Toolbar Button to Open Custom URL for a Business Partner

Hi All,
for a CRM 5.2 implementation, I'm trying to open a URL in a new explorer window when on hte BP Account Overview ( Corporate Account ).
I've created and added the Button, I've created an event, but when I launch the code behind the event to open a new explorer window, this does not work.
I've tried several alternatives already ( see below ), but can't seem to find a working one.
Can someone please helpme out ?
Component BP_HEAD, view BPHEADOverview.
    URL     = ''
call method cl_gui_frontend_services=>execute
    application = 'iexplore.exe'
  parameter   = ''
    others = 1.
      URL                          = w_url
    WINDOW_NAME                  = ' '
      NEW_WINDOW                   = 'X'
    BROWSER_TYPE                 =
    CONTEXTSTRING                =
     FRONTEND_ERROR               = 2
     PROG_NOT_FOUND               = 3
     NO_BATCH                     = 4
     UNSPECIFIED_ERROR            = 5
     OTHERS                       = 6.
  IF SY-SUBRC <> 0.

First of all I would advice you to post this question in the new CRM 2007 forum.
We have created our own button that calls an URL in a separate window. Here is some coding from the method CALLBACK~GET_BUTTONS which may inspirere you:
         INTO lv_java.
  ls_button-type     = cl_thtmlb_util=>gc_icon_print.
  ls_button-tooltip  = cl_wd_utilities=>get_otr_text_by_alias( 'CRM_UIU_BT_SALES_QUOT/SALESQUOT_PRINT' ).
  ls_button-on_client_click = lv_java.
  ls_button-page_id  = me->component_id.
  ls_button-enabled  = abap_true.
  APPEND ls_button TO rt_buttons.
  CLEAR ls_button.
  ls_button-text     = cl_wd_utilities=>get_otr_text_by_alias( 'CRM_UIU_BT_SALES_QUOT/SORDER_CREATEFOLLOW-UP' )."#EC NOTEXT
  ls_button-tooltip  = cl_wd_utilities=>get_otr_text_by_alias( 'CRM_UIU_BT_SALES_QUOT/SORDER_CREATEFOLLOW-UP' )."#EC NOTEXT
  ls_button-on_click = 'FOLLOWUP'.                          "#EC NOTEXT
  ls_button-page_id  = me->component_id.
  ls_button-enabled  = lv_persistent.
  APPEND ls_button TO rt_buttons.
  CLEAR ls_button.

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    Kind regards.

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    Greetings from ABAP General.
    Please do not leave meaningless comments when closing age old threads only to make room for new ones.
    The comment box can be left empty. Only fill it when you have something to say about the solution that might help the community.

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    Thanks for your reply.
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    Thanks in advance,

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    Thanks for the reply.
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    Actuall my requirement is to add custom fields in But000 table and the data will be controlled through BRFPlus application in TRM. Lot of forum thread suggesting to use EEWB to enhance the Business partner but000 table.
    I would be great if you could let us know which methodalogy should I use to enhance the But000 table and what are all the impacts and also please let us know the process steps to enhance the but000.

  • Error while changing the PO BOX value for a Business partner

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    Thanks & regards,
    Swarna Seeta

    Hi Swarna,
    You are getting this message not because you have entered wrong Post code .It will come even if you try to change some other field and save it. This is because on saving a business object, the framework tries to validate all the associated objects depending on the relation.In this case the data in the mobile client is either not present or is no longer valid.
    Check if the field of the Business object which is being shown as invalid, has some data in the table. Check the combo associated to it and from where the combo is doing the validation. The table from where the combo is doing the validation does not have that data and so the value is invalid.
    Also compare the number of entries in smokna1sht table in ides and in CDB.

  • Set order block for new business partner

    Hi experts,
    I have the requirement to set the order block for a business partner (based on some attributes) at the moment when it will be created or changed.
    I tried to use the BAdI BUPA_GENERAL_UPDATE where I am using the FM CRM_BUPA_FRG0050_READ/ CRM_BUPA_FRG0050_GET_DETAIL to retrieve the already existing status data and the FM CRM_BUPA_FRG0050_CREATE/ CRM_BUPA_FRG0050_CHANGE to add or change this data.
    In the SAPGUI at least the update scenario (CRM_BUPA_FRG0050_CHANGE) is working.
    In the WebUI application none of the both is working: In the create scenario the application is even dumping (SAPSQL_ARRAY_INSERT_DUPREC) but this dump happens in an other implementation of this BAdI!
    In the BP update scenario nothing happens though the UI will be refreshed by some coding like
    lr_bol_core = cl_crm_bol_core=>get_instance( ).
    lr_bol_core->modify( ).
    Is there something wrong or missing or is there a better BAdI to achieve this requirement?
    Thanks for any help!
    PS: I found another post which covers exactly my requirements but unfortunately without a solution...
    [Re: Update of BP General Data during creation of BP]

    Hi Bruce,
    I propose to select the right value programmatically and then hide the original combo box (use the FromPane / ToPane properties - better don't disable it or make it invisble) and display a disabled EditText item which displays the pricelist which should be applied to new customers when the Form is switched to - or launched in "Add" mode.
    When the form is switched to other modes than "Add" reactivate the original ComboBox...

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    Hi everyone,
    Can anyone tell me how to extract CCT_GUID (i.e Customer Contact Key) of business partner using only customer and also its significance.
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    Hi everyone,
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    Thanks in advance.

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    how can I input marketing attributes for a business partner with a BAPI?
    Or can I use BATCH-INPUT (the transactions is "BP")?
    Thanks and best regards.

    Hi JoJo,
    I don't know about LSMW. But I have done something similar in a program by calling the following function module in a loop for each of the business partner:
            IV_PROFILE_TEMPLATE_ID = lv_attribute
            IV_PARTNER             = lv_partner
            IT_IMP_SELTAB          = lt_attr
            ET_RETURN              = et_return.
    Here you can provide the attribute set in lv_attribute
    and business partner in lv_partner. lt_attr contains all the attributes (name and value).
        ls_attr-atname = 'Z_CUST_TEAM_ASSGN'.
        ls_attr-atwrt = 'Test Team'.
        APPEND ls_attr to lt_attr.
    Hope this helps.

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    Please provide pointers on the cause for this and how it can be rectified.

    Hi Muthu,
    I am integrating a single user at a time - through users_gen.
    Infact I am getting the same error message while moving the users within the org. structure.
    Steps -
    1. Execute users_gen
    2. Select the user to be integrated
    3. Click execute check mark
    Please provide any pointers.

  • How can one see all printdocuments for a business Partner

    How can one see all printdocuments for a business Partner(only transaction, no table please)

    Use T-Code CORRHIST
    Hope this helps

  • Days Sales Outstanding DSO for a Business Partner

    Hi ,
    Any idea how to use the Method of Least Squares (MLS), to compute Days Sales Outstanding DSO for a Business Partner?  suggestions?

    In  the BP go to Sales Area Data and select sales tab. In that select the sales Org,D.Channel,division for which you want to maintain and enter all the detail in all the tabs (shipping,Sales,Billing etc) and save the BP.

  • Are there any bapi for create Business Partner

    Dear Sir,
    Do you know  are there any bapi for create Business Partner in CRM
    Please advise.
    Thank you and best ergards,

    Dear Vimol,
    BAPI_BUPA_CREATE_FROM_DATA     ......SAP BP, BAPI: Create Business Partner
    BAPI_BUPA_FS_CREATE_FROM_DATA  .......SAP BP, BAPI: Create Business Partner
    BAPI_BUPA_FS_CREATE_FROM_DATA2 .......SAP BP, BAPI: Create Business Partner
    Hope this will help.

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