Triggering "exit" event of a drop-down list in all instances of a table row

I have a drop-down list in a table row with multiple instances that performs a calculation on the exit event. This calculation draws information from 2 other dropdown lists contained above in non-repeating rows of the same table.
The desired behavior is: should the user change their choices above, all instances of the drop-down list below would perform the "Exit" event script  accessing the new values above.
My script is:
RowOptionalCoverage.DdlCoverageType.execEvent("exit");     this works, sort of
It only updates the first instance of RowOptionalCoverage and none of the subsequent instances. The user can "Tab" through the instances and trigger the Exit event for each instance, but this is not a reasonable solution.
I have tried using the resolveNodes method without success. I understand, using the resolveNodes method may be necessary when referencing multiple instances of an object:
this.resolveNodes("RowOptionalCoverage[*].DdlCoverageType[*]").execEvent("exit");     doesn't work
xfa.resolveNodes("RowOptionalCoverage[*].DdlCoverageType[*]").execEvent("exit");      doesn't work
No doubt, I must be using the resolveNodes incorrectly or missing something? Probably something simple.
Any advice is greatly appreciated.

PERFECT!!! Works right out of the box!
This has opened my eyes to the essential nature of loops. My form is very large and complex and functions correctly, Yet the coding is lacking in sophistication--no loops, functions, fragments or other code efficiencies. I am teaching myself (with the help here) and I have skipped learning and using some techniques when I could things to work using the  limited skill set I have.
Sometimes, I just don't "get it". After I fail a few times, I skip it and try something else. Functions are a great example. I could utilize a bunch of these if I could only write one that works. It is frustrating. If I got one to work, I know could write a ton of them. But, there is some essential part of functions I am missing that's preventing me from having my first success with them. (I think it has to do with not understanding arguments completely).
Anyway, I am overjoyed with the solution you provided and I understand it well enough to be able to use again in other situations.
Thanks again!

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    Not possible. InDesign isn't designed to be form-filling software. At best, it can create fields which can be passed on to a PDF file, which usually further has to be edited in Acrobat Pro.

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    I may have bitten off more than I can chew with this one, but I have two pages. One comprises a checklist of Y/N/NA drop-downs; the other page has a repeating table row.
    If the drop-down selection is N I want the Instance Manager to trigger a new row on the second page and populate one of the textboxes within it with the caption value of that drop-down.
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    Thanks in advance

    Hi Manuel,
    You will find your answer, with diagrams, in section 3.4 Model Advanced Input Fields in the following document:
    Be sure that within the Entry List tab, your list scope is dynamic for 0CALYEAR, then just map the fields.
    Failing that, make sure you have values against 0CALYEAR in your source system.

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    I have a drop down list with value:text as follows:
    I would like to present the user who clicks on the drop down list with all of the literal text options (daylight, night, etc), but once selected, the object populate and print only the value (01, 02, etc).
    I thought about resizing the object when the user clicks on it, and then resizing it back once selected, but this seems rather cumbersome.  Space on the printed form is very limited, which is why the value/codes are used to represent the actual literal options.
    Any methods or ideas would be greatly welcome

    Here is a sample that shows what I think you want. I have a TextField that is displayed. When the user enters the field, I hide this field and make a DDlist available to the user. This DDList is placed behind the TextField and is hidden (not part of the layout) until the user enters the TextField. I also hide the TextField (this code is on the Enter event of the TextField). Now that the DDlist is visible you can set up a DDList to display one thing but report another. This is what I did (look at the binding tab of the DDList). Now when the user selects an item from the DDList the TextField is updated, the DDList is hidden and the TextField is made visisble, then the cursor is placed in the next field. This code is on the Exit event of the DDList.
    Is this what you were trying to accomplish?

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    String sql = "SELECT GameId, GameDescription FROM Games WHERE Year = " + year;
    The variable "year" is the value I need to figure out how to assign. Now this variable is a Java variable (attribute) and Im unsure how to get the value from the previous drop down and assign it to that. Basically I need the JavaScript value from the first drop down assigned to the Java attribute "year".
    Anyone able to help me with this???

    Here are my two drop down lists. As you can see I build the second list dynamically based off the value of the year. I want to be able to assign my year to the value I select in this first drop down. How do I do that?? I only want to show games for the year I select. I currently have the year hardcoded to "2009" as you see below. How can i change that to be assigned to the JavaScript value i extract from the first select box?
    <select name="season">
    <option value='2009' selected>2009</option>
    <option value='2008'>2008</option>
    <select name="gameselect">
    String year = "2009";
    String connectionURL = "jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/ElmwoodExpos";
    Connection con = DriverManager.getConnection(connectionURL, "root", "thejedster");
    String sql = "SELECT GameId, GameDescription FROM Games WHERE Year = " + year;
    Statement s = con.createStatement();
    ResultSet rs = s.getResultSet();
    <option value="1"><% out.print(rs.getString("GameDescription"));%></option>
    catch(Exception e)

  • Populating Drop down List in Excel Planning Layout

    hopefully somebody can help me.
    I have a simple planing function ( copy function: Version1 => Version2 ), Version2 the target version is a BEx Variable and a parameter of the copy planing function.
    basicly i want to put a drop down list on a Excel Planing Layout to manipulate the BEx Variable (Version 2 - the target version). So that the user can fill the BEx Variable by selecting the version by the dropdown list.
    In BW-BPS is quite simple -but unfortunately i dont know how it works in BW-IP.
    Best Regards
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            Mike Khatib

    Hello Mike,
    First you create two Drop Down lists (Dimension Version, Read Mode Masterdata table) in your workbook. Now go to the Visual basic editor (alt+F11) and you will find the following code for each Drop Down list:
    Public Sub DROPDOWN_22_LostFocus()
      Dim lComboBoxName As String
      Dim BEx1 As Object
      On Error Resume Next
      lComboBoxName = "DROPDOWN_22"
      Set BEx1 = Application.Run("BExAnalyzer.xla!GetBEx")
      Call BEx1.RaiseComboBoxChange(Parent.Name, lComboBoxName)
    End Sub
    Comment the last line and add a function to output the chosen value to a cell in the workbook
    Public Sub DROPDOWN_22_LostFocus()
      Dim lComboBoxName As String
      Dim BEx1 As Object
      Dim version As String
      'Call Dropdown List
      On Error Resume Next
      lComboBoxName = "DROPDOWN_22"
      Set BEx1 = Application.Run("BExAnalyzer.xla!GetBEx")
      'Call BEx1.RaiseComboBoxChange(Parent.Name, lComboBoxName)
      'get version
      version = DROPDOWN_22.Text
      'output chosen version to a cell in the workbook
      Range("C801").FormulaR1C1 = version
    End Sub
    Now add a command range to your workbook (VAR_VALUE_1,1, <VERSION>). That’s it.
    If you need further information don’t hesitate to ask me!
    Best regards
    PS: Please assign points if this information was helpful

  • Getting Drop Down list for a field in portal based on the values in R/3

    Presently we were customizing the ESS>>Family Members/Dependants iview in Portal. Because of the design requirement, in R/3 we have added some custom field for infotype 21 (Family Member details Infotype). We have to display these field on portal in Family Member Iview.
    However for these custom fields i am not able to get the drop down list with all the possible values description(F4 help ) in portal unlike the standard SAP fields.
    I am able to display the codes but the description is not coming up for the fields. However for standard SAP field, only description comes.
    For this I tried to attach the search help to the data element and also assigned a check table to the data element in R/3. But still I am not getting the description in the drop down.
    So how can I get the description and only the description in the drop down.

    When you run the Search hep is it giving the description or not
    You have to create the serarch help with both the fieldname and its description field then we cna the values. Or
    Try to mantain the text table for this field and get the data.
    Get the valeusinto drop drown with this table Or create the SearchHelp for this text table

  • Drop Down list in table with data from database table

    I have created an interactive form in WD ABAP.
    In Context tab I have created the nodes as follows:
    ZSOHEADER node with cardinality 1..1
    |-> MATERIAL node with cardinality 0..n. Under MATERIAL node there are 2 attrib. MAKTX and MATNR.
    I am fetching data from MARA table into an internal table IT_MARA.
    The node MATERIAL is bound to internal table IT_MARA.
    I have created a table with property ' Body rows vary depending on data ' .
    I have only one row in table. The first cell of the row is a drop down field.
    I have bind the field to the node MATERIAL->DATA->MAKTX.
    Now the issue is even though I have created only one row in my table, in preview it is creating as many rows in the table as the no.of records in the internal table.
    I want only one row with the drop down list containing all values of the internal table.
    Kindly suggest what to do.

    In the WebDynpro Context, in the main node create another node like A1 with cardinality 0..n and in this node create attributes TEXT and VALUE.
    Now goto method and in that method using code wizard read the node A1.
    And use the below code snippet sample in your program, i.e. code this under respective method of the webdynpro.
    *Declare the TYPES
    *Define Internal Table and work area.
    lr_node_info->bind_table( IT_TABLE ).
    And in the Adobe Form Layout
    Go to Menu of the Adobe LiveCycle Designer:
    In that window you just check the Show Dynamic properties Check Box.
    Now for the Drop Down go the binding tab in object palette and click on the list items and there specify the Internal Table and specify the text as the internal table text field and value as internal table value field.
    From the WebDynpro Native Library Palette use the Value Help Drop Down and in object pallette goto binding tab and provide the form interface binding. Before this in the WebDynpro goto Context and for the particular field under the properties provide the search help as dictionary search help and specify the name of the dictionary search help.
    We have another method of setting the Text and Value to the DDL directly in the WebDynpro by coding in the methods, I dont have much knowledge on this.
    Pradeep Goli

  • Dynamic Drop-down list - selected value can't be cleared ...

    1. check out the following code of a dynamic drop down list using cursor :-
         TEMPNUMBER NUMBER(2) := 2 ;
    -- Because we've to initialize the list
    -- at least with 1 item.
         ABORT_QUERY ;
         -- prev. line set the newly selected value
         END LOOP;     
    2. problem is as we've to atleast initialize with one list item... that item can't be cleared with CLEAR_LIST.
    3. how can i actually clear that and still use cursor. because i've searched forum for this thing and found all those code not working ... for my project ...
    4. quick help needed ...

    Hi Omar,
    I have solution for you
    To populating or refreshing the lists you can use
    two procedures:
    One of them - generic, which can be used for all types of list
    Another is specific which contain a SQL statement to retrieve the data for
    particular list.
    1. Specific procedure:
    sql_stat VARCHAR2(32767);
    ret_code NUMBER;
    -- SQL Statement for Drop-down List
    -- (must have two columns for label and value - both VARCHAR2)
    2. Generic procedure:
    (item_name VARCHAR2,
    sql_stat VARCHAR2,
    out_code OUT NUMBER)
    rg_id RECORDGROUP;
    rg_name VARCHAR2(100);
    ret_code NUMBER;
    item_id ITEM;
         item_id := FIND_ITEM(item_name);
         IF ID_NULL(item_id) THEN
              out_code := -1;
         END IF;
         --Creating Record Group with Unique Name
         rg_name := 'RG_'||SUBSTR(item_name,INSTR(item_name,'.',1)+1,LENGTH(item_name));
         --Checking Record Group Name for existance
         rg_id := FIND_GROUP(rg_name);
         --If Group does exist - delete it
         IF NOT ID_NULL(rg_id) THEN
         END IF;
         --Creating Record Group
         rg_id := CREATE_GROUP_FROM_QUERY(rg_name,sql_stat);
    ret_code := POPULATE_GROUP(rg_id);
    IF (ret_code <> 0) THEN
         out_code := ret_code;
    END IF;
         out_code := -2;
    out_code := 0;     
    END IF;
    Hope it help.

  • Drop-down list in Interactive forms

    Hi All,
    I am creating an interactive form in webdynpro abap. I would like to include a drop-down list in the interactive form. Data in the drop-down list should come from a database table.
    Can anyone give a sample program to do it? It would be of great use.
    Thanks & Regards,

    hi Vinod,
    You may get many threads with  similar query as yours if you use the search functionality.
    But you may refer these two threads which are close to your query.
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  • Drop down list in Adobe forms

    Hi All,
    I need to provide a drop down list in the Adobe form. I am calling this form from an SE38 program. I have selected the 'Value Help drop down list' element. How do i pass the value or bind the values to this element. The values for the drop down list are selected from a standard table at runtime.
    I tried using Enumerated drop down list also but did not work.
    Any idea????
    Prakash Pandey

    Hi ,
    Thanks for posting this, saved me a lot of hassles trying to program something. One question. My values are in a nested table. e.g. I have a table with criteria for an appraisal. The criteria have a dropdown on them with a ratings. So, one appraisal, many citeria, many possible rating values. When I put in your code, e.g. $record.APPRAISAL.CRITERIA.DATA[].RATINGS.DATA[] , I get all Ratings relevant to all criteria on each line for the criteria table, not just for the criterion they belong to. How do I specify that it should only pick up the ratings for the current criterion ?
    Hope my explanation makes sense
    Thanks !

  • C5.5 Issue with color/colour in matching question drop down list

    Hi is there a way to change the colour of the letters that appear in the drop down lists for a matching question in 5.5?
    I'm using white text on a grey background for my quiz slides, which is nice and easy to read, but then in the preview the letters in the drop down appear as white text on a white background. I can't see a way to change the font in the drop down back to black (as it is on my editing view), without also changing the colour of the answer text.
    Is there a way to change this?
    I've just tried covering the lists over with a chunk of background image - so that the user doesn't even know they're there, but the quiz slide has ordered the image behind the lists.
    Failing there being a way to change the colour, is there a way to have a matching slide without a drop down list at all?
    Thanks for reading

    Hi Shekhar
    Thanks for the extra info - I'd tried changing the properties and using the object style manager before, but hadn't considered using them together.
    This time, I followed your advice and:
    I set the colour for 'Matching entries' to black in the object style manager
    Then went into each column 1 entry and set the text to white
    The result was white text in the column, with black in the list. Much better than before!
    However, when I changed the text in column 2 to white, the list entries became white as well.
    After a lot of experimentation, I've discovered that if you just select the text object and change the colour, you change all the text including the lettering and numbering of the answer - this changes the list colour.
    If you change the text in the answer by highlighting it, this doesn't affect the lettering/numbering, however it still changes the drop down
    To leave the drop down the right colour you need to change the answer colour by highlighting first, but, and the order is vital, you need to insert a space between the letter/number and the answer text first.
    So, the end result I have is that the column 1 text is the right colour, the column 2 text is the right colour and the text in the drop down is the right colour. Unfortunately the lettering for the column 2 answers has to stay the same  as the letters in the drop down list, so they don't show up brilliantly (black on a dark grey background), but it's a massive improvement on the invisible list I had before!
    Thanks again!

  • Drop down Lists problem

    I have two drop down lists.
    One called P2_PRODUCT_GROUP which has a LOV.
    Also another called P2_PRODUCTS which has another LOV.
    I want P2_PRODUCTS to be filtered based on the selection I make in P2_PRODUCT_GROUP.
    I've used the following SQL statement for the P2_PRODUCTS LOV:
    select     PRODUCT d, ID r
    from     PRODUCT
    where ID = :P2_PRODUCT_GROUP
    When I run the page, it doesnt display anything in the P2_PRODUCTS drop down list at all, even after I select a PRODUCT in P2_PRODUCTS nothing shows in P2_PRODUCT_GROUP.
    What am I doing wrong?
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    Hi Adam,
    that's the classical cascading lov problem. It's not necessary to do a page submit roundtrip, you can use AJAX instead.
    Have a look at Carl Backstrom's AJAX example at or have a look at my generic cascading lov which is part of the ApexLib Framework
    BTW, my solution also can handle a popup lov as a master.
    My APEX Blog:
    The ApexLib Framework:
    The APEX Builder Plugin:

  • Parameter drop-down list

    Post Author: tss98
    CA Forum: Crystal Reports
    Does anyone know how to create a drop-list for a parameter such that it will only show those records which meet a certain criteria? For example, I am developing a report which prints out a single record (for a permit), but the drop-down list shows all the possible permit numbers and I only want to show those that are related to some certain criteria (like a certain permit type or a certain location or a certain company).

    If it is a dynamic parameter then there is no way to get rid of the "..." since Crystal does not know what the values are to populate the parameter list until it is too late.

Maybe you are looking for

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