Use HCM processes and Forms without using the Enterprise Portal

is it possible to leverage existing HR Admin Services (HCM processes and Forms) functionality without using the Enterprise Portal?
1) Create an Adobe form and Interface using SFP
2) Set up ISR and Form Scenario
3) Set up Forms configuration to use existing Backend and generic Services
4) Set up workflow to updated Backend using Services
is it possible to do the above steps and not use the Portal? If Yes, how do we present the forms to the Manager, and provide different buttons that appears on the Portal by default?
Any ideas will be greatly appreciated.

Hi Saurabh,
your assumptions and findings (items can not be started from the backend workflow inbox etc.) are correct: These processes can not be started without the Portal and it is not intended to do this.
The above mentioned backend report are only forseen for implementation and testing purposes and not for productive use.
In addition to the fact, that you already can't execute the work items a lot of other features of the framework (Process Browser etc.) are only available through the Portal.
Best Regards
Michael Bonrat - Solution Manager HCM Processes and Forms
Info about HCM Processes and Forms: 
- SAP ERP Human Capital Management -> Workforce Process Management -> HCM Processes and Forms

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  • Infotype 0000 Creation using HCM Processes and forms in MSS

    I need to create an Action for Transfer an employee using HCM Processes and Forms. So, my form should update infotype 0000, 0001, 0008 etc.
    But when I provide create operation for infotype 0000, system is throwing short dump. When I change the operation to change nothing was creating in infotype 0000 for that respective employee. Is there any way to update infotype 0000 using HCM Processes and forms. Please help me here.
    Thanks & Regards,

    Hi Chris,
    Thanks for your reply mate.
    I understand that for IT0000 update we don't have to configure it explicitly.We just assign values to MASSG and MASSN and IT0000 should update. I am doing exactly that.
    For the "condition" we do have multiple rules for that and I am familiar about the trickthat the rule fields must be part of the SAP_PA service which is actually making the update. That's all in place and that's working fine.
    Now coming to the problem -
    The "action" is "Return from Career Break" where the only PA infotype that has to be updated is IT0000. Besides that we are updating Absences,IT2001.
    I have tested the process thoroughly and it seems that the system does not allow an IT0000 update without any other PA data change. To test this, I added a PA infotype update in my config and at that time IT0000 got updated beautifully. But when I am trying to update only IT0000, it fails.
    To solve the issue, I had a discussion with my team and we have decided to copy IT0001 along with IT0000. So as of now, we have sorted out a workaround but the technical issue is something I would like to look into.
    If you figure out anything then please let me know.
    Appreciate your help.

  • Creating a new position and updating IT 1028 using HCM processes and forms

    I have to create a new position and update the related infotypes using the design time framework of HCM processes and forms. The problem I am facing is the info type 1028 is not a part of the de coupled infotype framework and does not appear in the service fields list. How can I update the infotype 1028? I was thinking of updating it using the FLUSH method of the class implementing the ADV services interface IF_HRASR00GEN_SERVICE_ADVANCED by calling the function module RH_INSERT_INFTY. But, how do I get the position ID created? Is there any other way of achieving this? Please help as soon as possible.

    Create one Function Module to return all the vacant positions and load that in a drop down.
    For IT1028 you have to update via the RH_INSERT_INFTY.
    Kind Regards,

  • Requisition Approval Process using HCM Processes and Forms

    Hi all,
    Can HCM P&F be used for processes other than HR? For example, Purchase Requisition form to be displayed in the portal instead of HR process like 'transfer' form and upon final approval, creation of requisition in SAP should happen instead of HR infotype updation.
    Is this possible? If so, please mention the advantages and disadvantages of using HCM P&F for other than HR processes.

    I replied to your posting in other forum and pasting my response here as well.
    As mentioned by other SDN peer, HCM P & F is aimed at business processes in HCM area. HCM P & F has provision to retrieve employee's information stored in PA/PT/OM modules and also designed to use infotype framework to update the form data back to employee master data. The navigation of application starts in choosing employee for which Form is to be submitted.
    If you are on EhP4, using new feature we can bypass choosing employee to begin with.
    That said, if you still want to use HCM P & F for non-HCM area then you may end up doing lots of customization.
    Also, SAP had delivered several ISR forms (based on ISR framework) for non HCM business processes, for example 1. Customer master data 2. Cost center maintenance 3. Profit Center etc. You have to look at appropriate business package documentation for more details.
    HCM P & F is also based on ISR framework but with lots of latest features.

  • HCM Process and Forms - Create and End record using the same form scenario

    Hi All,
    I have the following requirement while using HCM Processes and Forms: Using one form/scenario I need to both create a record or be able to end a record for infotype 841. When looking at the back-end service SAP_PA I have operations Create, Change, Change without delimiting and Delete. My requirement would be to do both a create and a delete I guess, but these two can't be selected at the same time while configuring the form scenario.
    I was thinking about doing somethign with the startdate and enddate instead of using the effective date. But I have no clue how to do that.
    How would this be possible?

    You are correct in assuming that you cannot have a create and delete on the same infotype. The config will not allow it.  Instead, configure the create and then do the delete via a call to you own method in the workflow or via the advanced generic service

  • Unable to add a process to the HCM processes and Forms Option on MSS

    We are on EP 7.0 / xSS SP 7/ EP 7.0 and using HCM processes and forms. I have defined one new Process and made all the required configurations (Form Scenario, ISR Scenario, Process Start configuration for the Manager Role, Etc...) at the Backend for the process. Does anyone know how to add this process to the list of processes that are available to pick from when we click the HCM Processes and Forms Service on EP>MSS>Team.
    Do I need to define a Service and Resource for the process under IMG Homepage Framework?
    Is there any setting required on the Portal?
    I would appreciate step by step guide to add a new process to the existing list of processes that manager sees when 'HCM Processes and Forms' link is used.

    You have to allow the process configured for manager role. This can be done in process configuration.
    You should add HRASRB ( manager role) in the process configuration so that manager can see the process in the list.
    Also manager role does not use home page customizing to list process in the table. This will not help.
    There is a function module HR_ASR_SELECT_PROCESSES that is used to filter out processes relevant for the role and the current user.
    Check if process is returned using this function module once you have done the changes.
    Hope this helps !!
    Best regards,

  • License cost involved in HCM Process and Forms for Adobe Interactive Forms

    Hello All,
    We are planning to implement HRAS business package and use HCM Process and Forms.
    There are lots of developments involved and before to start with, i would like to understand is their any license cost involved for using  Adobe Interactive Forms and also if we are doing new enhancements to the forms.
    Also send me some links about the license involvement if any ?
    Thanks & Regards & Cheers

    Check the following link:
    ADS Licence for SAP ESS MSS

  • Error in HCM Process and Forms

    Hi All,
    When I test my HCM process and forms I got the error "Complete the required entry field "Pers.administrator" (P0001-SACHP) " but I've not used this field in my form. I got this error while testing my process. Could you please tell me how to solve this issue?
    Thanks and Regards

    Hi Everyone,
    As instructed above,  I configured the field GBDAT infotype 0002 to the table  V_T588MFPROPC, and it got rid of the error message, but it has not complete resolved the issue,  I am reciving the following warning:
    Entries in display field "GBDAT" are ignored
    You entered a value in the "GBDAT" field. However, the field is customized as display-only and not for user input.
    System Response
    The system restores the content of the field as it was before your input.
    Contact your system administrator.
    Procedure for System Administration
    User entries in the "GBDAT" field () do not make sense. Correct the settings for the user interface
    Thanks in advance,

  • Unable to select process - HCM Processes and Forms

    Dear All,
    We are using HCM Processes and Forms with 10 different processes. In the initial 'Start Process' screen after we enter the employee number and try to select a process, it does not select the process.
    Earlier it was working fine this problem we are facing after an upgrade to SP20. Please le me know which notes need to be applied.

    are you on any EhP ? SP20 of what component ?
    There are several OSS notes delivered in recent months for issues in Process selection, you may need to look at them.

  • Portal PCR and HCM Process and Forms.

    We have a request from client that they want to use SAP Personal Change Request (PCR) in MSS role.
    So when we tried to configure it, A error was thrown to us as : Failed to  UPDATEDATAINPDF
    Caused by: ../../
    So after looking for the cause of error we came to know that this requires an ADS (Adobe Document Service) to be activated.
    Now we came to know that it requires some additional licence from SAP (Please verify this statement....if anybody has faced this issue)
    So we now decide to use HCM Process and Forms for our client...
    How ever when we try to access that in portal it says "Resource not Found".
    After looking for the same in SAP help we came to know that it requires some
    Business Package for HR Administrator (SAP ERP)
    HR Administrative Services (PA-AS).
    Now how can I know that whether we have these components already deployed in Portal / R3.
    And if I get them, then will there be again a need for ADS (Adobe Document Service).
    Please comment on the same.
    Thanking you in anticipation.

    Hi Saurabh,
    Yes the error you are getting is for the ADS and interactive forms does have additional licenses for online forms but this totally depends on the package that you use.
    For e.g IF you have SAP E.C.C 6.0 with Ehp4 then there are standard HCM processes and forms available that comes with the package .
    In this case you can check in your sandbox if the sample processes works and verify with SAP for the usage.Since the cost depends on per form per user basis.
    Note :
    For SAP supplied interactive forms, no additional cost.
    As for custom interactive forms, there is an additional cost.
    For checking if HCM processes and forms are available in your system :
    You could go for the t.code HRASR_DT or Configuration of Design Time can be accessed in the IMG under Personnel Management > HR Administrative Services > Configuration of Forms/Process.
    However you need to check with the BASIS and portal guys for roles and authorizations.
    Hope this info helps.

  • About license of HCM processes and form

    Hi all:
    Can anybody tell me if we want to use HCM processes and form, are we need to buy extra license for interactive forms?
    Thank you very much!

    Hello Wayne,
    sap notes 750784 describes the scenarios in which using Adobe Interactive Forms needs an extra license.
    To sum up:
    - using print forms is included
    - using the sap delivered standard / example forms is included
    - if you change only the "color" of the standard forms this is still included
    - once you start to functional enhance standard forms by modification (new fields, new logic) or even develop your own templates and forms you need an additional licence
    Kind Regards

  • Use of Table in HCM Processes and Forms

    Hi Guys,
    I am developing an Adobe form for the HCM process and forms .My requirement is to populate table values in the adobe form   based on a value got in  the backend service.
    I tried declaring an internal table in the backend service but in vain.So decided to code inside the context of the form.But was not able to use the parameters available in the
    Now the trouble is how to get the value from the form scenario field and populate that table.
    Please provide your thoughts.

    Hello Aravind,
    Could you please tell us how you solved this ?
    Edited by: Gopi chelvam on Mar 24, 2010 6:13 AM

  • Use of BADI in HCM Processes and Forms

    Hello Friend's,
                I am feeling trouble in learning HCM Processes and Forms.. Actually i dont know what is the role of BADI in HCM Processes and Forms. one more thing i need to know is OPERATION for backend service. What is the use of operation and how i can trigger the badi methods when running in portal.

    Hi Ramesh,
    Hope this is not too late to help.
    Do_operation will be called whenever there is roundtrip, by triggering event USER_EVENT_CHECK using form scripting.
    To trigger roundtrip for a drop down list, under exit* event add this
    ContainerFoundation_JS.SendMessageToContainer(, "submit", "", "", "", "");
    Xiang Li

  • How to use buttons in hcm process and forms?

    Hi Experts,
    I want to know how to use buttons in HCM process and form.
    And when i click on the button it was validating all the fields and it was throwing an error ( complete SACHP fields) i am not using this filed in any where of my form.
    So, please help in getting out of this error. And help me with some document, which method will  trigger once we click on the button.
    Thanks & Regards,

    You do not need to add this field to your list. In the view V_T588MFPROPS (SAP delivered), this field is set as mandatory. In configuration, you must maintain the view V_T588MFPROPC (Customer area) and make sure the field is not set to mandatory. This will override the SAP delivered setting and the error message will be not be displayed.
    Derrick Banks
    Banks & Company, LLC

  • Error while Accessing the HCM process and forms

    Hi All,
    We have implemented HCm process and forms. Everything was working fine earlier but for past few days we are facing an issue after selecting an employee and clicks on the select process we are getting the following error. Kindly povide the solution.
    The following error text was processed in the system GOA : Component Usage OADP_USAGE Does Not Have an Active Component
    The error occurred on the application server sapgoa_GOA_37 and in the work process 4 .
    The termination type was: RABAX_STATE
    The ABAP call stack was:
    Thanks & Regards,
    Sreelatha Gullapalli.

    In EhP4, the employee search is created using OADP framework . And if the relevant configuration is not maintained , I mean there is a view cluster where the applications (PA/PD) and relevant object types are maintained.
    If this is not maintained, this creates a error. Please check .
    Hope this helps.
    Best Regards

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