Unable to load the 'C:\InetPub\robohelp\' project.  The project is invalid.

We're having troubles opening/viewing our 'prepsmart' project
on our production server. (It works fine in our test environment).
I have tried re-installing RoboEngine 4.0, and successfully
re-generated and re-published the project to the server. However,
when I try to access the project using a url like:
it displays the message: "Contragulations The RoboEngine has been
successfully created. To get started using RoboEngine, you need to
publish a project. Please see the getting started guide or
deployment manual that corresponds to your authoring tool for more
information. "
I see the same screen if I click on "View Project" within the
RogoEngine Configuration Manager.
When I click the Troubleshoot icon in the Configuration
manager, it lists the following errors:
Unable to load the 'C:\InetPub\robohelp\' project. The
project is invalid.
Project prepsmart cannot be found.
Unable to locate the ' ' window.
Cannot find the list of projects.
If I specify a specific page (i.e.
it displays the help page. So, I
think the web site is configured and working OK.
Any ideas why I can successfully publish the project, but
RoboEngine can't find the project?

Hello Vipul Kumawat,
I saw a related thread from here:
Their solution is related to fix corrupt Visual Studio.
So may I clarify the following:
1. What's your Visual Studio version?
2. Have you ever tried to repair Visual Studio from control panel first?
3. Can you reproduce this issue when access any other new projects? For example, Store App, WPF App, or even new simple Windows Phone app? What's the result if you use them?
Best regards,
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  • Unable to load gpib-32.dll when running the visual basic 2008 program

    I installed NI-488.2 into my PC, window 7 64 bit OS.
    In the program >> project> add reference>.NET, I successfully add the NI.4882  into my visual basic  program.
    By the way, this program worked well in another window 7 32 bit PC.
    But when I run the program at ildev(BDINDEX,.........), error comes up as "unable load DLL gpib-32.dll".
    So when I looked at c:\windows\system32, I can not fine gpib-32.dll.
    Doesn't  NI-488.2 driver install gpib-32.dll?
    How can I install gpib-32.dll?

    SeongCho wrote:
    Nyc, thank you for your reply.
    By the way, I think I did all the link explained.
    So I have no problem in  adding  NI488.2 to my program's reference using "add reference".
    The problem is GPIB statement like ildev() looks for "gpib-32.dll".
    But there was no gpib-32.dll installed in "c:\windows\system32" so error comes up with "unable to load gpib-32.dll".
    I did the same procedure in my another PC(window 7 32 bit OS,my current PC is window 7 64 bit OS), and in that PC I can see the gpib-32.dll in that directory and program run without problem.
    I do not know how gpib-32.dll was installed in my previous PC.
    Have you looked at the example programs for .NET that install with NI-488.2?
    You need to start thinking in terms of .NET 

  • Unable to load Database Error for one of the BSO Application.

    Hello Everyone,
    We have one Production Issue like suddenly the an Application Fiji while should be running was stopped. When i tried to restart it its showing Error.
    gvw3086-v.atlanta.hp.com:1423.Fiji    Start  application    August 28, 2013 8:32:24 PM SGT    Failed
    Error: 1002141 Unable to load database [Arirang], error code [1019038]
    gvw3086-v.atlanta.hp.com:1423.Fiji.Consol    Start database    August 28, 2013 8:33:30 PM SGT    Failed
    Error: 1002141 Unable to load database [Arirang], error code [1019038].
    I checked the Log but not sure it correct or not i see this Error message.
    [Wed Aug 28 11:33:48 2013]Local/Fiji///7944/Info(1002089)
    But i also saw this error before but the application use to start automatically but this time it did not.
    can anyone help me on this.

    As i mentioned above its only for one Application Fiji. For a temporary Solution we tried to restart the Hyperion Services. But this did not work. One of the the Hyperion Service HyPService(not sure of the exact name). did not restart. So we have done a a fail over to other node and now the Fiji apps is running. But i don't think so what we have done is the correct fix for the solution. Have any one faced this problem.
    Hi John,
    Which Doc ID you mean to refer me is that the doc which comes with the Essbase Software.

  • Unable to Load CSV file with comma inside the column(Sql Server 2008)

    I am not able load an CSV file with Comma inside a column. 
    Here is sample File:(First row contain the column names)
    "1","[ ""0"", ""0"", ""0"" ]","helloworld"
    "1","[ ""0"", ""0"", ""0"" ]","helloworld"
    When i specify the Text Qualifier as "(Double quotes) it work in SQL Server 2012, where as fail in the SQL Server 2008, complaining with error:
    TITLE: Microsoft Visual Studio
    The preview sample contains embedded text qualifiers ("). The flat file parser does not support embedding text qualifiers in data. Parsing columns that contain data with text qualifiers will fail at run time.
    I need to do this in sql server 2008 R2 with Service pack 2, my build version is 10.50.1600.1.
    Can someone let me know it is possible in do the same way it is handle in SQL Server 2012?
    It got resolved in any successive Cumulative update after 10.50.1600.1?
    Regards Harsh

    If you have CSV with double quotes inside double quotes and with SSIS 2008, I suggest:
    in your data flow you use a script transformation component as Source, then define the ouput columns id signed int, Gp unicode string and C unicode string. e.g. Ouput 0 output colmuns
    Id - four-byte signed
    gp - unicode string
    cc - unicode string
    Do not use a flat file connection, but use a user variable in which you store the name of the flat file (this could be inside a for each file loop).
    The user variable is supplied as a a readonly variable argument to the script component in your dataflow.
    In the script component inMain.CreateNewOutputRows use a System.IO.Streamreader with the user variable name to read the file and use the outputbuffer addrow method to add each line to the output of the script component.
    Between the ReadLine instraction and the addrow instruction you have to add your code to extract the 3 column values.
    public override void CreateNewOutputRows()
    Add rows by calling the AddRow method on the member variable named "<Output Name>Buffer".
    For example, call MyOutputBuffer.AddRow() if your output was named "MyOutput".
    string line;
    System.IO.StreamReader file = new System.IO.StreamReader( Variables.CsvFilename);
    while ((line = file.ReadLine()) != null)
    if (line.StartsWith("_id,qp,c") != true) //skip header line
    string[] mydata = Yourlineconversionher(line);
    Output0Buffer.Id = Convert.ToInt32(mydata[0]);
    Output0Buffer.gp = mydata[1];
    Output0Buffer.cc = mydata[2];
    Jan D'Hondt - SQL server BI development

  • In Firefox, I'm unable to load any website using cloudflare but the same sites load fine in Safari.

    Whenever I try to load any website using cloudflare in Firefox, I get this error message:
    "Error 1000 DNS points to prohibited IP. You've requested a page on a website that is on the CloudFlare network. Unfortunately, it is resolving to an IP address that is creating a conflict within CloudFlare's system."
    But the same sites load up fine with no problems in Safari. I've tried everything suggested in related support pages - cleared cache (my browser's set to do that on close anyway), cleared cookies, set to no proxy, disabled add-ons, etc. Nothing worked!
    EDIT: Just noticed that 1 cloudflare page was able to load after disabling the add-on called "Modify Headers" v7.1.1 However, I don't know if this will work for all cloud flare sites. Unfortunately, I did not keep a list of sites that didn't load, so I can't test by loading them now.

    This is the dump from my ModifyHeaders settings:

  • Unable to load the user interface-please reinstall the application-Audigy 2 zs Platinum

    unable to load the user interface-please reinstall the application---this is the message I get when my pc starts------Someone messing around with my computer tried to delete creative media source player 3 when they saw I had both 3 and 5 in folder and i get this error message every time I start my pc. In addition to this I have lost my EAX and THX consoles and my speaker settings are gone so I cannot adjust my 5. system at all. After I delete that error message when I click on the creative icon is sys tray instead of opening up the creative media player I get the error message--unable to load needed componants. Please reinstall the application. this is media player 3[version 3.32.]. I dont know why during the auto?updates through the last couple of years I have media player 3 in sys tray and if I need version 5 it is in file with 3--start-all programs-creative--any way my pc is a Cyberpower AMD FX-53 using win xp pro-32 bit-- and of course its a OEM product so they tell me the only way to get it to work is use the restoration cd they gave me when I bought the pc and it will revert back to its original state as when purchased. I would lose all my games, music, pictures?ect and would have to start from scratch.[ OR of course back everything up on a portable hard dri've]?It seems like there should be an easier way --hell I might as well buy a new soundcard and it would make it easier. If anyone?has an answer for someone who is not a tech head so I can understand please help !!--thank you in advance for any assistance as it is greatly appreciated. Sorry this message is so long winded, just irritating to have spen so much for a pc and not have the original installation disc.-tried moving to another slot and the fixes I saw posted here with no luck---thank you folks again--Tom

    All the issues you guys are talking about have been reported in beta stage of these new drivers. I would say none of them has been fixed yet. The only solution for now is to use previous drivers which work fine or use some modified drivers which fixes some issues, but not all. Your choice.
    [url="http://connect.creativelabs.com/windows/Lists/Audigy%20Issues/AllItems.aspx">Bug List[/url]
    Message Edited by ronon0 on 08-07-2008 :47 AM

  • I can play my video clips as events but unable to load them into project this just started

    I can play my video clips as events but unable to load them when I drag them to project.

    I am using a macbook pro not a mini

  • I get the error: Unable to load a GUI

    Every time I try to download the latest version of Flash Player I end up with the error message : Unable to load a GUI. I did the live chat with Adobe Support and they narrowed it down to being technical. How should I fix this? I have to fix it or I won't be able to download flash player.

    Thank you MerryMort, you've been a lifesaver! I checked out your last post, and the link you put up helped. It started up the download manager instantly. I tested out youtube and the videos there started up instead of giving me the message to install last version of flash player! Again thanks.

  • Open Directory: "Unable to load replica list"

    I'm currently running Mavericks Server 3.1 on my Mac Mini at the home network. I had some issues with the client logins and went for local accounts on the clients instead. Today I finally wanted to fix the problem and go all Open Directory. But the Open Directory service was shut off when I opened the server software. I tried to turn it on but got a message saying "Unable to load replica list". I updated the software to the latest 3.1 but are still having the same issue. I never had any replica list, I only had a standard one from the start, but it seems I can't do anyhing there now.
    LDAP log:
    Mar 21 22:48:38 xxYY.com slapd[172]: @(#) $OpenLDAP: slapd 2.4.28 (Nov 12 2013 12:02:47) $
    [email protected]:/private/var/tmp/OpenLDAP/OpenLDAP-491.1~1/servers/slapd
    Mar 21 22:48:38 xxYY.com.com slapd[172]: daemon: SLAP_SOCK_INIT: dtblsize=8192
    Mar 21 22:48:39 xxYY.com.com slapd[172]: TLS: found identity in keychain using identity preference.
    Mar 21 22:48:42 xxYY.com.com slapd[172]: slap_add_listener: opened additional listener 'ldaps:///'
    Mar 21 22:48:42 xxYY.com.com slapd[172]: bdb_monitor_db_open: monitoring disabled; configure monitor database to enable
    Mar 21 22:48:44 xxYY.com.com slapd[172]: slapd starting
    Mar 21 22:48:44 xxYY.com.com slapd[172]: daemon: posting com.apple.slapd.startup notification
    Mar 21 22:48:54 xxYY.com.com slapd[172]: => bdb_idl_delete_key: c_del id failed: DB_LOCK_DEADLOCK: Locker killed to resolve a deadlock (-30994)
    Mar 21 22:48:54 xxYY.com.com slapd[172]: conn=1022 op=3: attribute "entryCSN" index delete failure
    Mar 21 22:50:02 xxYY.com.com slapd[172]: => bdb_idl_delete_key: c_get failed: DB_LOCK_DEADLOCK: Locker killed to resolve a deadlock (-30994)
    Mar 21 22:50:02 xxYY.com.com slapd[172]: conn=1042 op=3: attribute "entryCSN" index delete failure
    I don't understand any of this other than the obvious failure words. Can anyone understand this and help me here?

    This procedure is a diagnostic test. It makes no changes to your data. If you have more than one user account, you must be logged in as an administrator to carry out these instructions.
    Please triple-click anywhere in the line below on this page to select it:
    sudo /usr/libexec/slapd -Tt | pbcopy
    Copy the selected text to the Clipboard by pressing the key combination command-C.
    Launch the built-in Terminal application in any of the following ways:
    ☞ Enter the first few letters of its name into a Spotlight search. Select it in the results (it should be at the top.)
    ☞ In the Finder, select Go ▹ Utilities from the menu bar, or press the key combination shift-command-U. The application is in the folder that opens.
    ☞ Open LaunchPad. Click Utilities, then Terminal in the icon grid.
    Paste into the Terminal window by pressing the key combination command-V. I've tested these instructions only with the Safari web browser. If you use another browser, you may have to press the return key after pasting. You'll be prompted for your login password. Nothing will be displayed when you type it. If you don’t have a login password, you’ll need to set one before you can run the command. You may get a one-time warning to be careful. Confirm. You don't need to post the warning.
    If you see a message that your username "is not in the sudoers file," then you're not logged in as an administrator. Log in as one and start over.
    Wait for a new line ending in a dollar sign ($) to appear below what you entered.
    The output of the command will be automatically copied to the Clipboard. If the command produced no output, the Clipboard will be empty. Paste into a reply to this message.
    The Terminal window doesn't show the output. Please don't copy anything from there.

  • 1002097 Unable to load database [Plan1]

    Hi all,
    I am not able to start the database from essbase. When i start the databse from app, I am getting below message from the panel.
    server.XXXXAPP.Plan1     Get database properties     April 5, 2011 2:57:27 PM CAT     Failed
    Error: 1002097 Unable to load database [Plan1]
    Error: 1042015 Network error: Cannot Locate Connect Information For []
    server.XXXXAPP.Plan1     Get database properties     April 5, 2011 2:57:36 PM CAT     Failed
    Error: 1053001 Cannot open object file: C:\Hyperion\products\Essbase\EssbaseServer\app\XXXXAPP\Plan1\Plan1.esm
    server.XXXXAPP.Plan1     Get database properties     April 5, 2011 2:57:36 PM CAT     Failed
    Error: 1053001 Cannot open object file: C:\Hyperion\products\Essbase\EssbaseServer\app\XXXXAPP\Plan1\Plan1.esm
    server.XXXXAPP.Plan1     Get database properties     April 5, 2011 2:57:40 PM CAT     Failed
    Error: 1002097 Unable to load database [Plan1]
    I tried deleting the app from essbase and create it from planning (through refreh/create) that is also giving me a olap planning exception "Unable to load database"
    I can not open forms as well. it is giving me "Unable to obtain a connection to Hyperion Essbase. If this problem persists, please contact your administrator"
    Any Help..?
    Thanks !
    Edited by: user8819264 on Apr 5, 2011 7:52 AM
    Edited by: user8819264 on Apr 5, 2011 8:27 AM

    Hi John,
    Sry for the delayed reply. The issue was the same as you suggested. There were few esssvr processes running. I couldnt see that from the taskmanager i as was looking on the process that were running with the user i logged in. I could see all once i selected checkbox from "All users". Killed those services and now it is fine.

  • OAAM 11g R2: Unable to load java class for custom configurable action

    Need to configure a Configurable Action to get triggered for a particular action at a given checkpoint.
    Steps Followed:
    1. Created a java class implementing com.bharosa.vcrypt.tracker.dynamicactions.intf.DynamicAction, getParameters() and execute() methods were implemented in that java class.
    2. Added necessary jars from $ORACLE_IDM_HOME\oaam\cli\lib to the build classpath.
    3. Compiled and created a jar with it.
    4. Extracted the oracle.oaam.extensions.war file into a working folder.
    5. Added the Custom Jar created in step 3 into <working folder>/WEB-INF/lib/
    6. Changed the following in MANIFEST.MF in <working folder>/META-INF/:
    7. Rejar-ed the oracle.oaam.extensions.war from the working folder using following command:
    jar -cvfm oracle.oaam.extensions.war <working folder>\META-INF\MANIFEST.MF -C <working folder>/ .
    8. Stopped the oaam_admin_server1, oaam_offline_server1 and oaam_server_server1.
    9. Deleted the oracle.oaam.extensions deployment from the weblogic.
    10. Deployed the newly created oracle.oaam.extensions as a shared library for oaam_admin_server1 and oaam_server_server1.
    11. Started all managed servers.
    But when I tried to create an action template with the java class I just created, it was throwing following error
    +java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: *+
    Unable to load configurable action class *. Ensure the class is made available in the class path.
    Referred following documents:
    1.      http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E27559_01/admin.1112/e27207/cfgactions.htm
    2.     http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E27559_01/dev.1112/e27206/cfg-action.htm
    3.     http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E27559_01/dev.1112/e27206/extend.htm
    Kindly help me. Thanks in advance.
    Edited by: 917717 on Dec 12, 2012 7:16 PM

    This thread is a bit stale but I thought it might help to clarify one point about custom jar files on UCCX.
    To properly load a custom jar:
    Upload it into the classpath directory in the document repository. 
    Select it under System | Custom Classes Configuration
    Finally you need to restart the CCX Engine and the CCX Administration services.  If you have HA you need to restart them on both servers. 
    Other notes:
    When referencing your class in the CCX Editor, use the fully qualified name of the class.  Lots of other classes use things like Element or Document so you need to be explicit. The editor only knows about the 20 native classes by their object names.  If you create a Document object in the editor you are really creating a com.cisco.doc.Document object.  If you loaded jdom.jar and you wanted a jdom document then you need to create an object of type org.jdom.Document.
    When compiling your custom jar files, be sure to compile for the version of Java that the CCX Engine runs.  In general UCCX 7.X and older use Java 1.4.  UCCX 8.X and higher use Java 1.6.  Several of the core Java classes had significant changes between 1.4 and 1.6. If you ran your code on UCCX 7 or earlier and now it fails in UCCX 8.X or higher, recomplile for Java 1.6 and you classes will likely work again.
    Finally, check for security violations in UCCX 8.X or higher.  Cisco has restricted some of the things you can do.  These URL's have more information:
    Please help us make the communities better.  Rate helpful posts!

  • Hi I cant able to see some web photos in my ipad showing 'unable to load' .. Some photos able to see but still almost 90% I can't ...pls help me to clear this issue ...thanks in advance

    My ipad is not able to see some of the photos .... I can see with google images and all .. When I am loading some applications or safari images getting the same issue ..first it's showing 'loading' then its happens like 'unable to load ' pls help me to solve the issue ..thanks

    When you say that you can't find them anywhere, I assume that you mean that you can't find them on the iPad even though the storage figure says that the photos are there.
    You can try this. I don't know if this will work for you but this was recently discovered as solution for phantom photos. This was copied from a post started by gail from maine
    Delete all of your Recently Deleted photos from your Recently Deleted folder
    Then go to Settings>General>Date & Time, and change the date back to last September when iOS 8 came out, and then go back to the Recently Deleted folder. Although at the Album level it will still say "0" if you tap on the Album, you will be greeted by all of the "Recently Deleted" photos that have surpassed the 30 day limit. Mine went back to when I installed iOS 8.
    She found this in a post where txforever  was the person that discovered how to do this.
    More photos in settings than photos app shows

  • Unable to Load Preflight Profiles

    Hello Everyone,
    I'm using InDesign CS4 6.0.4 running OS X 10.6.2.  A friend supplied me with a preflight (they are also using 6.0.4 on 10.6.2) and I am unable to load it.  I went to the Preflight Window and chose Define Profiles > Load Profile.  I navigated to the profile, and it is greyed out.  I tried changing the dropdown menu from 'All Readable Documents' to 'All Documents' and it remains greyed out.  I then tried exporting one of my preflight profiles and the same thing happened with that.
    I've tried trashing my preferences, and that didn't help the problem as well.  I tried placing the profile into /Applications/Adobe InDesign CS4/Scripts/Preflight and that didn't help either.  Any clues as to how to get preflight profiles to be able to be loaded would be much appreciated.

    I experience exactly the same problem in CS5.
    It is not even possible to reimport profiles that have been exported on the same machine by InDesign itself.
    Repairing file permissions, as well as assigning global rwx-rights to the profiles didn’t help. All profiles still only show up inactive and cannot even be selected.
    I’d appreciate any help regarding this problem.
    Alexander Rutz

  • Open project was canceled or RoboHelp was unable to load database

    I have Robohelp 2002r2 and am creating Robohelp HTML help.
    The project was ok yesterday but today when I try to open it I get
    the error message "Open project was canceled or RoboHelp was unable
    to load database". I tried the solutions in the knowledgebase
    (rb_3245) but still no luck. I can't even create a new project
    either or I get the same message. Anybody know what to

    Welcome to the forum.
    The message is usually easily dealt with. I haven't checked
    the article as you didn't include a link but I'm guessing it
    involved deleting a couple of files and then using the HHP file to
    open the project.
    What is more worrying is that you cannot create a new
    Have you tried opening one of the supplied sample files?
    Are your projects stored locally and not on a network?
    Have IT given you a new profile to log on with?
    Has anything else changed in your environment?

  • Project Error: Open project was canceled or RoboHelp was unable to load database

    I checked an HTMLHelp project out of SourceOff Site (SOS),
    then attempted to open it locally with RoboHelp 5 when I got the
    error message: "Open project was cancelled or RoboHelp was unable
    to load database."
    I found the TechNote for this error message (rb_3245) which
    said to delete the .xpj and .cpd files, then right-click the HHP
    file and click Edit to open the project. This worked fine for
    opening the project, however the Primary Layout Source defaulted to
    WebHelp. I reset the Primary Layout Source to HTMLHelp which caused
    all of the graphics in the project to not display. I fixed this
    issue, compiled the Help, and all appeared to be fixed. I checked
    the project back into SOS to back it up. This morning, I checked it
    out of SOS and tried to open the project locally again, only to get
    the same error. I closed the project, undid the check-out, and
    asked another writer to check-out the project then open it locally
    to see if he got the same error. He did not get the error.
    I am not sure what could be wrong on my computer that is
    causing this error. I had no problems opening and using this
    project until yesterday and I made no file name or path changes to
    the project. Any ideas on what may be wrong?

    Welcome to the forum.
    The message is usually easily dealt with. I haven't checked
    the article as you didn't include a link but I'm guessing it
    involved deleting a couple of files and then using the HHP file to
    open the project.
    What is more worrying is that you cannot create a new
    Have you tried opening one of the supplied sample files?
    Are your projects stored locally and not on a network?
    Have IT given you a new profile to log on with?
    Has anything else changed in your environment?

Maybe you are looking for

  • Crash with hard disk errors (ATA exception)

    My Arch just crashed displaying in a TTY errors like this: [ 24.229347] ata2.00: exception Emask 0x0 SAct 0x1 SErr 0x0 action 0x0 [ 24.229397] ata2.00: irq_stat 0x40000008 [ 24.229426] ata2.00: failed command: READ FPDMA QUEUED [ 24.229463] ata2.00:

  • I can't buy any music because it tells me that my session has timed out!

    When it comes to confirme=ing my details - it always tells me that my session has timed out even though I have gone through all the pages so quickly!!

  • MBPr or iMac 21.5?

    Trying to figure out which base model - the macbook pro retina or imac - is faster. I know that the iMac has quad-core processing, but I also know the mbpr has apparently much-needed flash storage. In what ways do the macbook pro and imac differ? Doe

  • Need Profit centre field as mandatory field in the sales order

    Dear All, Normally Profit center data maintained in the material master, same data will get coipied to the sales order while creating sales order in VA01 transaction. My requirement is if profit center data is not maintained/available in the sales or

  • Limited connectivity with Apple TV 1stG

    Hey folks, im running a computer with windows 7. My itunes is connected to an Apple TV of the first generation. Everytime i download a movie or tv show via itunes and synchronize with my Apple TV afterwards, i get a limited connectivity after 5 minut