Undo operation on iPad..

Has anyone noticed that the Undo operation on iPad is same as iPhone, which means you have to shake the device to undo? Shaking an iPhone is fine but very awkward for iPad give the size of the device. Needless to say, Shake to Undo is not intuitive for the first time user, even on iPhone. Very bizarre UI from Apple. I hope Apple will address this issue in the future release.

There is a little-known gestural capability built into the keyboard on the iPad. If you simply touch and hold the "123" button, the number keyboard will come up immediately and you can just slide your finger to "Undo". When you lift your finger, the keyboard immediately returns to the alphabetic version. This sounds complicated, but it's not at all...and it's one quick, fluid motion. Like this:
Touch "123", slide to "Undo", lift. There's no waiting for anything. Try it.

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  • Use of Vector in undo operation ?

    I am developing simple paint program. And want to use undo redo operation for drawing in drawing canvas. Actually I have done it with the help of Vector. But the problem is that it is not working properly. The first drawn shape is not removing with this operation and also the problem is that When i am using CTRL+Z for undoing last drawing. It is not removing last drawn shape with first undo operation. Let me know that what is the exact problem in my coding. I am not fully java programmer. So please tell me what to do for that. I want to draw n level of drawing on drawing canvas and also want to perform n level (first drawn shape) undo actions. And also want to know how to make redo button for same coding only use of Vector or ArrayList.
    My code is here:
    import java.awt.*;
    import java.awt.event.*;
    import java.awt.image.BufferedImage;
    import javax.swing.*;
    import java.util.*;
    public class PaintUndo extends JFrame
         Display pan = new Display();
    public PaintUndo()
         addWindowListener(new WindowAdapter()
        {     public void windowClosing(WindowEvent ev)
              {     dispose();
         JMenuBar  menu = new JMenuBar();;
         JMenu     submenu;
         JMenuItem item, redo;
         submenu = new JMenu("Edit");     
         item = new JMenuItem("UnDo");
            item.setAccelerator(KeyStroke.getKeyStroke(KeyEvent.VK_Z, ActionEvent.CTRL_MASK));
    public class Display extends JComponent implements MouseMotionListener, MouseListener, ActionListener
         Vector   saves = new Vector();
         BufferedImage image = null;
         Graphics ig;
         Graphics pg;
         Point point;
        int x1=0;
        int y1=0;
    public Display()
    public void paintComponent(Graphics g)
         if (image == null)
              image = (BufferedImage) createImage(800,600);
              ig = image.createGraphics();
              pg = getGraphics();
    public void mouseDragged(MouseEvent e)
            int x2 = e.getX(); int y2 = e.getY();
                Graphics gr = image.getGraphics();
                   gr.drawLine(x1, y1, x2, y2);
                x1 = x2; y1 = y2;
    public void mouseMoved(MouseEvent e)
    public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent a)
         if (a.getActionCommand().equals("UnDo") && saves.size() > 0)
            public void mouseClicked(MouseEvent e) {
                System.out.println("mouse clicked....");
            public void mousePressed(MouseEvent e) {
                System.out.println("mouse pressed....");
                x1 = e.getX();
                   y1 = e.getY();
            public void mouseReleased(MouseEvent e) {
                System.out.println("mouse released....");
               Image tmg = createImage(800,600);
              Graphics tg = tmg.getGraphics();
            public void mouseEntered(MouseEvent e) {
            public void mouseExited(MouseEvent e) {
    public static void main (String[] args)
         new PaintUndo();
    }This is complete code for undoing.
    Any help will be appreciated.
    Thanks in advance.

    The example code is set up for a protocol completely different than what you are doing, so you can't simply copy it and hope it works.  The example code expects that the other side will send a 4-byte header containing the number of data bytes that follow, then send the data.  The example code first reads that 4-byte header, casts it to an integer, and reads that number of bytes (the second Bluetooth Read).
    When you run this with your device, the first read gets your 4 bytes - FF FF 22 33 - and converts that to an integer.  0xFFFF2233 is decimal 4294910515.  So you then try to read this huge number of bytes and you get an error - looks like error 1, an input parameter is invalid, because you can't read 4GB at once.  You can probably get your code working with a single Bluetooth Read, with a 1 second timeout (because you have a 1 second delay between packets).  You'll want to wire in some number of bytes to read that is at least the size of the largest packet you ever expect, but don't use a ridiculously huge number that generates an error.  LabVIEW will return as many bytes as are available when the timeout expires, even if it isn't as many as you asked to read (you might also get a timeout error, though, which you'll need to clear).  You can then do whatever you need to do with that data - search for FF FF, typecast anything after that to array of U16, display it. 
    The output of the Bluetooth Read is a string, but it's not text - it's exactly the bytes that were sent.  The Y with the dots over it is the way ASCII 255 (0xFF) displays (at least in that font).  ASCII 34 (0x22) is ", and ASCII 51 (0x33) is the number 3.

  • Redo and undo operations in lingo.

    I wanted to know how you people develop redo and undo method in a director project using lingo? Is there any standard function which keeps track of user interactions and provide the traditional method of redo and undo? Else should i develop a own logic? I'm new to lingo programming, so asking you experienced people how to go about it?

    Thanks, finally i was able to create undo operation in lingo! Lists are very helpfull in lingo, i got to know these just after coding undo action, i was able to create with counters and two lists.
    Here is just sample i did, not too great though!
    global clicklist, counter, undolist, undocounter
    on mouseUp me
    -- store values in variables for undo operation
      spriteName = undolist.getAt(undocounter - 2)
      spriteX = undolist.getAt(undocounter - 1)
      spriteY = undolist.getlast(undocounter) 
      sprite(spriteName).loc = point(spriteX, spriteY)
      undocounter = undocounter - 3

  • Managing undo operations across components

    I've been able to share an IUndoManager between various RichEditableText components using the interactionManager property of their text flows and the EditManager class. This works great for undoing and redoing -- except when a component is removed from the display list.
    When a text field is re-added something odd seems to happen to its text flow generation property, which causes a mismatch when compared in the EditManager, thereby preventing the next operation to undo or redo.
    Are operations being applied to the text flow simply by removing and re-adding it to the display list? Or what's affecting this count?
    The failure is repeatable, and in each case the text flow's generation value is greater than the operation's endGeneration (in performUndo()) or beginGeneration (in performRedo()).
    What can be done to freeze the text flow or its generation value, or is there a better way of keeping the EditManager operation validation happy?
    Many thanks,
    Flex 4.5.20967

    We studied your case. The operation num/count will increase when the container re-attached to the box. That's work as design. Seems you can only work around it. The following is my workaround for your special case. Hope it will be helpful:
    Main application:
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <s:Application xmlns:fx="http://ns.adobe.com/mxml/2009"
       xmlns:mx="library://ns.adobe.com/flex/mx" minWidth="955" minHeight="600"
    import flashx.undo.UndoManager;
    import mx.events.FlexEvent;
    protected var _textComp:TextComp;
    protected var _textOnDisplayList:Boolean = false;
    protected var _undoManager:UndoManager = new UndoManager();
    protected function creationCompleteHandler(event:FlexEvent):void
    _textComp = new TextComp();
    protected function addText():void
    _textOnDisplayList = true;
    protected function removeText():void
    if (box.contains(_textComp))
    _textOnDisplayList = false;
    <s:Label text="Type some things (using flow operations such as insert, delete, cut &amp; paste etc.), remove text from display, re-add it then try to undo or redo.{'\n'}This fails because of a mismatch in EditManager (line 923 or 1018 for undo or redo, respectively)." paddingTop="10" paddingLeft="10"/>
    <s:HGroup width="100%" paddingLeft="10">
    <s:Button label="Remove from display" click="removeText()" enabled="{_textOnDisplayList}"/>
    <s:Button label="Add to display" click="addText()" enabled="{!_textOnDisplayList}"/>
    <s:Button label="Undo" click="_undoManager.undo()"/>
    <s:Button label="Redo" click="_undoManager.redo()"/>
    <s:HGroup id="box" paddingLeft="10"/>
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <s:BorderContainer xmlns:fx="http://ns.adobe.com/mxml/2009"
       xmlns:mx="library://ns.adobe.com/flex/mx" width="400" height="300">
    import flashx.textLayout.edit.EditManager;
    import flashx.textLayout.elements.TextFlow;
    import flashx.textLayout.events.DamageEvent;
    import flashx.textLayout.tlf_internal;
    import flashx.undo.IUndoManager;
    use namespace tlf_internal;
    /** Main text flow. */
    protected var _text:TextFlow;
    public function init(undoManager:IUndoManager):void
    _text = new TextFlow();
    _text.interactionManager = new EditManager(undoManager);
    public function handleAddon():void
    _text.addEventListener(DamageEvent.DAMAGE, damageHandler);
    private function damageHandler(event:DamageEvent):void
    _text.setGeneration(_text.generation - 1);
    _text.removeEventListener(DamageEvent.DAMAGE, damageHandler);
    <s:RichEditableText id="textBox" editable="true" width="100%" height="100%" textFlow="{_text}"/>

  • Wireless keyboard operation on ipad - how to handle touch functions like email garbage can?

    Received gift of wireless keyboard for my ipad. Managed bluetooth pairing and am stumped on functions other than simple typing. Can any keys be used for functions like the garbage can in email?

    As far as I know it just replaces the onscreen keyboard, the iPad is a touch device and you will need to touch the screen for some things. The function keys for display brightness control, iPod and volume control also work.

  • Photo operations between iPad and PC

    I'm a PC guy who has just purchased an iPad for travel.  Here's what I want to be able to do:
    Take pictures with my iPhone or Canon.
    Move those pictures to the iPad.
    Edit the pictures on the iPad.
    Add keywords to the pictures.
    After the trip, move the pictures to the PC.
    Here's what I've done so far:
    Ordered the camera connection kit which should allow me to copy pictures off the camera onto the iPad
    Purchased the Photo transfer App which permits me to copy pictures from the iPhone to the iPad and from the iPad to the PC.
    Keywords appear to be out of my reach.  I know iPhoto supports them, because I found that feature on my wife's Mac.  But iPhoto for iPad does not appear to allow you to add, view or search by keywords.  Is that correct?
    I'm a little concerned about what the iPad is doing to the photo files.  Using iTunes, I downloaded several albums from Photoshop Elements onto the iPad and using Photo Transfer, I attempted to send one of these photos back to the PC.  I compared the original photo with the photo that made the round trip and found that:
    It had been renamed.
    The keywords that I had attached to the photo in either Windows 7 or Elements had been stripped from the file but properties like Date Taken were preserved.
    The dimensions were preserved (3456 x 2304) but the file had shrunk from 2.52 MB to 1.46 MB.  Some of that can be accounted for by the stripping of keywords, but that would represent hundreds of bytes, not over a megabyte.  What went missing?
    Any ideas on how to apply and/or preserve keywords on the iPad?

    The camera connection kit can only be used to import photo/video files form a camera, SD card or USB flash drive. You can't import other types of files. You can't export any type of files using the camera connection kit.
    On your Canon camera, you may have to do this to import pics from the camera. Switching from Picture Transfer Protocol (PTP) [Some cameras may refer to PTP as Pictbridge or PTP/Pictbridge.] to Mass Storage Device Mode or vise versa on the camera.
    These links may be helpful.
    How To Create Photo Albums http://tinyurl.com/cxm4eoq
    How to Add New Albums in the Photos App on the iPad & Add Photos to the Album
    Importing Personal Photos and videos from your iOS device to your computer.
    Copy Photos (& Videos) Between iOS Devices
    Expand your iPad's storage capacity with HyperDrive
    On the road with a camera, an iPad, and a Hyperdrive
     Cheers, Tom

  • Random develop preset applied on undo operation

    Anyone else with random presets being applied on undo?  I've encountered it a few times, and it's usually one of the following scenarios:
    a)  After some editing (say half hour over multiple images), an undo (does not matter what the undo is on, could be crop) results in a random preset applied.  The whole "undo stack", if it's tracked as such internally is messed up from this point on. 
    b) Bulk changes to metadata edit capture time.  For example, select 700 out of 5000 images.  Edit capture time (set time) on one and the other 699 updates as well.  Do something else, like select a 1000, set a color.  Now go back and select the 700, "revert capture time" (say you realized the changed time was not correct).  A status bar goes by quickly.  Next thing I see are thumbnails changing color, turns out all of them had  a random (but same) preset applied.  "Undo stack" at this point is also messed up.
    LR5 Win7 x64.  Case (a) also happened with LR4 albeit less frequently.
    So, anyone else with random presets applied or messed up undos?

    Anyone else with random presets being applied on undo?  I've encountered it a few times, and it's usually one of the following scenarios:
    a)  After some editing (say half hour over multiple images), an undo (does not matter what the undo is on, could be crop) results in a random preset applied.  The whole "undo stack", if it's tracked as such internally is messed up from this point on. 
    b) Bulk changes to metadata edit capture time.  For example, select 700 out of 5000 images.  Edit capture time (set time) on one and the other 699 updates as well.  Do something else, like select a 1000, set a color.  Now go back and select the 700, "revert capture time" (say you realized the changed time was not correct).  A status bar goes by quickly.  Next thing I see are thumbnails changing color, turns out all of them had  a random (but same) preset applied.  "Undo stack" at this point is also messed up.
    LR5 Win7 x64.  Case (a) also happened with LR4 albeit less frequently.
    So, anyone else with random presets applied or messed up undos?

  • Adobe flash player not operating on ipad 2

    flash player does not work

    https://discussions.apple.com/search.jspa?peopleEnabled=true&userID=&containerTy pe=&container=&spotlight=false&q=iPad+and+Flash

  • How can i perform the right click and double click operation in ipad.

    I have an email application i.e web application working fine in desktops, in that application if i will double click on the mail that mail will be open, and after opening that mail if i will right click on the mail it will show the different functionality .
    But i cant do that in ipad, is there solution to this problem ????

    mm.thejeshwini wrote:
    That application is a web-based application and the desktop version of the application has the functionality to open or pop-up a new window when double clicked on a particular text and now i want the same functionality to be performed on ipad. And some functionality to be worked for right-clicked also.
    I understand what you have and what you want. However, the iPad is not a desktop computer. What you want may not be possible. The developer may have already created an app specifically for the iPad. Have you checked the App Store?

  • IPad 1 3G wifi Model using original operating software and video streaming

    Anyone experience the following ?  My iPad 1 , 3G wifi model , using  original operating system software ... When using 3G , AT&amp;T plan, when streaming video clips from sites like YouTube, tmz, xvideos, etc, although slow, all streams came back crystal clear, phenomenally clear , for some reason, every time , no matter if the clip was hd or not .  This doesn't happen when I used wifi.      Now that I have downloaded iOS 5.0.1 to my iPad, it's not the same.  Any help advice or comments, or anyone else experience this before? 

    jrhee272 wrote:
    Asatoran wrote:
    iOS5 is a bit slower on the iPad1.  And from what I'm reading, a tad bit slow also on the iPhone 3GS and 4.  All of these use the A4 processor, versus the A5 in the iPad2 and iPhone 4S.  So that may account for some of the slowness of the video playback....
    What would account for the crystal clear streaming videos when I was operating original iPad software using AT&amp;T wireless plan?  All streaming video came back crystal clear, even though they weren't originally hd streams. 
    Like I said, iOS5 is slower than iOS4 on the iPad1.  Slower so can't decode the frames quickly enough before the next frame has to be displayed.
    Ane like I inferred, cellular data is inconsistent.  More users in your area will cause your speed to decrease.  You can't really guarantee enough bandwidth on a 3G connection in many areas.  Wi-Fi would almost certainly use a faster connection than 3G, thus the better video playback, regardless of iOS4 or iOS5.
    Bottom line: 3G in your area is probably just not good enough anymore.  iOS5 just made it worse for your already marginal situation.

  • IPad not recognized by iTunes, recovery keeps failing.

    I have not yet seen a real suggestion as to troubleshooting steps for this issue on these discussions.
    The iPad is not recognized by any MB Pro except in recovery mode. I have tried different cables and different ports on different laptops. iPods are recognized. iPad works normally otherwise. Recovery keeps failing. After sitting in recovery mode for a few minutes, the iPad either shuts off or goes back to normal operating mode.
    iPad recognized sometimes by iPhoto.
    I've tried all the stupid suggestions support had; erase and reinstall, remove iTunes and all files,
    reinstall. (Dumb because the issue occurs on all MB Pros)
    No one has had any answers on this issue on any posts on discussions.
    iPad phone support keeps transferring me to MB Pro support (who's only TS answer to any problem is erase and install) who transfer me back to iPad who only know recovery and "I've never seen this problem before" or "it should work"
    So, what is next? Wait and see if Microsoft comes up with a working product?

    On my iMac-22" , I encountered the same problem with a 3G iPad/ 64 GB .
    Tried iPad-reboot , and resetting prefs. etc., other cables ,and iPhone & iPods were recognize but iPad was not.
    Tried re-installing iTunes , but after connecting - no Pad.
    Did a reset and the connection-symbol didn't show on th IPad screen... instead
    it went straight to black , or operarting /Home screen .
    I had the Pad a week, and only sync-ed it once before ( though I did
    break off an automatic upload of my entire iTunes Library , changing it to manual picking ,but transferred fine on to the Pad ).
    Good to read similar (or same?) problem ; indeed :
    not many Forum-subjects on this yet.
    I'll update and answer on here after resolving.

  • Undo Drag and Drop

    How to implement undo operation on JTree nodes drag and drop in swings ?

    You are correct. JDeveloper 9.0.5 does not support any form of multi-file undo. This feature is being investigated for a future release.
    For now, you need to clean up the bindings manually from the UIModel tab of the structure pane.
    Team JDeveloper/UIX

  • Does Safari on iPad support SNI (Server Name Indication)

    I am testing name-based virtual host with apache 2.2 over SSL and noticed that this is only supported using SNI (server name indication). I have updated openSSL to include the SNI extensions on the apache but the client browser is also required to support this. I wanted to know if there is any indication as to when SNI will be supported by the Safari browser on iPad and/or if anyone else has experienced this issue.
    I know of 1 additional work around is to use wildcard certs but I am not to keen on using those unless I really have to.
    I verified that this is not support by hitting the site: https://sni.volex.ch from the iPad safari browser - it fails. However, using Opera on iPad worked.

    From what I understand SNI is largely reliant on client support. It is just an extension of the TLS SSL protocol. One of our Escalation Engineers wrote up a pretty good post explaining SNI.
    "SNI is an extension to the TLS SSL protocol that allows the client to include the Hostname the client is connecting to in the SSL Client Hello. A server can then use the SNI header to determine which certificate to serve to the client. A key benefit
    of SNI is that is allows a server to host multiple certificates on the same IP/port pair instead of needing an IP per certificate (assuming you are using port 443)."
    A few questions I would have is what client and browser combination have you attempted on this? Also, are you using a wildcard certificate on your Web Listener? Have you taken network traces to see if client is sending SNI? Ian does a good job of explaining
    how to do that in his blog post.

  • Undo() function... need advice

    Hi. in couple of days I have to start writing program in which has to be Undo() function (and it's service functions), that function as my lecturer says, have to be able do all undo operations from the start of the program. One of suggestions was to save all data to files after any change. maybe it is a little more human way to do that???
    Or it is the only way to save all informacion after any act in program and with undo() function only to load that data back???

    in case of runing out of disc is necessary, really data will be up to 1Mb(but I don't think it would reach these 1Mb), and programn is only for showing to the lecturer what and how you done program.
    main program purpose is to do it with variable socketed list, use it(write data in/out, from/to file and to show it in program window and else), do some operations with that list, make and use undo() function

  • Undo command in Entity Framewok ?

    Hello !
    Is there any Undo command in entity framework ?
    If not, is there any way to create it ?
    Thank you !

    Hello dcode25,
    >>Is there any Undo command in entity framework ?
    It is not very clear what operation you want to undo, if they are changes as insert/update/delete, since Entity Framework would use a state manager class to manage these states of entities, you could achieve the undo operation by changing these states of
    entities, you could do that with 4 level:
    Context Level
    Entity Set Level
    Entity Level
    Property Level
    For detail implementation, please check this code sample:
    How to undo the changes in Entity Framework 4.1 and later
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