Upgrade price for logic X from logic 9

Hi guys.
I just Bought Logic 9 3 Months ago.
Since i knew where were no news about logic x, no release date or such i expected it to be out at least a year from the time i'd buy it.
Now the new version came out of the blue and i just realized that i threw my money for nothing.
Because of this i think i deserve to get the new logic for free or at least a decent discount price on it.
is there a mail or something that i could contact someone from apple?
Thanks in advance.

I would use the above links to try v.s. MAS feedback.
Try explaining that you just bought it (if you did), the window of time will be key here.
This is how all things work in our economy/market, you woudln't buy a new Car then 2 months later the new model comes out, and go screaming at them for a refund or upgrade. It's just business. If LX hadn't just came out, would you still want your money back for L9? Does it not perform the job/function you bought it for?
The absolute best thing, especially in the world of computers/software, is to research the release history, comments/opinions and so forth, and you can generally get an idea of a new version/products surfacing. Example: Logic X this year was a no-brainer by using Wikipedia, Macrumors, Comments from Apple themselves etc.
As for demanding your rights, you absolutley can demand and will/should have that respect from Apple, read the licenesing and purchasing info, I'm sure your rights haven't been violated, but If they have, then you have an easy case, simply document them and discuss with Apple (provide clear precise docuementation and be professional). Again, if they haven't been violated, then you need to approach it differently (IMHO).
Please don't let the shiny new object obscure your vision, there will be a long road of patches/updates, plugins that are only 32bit being converted to 64bit etc. etc. etc. Honestly, you might want to really look at keeping 9.x for that possibly ugly transition. While 9 still has issues lingering, it's very very stable and training, books, etc. exist right now. However, with that being said, if you don't have any 32bit plugs, you purchased 9 within a resonable timeframe before X came out, then yes, I would agree, try to get the new one.
Example: A few months ago, I purchased the iRig Mini Keyboard while under the special where the more people buy, the more software you get. I got all the iK VI's!!! However, with LX, I can't use any of them. Thankfully, I have L9! There is work in progress to bring iK's SampleTank 3 out soon as 64bit, which will supposedly be able to read all the others sounds etc., but.....progress can be a pain. This is why I decided NOT to purchase LX until I see the updated plugs and at least the 1st patch from Apple, until then I can happily keep playing/tracking my VI's etc. I'm not saying this is your case too, just saying from my perspective.
As for upgrade price: IMHO, the main folks that should get that are the ones that purchased the boxed copies of 9 studio, I know people that purchased it for $500.00 just before MAS released it for $199.00, this was the real kick in the *****. The normal past upgrade pricing was $99.00 (i think) from one to another, maybe that's the key here?
Anyway, that's just my two cents.

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  • THIS is why there is no upgrade price for Logic Pro X

    Because it's time for people stop stop convincing themselves that software manufacturers somehow 'owe them', just because they've used previous versions.
    I've been using Logic in its various forms since 1995 - that's 18 years, kids - upgrading every time, and I have absolutely NO PROBLEM with their being no upgrade price.
    1. At the full price, Logic X is markedly cheaper than any ProTools upgrade.
    2. It is a very powerful piece of software which can do things I could only dream of being able to do - or afford to do - for many, many years.*
    Apple has delivered a piece of powerful, professional level audio production software at the remarkable price of just $200/£139.
    Just two days ago people were grizzling about "We haven't seen an upgrade to Logic for years. Has Apple forgotten about it?" Well here it is. And you're still moaning!
    Nobody ever said doing professional quality audio was cheap, so for goodness sake let's stop the pathetic 'world owes me a living' snivelling.
    If you think it's too much, take up knitting, train spotting/railfanning or something.
    No connection with Apple, just a longterm user who  remembers 'the bad old days' only too well and hates the constant whinging about everything!!
    * How many of the moaners actually remember splicing tape or endless analogue bounces to get just 16 or 20 tracks, noticeably losing quality every time?

    Dave Woof wrote:
    Absolutely - I've posted the text below in a couple of other threads, but it serves to reinforce your point....
    The full price of Logic Pro was reduced during the life of Logic Pro 9 to be only a fraction of the original price.  Thus, the full price today is still cheaper than the old model for upgrade prices.  Net result - just buying the new version when one comes out (e.g. Logic Pro X) costs about the same, if not less than upgrades did in the past, but with the added bonus that if you're a new customer, you pay a far cheaper price first time round.
    Everyone's a winner!
    Logic Pro used to cost... $999  After Apple purchased it the price was reduced to $499, once it moved to the App Store the price was reduced to 1/5th of it's original cost at $199... so yes, stop the silly complaining.
    I've invested thousands in Logic over the years.
    However, I can look at it from a different perspective:
    The price whining is a natural development from Apple removing the copy protection, reducing the price and promoting Logic as and upgrade to Garageband. You now have a whole new group of users, many who have never used a DAW and have little respect for the development of this software through the years or the things we used to do as engineers/musicians.... To amateurs the $199 upgrade price is ridiculously expensive to the "entitled" attitudes prevalent today. The fact that Apple isn't offering this upgrade at $50 is reason for storming the gates.
    So, place the blame for the whining not so much on the users but on Apple for setting up the conditions that made it possible.

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    1. Even at the full price, Logic X is cheaper than any ProTools upgrade price.
    2. It is a ridiculously powerful piece of software which can do things I was only dreaming of being able to do 20 years ago. Frankly I think $200/£139 is astonishingly good value for what it can do.
    Perhaps people should stop convincing themselves that software manufacturers somehow 'owe them'  just because they're long-term users? Apple has delivered a  piece of professional level software at a remarkable price - for that I'm actually pretty thankful!
    Nobody ever said doing professional quality audio was cheap.

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    When I decided to dump ProTools and go with Logic, it was easy because Express was pretty cheap and there was always an upgrade path to Logic Studio. Now it's version 9 and I don't see an option to upgrade to Logic Pro 9 from Logic Express 9. Can you guys help me out here?

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    I think I would feel totally hosed if it weren't for the fact that I recently got Komplete 8 Ultimate, so I don't really care for the Logic synths. 

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    Logic 8 won't be removed, it'll still be there after the install.

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    - Dov

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    the upgrade is $79 US Dollars
    You need to have a valid serial number from an earlier version of Lightroom
    Purchase the upgrade at Products, scroll down to Lightroom 6, click on Buy, select Upgrade instead of Full

  • HT1338 I am an existing purchaser of Logic Pro 9, is there an upgrade price for Logic Pro X?

    Do I need to pay full price to upgrade?

    JagannathaSuta wrote: Do I need to pay full price to upgrade?
    Yes. See this thread... https://discussions.apple.com/thread/5175613?start=30&tstart=0
    [email protected] wrote:
    Will Logic Pro 9 merge/co-mingle with Logic Pro X or will I have both versions operating seperately?
    They will work side by side.

  • Just upgraded to Logic studio from Logic Pro 7 Some Tips

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    Just sharing some of my tips.
    Tip1: If you have an "academic" version, it could be the "retail" version. I purchased the academic version 4 years ago. To my surprise, I discovered it's the full version, the apple store just put an academic sticker on the shrink wrap. The "obvious" signs: XSKey has retail on it. When loading there's no academic version on the title. The box has a barcode sticker that says retail.
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    Hopefully these tips help people some people out.

    Peace. . . .

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    It will be Openreach that do the work on behalf of BT. It normally costs about £130.
    You will have to contact your own service provider, for example, if you pay BT for your calls and line rental, then they are your service provider.
    If you want to contact BT, you can use Live Chat  or telephone 0800 800 150
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  • Upgrading from logic 8

    upgrade price is 199.00 from logic 8.
    Is a dongle still necessary for the upgrade? - (i think it was when i went from 7 to 8)

    You don't need a dongle.
    Be careful, I had a lot of problems because I opened Logic 8 projects in Logic 9, edited, and saved, and they are now messed up... BACK UP your logic 8 projects if you plan on opening them in Logic 9.
    Some people have suggested that you create a new Logic 9 projects and use the new project import feature to import all tracks, instruments, etc. to get around problems.

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