Unable to edit file after saving with add-in

I'm only just starting to test the Vibe add-in. Looks good so far, but I've noticed one fairly important issue.
If I start with a new file and save it for the first time, all is well from within MS-Word. I can save, continue editing, and save again. However, if I then login to the Vibe site I can't actually edit the file, at least not immediately, nor can any members of my team. As of now, the two test files I've created cannot be edited on the Vibe site.
Of course, I realize that the add-in is beta, but I just thought I would bring this up. I'm also wondering if anyone else has observed the same behaviour. Thanks.

This is the vibe file edit applet, right?. Not sure this has to do with desktop. Seems to be you are having problems with the editor on linux and mac. Can you upload a file without using desktop and test editing that? I think maybe you are having some of the problems described in the readme with the vibe edit applet.
What are you expecting to happen when you click on edit in linux?
6.7 Restrictions on Applet Support
Applets are not supported on 64-bit Firefox on a system with a Java Runtime Environment (JRE) earlier than 1.6.0_12.
On a 64-bit operating system, updating to JRE or later enables the applets to work.
For example, multi-file drag-and-drop from the desktop, file paste from the desktop, Edit in Place, and the graphical display in the workflow editor do not work where applets are not supported.
6.8 Edit in Place Support for Mac Users
For Mac users, Vibe looks for OpenOffice.org in the following directory on users Mac workstations:
If your organizations standard location for OpenOffice.org is in a different location on users workstations, you can reconfigure Vibe to look for OpenOffice.org in your preferred location.
Change to the following directory:
c:\Program Files\Novell\Teaming\apache-tomcat-version\
Open the ssf.properties file in a text editor.
Locate the block of lines that start with:
Copy that set of lines to the clipboard of your text editor.
Open the ssf-ext.properties file, which is located in the same directory as the ssf.properties file.
Paste the block of lines you copied at the end of the ssf-ext.properties file.
Edit the location of the OpenOffice.org software to reflect its location in your organization.
Save and close the ssf-ext.properties file.
Close the ssf.properties file without saving it.
Stop and restart Vibe to put the new software location into effect on your Vibe site.

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    Thanks Pat.  Tried each, restarted computer each time; tried the "Accept" routine several days ago - it worked briefly and then stopped.  Uninstalled Reader and Flash as well.  Strange thing with Flash, one of my online broker programs provides streaming of CNBC.  When I clicked on the CNBC option to initiate CNBC, I got a message saying that I needed to load Flash.  I did, and it loaded again with no mention of Flash having already been installed.
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    Thank you!!

    What DPI did you save as:
    You should always save as 300dpi, then you can always reduce  the size as needed.
    Another thing, don't copy and paste, that always causes that Problem.
    In Acrobat you should open Tools Menu click on Content Editing  the Add Image.
    Then click on image and choose Properties and place where you want and size as you desire.

  • Lost audio files after saving.

    I lost my audio files after saving in Logic X and now my project file has the extension .logicx on it and my audio files are nowhere to be seen. I made some changes to the project, moved the file to another folder, then they asked if I wanted to replace the other file with the new and I said yes not thinking that it would matter. Is there any way that my audio files are still out there somewhere? And no I don't have time machine hooked up.

    if you replaced that file.. then you have lost it's contents as they have all been replaced with the one you copied over... and as you have no backups you cannot, as they say.. un-scramble the egg...
    Finally start making backups as soon as possible...
    As the old saying goes...
    "There are three things in life you can always count on.. Death.. Taxes...and you will need a backup of your computer data at some point"

  • Is there any option to recover a file we saved with the same name that other by mistake in a MAC PC

    is there any option to recover a file we saved with the same name that other by mistake in a MAC PC

    There's a slim chance. +*Stop using the drive IMMEDIATELY.+*
    Then see: [Data Recovery|http://web.me.com/pondini/AppleTips/Recover.html].

  • Can you edit text after saving your file as pdf

    I have recently created a letterhead in Illustrator.
    Is there a way to change a person name and title after saving it as a pdf file? I heard something about creating a form in Acrobat professsional.
    I need to print out a letterhead with different peoples name and title. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

    Can you edit the text in Acrobat Reader?
    Yes, if you use Acrobat Pro to save the PDF as a Reader-enabled form.
    1. Create your letterhead in Illustrator (or whatever). Leave design space for, but do not create text objects that you want to be editable.
    2. Save as PDF.
    3. Open the PDF in Acrobat Pro. Use Acrobat's Form tools to add text fields whereever you want the end users to be able to key text.
    4. Select the Enable Reader Usage Rights command in Acrobat to make the form fields edtiable in Reader. Save the file.
    Recipients of the PDF can now open it in Reader, edit the content of the fields, and save the file with their edits.

  • Can't open PSD files after saving them

    I haven't ever had this issue before and now have had it twice in the last week or so. I scrap all the time and now after saving the file as a PSE, when I go to reopen from inside Photoshop Elements 7, it's telling me it can't be opened because it's not the right type of file. Any suggestions. I am using Vista but of course have been using the same computer with no problem up until now.

    I figured it out myself. Both files I could not reopen were named for teachers. So they were Mrs. so & so. The period in the file name was causing it not to be saved correctly I suppose. When I restarted the Layout again and saved it, I saved it without the period and then no problem at all. Just wanted to let those reading know...

  • Unable to edit documents after AVG installation

    I have a dual drive Toshiba laptop, which has been recntly updated from Vista to Windows 7. Windows 7 has taken up most of my C drive, so I have had to put programs onto the other data E drive. The other day I bought AVG ant-virus 2011 and put it onto my computer (data e drive). Since then, even after taking avg off, I am unable to edit documents on office Word or OpenOffice. it seems to be doing it to my external drive (that I have added) as well as now. Its strange since this only started as soon as i used AVG. Any suggestions what the problem could be? How it can be resolved.
    I really need some help, as my computer seems to be slowly dying! Tried to get in contact with AVG but they seem just to be ignoring the problem at the moment.
    Thanks for any help,

    Hi buddy,
    > Its strange since this only started as soon as i used AVG.
    In this case I would contact AVG directly if they can say something about this or if its a known issue. I never heard about this but AVG should know what to do now.
    I dont know what notebook you have but Im pretty sure its a software issue and it seems to be related to AVG

  • Bulk save as psd file not saved with Maximize Compatibility selected in preference

    I want to do a "bulk save as" for psd files that were not saved with Maximize File Compatibility selected in Preferences. I'm trying to import those files into LR5 but I get an error message. Or is there a work around for resolving this issue? I have both PS CS6 and PS CC. Also Bridge for both. I've just subscribed to LR5.

    LR does not support Layers, PSD files may have layers so you may have a problem using LR to do what you want to do.
    Set your Photoshop Preferences to always save with Max Compatibility.
    Record a save action one step menu File>save.
    Then use Adobe Bridge menu Edit>Find to find all your PSD files.
    Then select all and use menu Tools>Photoshop>Batch  and if your lucky and don't catch an Adobe Bug Photoshop will start and the Batch dialog will open,  You can the set the Save Action Set and the Save Action  all the PSD selected in the Bridge should open and saved.
    I cancelled the search short here the search for all psd files could take a very long time and did not run the batch.
    You will have a better chance not catching an Adobe bug if Photoshop is not up and running when you use the here.  Bridge may try to start a different version of Photoshop then the one running when you use menu tools>Photoshop>Batch.  Bridge CC was updated to start CC 2014 there is no bridge CC 2014.
    This site scale image poorly you can scale them if you view them in a new tab or window.

  • Imovie files suggesting "saved with an older version" ???

    I hope someone can help.
    I have been converting old analogue tapes to DV-PAL with aid of a canopus ADVC110 analogue to digital convertor. I am saving the files to an external hard drive (lacie mini hub 250GB). They appeared to save successfully but I have discovered later, upon re-opening the files, the following message "project was saved with an old version of imovie....." If I save the file the image becomes pixelated. I have about 10 projects, some are o.k one day and others projects are reporting the problem?
    Unsure what is happening here and how to resolve.
    external lacie drive is Mac OS extended (journaled)
    imovie HD 6.0.3
    mac mini 1.42 1 gig ram   Mac OS X (10.4.9)   lacie mini hub and hard drive

    I probably haven't explained myself to well.
    I am running imovie HD 6.0.3, the lastest version.
    I have been saving my projects (converting analogue-PAL to DV-PAL via a canopus ADC) in imovie HD 6.0.3, however upon opening the files later during the week I get the following message.
    "The project “hi8 tape 1” was saved with an older version of iMovie HD. Opening it in this version will cause it to be upgraded, which will make it unreadable by older versions. Are you sure you want to open it?"
    I'm unsure how this is happening when I'm running the lastest copy of imovie HD 6.0.3
    When I do attempt to save I receive the following message.
    "Files that iMovie can understand are in iMovie’s Trash. Any other files have been moved into the Finder’s Trash. Would you like to view iMovie’s Trash contents now?"
    If I do go ahead and save it doesn't help, the video capture becomes totally pixelated after I move the files from imovie trash back to clip viewer or the imovie trash is empty? Sometimes it works by moving the files from imovie trash to the clip viewer but the following day if I open the projects I get the same old ver. problem
    I am writing and saving the project to an external hard drive. Are their problems in doing that? The external hardrive is mac OSX extended (journaled)
    I did upgrade from imovie 5 about 8 months ago.
    mac mini 1.42 1 gig ram   Mac OS X (10.4.9)   lacie mini hub and hard drive
    mac mini 1.42 1 gig ram   Mac OS X (10.4.9)   lacie mini hub and hard drive

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    I am trying to edit a form created with LiveCycle version 8.08.2073 (installed with Adobe Pro 8).  I am using LiveCycle version ES (installed with Adobe Pro 9).  I can open the fhe form, but the tools are greyed out.  It apears the file is locked for editing, but I cannot determine where/how to unlock it.

    You should try to start in safe mode which runs a file check. You hold the shift key down during a start up till there is a progress bar towards thr bottom of the screen. This start will take a longer time than normal. In safe mode try the functioins you are having problems with to see if there is an improvement. Some links below to read.

  • Files been saved with a conflict extension

    SInce I upgraded from Lightroom 4.3 to version 5.0  I and having problems when saving files to my computer. The anomaly is that it isn't all the time.
    The files are being saved with a .conflict extension.  when exported from Lightroom. - For example tornado.conflict1 when i name the file tornado.
    Any help wouldbe appreciated.

    http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/office/forum/office_2013_release-word/conflict-extensio n/cdd762a8-12c7-4f1f-bc0e-f26ba28ccb81
    Could this be related?
    Are you attempting to overwrite a file that is currently being backed up into the cloud?

  • XMP metadata lost from PNG files after saveing

    i am using Photosop CS3 SDK. through my plug-in I put some metadata in the file using XMP SDK 4.4.2.
    For PNG files, if the file is modified and saved, all the XMP metadata is lost from the file.
    The following steps are being done.
    1. Put some metadata in PNG file using SXMPMeta::SetProperty and SXMPMeta::AppendArrayItem
    2. modify the file (changed brightness, contrast, flattened the image).
    3. Save this file.
    After saving all the xmp metadata is lost from the PNG file. This works for all other formats.
    What can be wrong that I am doing?
    Is there any other way to put XMP metadata in file?

    That's probably because PNG doesn't save or read XMP metadata.
    There really aren't standards for metadata in PNG. (though a few products have tried adding it in ad-hoc ways, without documenting their efforts)

  • How do I revert to replaced audio files being saved with the project file, *not* with the original audio files?

    In the latest release, when you send an audio clip to Audition, the newly created audio clip - which was previously saved in the same folder as the project file - is saved next to the original audio file.
    Makes sense, but for reasons to boring to go into, it's a major headache for my workflow, because it means combing through folders to find the files, instead of having them all in once place.
    So how to I turn this off and revert to those files being saved next to the project file?

    Hey Steve,
    You'll want to connect your phone to your computer and sync it in iTunes. You can read more about it here:
    iOS: Syncing your data with iTunes
    Welcome to Apple Support Communities!
    Have a good one,

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    I can't open it either...
    You should always keep back-up....

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