Using adress in script

Hi Guys,
         Can anyone explain how can i get the adress from OB10 T-code and use in the scrpit and print program

Hello Baidyanath,
The underlying DB table associated with OB10 is T049L.
From there you can get the Address number (ADRNR) and using it you can obtain the address details in your program/script.
The FM ADDR_GET_COMPLETE can be used to get the info based on Address Number.
Hope this info helps you.
With Regards
Vijay Gajavalli

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    MaxL does not have commands to alter an outline directly, except the reset command which can delete all dimensions but not members selectively. The best you could do would be to run a rules file (import dimensions) using a file that contains the members you want to keepload rule for the dimension. As typical the warning is to test this first before you do it on a production database

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    Check this document  [Arun's Blog|]

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    @ Nagaraju,
    Your duplicate post of this same exact question,
    that you had placed in the WebLogic Server - Clustering forum,
    has been deleted.
    For future reference, do not ever multi-post. Multi-posting is poor forum etiquette.
    Pick whichever forum you think is most appropriate and place your inquiry.
    You will get a response or you will not get a response.
    There is no obligation, in these free forums populated by end users just like yourself, that a post ever get a response.

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    Yes and no.
    You could use a mailto link for your form action instead of a PHP script.
    There are several problems with this method though. First, when you do that, you are at the mercy of the viewer's computer set-up. Mailto links use whatever email client is installed on the machine in order to send the message. Public computers (libraries, colleges, etc) almost never have an email client installed, so when a viewer on one of those machines clicks the link, nothing happens. Secondly, your email address is open for spam harvesters, so you may end up with enlargement and nigerian scam emails flooding your inbox.
    Since your provider doesn't give you a way to do it the right way on your server, you may want to look into email form services online and see if they are less expensive than your current alternative.

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    I'm trying to add uploading capabilities. I'm using a php
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    succesfully uploaded, but I can't find the file. The apache log
    give me no error.
    Someone can help me?

    Originally, I had problems w/ the file being placed in
    C:/whatever.ext b/c I wasn't using relative paths.
    This is the code I use:
    $MAXIMUM_FILESIZE = 1024 * 1024 * 2; // 2MB
    $newFileLoc = "./wherever/file.jpg"
    if ($_FILES['Filedata']['size'] <= $MAXIMUM_FILESIZE) {
    rename( "./temporary/".$_FILES['Filedata']['name'],
    $newFileLoc );
    chmod( $newFileLoc, 0777 );
    Modified from this article by Adobe: Docs_Book_Parts&file=17_Networking_and_communications_173_6.html

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    can i atleat get the scripts into CATT and then migrate it to eCATT.

    Please post your question in the WAS forum.
    SAP NetWeaver Application Server

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    Dimension X MemberX
    MemberX ChildX
    Edited by: obelisk on Jan 11, 2010 5:16 PM

    Sorry a report script won't do it. You have two options
    1. Use at Essbase Outline API to walk the outline and get it for you
    2. Use the Outline extractor available from Applied Olap (it is a free download). It can be run interactively of as a bat file.
    Frankly, I would rather use 2 since I don't have to code it myself

  • AS3 air project.. nested button in a movie clip .. trying to use a class script

    I have been tring to have a button in a nested movie clip move the timeline along using a class script attached to the nested movie. I can get the buttons to work on the main timeline with another similar class script, but when I have a button within a nested movie and attach similar code to the movie, it doesn't seem to want to work. This is the class code attached to the nested clip.... I guess can an active listener be called if the button isn't yet being visible yet, and should this be done on the Main class script page for the main timeline? Any help would be great!! Thanks
    package  {
        import flash.display.MovieClip;
        public class Animation extends MovieClip {
            public function Animation() {
                negBackground_btn.addEventListener(MouseEvent.MOUSE_UP, buttonPressedNegBackground);
            private function buttonPressedNegBackground(e:MouseEvent):void {
                negBackground_btn.visible = false;

    Your question is bit confusing, try to explain it. According to what I unsrestand you should use the particular movieClip name with the code to make it happen properly.
    Like :

  • Sending email attachments using unix shell script

    I want to send report generated my spooled file as attachment using unix shell script.
    Can somebody help me out ?
    many thanks

    thanks a tonn it worked.
    but i have another issue is it possible to add names in CC also ?
    Also here is my code which spools the output of SP to a txt file. the File name is generated dynamically.
    as shown below:
    I need to send this generated file as attachement.
    how do I do this? Here the shell script
    #Get the input parameter
    if [ ! "$1" ]; then
    #echo "exec pkg1($STR);"
    #Connecting to oracle
    sqlplus -s <<EOF
    $ORA_USER/$[email protected]
    ---sql plus enviornment settings
    set linesize 160
    set pagesize 60
    set serveroutput on size 1000000 for wra
    set feedback off
    set termout off
    column dcol new_value mydate noprint
    select to_char(sysdate,'YYYYMMDDHH24MISS') dcol from dual;
    spool &
    exec pkg1($STR);
    spool off
    the file name will take sysdate as name so that every time a new file will be generated.
    this file I need to send as attachment.

  • How to create two level dynamic list using JSP , Java Script and Oracle

    I am new in JSP. And i am facing problem in creating two level dynamic list using JSP ,Java Script where the listdata will come from Oracle 10g express edition database. Is there any easy way in JSP that is available on in ASP.NET.
    Plz response with details.

    1) Learn JDBC API [].
    2) Create DAO class which contains JDBC code and do all SQL queries and returns or takes ID's or DTO objects.
    3) Learn Servlet API [].
    4) Create Servlet class which calls the DAO class, gets the list of DTO's as result, puts it as a request attribute and forwards the request to a JSP page.
    5) Learn JSP and JSTL []. Also learn HTML if you even don't know it.
    6) Create JSP page which uses the JSTL c:forEach tag to access the list of DTO's and iterate over it and prints a HTML list out.
    You don't need Javascript for this.

  • HELP!!!  Message - (One or more applications are using the iTunes scripting interface. Are you sure you want to quit?)  How do I get this to stop?

    I bought a new Sony Vaio Laptop running Windows 8, 64bit, i7 processor.  Everytime I open iTunes and then close out, the following message occurs: (i-tunes message - One or more applications are using the iTunes scripting interface. Are you sure you want to quit?) Then it starts counting down from 20 seconds unless I just click on the (Quit) button.  How do I get this to stop?  Please be specific, I am challenged when it comes down to computers.
    Thank You

    This was extremely annoying for me, also.  I started uninstalling unneeded Sony applications to try to narrow down the problem.  It turned out not to be a Sony application... it is some functionality built into the bluetooth driver software package by Broadcom.  Uninstalling the bluetooth package (via the control panel) takes care of the problem.  Itunes also boots up way quicker.  But uninstalling it will remove features related to bluetooth and nfc.   For me, that isn't an issue, since I don't use them.  Since you said you're "computer challenged" I would probably just send an email to sony complaining about the problem.  They'll get in touch with Broadcom eventually (the manufacture of the drivers) and get the problem fixed.
    Side note: the Broadcom package is huge...  nearly 1GB in size.  Which is crazy.  I can't imagine what it does considering the size of it.  Entire operating systems can take up less storage.  Also, I have no idea how it starts an itunes plugin without placing it into the standard plugin directories.

  • Using SQL Loader script in a Stored Procedure

    Can I use SQL Loader script in a stored procedure and then execute it from a front-end appl.? The reason for this seemingly convoluted solution is that the users don't want a batch load though the records volume is quite high (around 1 mil). Other loads using ODBC connection or OLE DB seem to be inferior to SQL Loader.

    I would suggest a couple of solutions:
    1. Have a cgi script that can upload the file to the server from a web ui, then have the cgi script call the sql*loader file, and it will insert into the database.
    2. You can try to use External tables. This is avaliable in 9i and onwards. You will be able to make any sql DML on the external table.
    I would normally use sql*loader, move the data to a staging table with nologging, and paralle loading. After it has been loaded into the staging table I would process it into my main tables. Have used this approach with up to 60 million records in one load.
    You can do calls to C procedures, Pro*C procedures through PLSQL, as well as java calls, or use Java stored procedures.
    My experience is that SQL*Loader is the fastest way to load data into the database.

  • Why does unchecking the "use automatic configuration script" box on Internet Explorer 8 fix connectivity errors?

    As long as I have been in the job and we have been using IE as our browser, we have controlled the proxy settings with an automatic configuration file.
    Recently, with IE8 on WinXP and Win7, we have had situations with the user getting various connectivity errors. By unchecking the "use automatic configuration script" box, they start working. But we don't change anything else.
    These error are not consistent from machine to machine.
    We are in a AD Domain environment
    These are the two errors I have documented.
    Error: 5
    Description: The 'Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.12.0' provider is not registered on the local machine.
    Access to resrouce is forbidden by server while attempting to access server at
    Please check the permissions to the file on th eserver.
    Two very different problems. Both somehow fixed by unchecking the box.
    The config file itself has not been changed in over a year.
    Can anyone explain why unchecking this box, but not making any other changes to the proxy settings would fix connectivity problems? These are all external sites that need to go through the proxy.

    You can use the steps in the following thread to disable this option:
    uncheck "use automatic configuration script" in IE LAN settings
    Or try to
    reset Internet Explorer settings and select use automatic configuration script to see whether it could work.
    Hope this helps.
    Vincent Wang
    TechNet Community Support

  • Calling Apex Application using a php script

    Hi guys,how can i directly call my Apex Application using a php script.i have apex 2.1 intalled on my system.i created an application and i want my application users to connect directly to the applications login page.I mean somthing like this
    and i want users to connect using somthing like this
    (http://my system/index.php) or localhost/index.php?
    i can run a script query and access my data stored on the database,but what i really want is to connect directly to the login page of my application,so that the staffs in HR can connect direstly to there HR application while those in Sales Will connect direcly to there applications page so it will look like this
    http://my system/hr.php

    Originally, I had problems w/ the file being placed in
    C:/whatever.ext b/c I wasn't using relative paths.
    This is the code I use:
    $MAXIMUM_FILESIZE = 1024 * 1024 * 2; // 2MB
    $newFileLoc = "./wherever/file.jpg"
    if ($_FILES['Filedata']['size'] <= $MAXIMUM_FILESIZE) {
    rename( "./temporary/".$_FILES['Filedata']['name'],
    $newFileLoc );
    chmod( $newFileLoc, 0777 );
    Modified from this article by Adobe: Docs_Book_Parts&file=17_Networking_and_communications_173_6.html

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