Using Adobe X - is it possible to make text not searchable

I want the text to be visible, but not searchable by a search engine. Redacting would leave big blanks in the document. For example, there is some relevant information in an old newsletter and want the newsletter available on the website but don't want names of people searchable.  Is that possible?
Thank you

The code library used by search engine spiders to index PDF files is not made public, but if there's character-based text in a PDF file, they can and will read it.
Converting the pages to images is not advised for numerous reasons, and securing the PDF with a "file open" password defeats the object of putting it on the website, but you can use the ROBOTS.TXT system on your site to exclude certain files and folders from spider crawls (look on Google for instructions on what to do). The engines which currently scan PDFs respect the ROBOTS.TXT file instructions they find on a website.

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  • I am pulling my hair out! I am using adobe indesign and just want to make a text box 'autofit text' as I change fonts a lot and want the font to automatically re-size as I change it. help help help please - I have latest version of indesign - thanks

    I am pulling my hair out! I am using adobe indesign and just want to make a text box 'autofit text' as I change fonts a lot and want the font to automatically re-size as I change it.
    Is it not possible to create a text box, fill it with dynamic (data driven) text, but make the font size either scale up or down automatically, so that the entire text box is filled? This is a feature in PrintShop Mail Pro called COPY FIT. but no such feature in Indesign??
    help help help please - I have latest version of indesign - thanks, DJ

    lol... it seems to work, but I have another huge problem!
    Apparently .CSV files cannot contain page breaks in the data! The data I am trying to merge is a 'letter', with paragraphs, line breaks, etc.,
    But, after data merging, it ignores page breaks and only merges the first paragraph of each letter. (sigh)
    Solution? Hopefully, an EASY solution. lol as we have thousands of records.
    Is there a third party indesign plugin that will allow .xml, or .xls data merge import??

  • Using Adobe Acrobat - Is it possible to execute JavaScript to report to LMS to track pdf was viewed?

    Question:  Using Adobe Acrobat - Is it possible to execute JavaScript to report to LMS to track pdf was viewed?
    What I would like to do is to create a pdf with an Acknowledgement button that when click will report (via JavaScript) to the LMS (Learning Management System) that the end user viewed/acknowledged the pdf.
    Can this be down with JavaScript in this fashion?

    Thanks, (My fault, as I should have specified this.) Due to legacy reasons I need to use ie, and so I can't use the PrintPdf firefox plugin. So from reading the rest of that thread, the best method does seem to be to get hold of a copy of acrobat, and add a Print() script in each file, and open it in a new tab.
    At least it gives me somethigin to try anyway :-)

  • Help: Using Adobe Muse & Business Catalyst with Google Domains: URL not mapping

    I've had some issues publishing my site to the internet using Adobe Muse (version CC 2014) and publishing to Adobe Business Catalyst.
    I am currently using Google Domains to host my domain name ( and have tried on multiple occasions to get the domain name to correctly map  using Adobe's Business Catalyst nameservers.
    I've verified with Google Domains that their process is setup correctly to map to my site, so it indicates the issue is on how I've configured my Adobe Muse/Business Catalyst side of things.
    So far, every attempt at publishing the site via Adobe Muse has worked with its extension at, and I'm able to login into my Admin page from Adobe Muse immediately following publishing. However, when I try to login directly to the Adobe Business Catalyst page, it takes me to an admin link for that is broken.
    To summarize: My published domain isn't being mapped correctly and I hit a dead end every time I try to login into the Business Catalyst website.
    Thanks for your feedback and support in advance,

    As I checked the site loads fine with domain Matt And Sangeeta . I tried to get to site manage area using Administration Login  and I see it works fine as well. I would suggest you to please try clearing browser cache and cookies and check if that helps.

  • When using cloud backup, what files does it make sense not to back up?

    I have signed up with Zipcloud for cloud back up of files (after both time capsule and seagate external drives failed on me).
    It's been a few days and I am very frustrated by what was not explained before I signed up, such as upload times, etc.
    I ask my question about what files it might make sense not to back up to the cloud, because at the rate of backing up 4-8 GB a day (which is what Ziplcoud says to expect)  it will take 3  months to back up all my data! Seems crazy.
    Also, although I have been told by Zipcloud that there software will not interfere with my computer's performance, my experience is to the contrary. Coincidence?  Wondering about the experience of others in terms of impact on computer's performance?
    I welcome general opiions and experiences with cloud backup as well as the answers to my specific questions.   I also am open to suggestions of reliable affordable back-up companies with support. 
    Zipcloud's email based support could not be much more frustrating!  I send a question that doesn't really get addressed with my original question dropped from the reply so that I need to repeat my question—each answer coming from a different customer service person, no continuity within the same issue, no real resolution. 
    Is cloud back up really worth it??  And back to my original question, for which files and for which files not to bother.
    PS.  Final question:  have people found data recovery problematic from cloud backup?
    I have a MAcbook Pro  OSX 10.8.5 

    Methodologies to protect your valuable data. Backups vs. Archives. Long-term data protection approaches
    Cloud based storage should not be considered a data archive due to security concerns, and the transient ephemeral nature of cloud storage which can only be quasi-possessed.
    There is no such thing as "cloud storage"........   Cloud storage just means 1000s of HD in a building
    5.  *The above leads to another question, which is for how long to trust an external drive?
    Given the second law of thermodynamics, any and all current mfg. HD will, under perfect storage conditions tend themselves to depolarization and a point will be reached, even if the HD mechanism is perfect, that the ferromagnetic read/write surface of the platter inside the HD will entropy to the point of no return for data extraction.
    HD life varies, but barring mechanical failure, 3-8 years typically.
    Some advantages of a cloned hard drive:
    If you do an option key startup at boot you can directly boot to your cloned drive externally and operate from same like normal.
    Sandboxing: With the help of the Cloned Drive, you can perform sandboxing, or the testing of new software, their updates and applications before they are installed on your Mac system. Moreover, if there are issues with the system, you can troubleshoot them by booting off the Clone. Many people test new APPS or experiment with a secondary clone and never worry about a failure or serious issue since the internal HD is untouched and the secondary clone can be wiped afterwards if any major issue occurs in testing. This is an invaluable tool in many instances.
    If you sell you computer for purchase of a new one, you can take the clone you have on hand and install same or clone it to the new internal drive of your new Mac.
    As it turns out one of the huge positive benefits of a clone is that people were seeing faster HD speeds; with APPS booting up from the clone than they had seen with the internal HD. The cloning applications in cloning the drive defragments the data to the clone and remove the “holes” in the cloning process.
    With a small portable HD clone you can take your ‘computer’ anywhere to most any other current Mac and boot from your HD clone and have your entire system and its data immediately there for use. In case one is across the world and their macbook gets stolen, or damaged, with another Mac you can be up and 100% in the time it takes to boot to the new or borrowed Mac!
    You can clone from your external clone to the internal HD/SSD in case of corruption.
    The best thing that can be said, ideally, when your HD crashes with all its data is “so what, I’ve got a clone right here” and you can return to normal operation within seconds (by booting from the clone) or minutes (by swapping drives).
    In separating out your system hub (OS) and your data hub, and storing them separately, is if you make only periodic clones (every month or so), and have a HD crash, the worst case outcome is that what is lost on your clone are some bookmarks and preferences since your data hub containing your vital files is constantly archived separately as it should be.

  • Is it possible to make OAM not using localhost.localdomian

    Have OAM on vm installation and WG over the web tier
    It's using http://www.localhost.localdomain:14100/oam/server/obrareq.cgi?encquery%3DSrMv6TO...
    Is there anyway to reconfigure it so it will use DNS name for the host?

    Can you telnet into 5575 from the remote host?
    can't open connectionCan you telnet into 14100 from the localhost?
    can't open connection after i removed localhost as an allias for idmhostI'm assuming you were able to register the OAM WebGate successfully. Does the WebGate redirect to the idmhost as configured?
    yes it was working welll without a DNS

  • I can't use Adobe Digital Edition on desktop 2 or 3 (not active)... it haunts me!

    After installing the improved security available for today (HT5281and HT5282), Adobe Digital Edition is not kept in the desktop where I move to use, always returns to the main desktop (Number 1) or go by it self to the active desktop, is a persecution!
    I use version 1.7.2 on Mac OSX 10.7.4
    Anyone know how to maintain it in the desired desktop?.
    Thanks in advance!

    Your %APPDATA% environment variable is obviously corrupt; see this article on how to fix it:
    N.B. do not attempt to modify the registry without backing it up first; ERUNT is a good registry backup tool.  You can also create a System Restore Point, which will contain a registry backup.

  • Adobe Reader X and Indexing Service - pdf content not searchable

    Install Adobe Reader X on a Windows 2003 machine with Indexing Service installed. Create a catalog (folder) and point indexing service at it so that documents are indexed. Verify indexing is working with a simple text file. New copy a pdf file into the folder. You will see in Computer Management the file appear to be indexed. Now simply query the catalog - the file contents are not indexed. The iFilter that gets installed should allow indexing service to index pdf file contents and return search results when the catalog is queried.

    Hi MT.Freelance
    The way that "Welcome Pages" are done in Acrobat X has changed from Acrobat 9, what you are seeing looks like a bug related to these changes.
    If you would like to log a bug on this issue the form for bug reports can be found here WQQL

  • How do I develop for multiple screen resolutions using Adobe Air

    I'm looking at developing mobile apps using Adobe Air but there's something I'm not quite sure. Sorry if this is a newbie question or has been repeated but I have looked at tutorials, etc but just want to get a general idea on how to prepare the assets. Here are some of my questions:-
    1) If I want to develop for the iPhone non-retina and retina resolution, do I actually need to only write the code and layout the graphics in retina(960 x 640) stage size and it will automatically scale down for non-retina resolution?
    2) How do I cater for iPhone 5 resolution? Do I actually need to swap say the background images through code by detecting the resolution size it was in? or do I actually just leave the background image longer it exceeds the stage height so when it's iPhone 5 it will show everything?
    thanks for the help!

    If you are talking about regular Flash work, and not your own code-layout application, then what happens depends on the scale mode of the stage. Typically, when doing code layout the stage is set to no_scale, and you have to do all the hard work yourself, calculating the size of things, and laying them out with ActionScript.
    If it's more of a typical Flash graphical scene there are two other scale modes that make life easier for you.
    The default scale mode is show_all. With that you will be certain to see all of the content of your original Flash stage, and if the screen is a wider ratio than your stage, the content that is off the sides of the stage will be revealed. See this app I made, that uses that technique:
    It works well enough, I have enough extra background graphics to go out to a 16:9 screen, including iPhone 5. That particular stage is 1024x768, and it will scale all the way from iPad 3 Retina down to iPhone 3gs.
    The other scale mode that is useful is no_border. In that mode you are certain to not have any black borders around the stage. It achieves that by cropping into either the left and right, or the top and bottom, of the stage. See these apps I made, that work that way:
    In both of those cases I have content that is correct for half way between the ratio limits of 16:9 and 4:3 (or 9:16 and 3:4 for the portrait case). When the app runs on your device, some amount of the left and right, or the top and bottom, of the stage is cropped. I have enough background content for that to be ok, and all of the important content is within the middle 14:9 or 9:14 area of the screen. The stage size for the landscape app is 1680xx1080, exactly 14:9. This approach is better than the show_all one, in that the user doesn't feel like they are seeing a lot of blank space, as can be the case when viewing a 4:3 stage on a 16:9 screen.
    One last thing, even with either of those techniques the app won't fill the iPhone 5 screen. To get that to work you have to include a splash screen that is 640x1136, and name [email protected] With that in place iOS knows to make your app use the full width or height of the iPhone 5.

  • Embedding HTML page into Flex using Adobe AIR

    This is Siva Kumar. Need help in embedding an HTML in Flex .
    We are using Adobe Air. To embed an HTML in Flex we used
    <mx:HTML> tag. Its working fine but whts the problem is its
    not allowing to download files / attachements. I tried to use
    google flex iframes to resolve this issue. I am able to download
    files/attachments if I open application as web / standalone. If I
    try to open same application using adobe air its giving error like
    " ExternalInterface is not available in this container.
    Internet Explorer ActiveX, Firefox, Mozilla 1.7.5 and greater, or
    other browsers that support NPRuntime are required"
    Later wht I found is at present ExternalInterface is not
    supporting adobe air.
    Could anybody help me to resolve this issue. If anybody has
    any idea on how to overcome this issue. Please suggest me to
    resolve this issue. Thanks in Advance.
    Siva Kumar

    looks like your equipmentArray is empty. Put a breakpoint inside that method to see if there is any data.

  • How safe is it to use Adobe Reader 9.5.4?

    I'm continuing to use Adobe Reader 9.5.4.
    I'm not updating to Reader  XI  yet because the system requirements say that you need a resolution higher than 800x600.  I currently operate my PC at this lower esolution. I'm not sure how problematic that would be with Reader XI, but in the meantime, I'd rather stay with the older version. Seems to be doing all I need it to do at this point..
    Question: Is there a substantial security threat in my using this older version?
    Windows XP Pro SP3
    Adobe Reader 9.5.4

    >It's easy to go back. Just use this tool to first remove all traces of Reader:
    Then, you can download the full offline Reader 9.5 installer from

  • Extract text from hebrew pdf using adobe ifilter 6.0 reverse the letters

    Hello pdf Users
    I'm using adobe Ifilter 6.0 to extract pdf text from Hebrew documents. The text returned from the filter is reversed both in the letters inside a word, and in the word order.
    Example (given in English letters)
    Who am I
    will give
    I ma ohW
    This is a known issue in bidi (bidirectional, meaing right-to-left) languages lie Hebrew and Arabic, but I think I saw that Ifilter should supports hebrew OK?
    Any help?

    Try the Adobe Acrobat Pro forums.

  • PDF Searching using Adobe Acrobat Plugin Find Function in Safari

    I currently incorporate the Adobe Acrobat Pro (9.1.2) plugin for viewing PDF files. I like using Safari for viewing PDFs within a web browser, but I find Safari's built-in Find function (open apple-F) inferior to Acrobat's ability to search for text within the PDF, as it never finds the words that I search for.
    My question is: Is there an efficient built-in shortcut within Safari to search text within a PDF using Adobe Acrobat's plugin Find function? If not, is there a relatively easy, keyboard-based shortcut that could be made to direct the Find function to the Adobe Acrobat plugin Find function within Safari?

    Figured it out.  It had nothing to do with the software levels of Safari or Adobe Acrobat.  Here's the fix:
    Open Finder/Applications
    Search "Internet Plug-Ins"
    Move any Adobe plug-ins to the trash
    Quit Safari
    Launch Safari
    Your pdf document should now render in Print Preview and print properly.

  • ECC 6.0 and using Adobe forms in Output

      We're moving to ECC 6.0.
      Is there a driver program for Invoicing that would allow us to use adobe forms
      as output from within S/D e.g. (from txn VF03 for a invoice).
      We have a custom SAPScript invoice that we would like to consider rewriting as an Adobe form. I've created an equivalent Adobe form and now I'm investigating a way to integrate it with the standad Output Determination.
      From txn SPRO, under Sales and Distribution>Basic Functions>Output Control>
       Output Determination>Maintain Output Detemination for Billing Documents>
       Maintain Output Types
       Select output type ZRD0
       Select processing routines from the left pane.
       There is a choice of selecting Smartform or PDF as the type.
       There is a smartforms driver program RLB_INVOICE.
       Is there an equivalent driver program or sample driver program for Adobe forms?

    Did you check in transaction SFP what are the form available in your system ?
    Also , check in the standard print program if it has been adapt to use Adobe Forms instead of smartforms because it's not the same FM used .

  • Is it safe to use adobe flash with lion

    Is it sfae to use adobe flash with lion on my macbook?

    Note that fake Flash installers are a common way to sneak malware into your system, and there's one going around right now called Flashback.  Because of this, never ever ever click a link like the one Kappy gave you!  Now, Kappy is trustworthy...  but it's still always the safest bet to go to the Adobe web site directly.  Type "" into your browser's address bar, then click the Downloads link on the Adobe site, rather than clicking a link that takes you anywhere else.

Maybe you are looking for