07" and assign it to your Condition type.
    Now this condition type will appeared in your sales order after maintain teh condition records.

  • Do we need to create CPF Deduction Wage type for Singapore Payroll

    Do we need to create CPF Deduction Wage type for Singapore Payroll?

    Hi Vijay Kumar   ,
    CPF related technical wage types for Singapore Payroll are already there as per SAP standard:-
    Check  in table V_52D7_B
    u can also check the path in SPRO
    Payroll singapore : Wage Types >Processing Classes, Evaluation Classes, Cumulations>Check technical wage types for CPF

  • FM/BAPI for creating the credit memo request for Vendor

    Hi Experts,
        I need an RFC/BAPI,  for creating the credit memo request for Vendor.
    Thanks in Advance,

    Use this BAPI 'BAPI_DRMCREDITMEMOREQ_CREATE' - Credit Memo Request Creation
    Jyothi CH.

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