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Hi Guys,
My client has been upgraded to 8.81 PL10.
Now when he is presseing tab say on the business partner code, he does not get the list of business partners. Previously if he click on a sales order- business parter code TAB and you get the drop down list of business partners.
He is not getting those drop down list now. What could be the reason please advise.

please refer to this SAP note [1668039 - No Choose From List open if we Press tab in the BP code field of any Marketing document|]
note: you need your S-Account to access this SAP note

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    Hi all,
    I've finished creating my form now, but I came across this whilst writing up my documentation for maintenance tasks.
    This occurs when adding new values to a drop-down list that has the "Specify item values" checkbox in the binding tab checked.
    When I then try to sort my list using the built in sort buttons, it will sort the items, but the list of specified values in the binding tab does not sort reorder to stay with the original items in the list.  This is hapenning when I sort from the Object > Field tab.  If I sort in the Object > Binding tab then the sort will include the specified values.
    For example:
    A    5
    C    2
    D    9
    Add a new value to get:
    A    5
    C    2
    D    9
    B    10
    Sort the list using the button:
    A    5
    B    2
    C    9
    D    10
    But it should be:
    A     5
    B     10
    C     2
    D     9

    I was able to duplicate this problem and it looks like a possible bug.  I've submitted it to support.

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    Firefox 3 has a context menu for the drop down list of
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    is "Open Link in New Tab" -- quite convenient.
    This context menu has disappeared in Firefox 4.
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    See also:
    *Tools > Options > Privacy > History: "Remember search and form history"
    The "Use custom settings for history" setting allows to see the current history and cookie settings, but selecting that setting doesn't make any changes to history and cookie settings.<br />
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    If any one has experienced these specific issues or something similar please share your thoughts and solutions.

    I am also having the drop down problem on my macbook, it's getting really annoying. On top of that, twice today (i just got the macbook three days ago) my keyboard will just stop working- i cannot type in firefox nor in finder or word.

  • On my i tunes page on my laptop, I don't see a tab for Photos in the drop down list in my library, so I can't download photos from my laptop.  What am I doing wrong?

    On my drop down list in my library in i Tunes, I don't see a Photo tab.  How do I find that so I can download photos from my hard drive?

    No, not on the File menu. Click on the Device that shows up when connected:
    If you do not use the Sidebar, when the iPod is connected to iTunes, you should see this icon appear to the left of the iTunes Store button:
    Click on the ringed icon (but not on the "eject" part of it!).
    If you use the Sidebar, you will see the Device appear, as shown below:
    Click on it.
    Once you have clicked on the Device, you should see this (Summary) pane, with the word Summary darkened:
    Click on Photos (as ringed above)...
    Now you are on the Photos pane (notice Photos is now darkened), where there is a drop-down menu. It's that box that says "My Pictures", where you will find "Choose Folder". That option allows you to choose (as I did) "My Pictures".
    Notice in the last screenshot that a message at the very top of the image states that the "iPod Sync is complete". Choosing the folder after the Sync has completed (or passed the "sync photos" section) simply means that it requires another Sync for that change to take effect.
    That's it.
    Now, whatever pictures you place in the chosen folder will be added to your iPod at the following Sync. Likewise, any pictures you remove from that folder will be removed from the iPod at the following Sync.
    You only need to look on the Photos pane if you wish to change the folder option.

  • Hide id from drop-down list at the top of the detail tab

    Hello Nakisa experts!
    I have one more question about Nakisa OrgChart 4.0 SP 1.
    How can I hide position and org unti id from drop-down list at the top of detail tab, see picture below:
    Thanks in advance.

    I'm not sure you're going to be able to change this.  I think (but I'm afraid I don't know for sure) the section is defined by \WEB-INF\uitemaplates\com\nakisa\manager\omg\ui\subucs\sectionDesigners\DetailHistoryButtonSectionSubUC.xhtml, which after a quick search through the application looks as though it might be populated by a NakisaTrollBin.jar ... which isn't really something you should be looking to edit.
    Nakisa do often write in various settings that can allow features to be tweaked and enabled/disabled.  It could be that there's something you could add into SettingsResources to apply the change you require, but you would need to contact Nakisa about this as they don't document all of these options.
    All this being said I would query why this is being done.  It is not uncommon to say have multiple positions with the same name - e.g. HR Administrator might exist in several org units.  If you are looking through several identically named org units or positions, the unique identifier is going to be the object's ID.  As such it seems most logical to me to keep the ID in the history to allow a user to discern the difference between identically named positions/org units.

  • Displaying value only in Drop Down List

    I have a drop down list with value:text as follows:
    I would like to present the user who clicks on the drop down list with all of the literal text options (daylight, night, etc), but once selected, the object populate and print only the value (01, 02, etc).
    I thought about resizing the object when the user clicks on it, and then resizing it back once selected, but this seems rather cumbersome.  Space on the printed form is very limited, which is why the value/codes are used to represent the actual literal options.
    Any methods or ideas would be greatly welcome

    Here is a sample that shows what I think you want. I have a TextField that is displayed. When the user enters the field, I hide this field and make a DDlist available to the user. This DDList is placed behind the TextField and is hidden (not part of the layout) until the user enters the TextField. I also hide the TextField (this code is on the Enter event of the TextField). Now that the DDlist is visible you can set up a DDList to display one thing but report another. This is what I did (look at the binding tab of the DDList). Now when the user selects an item from the DDList the TextField is updated, the DDList is hidden and the TextField is made visisble, then the cursor is placed in the next field. This code is on the Exit event of the DDList.
    Is this what you were trying to accomplish?

  • How do I edit a drop down list in a form just created?

    I have created a form with several drop down lists.  During the design process, I did not enter in data for the drop down, however cannot figure out how to edit that now.  Please help!

    GKaiseril - can you help me please?
    I've created a fillable form in Adobe Professional and my text boxes are prefilling...I did a few tests and it promts me to use the language used in my testing.  I do not want the text boxes to show prefilled options.  I checked Options tab and it does not have any values.  I am not sure why it's prefilling and how to remove it.  Any suggestions?

  • Changing the size of a drop down list

    Hi Everyone,
    Is there anyway to change the size of a drop down list?  For example, our customer would like to make the drop down list for the Ship-To field on the logistics tab of the sales orders longer.  Currently, they cannot see the full name when they scroll through it.  Is this possible?  Depending on what Customer Code they enter, the field size appears to change.
    Thank you in advance for your help.

    I am using Tahoma size 10 as well. 
    Is the drop down size somehow related to the size of the first few records?  So, if those are shorter than those at the end, perhaps it doesn't adjust for the size of the bottom records.  For example, in our customer's database here's a sampling of what they have entered and the order:
    Wal-Mart 6124
    Wal-Mart 6125
    Wal-Mart 6126
    Wal-Mart 7001
    Wal-Mart Supercenter 1111
    Wal-Mart Supercenter 2094
    Wal-Mart Supercenter 3475
    The drop down box is large enough to see the Wal-Mart 6124, etc. but not large enough to see the Wal-Mart Supercenter ones at the bottom of the list (keep in mind there are over 100 ship-to's for this Business Parnter).  Does it maybe only look at the first fifty records or something like that?
    Thanks again,

  • Getting problem in hiding drop down list in jsp pages

    Hi All,
    I have a jsp in which i created a tabbed panel & put 3 forms .
    1 of the form contains 3 drop dwom list & few text boxes.
    All 3 forms are inside <div> tags .
    Clicking on any one of the tab corresponding form is getting displayed with all its form fields hiding other 2 form fields.
    but problem is coming with 1 form having drop down list.
    all its field get hidden except these drop down list.
    i am using following script to hide other forms
    function showit(tab){
        if(tab == "tab1stuff"){
        else if(tab == "tab2stuff"){
        else if(tab == "tab3stuff"){
    }Plz help me in this regard.
    I used style.visible="false" but that is not working here.
    Thanks in advance.

    Thanks you very much.
    Now I am using javascript
    if(tab == "tab1stuff"){
        } Its working ..Earliar it was PHP script.

  • Populateing a drop down list in a repeating sub form

    I have been using the scripts from the Purchase Order sample that work with the Country and States/Provinces drop down lists and have modified them to fit my needs. The scripts work great. However I have a drop down list that is in a repeating sub form and the only the drop down list in the first occurance of the sub form works. The others don't.
    I put this line of code in a field called drpOrderedByTeam.
    JobsScript.getJobsOther(xfa, xfa.resolveNode("form1.TimeSheetSF.DetailsSF[*].DetailsTable.DetailsRow.ItemNumber"));
    I thought I just needed to add an "[*]" to the name of the sub form and it would work with all occurances but it doesn't seem so and I'm not sure what else to do.

    Based on your explanations, I've attempted to re-create your form and I think I've got it working the way you'd like it to.
    There are some difficulties with using fields in table headers which are replicated on subsequent pages because while new instances of the header subform and the fields it contains are created, you don't have access to these instances using the header's Instance Manager (I think this is a bug but I'm not sure). This means that you can't iterate through the instances of the header in order to populate the task lists depending on the selection in the team list. One solution for this is to make all header fields Global (select each field and, in the Object palette's Binding tab, set the
    Default Binding property to
    Global). This means that all instances of these fields will share the same value. The effect is that when you change the value of a field on an instance of a header on any page, the change will be replicated on all instances on all pages. The catch, though, is when you use lists in the header. Making list fields global doesn't mean that their item lists are global -- which causes other headaches.
    In the end, because of the problems I've described, I had to resort to cheating a little but if you think about it, it's not really cheating. What the form does is whenever the team list value changes, it removes all instances of the DetailsSF rows. This has the effect of also removing all instances of the DetailTitlesSF headers accross the current page set (and removes all pages but the first one). Then 6 new instances of the DetailsSF row are generated and the DetailTitlesSF header is re-populated using the new selection in the team list. After that, if a new page gets generated because of the number of instances of the DetailsSF rows, the new instances of the task lists in the new instances of the DetailTitlesSF header will have the correct list of items based on the current value of the team list. In the end, even though I'm cheating by removing all instances of the DetailsSF row in order to reset the lists in the DetailTitlesSF header, it's not really cheating because if you change teams, then it should be assumed that all data entered doesn't apply anymore because the tasks change as well... Convinced?
    The best way to understand this is to check-out the sample form.
    Let me know if you have any questions.
    Adobe Systems

  • Can I have a blank field on my document when using a combo box with a drop down list in Word 2011 for Mac?

    I am creating a drop down list using a combo box in the Developer tab. Once I protect my document I want the field to remain empty and not show any of the items on my drop down list. Is there a way to do this? Currently it shows one of the items on my list.

    Paul's answer is correct.
    Since this is a Word IT forum for Windows, in the future you should use the forum. It specializes in Word for the Mac. BTW - Paul stops by there also, so you'll still get his advice from there. :-)
    Kind Regards, Rich ...

  • Triggering "exit" event of a drop-down list in all instances of a table row

    I have a drop-down list in a table row with multiple instances that performs a calculation on the exit event. This calculation draws information from 2 other dropdown lists contained above in non-repeating rows of the same table.
    The desired behavior is: should the user change their choices above, all instances of the drop-down list below would perform the "Exit" event script  accessing the new values above.
    My script is:
    RowOptionalCoverage.DdlCoverageType.execEvent("exit");     this works, sort of
    It only updates the first instance of RowOptionalCoverage and none of the subsequent instances. The user can "Tab" through the instances and trigger the Exit event for each instance, but this is not a reasonable solution.
    I have tried using the resolveNodes method without success. I understand, using the resolveNodes method may be necessary when referencing multiple instances of an object:
    this.resolveNodes("RowOptionalCoverage[*].DdlCoverageType[*]").execEvent("exit");     doesn't work
    xfa.resolveNodes("RowOptionalCoverage[*].DdlCoverageType[*]").execEvent("exit");      doesn't work
    No doubt, I must be using the resolveNodes incorrectly or missing something? Probably something simple.
    Any advice is greatly appreciated.

    PERFECT!!! Works right out of the box!
    This has opened my eyes to the essential nature of loops. My form is very large and complex and functions correctly, Yet the coding is lacking in sophistication--no loops, functions, fragments or other code efficiencies. I am teaching myself (with the help here) and I have skipped learning and using some techniques when I could things to work using the  limited skill set I have.
    Sometimes, I just don't "get it". After I fail a few times, I skip it and try something else. Functions are a great example. I could utilize a bunch of these if I could only write one that works. It is frustrating. If I got one to work, I know could write a ton of them. But, there is some essential part of functions I am missing that's preventing me from having my first success with them. (I think it has to do with not understanding arguments completely).
    Anyway, I am overjoyed with the solution you provided and I understand it well enough to be able to use again in other situations.
    Thanks again!

  • Drop down list in ADOBE Forms - WDP for ABAP...urgent

    Hi Gurus,
    Can you please explain me how to display values in the dropdown list of Adobe interactive form in WDP for ABAP. Also expalin me how to accept them in the program once the user selects the value from the list. The requirement is I have to call the RFC, get the data and display in the dropdown list at the time of initialization.

    to populate the dropdown list you can do it...
    1). manually or 
    2). by code(i work in java... there must be some ABAP equivalent...)
    1). <b>manually</b> go to interactive form->edit
         go to Object tab->field tab ->
         you must see something like
         List Items :
         Text     + x
         click on the green + sign...
         it promps you to type. type in the value press enter... and so  on...
    2) <b>by Code...</b>
        //set up contents of a drop down list dynamically...
        IWDAttributeInfo countryInfo = wdContext.nodeTravelData().getNodeInfo().
        ISimpleTypeModifiable countryType =
        IModifiableSimpleValueSet countryValueSet  =
    This will work....
    -amol gupta

  • Webdynpro for ABAP - interactive Adobe form - drop down lists not working

    Hi all,
    I'm trying to create an interactive form for a client using webdynpro for ABAP and I've viewed the demo "Create SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe with Web Dynpro for ABAP" by Thomas Jung, but when I implement it the form following similar steps the form is not interactive.
    In the properties of the "InterativeForm", I've tried clicking the "enabled" flag both on and off.  I've also tried setting the "displayType" property to both "ActiveX" and "Native".  But none of this worked.
    I though my problem might be with Adobe reader so I switched from 8.0 back to 7.0 but this didn't make any difference either.
    The system we are using is NW04s WAS 700.  Any hints would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks for the suggestion Dezso.  I've downloaded a newer version of ACF as indicated by the OSS note and installed it.  I'm still having the same issue.
    My basic question is what options should I be using in the form and on the InteractiveForm component?  It looks like because of the evolution of the product there are multiple options available.  I recall reading somewhere that as of a certain SP level we should have ZCI (zero client install) available.  The would be our preference.  It will be a support nightmare if each user needed a manual download of ACF.exe installed.
    Should I click the "enabled" flag on the InteractiveForm object?  When I create the form should I use the "Native" drop down list or the one from the "Active X" tab?  I would like to use the "List Box" control on the form as well but it is only available in the "Standard" tab.  So does that mean I can't get the selections from a "List Box"?

Maybe you are looking for

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