Waveform not visible / showing in tracks returned from Audition

I have a sequence I sent out to Audition to be edited. When I return it to Premiere, it produces a newly added track, but no wave forms are visible. Can't find how to turn them on or why they are not visible. Any suggestions?

With your Sequence active in the Timeline Panel...
Sequence > Render Audio

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    Hi experts!
    I have a problem, my WD show an ALV, which has some columns not visible, but the column is shown!!! And i don't know what happen. I set in WDDOINIT method which columns a want see and that set is OK. I have two WD Applications.When a fire one, in the browser i see the selected columns, that's ok. But when a fire the other one, i see all columns.
    Can you help me please?
    Thanks for advance.

    Rather writing it in the WDODINIT, write that piece of code in Component controller and call the same method in the
    Inbound pulgs handlers of the respective view.
    When you are in the same session. WDOINIT is called only once. To avoid this write it in handlers.

  • Recorded waveform not visible in region

    I had to re-record a backing vocal track on a song I am working on.
    I was experimenting with the Sample Editor on the original track and, basically destroyed it.
    However, the new track doesn't show a waveform in the region.
    It was visible while recording and is visible in the Sample Editor and it plays ok.
    After recording, a small dialogue box appeared which said it was analyzing the track and then the waveform subsequently disappeared.
    Can anyone help me with this?
    Cheers for now.

    Dear jari,
    Thanks for your reply..
    Currently i have APEX in node 1 and DB along with listener in node 2.
    Using DADs.config file in APEX(node1) im trying to connect to the DB(node2). Im not sure with the listener im using. Im using the listener which comes with the DB. Whether is this the APEX listener.

  • Repeating frame not visible when the query returns no rows

    I've developed a report whose output looks like this:
    Subinventory | Part Code |Part Description |Ordered Qty | Received Qty
    Mentone St | BATT | non serialised item | |
    Mentone St | SONY | spare parts MIN MAX | 30| 0
    In the above report
    subinventory, Part Code, Part description are in one repeating frame and Ordered and received qty are in other repeating frame.
    for a perticular part code there may not be ordered or received quantities. Means the seond query fetches no rows for the perticulat partcode. In that case report is showing null(blank) but I want to print ZERO there.
    If I use NVL in the query it'll effect only when the query fetches some rows.
    I've tried with formula columns. for example in the formula column
    IF :ordered_qty IS NULL THEN
    v_ordered_qty :=0;
    v_ordered_qty := :ordered_qty;
    END IF;
    I've assigned this formula column as source to the Ordered Qty Filed. Then also its not working.
    Any help in this regards is highly apprecialted

    may be you can modify your code like below:
    SELECT i.subinventory, i.part_code, i.part_description, i.min_qty, i.max_qty,
           NVL (j.quantity, 0) ordered_qty,
           NVL (j.quantity_delivered, 0) received_qty
      FROM (SELECT DISTINCT c.secondary_inventory subinventory,
                            b.segment1 part_code, b.description part_description,
                            c.min_minmax_quantity min_qty,
                            c.max_minmax_quantity max_qty, b.inventory_item_id,
                       FROM mtl_system_items_b b,
                            mtl_item_sub_inventories_all_v c
                      WHERE b.inventory_item_id = c.inventory_item_id
                        AND b.organization_id = c.organization_id
                        AND UPPER (c.secondary_inventory) =
                               NVL (UPPER (DECODE (:p_sub_inv,
                                                   'ALL', '',
                                    UPPER (c.secondary_inventory)
                                   )) i,
           (SELECT   mtrl.inventory_item_id, mtrl.organization_id,
                     NVL (SUM (mtrl.quantity), 0) quantity,
                     NVL (SUM (mtrl.quantity_delivered), 0) quantity_delivered
                FROM mtl_txn_request_lines mtrl, mtl_system_items_b msi
               WHERE mtrl.inventory_item_id = msi.inventory_item_id
                 AND mtrl.organization_id = msi.organization_id
                 AND mtrl.reference_type_code = 2
                 AND UPPER (mtrl.to_subinventory_code) =
                        NVL (UPPER (DECODE (:p_sub_inv, 'ALL', '', :p_sub_inv)),
                             UPPER (mtrl.to_subinventory_code)
                 AND TRUNC (mtrl.creation_date)
                        BETWEEN NVL (TRUNC (TO_DATE (:p_from_date,
                                                     'yyyy/mm/dd hh24:mi:ss'
                                     TRUNC (mtrl.creation_date)
                            AND NVL (TRUNC (TO_DATE (:p_to_date,
                                                     'yyyy/mm/dd hh24:mi:ss'
                                     TRUNC (mtrl.creation_date)
            GROUP BY mtrl.inventory_item_id,
                     mtrl.to_subinventory_code) j
    WHERE i.inventory_item_id = j.inventory_item_id(+)
           AND i.organization_id = j.organization_id(+)

  • Waveforms not displaying on most tracks

    On some projects, the waveforms are displaying as flat or nearly flat lines on most tracks.  As it happens, the tracks I can't edit are the ones I need to edit.  They are all real instrument tracks recorded through a USB - guitar interface.  When I go to flex time I see flex lines but no waves.  Does anyone have any idea what to do about this?

    It may be the site you are trying to access is not rendering the CAPTCHA properly.  This might be because of poor coding or slow response from the site.  Try the refresh arrow alongside, or if that does not work, tap on the sound icon: that is usually pronounced slow enough to be able to understand.

  • Graphs / Images not visible in Excel when exported from BI Publisher

    When attempting to view a report containing a graph in Excel format from BI Publisher, if you select the View button, the graph image is successfully rendered on the Excel report page.
    When selecting the Export button, however, the image is not successfully rendered, and an image placeholder is substituted on the report.
    I have changed the web.xml file setting on the server under:
    Here I changed the SecurityFilter Filter Mapping
    This was successful in facilitating image rendering in Excel in the first place, but not when the Export button is used.
    Note: BIP Version is
    Excel Version is Excel 2007
    Any assistance with this will be most appreciated.
    Edited by: user11369130 on 21/01/2010 20:08

    I had similar kind of problem and see below for details.
    I am using Vertical bar charts in my RTF Tempalte and output format is EXCEL. When i am prevewing from BI Publisher desktop output it is showing the charts . When i Used same template and running in the server side(i.e oracle applications concurrent manager ) it is not showing the charts in the output. If i run the same template through oracle applications concurrent manager with PDF output it is showing charts in the output.
    Please share your thoughts/experiences/suggesition regarding this.
    If any help appreciated.

  • Bank details not visible in R3 after syndicating from MDM

    I have used standard map debmdm06 to syndicate  Customer  records from MDM(SP5) to R3.The IDoc seems to get posted,but the bank details were not appearing in R3.
    Can anybody help me out in this issue.

    This could happen due to multiple reasons. Would suggest to check folllowing:
    1. Check the xml file that is getting generated after syndication. You can take it from Outbound/Archive folder. Check if the bank details are appearing in the xml file.
    2. If yes, that means MDM is syndicating data properly. If no check syndication map.
    3. If yes for pt 2, Check in coming Idoc from we02. Does it have the bank details? If not, then if you have used XI, the field mapping would be inncorrect.
    I guess, the issue would be in xml getting generated.
    PS: Plz award points if reply is useful.

  • Global Property not visible inside a BLT called from another BLT

    I have created a Global Property SID to indicate the System ID so a BLT can use it (e.g. in file names). This executes correctly (MII 12.0.2).
    However, now I call this BLT from within another BLT, and that time the SID is marked as error ("invalid variable in expression: Global.SID").
    Has anyone experienced this error before? I thought that Global properties are available in every BLT.

    which checkbox do you mean? In the "Transaction Call Configuration" box I only select the transaction name. I do not need the "Reload transaction after execution" checkbox, as all initialization will be done in the called transaction. I would expect the Global properties to be available anywhere...

  • Real instument track not visible on New track

    I am trying to record streaming audio in Garage Band. Upon following the youtube video, it states to create a new "real instrument track." In my Gargage Band '11 I do not see this option on the start up screen. I have updated the software, but to no avail. Please help indentify where this is or offer another option to record / capture streaming audio. I am also using SoundFlower, but this option was missing in Garage Band before install. Thank you in advance.

    Byron, what is your GarageBand '11 version?
    In GarageBand '11, version 6.0.5  start with any template that will create a track to be recorded using line-in or an audio interface, for example the "Voice" track or "Acoustic Instrument".
    Let's assume you picked "Acoustic Instrument".
    This will create a basic project with just one basic track for recording, without any effects applied.
    In the lower right of the window, in the Info panel for the track, you will see the options to select the input source. Set it to the input source you are using after you connect your input device.

  • MobileMe albums not visible in Aperture after upgrade from iPhoto

    I've just upgraded from iPhoto to Aperture and all went well, except that my mobileme albums aren't appearing. I published a test album which worked, but my existing ones don't appear.
    I've read on another thread that a dodgy character in an album name caused a similar problem but I can't see anything that looks odd in my mobileme album names.
    Any ideas?

    I had the exact problem and found the solution here.

  • How to show all data returned from web service in a dashboard

    Hi I need  create a dashboard with conection with a web service  and  whitout  establish a range in excel,  so be displayed on the dashboard n rows returned by the web service.
    how can I do this?

    Hi Ezequiel,
    I agree with Alan.
    You might find it useful to read the Xcelsius 2008 Best Practices whitepaper: [https://www.sdn.sap.com/irj/scn/go/portal/prtroot/docs/library/uuid/a084a11c-6564-2b10-79ac-cc1eb3f017ac]

  • DCs not visible after ESS SCAs imported from NWDI

    THis might be beacuse of two reason.
    1. YOu have not imported the DCs.
    2. You don't have proper permission of the user you are using in NWDS.
    Refer to thbe below note and download the NWDI guide for the config.
    Note No. 872892

    Thanks for your reply..
    How do i import the DCs.. I assumed this would happen... when we imported the development configuration..?
    The user is added to NWDI.administrators group.

  • The method clone() from the type Object is not visible

    This is my 1st post here for a few years, i have just returned to java.
    I am working through a java gaming book, and the "The method clone() from the type Object is not visible" appears, preventing the program from running. I understand "clone" as making a new copy of an object, allowing multiple different copies to be made.
    The error occurs here
    public Object clone() {
            // use reflection to create the correct subclass
            Constructor constructor = getClass().getConstructors()[0];
            try {
                return constructor.newInstance(new Object[] {
            catch (Exception ex) {
                // should never happen
                return null;
        }The whole code for this class is here
    package tilegame.sprites;
    import java.lang.reflect.Constructor;
    import graphics.*;
        A Creature is a Sprite that is affected by gravity and can
        die. It has four Animations: moving left, moving right,
        dying on the left, and dying on the right.
    public abstract class Creature extends Sprite {
            Amount of time to go from STATE_DYING to STATE_DEAD.
        private static final int DIE_TIME = 1000;
        public static final int STATE_NORMAL = 0;
        public static final int STATE_DYING = 1;
        public static final int STATE_DEAD = 2;
        private Animation left;
        private Animation right;
        private Animation deadLeft;
        private Animation deadRight;
        private int state;
        private long stateTime;
            Creates a new Creature with the specified Animations.
        public Creature(Animation left, Animation right,
            Animation deadLeft, Animation deadRight)
            this.left = left;
            this.right = right;
            this.deadLeft = deadLeft;
            this.deadRight = deadRight;
            state = STATE_NORMAL;
        public Object clone() {
            // use reflection to create the correct subclass
            Constructor constructor = getClass().getConstructors()[0];
            try {
                return constructor.newInstance(new Object[] {
            catch (Exception ex) {
                // should never happen
                return null;
            Gets the maximum speed of this Creature.
        public float getMaxSpeed() {
            return 0;
            Wakes up the creature when the Creature first appears
            on screen. Normally, the creature starts moving left.
        public void wakeUp() {
            if (getState() == STATE_NORMAL && getVelocityX() == 0) {
            Gets the state of this Creature. The state is either
        public int getState() {
            return state;
            Sets the state of this Creature to STATE_NORMAL,
            STATE_DYING, or STATE_DEAD.
        public void setState(int state) {
            if (this.state != state) {
                this.state = state;
                stateTime = 0;
                if (state == STATE_DYING) {
            Checks if this creature is alive.
        public boolean isAlive() {
            return (state == STATE_NORMAL);
            Checks if this creature is flying.
        public boolean isFlying() {
            return false;
            Called before update() if the creature collided with a
            tile horizontally.
        public void collideHorizontal() {
            Called before update() if the creature collided with a
            tile vertically.
        public void collideVertical() {
            Updates the animaton for this creature.
        public void update(long elapsedTime) {
            // select the correct Animation
            Animation newAnim = anim;
            if (getVelocityX() < 0) {
                newAnim = left;
            else if (getVelocityX() > 0) {
                newAnim = right;
            if (state == STATE_DYING && newAnim == left) {
                newAnim = deadLeft;
            else if (state == STATE_DYING && newAnim == right) {
                newAnim = deadRight;
            // update the Animation
            if (anim != newAnim) {
                anim = newAnim;
            else {
            // update to "dead" state
            stateTime += elapsedTime;
            if (state == STATE_DYING && stateTime >= DIE_TIME) {
    }Any advice? Is it "protected"? Is the code out-of-date?
    Lance 28

    Lance28 wrote:
    Any advice? Is it "protected"? Is the code out-of-date?Welcome to the wonderful world of Cloneable. In answer to your first question: Object's clone() method is protected.
    A quote from Josh Bloch's "Effective Java" (Item 10):
    "A class that implements Cloneable is expected to provide a properly functioning public clone() method. It is not, in general, possible to do so unless +all+ of the class's superclasses provide a well-behaved clone implementation, whether public or protected."
    One way to check that would be to see if super.clone() works. Their method uses reflection to try and construct a valid Creature, but it relies on Animation's clone() method, which itself may be faulty. Bloch suggests the following pattern:public Object clone() throws CloneNotSupportedException {
       ThisClass copy = (ThisClass) super.clone();
       // do any additional initialization required...
       return copy
    if that doesn't work, you +may+ be out of luck.
    Another thing to note is that Object's clone() method returns a +shallow+ copy of the original object. If it contains any data structures (eg, Collections or arrays) that point to other objects, you may find that your cloned object is now sharing those with the original.
    Good luck.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

  • Dialog not visible from sidekick when using dialog participant step

    I am using the Out of the box dialog participant step in my workflow. I have created a dialog and using in the dialog participant step. When i start the workflow, the dialog is only available/visible when I complete the task from inbox and not visible when completing the task from sidekick.
    Any suggestions/pointers are Appreciated.
    Environment : CQ 5.5, Windows 7

    Unfortunately, It is known issue.  Please file daycare & provide the business importance & a schedule.

  • Views not visible

    We created a Procurement Catalog and created views under it, defined the integrated call structure and also assigned views to roles.
    But despite that when we click on the Procurement Catalog we are unable to view the "View".
    System details.
    CCM 2.0
    SRM 5.0
    EBP 5.5
    Kindly reply at the earliest.

    Are you able to crack the issue, as even we are not able to see the view defined in our Master Catalog?
    Views have been correctly defined with proper assignment to roles.
    They are very much active with assigned items and the master catalog has also been republished. But still views are not visible while creating shopping cart from Catalog.
    We are working on SRM 5.5 and SP pack level 9.

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    Im having focus issues with netbeans & xmonad I think I have a fix http://mth.io/posts/xmonad-java-focus/ however as I do not know any haskell I have no idea how I add the patch to the existant configuration - here -- make sure to edit paths to xmoba