Upload of Cwip  WBS wise

in my organisation, FI is active but PS not yet active. Now till date we are posting all the CWIP related entries to manual CWIP account with a reference to WBS Element. WBS are already created. Now, we want to make PS live. My question is:
Can we upload the CWIP current balance WBS element wise in to SAP, so that it gets debited to the AUC created by SAP. and then we will settle it to the asset when project gets completed? if not what could be the best way

Hi Shailesh
Strange when you say that the PS is not active but the values are being uploaded on to WBS elements. Of course you can upload the CWIP balances on to the PS/ WBS elements but be sure to create appropriate settlement rules.
Virendra Malik
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  • How to upload the CWIP asset balances at the time of cutover

    Hi all,
    I want to upload the CWIP assets balances and I tried the same in AS91, but in TAKEOVER VALUE tab all the fields are greyed out (Acq. Value).
    Then I clicked on TRANSACTION tab but the Asset value date is in greyed out.
    Kindly guide me on the same.

    Go to the asset class for which you are creating a asset master. In that there should not be tick for "line item settlement". If there is a tick, remove it & put it on "No AuC or summary management of AuC"
    But your is for CWIP (i.e. AuC). So you cannot remove the tick. In this case, you will have to create a master in AS01 & then post a transaction for each AuC in F-02. Posting Key will be '70' for assets & '50' for upload balance asset A/c. If number of assets is more, create a LSMW for F-02 for assets.
    Revert back if it solved ypur problem
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  • WBS  Wise - G / l Account Number  Informations

    Hi All,
            If any BAPI is available for getting G / L Acc Information in WBS wise .Plz give me  that names.
    Thankx advances,,,

    check this link
    Re: G/L Acc  Opening Balances.............
    Complete list of Bapi
    Reward if uesful

  • Is there any BAPI for Upload Documents of WBS elements?

    Hi Guys,
                 Can anbody tell me is there any BAPI for Uploading Documents  of WBS elements ?

    check these BAPI
    Change WBS Elements Using BAPI                                                                               
    Create WBS Elements Using BAPI 
    Delete WBS Elements Using BAPI                                                                               
    Detail Data for WBS Elements                                                                               
    Reading the GUIDs using the WBS Key
    Reading the WBS Key using the GUIDs                                              
    Check Existence of a WBS Element                                                 

  • WBS wise AVAC control??

    Can we have WBS wise AVAC control ???
    1) As I see I cannot control the AVAC wbs thru CJBV or CJBN since its on Project def wise.
    2) If I set the status one with availability control - forbidden and another with allowed , and then I go for AVAC thru cjbv or Cjbn then also system is not restricting .
    Please provide me a suitable solution

    Hi Murali,
    Are you saying that you want to activate availability control for WBS based on the level of the particular WBS?
    Could you explain your business case for this?

  • Error while uploading Journal with wbs element

    Hi SAP Folks,
    I am trying to upload journal through a customized transaction.
    The journal line item has wbs elements in it.
    While uploading journal it is showing the below error only when I am using a particular cost element from XXXX Cost element group.
    For other cost element from ZZZZ cost element group, it is not showing any error.
    ERROR: This G/L Code is only valid for Capital Projects (C-WBS elem.
    Is there  any transaction code which will link the cost elements to the project codes.
    Please help.
    Thanks in advance.

    Hi Paulo,
    This G/L code is only valid for Capital Projects (C-WBS elem
    Message no. ZCO002
    CO Area = 'XXXX'
    AND G/L >= '10000' AND G/L <= '19999'
    ( WBS Element >= 'x.1' AND
    WBS Element <= 'x.9.99.999.9.9.9' )
    ( Network >= 'x1' AND
    Network <= 'xZZZZZZZZZZZ' )
    ( Order >= '700000000000' AND
    Order <= '799999999999' )
    "| PM Orders can use Capital GL codes for Capital Works |"
    message type - E
    message no. - 002
    Message class - ZCO
    message text - This G/L code is only valid for Capital Projects (C-WBS elem
    Do i need to change anything.
    Error message no. ZCO002 is matching with the message of Validation.
    How do I proceed further??
    Thanks in advance

  • Uploading item stock batch wise

    How to upload Finished goods stock respective batch wise with DTW?

    Hi Rahul,
    I am using version is SAP Business One 2007 B (8.60.037) SP: 00 PL: 10.
    I tried to search these templates in the path "C:\Program Files\SAP\SAP Business One\Data Transfer Workbench\Templates\Templates\", but it is not there.
    What i am do?

  • WBS wise Line Items in PO output

    In a PO there are several line items and some have different account assignment for different WBS elements.The requirement is that the printout of the PO given to the vendor should have the sub-total for each WBS element and at the end the Total Value.Is it possible to have the output achieved as same?
    Thanks and Regards
    Shekhar Prasad

    Thanks a lot for the valuable inputs.I will get in touch with the MM and ABAP people with the provided inputs
    Thanks and Regards
    Shekhar Prasad

  • Balance Upload at golive with WBS or Cost Centers

    Hi Gurus,
    Appreciate if you can tell me what should be cutover strategy related to initial customer/vendor and GL balances at the time of GO live, specially related to lines related to WBS and Cost Centers?
    The current live projects which client is having in the system, how we give those wbs elements in balances templates? How that data will go to cost centers? Will we do project settlement just after uploading data to WBS so that real picture can come in cost centers?
    Appreciate if you can please share strategry if we are going live in mid year which is may? and also how to enter p&L items for jan, feb march and april in system, so that client can see their profit and loss?
    Thank You

    Please do recording through transaction code SHDB and enter the available WBS element.
    Once recording has been done include function module  ALSM_EXCEL_TO_INTERNAL_TABLE in that so whenever you download file your flat file will have all those fields taken into consideration while recording.
    Mr Ajay is right some companies don't take P& L items into consideration as they are not carry forward to the next month, but my advise is that you take into consideration P& L items accountwise as you will need to match legacy Trial Balance and SAP Trial balance i.e. it should be 0 (Debit and Credit). If y ou post entire amount to retained earnings account you will not get individual balance in future GLwise which will result no TB individual G/L wise.

  • Reports:- Stock,Priod Wise Report, Stock value, Storage Location, WBS Repor

    Dear All,
    Needed some of the Reports in MM Material Mangment
    1. Stock Report  Value Wise
    2. Stock Report  Period Wise
    3. Stock Report Storage Location wise
    4. Stock Report  WBS wise
    5 . Stock Value
    Can I get all my requirement in One Report; or Individually also is fine. Please Do

    Check MC.9
    It will be helpful. you an drill down the report as per your need.
    S Anand

  • Data is not uploaded from the dso to the cube

    Dear Experts,
    In one of my process chains the data is not uploaded from the dso to the cube .
    I have tried to upload the data month wise also but still after certain data records the data gets stuck up.
    I have recreated the indexes also.
    When I am checking in DB02 the table space is shown as 18491 MB.The used space is 97%.
    Please suggest.

    I didn't get your point........what have you mention that you have recreated the index before loading....
    Basically.the process should be........Delete index --> Load --> Create index......
    You have mentioned that 97% of the memory space is in use........please check with the basis team once......
    Also, in SM37 check if any such job is there which is running for a long time but not progressing......or which you think you don't need......then kill that job......

  • Standard report of PO with free items on WBS

    Hi All,
    Is there any standard report from which we can extract the list of POs WBS wise but only with Free item?
    Means if a PO have 2 line item. First is against WBS and second one is free i.e don't have account assignment WBS. So how can we list those POs?
    Please suggest.

       Please ensure that you have maintained the value for invoice receipt as "not equal to" X as shown below. The F1 help for the field clearly explains that if the field is not equal to X, then its a FOC material.
       Please cross check the same and test the report again. When I tested in EHP 4, its showing only the FOC item.

  • How to upload the vendor balences

    hi ,
          how will upload the vendor balances, my client going to non sap to sap,pls give the details and will upload on amount item wise or clear item wise or vendor wise .
        pls give full producere.

    First you need to check that Balances are uploaded as Opening Balances or not ?
    IF you want as a Opening then create a new Gl code and new Document Type for Openiing Balnces and configure New GL code to Document Type.
    If you want to upload as a transaction then no need to create a separate GL Code.
    You can Create BDC or LSMW for Transaction F-02 and upload the data.

  • Authorization control- WBS specific

    Hi Experts
    My client handles major projects.
    Each WBS is owned by a management personnel like:
    DGM Mehanical: Mechanical activities
    DGM Electrical: Electrical engg activities
    DGM Civil: Civil engg activities
    Like wise various other responsible teams handle each work package (WBS).
    In this context, can we ensure authorization control WBS wise?
    It means, the WBS owned by Mech DGM should be editble to him only, and rest users should not be allowed for editing the sub objects of Mech WBS?
    Or, if this can be managed using user status, please suggest how the required functionality can be achieved.
    warm regards

    You can use Person Resposible field in the WBS master data for the purpose.
    In T-code OPS6 you enter Person Responbile , Name , Office User.
    Create Three roles , DGM Civil (12), DGM Elec (13) , DGM Mech (14).
    For Authorization object C_PRPS_VNR enter for field PS_VERNR = 12 and PS_ACTVT = 01,02 & 03 for DGM Civil Role.
    Similarly for other roles.
    Key in 12 in person responsible field of the WBS belongs to DGM Civil.
    Assign DGM Civil role to DGM Civil user.
    Then he can only edit and ret can only view.
    Option 2 :
    You can also use Project Type.
    Object = C_PRPS_ART
    Create three project types Civil, Elec, Mec . In respective WBS select the project type as desired and assign that project type to the concerned role.
    You can take help of Basis consultant for clear understanding.

  • Junk character '#' comes in Project description and WBS description...

    Dear all,
    When we transfer and release the project from C-projects module to PS,
    then sometime, a junk character like "#" gets appended to the Project &
    WBS description, when we retrive the Project in CJ20N. This junk
    character creates a lot of problems in the reports, specially, when it
    is exported to excel. due to this, all columns gets shifted in the
    excel. After a lot of simulation, we found that if we unintentionally
    give some spaces in the c-project description, then the junk character
    gets appended to the PS description. What is the remedy ?? what should
    be done to avoid this ???
    Can any of you advise on this?

    Dear Kumar;
    This was also happening to me while uploading Project and WBS from Excel file.
    Remedy: for Description Column, copy and paste it on a sperate excel sheet, and apply Trim fromula to erase extra spaces in the begining and end of field.
    Now save that 2nd sheet with only description column as text TAB format from excel. and close the file.
    Now open that text tab file in excel and copy and p[aste this description column to original Upload file.
    This will resolve your issue.

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