TS3694 The apps on my iphone will not sync with iTunes.  Process just skips steps 3 and 5.  Any suggestions?

The apps on my iphone will not sync with iTunes.  Process just skips steps 3 and 5.  Any suggestions

Are you signed into iTunes on the computer with the same Apple ID the apps in question were "purchased" with?  Is the computer authorized for that account?

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  • HT1386 iphone will not sync with itunes the apple sign just keeps popping up

    iphone will not sync with itunes or ture on only with it on a charger but will only keep popping up the apple sign or on acation show iso6 on screen and say sync with conputer but as soon as i take it off yhe charger it wont do anything

    I followed the instructions in those 2 articles. Still not able to see the device in ITunes. I reinstalled the latest iTunes and all updates to my iMac (Mac OSX ver 10.6.8). I tried 3 different USB Cables in different USB ports. Rebooting both the Iphone and IMac. Still nothing seems to be working. I searched the discussion boards and I see other people with the same problem but they seem to run into the same problems finding a solution. I dont understand what happened because this was working properly up until 2 days ago. Do you have any more suggestions?

  • My iPhone will not sync with iTunes update

    With the last update my iPhone will not sync.

    I, too, updated to ios 7.0.6 and immediately couldn't synch music to my iPhone. I erased the phone twice and ended up in a loop and couldn't even boot, just the Apple logo over and over. This worked for me:
    Hold down the home button (on the front) simultaneously with the button on the top. After 10-15 seconds the Apple log appears again and loads IOS slowly. Once was loaded, my music was back. Annoyingly, it only seems to update from the cloud.
    At least my iPhone works now.
    I can't believe Apple didn't catch this before they screwed up their customers.

  • HT2305 my iphone will not sync with itunes

    my iphone will not sync with itunes

    To add to the above, I just upgraded my iTunes to 10.6.x to take advantage of iCloud.  It was working before.

  • I just got an iphone 4s. My iphone will not sync with itunes

    My phone will not sync with itunes without 10.6.3 itunes which is not compatible with the software that is currently on my mac book. However, My mac does not have a software update available. HELP

    It would help if you told us which version system software you have on your Macbook and which version of iTunes and what system requirements say on the side of the phone's box you actually need.

  • HT1386 The calander on my Iphone will not sync with my mac computer. ANy thoughts?

    My phone and computer will not sync my calander. Any thoughts?

    Are you signed into iTunes on the computer with the same Apple ID the apps in question were "purchased" with?  Is the computer authorized for that account?

  • HT4061 my iphone will not sync with itunes but opens in a different window and my hone now ask to trust the computer every time.

    Every time i try to sync my phone it does not regerster with itunes any more but opens in a different page.

    i too am having the same problem

  • My new (replacement) iPhone will not sync with iTunes on my Macbook.

    My old (two weeks old, replacement of an old broken one) iPhone sync'd just fine, but kept going off. The new one will not sync at all, nor will it save my email passwords. Any clues?

    Did you try to set it up as new device, without using the latest backup, in case it contains corrupt data?
    How to back up your data and set up as a new device

  • Iphone will not sync with itunes audiobooks.  Why?

    I have a problem, albeit minor with syncing my iphone to my itunes. I have two audiobooks on my itunes and they sync perfectly to my ipod however will not transfer to my iphone. Can anyone offer an explanation as to why they will not transfer across?
    Thank you in advance

    Same problem here iTunes 19 WILL NOT sync my audio books? I change in info tab to under media type to audiobook and then it acccepts but will not snc and reverts back to music if I open agan? Frustrating...

  • TS1538 Hi. My iPad 2 will not sync with iTunes, can't be recognised, and therefore can't be updated. I've reinstalled windows and still nothing. Any ideas?

    Hi. I've had an iPad 2 for over a year and have never been able to sync it with my pc. I've tried reinstalling windows twice, resetting the iPad back to factory etc. this means that I can't update because it doesn't have the latest iOS which allows you to update via wifi.
    Could anyone please offer me any suggestions as apple store staff aren't interested in helping.
    Thank you.

    iOS: Device not recognized in iTunes for Windows
    How to restart the Apple Mobile Device Service (AMDS) on Windows

  • Iphone will not sync with iTunes!!!! PLEASE HELP!!!

    My iphone has always synced up with my macbook no problem but recently when I plug it in and walk away I come back and the sync bar is half full
    and will not go any further.  I have tried turing off airport and restarting the phone and comp but nothing seems to work.  I have all the most current
    versions of software and I don't know why it isn't working.  Everything I have read on other forums does not help either.  Who can solve this
    I am tired of dealing with this.
    Please help..Thank you.

    nicholasfromfrederick wrote:
    I feel that since it worked before with no problem I shouldn't need to disable anything on my mac. 
    No one suggested "disabling everything" on your Mac, just security apps.  The fact that it worked before means nothing - these apps update themselves frequently and what's on your Mac today isn't the same,  Also, updates to the iOS and iTunes make a difference.
    The problem could be in the phone.  Has your phone EVER been jailbroken or hacked to downgrade the iOS or unlock?  Did you try resetting (press both home and sleep/wake buttons until the Apple logo appears)?

  • IPhone will not sync with iTunes

    Ladies and Gents,
    I am having trouble syncing my iPhone with iTunes. A message stating that a "sync session could not be started" appears. Also when I try and check or uncheck boxes in the summary tab they go back to whatever they were before. When I do get it to try and sync the contacts, iTunes it freezes...
    This is the same with my old iPhone video, it will freeze iTunes because it wants to sync contacts for some reason, even if i try to uncheck the box.
    I have restored both devices as well as re-installed iTunes.
    Is this a bug in the new version of iTunes? Is anyone else having problems?

    One thing to try is to reset your computer's sync history. Open iSync in your applications folder. Go to the iSync menu -> Preferences. Click the "Reset Sync History" button in the "Advanced" section.

  • My iphone will not sync with itunes

    My iPhone 4S will no longer sync with my iTunes folder on my iMac
    Could anyone advise me as to the (simplist) method to resolve this ?
    I am connected via a USB

    Did you install iTunes 11 via Software Update?  If so,
    download the full stand alone installer from here:
    When download complete, mount the .dmg and run
    the installer. 
    I updated iTunes by running the full install and have no issues
    syncing my iPhone 4s.  FWIW, I am running OSX 10.8.2 on
    my Macs, but that shouldn't really matter.

  • My iPhones will not sync with iTunes.

    I have 3 Iphones. 2 3gs and 1 4.  I have a Macbook Pro running lion.  I have the latest itunes and iphone software.  I have not been able to sync any of my phones with itunes (either with a usb or wifi) since January.  For the most part I do everthything with Icloud but I would really like to sync them. Any ideas? I click sync and Itunes says it is waiting for the sync to start and I even see the arrow circle on the phone spinning but after about 5 minutes it says that the sync has failed to start.

    Does syncing work if you choose not to sync whatever is trying to sync first, like contacts, calendars or music?
    If it's happening when syncing contacts or calendars, see this -> Sync Services: Advanced troubleshooting for contact and calendar syncing
    If you don't think it's contacts or calendars, you can skim through that doc and just do the steps to Disable syncing (#7) and Reset the SyncServices folder (#21/22).

  • IPhone will not sync with iTunes update..freezes too

    I updated iTunes and now I cannot sync my iPhone. iTunes freezes and it does not recognize my iPhone (my iPod syncs without any problem).
    I been sorting through the articles and discussions on the website for days now and tried everything...uninstall..reinstall...repair...run diagnostics...restart...restore...update drivers...etc...etc...etc..
    Has anyone else had this problem and was able to fix it?? I really want the new iPhone update and control over my phone again. Please help. Thank you!
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    anyone having any overheating issues with the iphone leaving it plugged in over time. i read in an earlier post somewhere that if you leave it in long enough, it works all of sudden, and tries to start syncing again. you lose information i think but it gets it out of brick mode, according to the post i read. not sure. and i dont want to leave it plugged in because it might melt lol. its pretty **** hot already. anyone have any suggestions?
    and im defintely getting all the symptoms that u have tarheels. it shows up for a split second and then disappears... lovely.
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